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A Mint Ice Cream Dilemma

Chapter Two:

"I put a long password in my phone. If he attempts to log onto my phone twice- all the data will be erased. Plus, I put my phone on the other side of the room, so I doubt he'd actually physically move around to steal it! If he does, we'll have video footage."

Alex's lips turned up and he didn't reply. Instead, he continued to lick his mint ice cream in her face. He was considering kissing her, just because, all of a sudden he felt like it- but then he heard the 'ding' of the elevator and he said, "Three chocolates and another mint."

"Who ordered the mint?" Sabina asked, walking into the elevator first, to hold the automatic doors long enough for Alex to carry the cart inside.

"A female."

Sabina's lips curled into a cruel grin, and Alex groaned, "Oh why? That's just rude, Sab!"

In response Sabina started laughing and Alex clearly tried to ignore her. Honestly, Alex thought, starting to feel a bit agitated, what does mint ice cream got to do with feminism? Where is mint ice cream stereotypical? He wandered about what flavours were 'bland' and 'satisfactory' to Sabina Pleasure. When she calmed down from laughing, she said, "Chocolate is okay... Actually, it's good."

Alex reached his cone. Personally, he preferred the cone; the crunch was pleasing after the cold flavour-formed liquid.

"Mint is just.. ugh, boring. Strawberry is whatever. Vanilla releases awesomeness..."


Alex walked out of the elevator first. He had never been on this level of the Royal and General Bank- though, to be fair, the only level he had been on, is the one he never wanted to visit. Behind him, Sabina was listing off the ice cream that was satisfying and which wasn't. He was interested, at first, but then he gave up. Clearly, Sabina was either crazy or she was just trying to annoy him and regardless of which one it was, Alex wasn't going to give in. He was determined- or he was just happy eating ice cream and defying what he knew Alan Blunt would demand of him that moment.

The first level was boring. There was hardly anybody there (just one male who ordered a strawberry ice cream- rationally, he didn't look at all embarrassed about the decision). The emptiness of that hallway made Alex suddenly feel exposed and the ice cream he was licking felt colder than it was two minutes ago, sending a shiver down his spine. He was grateful that Sabina was next to him; she made everything feel a bit more bright. It seemed like that moment, the two of them connected: she stopped talking and nodded, letting Alex lead the way back to the elevator.

Alex couldn't help but think about if he was going to see Ben Daniels here today. Despite the vague feeling of wanting to, Alex pushed it aside- Ben was probably on a mission.

"I wonder what would happen," Sabina started talking, having forgotten about her vanilla ice cream for a while. "If James Bond was real."

If there was ice cream still outside of Alex's cone, it would've tipped out already, because of the surprised laughter. He could think of a few replies he could use, but settled for the simple 'he is- right in front of you!' flirt. It managed to- finally- make Sabina blush and remember her vanilla ice cream.

After a silent moment in the elevator- which didn't last very long as they were just moving towards the second floor- Sabina stated, "My numb is tongue."

Sabina was pensive.

Alex was not.

All hope of resolute vanished for Alex, who was just hoping that he wouldn't need to walk around for a few more minutes. He didn't realise how tired he was. Waking early, walking streets with Sabina... Something he'd never want to stop, but after sitting down, he felt the muscles in his legs tense up. He felt like he was almost sagging and the only support was the occasional coldness on his front teeth by the ice cream hidden within the cone he was biting.

Sabina didn't say anything... And Alex didn't bother thinking about why. She just sat on the only couch in the room and picked at her nails, a habit Alex learn't quickly. She did it when she was tired: somehow, it didn't shock Alex.

Perhaps it was just the mint ice cream, but after entering into the fourth level of the Royal and General Bank, Alex was more than awake by his mind- physically, he was tired. It didn't bother him that the second person he saw on that level seemed to be more extroverted then him. In fact, it fascinated Alex that somebody who worked with paperwork after a spy's mission at M.I.6, could stay in this office on the fourth level (which was so far the biggest office that Alex has seen in the building. Considering the tables with computers on the other side, it wasn't an office resigned for just one person), for hours in silence and ink, when they are extroverted. Something must have happened because when Alex and Sabina had entered the level, about three other people had left this office, probably on their break. Two females had ordered vanilla and the other male had been served chocolate chip.

The male in the current office, talking about how secret the secret services are, had wasted no time in ordering coffee flavoured ice cream. Sabina had whispered into Alex's ear that she didn't think Sam Harrison needed any coffee to stay awake. At least... that was the 'name' on his name tag. Alex pushed the ice cream cart to the side of the room, next to the couch, so it wouldn't get whacked by the door by suddenly opening and sat down on the chair in front of the desk 'Sam' was sitting behind.

Sam had talked about how he was surprised to see ice cream being offered around the 'Bank'. That was the first thing he said. The second thing he said was, "I've been working here for a long time. I meant; for today. I'm not actually going to tell you how long I've worked here. My boss has most likely spoken to you before, since your offering ice cream around, so I assume you know about our services. It's classification- I can't talk to anybody about anything I know about. It's easier that way... But, the other guys here seem to hate me recently because, regardless, I don't shut up. I like to communicate. I'll talk about whatever I think I can talk about- such as weather in Fiji... Or black and white photography. Do you understand?"

Alex was able to finish off his ice cream cone then, because that's when Sabina started talking to the male. Giving him advice about bullying and... Well, Alex tuned out. He didn't like to think about it. Instead, he imagined Alan Blunt- Sam's boss- seeing Alex. It was something that scared Alex, how much he marvelled at it; the pure excitement he felt via going against authority. He daydreamed about what ice cream he'd force Alan Blunt to eat; perhaps Mint, to leave a bit of Alex's signature behind on this unpredictable day. He was just beginning to realise that Mrs. Jones would most likely choose peppermint when he noticed a topic change between Sabina and Sam.

