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Jane walked into the morgue with two coffees in hand to see her best friend captivated by a brown paper package in her hands

"What's that? New shoes?" The detective asked as she slipped Maura's mocha latte into her hand. The blonde didn't respond. She just stood there, staring at the package. Apparently lost for words.

"Maura? Maur what's wrong? What is that?" Jane asked, concerned.

"It's... I, uh..." She was having trouble finding the correct words to tell her best friend what she had done.

"You what?"

"Um, well... Okay remember a few weeks ago when I told you Ian had called? And we talked for a while?" Maura was sitting now and Jane pulled a chair up next to her.

"Yea, you said you guys just talked about his work?... You said he probably wouldn't be coming back." Jane said quietly, knowing this was a delicate topic.

"Yes, well that wasn't all we talked about. After he told me he wasn't coming back, I asked him for a favor. Something I couldn't do on my own and he owed me at least this much"

"What did you ask for?" Jane was extremely curious now.

"I asked for him to..." She didn't finish, but closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath.

"To what Maura?!"



"I asked him to give me his sperm! I wanted a baby!" Maura blurted loudly, her eyes still shut in embarrassment.

Jane said nothing. Her eyes were wide and now she was the one at a loss for words.

Finally she croaked out, "you want a baby?"

"...yes, I want a baby" Maura responded quietly

Jane stood up and gave her a hug.

"Jane... what are you doing?"

"I'm hugging you"

"I can see that, may I ask why?"

Jane pulled back and stared at her a little confused

"Maura, you just told me you want to have a baby. And call me super detective but I'm assuming that package is Ian's...contribution."

"You are correct but I always thought you didn't like kids, why are you so happy for me?"

"You are my best friend! Of course I'm happy for you! I just didn't know you were so serious about this when we talked about it last time. And I like kids, I just don't want any of my own" she smirked

Maura smiled at the brunette, "thank you Jane"

"Anytime. So...are you gonna like, turkey-baster that or what?" She asked gesturing to the package on the desk

Maura laughed "no, I will inseminate myself if that is what you mean, but I can assure you I will NOT be using a turkey-baster. That's unsanitary."

It was Jane's turn to laugh, but her phone went off before she could say anything else.

She looked at the message and sighed, "it's Ma, I'm gonna be late for dinner." She snapped her phone shut and placed a hand on each of Maura's shoulders

"I'm really happy for you Maur, and good luck with...all that" She pointed to the package again and gave the doctor one last hug before leaving.

When Maura got home she pulled the steal cylindrical container out of the package and headed for the bathroom.

Five weeks later Maura walked into the bullpen at BPD, a grin as big as that of the Cheshire cat from 'Alice in Wonderland' plastered on her face.

She walked straight up to Jane, grabbed her by the upper arm, and began dragging her towards the restroom.

"Woah- Maura what are you- I can walk by myself thank you!" The detective stammered as they reached the bathroom and Maura locked the door behind them.

"Ok now I'm freaking out what's wrong? Jane questioned.

Maura pulled a handful of white sticks out of her purse and thrust them into Jane's hand, a goofy grin still on her face.

Jane took a closer look at the objects and then suddenly dropped them on the counter, realizing what they were. "Aw geez, gross Maur are those yours? Oh shit wait are those yours?!" She picked them up again not caring at all anymore, and inspected each one.

"Positive, positive, happy face, PREGNANT," Jane read aloud "Maura oh my god you're pregnant!"

"Maura nodded vigorously unable to speak. She bit her lip as she smiled and a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Yea I am" was all she could say.

Jane wrapped her arms around her best friend and spun her in a circle.

"Oh, sorry! That's probably not a good idea huh?" Jane chuckled as she put her down gently

"Oh, no it's fine. A fetus can actually withstand incredible amounts of pressure" she smiled bigger when she said the word "fetus"

They stood there and smiled at each other for a moment

"You know," Jane started "I'll be here for you right? Like doctors appointments, babysitting, all that. I know it can't be easy to raise a kid yourself and so I'll be here to help. Whenever you need"

Maura started getting choked up again, then laughed lightly. "Hormones" she explained, and Jane laughed too.

"Thank you Jane, you don't know how much that means to me. I can truly say this is the happiest moment of my life, thus far"

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