"I didn't even want to talk about sex until I was in year eleven. I guess you could say I was a bit of an odd one out... I haven't kissed a girl yet-"

Sabina's expression was one that Alex was suddenly glad he tuned back into reality.

Sam's laughter spoiled the moment when he said, "I'm kidding! But, there was one time where I realised I wanted to work here. My teacher had called me after class- this was Biology, by the way- because I was talking 'too much.' I told him to forget about it because I had been talking about the actual work. He didn't believe me, obviously. I had to tell him that they needed to explain it to me because my parents never managed to talk to me about the 'birds and the bees'. He still didn't believe me, but what he didn't believe was the fact that I had no idea about sex."

Sabina didn't even look discouraged about the subject they were talking about. Alex was a little stunned that his girlfriend and some random male who was two times older than them, was talking about sex in a building that no other citizen knew had ordered so many deaths.

"At least your teacher didn't talk to you about it during class! One time we were learning about reproduction and I was talking to my friend about babies... on notes. My teacher read it out. The worst part was, the whole class thought it was me who said I wanted '7 kids; 4 girls and 3 boys.' One of the boys must be called Danny, apparently..."

It wasn't until after the laughter died down, did Alex realise he had joined in. He could imagine the conversation afterwards between Sabina and the teacher wouldn't have been very pretty.

"Do you have kids, Sammie?" Sabina asked.

Alex could see a twitch in Sam's face before the male replied, "No..."

"Makes sense; otherwise you would've remembered you had ice cream," Alex sighed.

All three of them glanced at Sam's hand which was holding a not-surprisingly-melting mint ice cream. "Do you like Sam, Sabina?" Alex asked, without thinking through the question. What he was thinking was not what he asked out loud.

It made a blush appear on Sabina's cheeks, "No way, James Bond- why would you-"

Alex rubbed his face, "I didn't mean it like that, Mrs. Galore. Have you failed to notice the choice of ice cream Mr. Harrison had chosen?"

"What about it? Mint? Um... Well, I don't- He's-"

Alex laughed at Sabina's confusion. "Yes, he chose mint and you haven't shut up for the past ten minutes. I chose mint and I'm James Bond. Do you now understand that mint ice cream isn't as boring as you say-"

"Vanilla is not boring, it lets you experience different... Experiences," Sabina stated, glancing back down at her ice cream. She was nearly at the cone and Alex couldn't understand how it takes her so long to eat an ice cream. In level two of the Bank, there was just one person there, who had ordered Vanilla. There was four people in level three who ordered cookies and cream, vanilla and two other coffees.

"I never said anything in judgement to ice cream- mostly because I don't have patience for my shoulder to hold their crying. I think the best ice cream that you'd like is my Vanilla, no matter what other flavour."

It took only a second of impact before Sabina understood and started blushing and laughing at the same time. "Oh of course; but that's the only exception I'll take, okay? Did you see that guy earlier? He looked like he wanted your cookies and cream more than me."

"That's more of an insult than-"

'Sammie' had decided to get back into the conversation, stopping our flirt by saying, "I'm not quite sure I understand."

Sabina shrugged. Alex and her both went quiet after they glanced at each other again. Sam started licking at his coffee flavoured ice cream as he watched the two. Of course he understood the comebacks they were talking about, but they were both so blunt about it; he couldn't help but be awkward! How old are these kids, he wondered. He thought about how they both look older than they probably do in the look they were currently sharing. It was a stare that held so much emotion, unspoken statements. They were using their own language- they thought they were in love.

Sam remembered when he used to share the same look with his ex-wife; it was before they first spoke out loud that they loved each other. For a while, the look was all they needed to express that. And Sam didn't want to question that- he wanted the two teenagers to listen to their hearts; sometimes he wished he could do that. But everything changes after you work for M.I.6- agent or not.

Not like he'd say that out loud, of course.

Sabina was the first to break the eye contact, smiling softly- even after she gazed back at Sam. That's why she took him after guard when she suddenly said, "So, Sammie, have you managed to experience what you learn't in that biology class?"

Alex felt like he was placed into a whole different world and he was just a bystander. Sabina could never, ever, cease to amuse him. He had so many questions to ask Sam, but he didn't think he'd actually get an honest answer out of him.

"Of course, I have..." Sam said after hesitating.

"I don't want to know what you do here, okay?" Sabine started, her facial expression a cross between amused and serious. It was one Alex didn't think he ever saw her have, it was one that genuinely made him curious about what she was going to say. In contrast, the statement alone had Sam want to know not know at all. It rung alarm bells in his entire body- the mention of work at M.I.6 and the hesitate question... By a child... After a conversation of sex. However, he didn't stop her when she continued, "but if you don't have a wife or anything... My Aunty Dee has been divorced for four years."

Alex didn't even know Sabina had an 'Aunty Dee'. What he did know, was the alarm. He knew it before anybody else did. It was positioned carefully above the only window in that room, almost in front of the door to the room. Obviously it was there so that it was no indication to anybody outside the building; to prevent the bank from becoming a target. Apparently, that didn't matter in this occasion, because something was already happening. There was no noise, but the alarm was blinkering fast at the colour of a dark green. Normally, Alex assumed green symbolised a positive colour... But there was something about the way the signal was alerting that moment, that made Alex feel like he was trapped.

"Green's flashing," he stated calmly, pointing in the general direction of the window. He was worried... But he didn't know of what.

Sam glanced, and his whole posture changed- enough for Sabina to be aware and stop talking. "Oh," he said impassively. "Dark green," he added, as if that mattered. Maybe it did.

"Which means..." Sabina hoped he would tell the truth.

"Not to panic, but I think that some robbers have heard that you were offering free ice cream."

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