6 months of torture

Summary; Tsuna waking up on somebody else's bed was one thing…but finding out that he was also on somebody else's body?

Xanxus waking up on some trash's bed was one fXXXXXX thing…..but harshly finding out that he was also fXXXXXX stuck on some other trash's body?

Ohayo minna, this story as you probably know already will basically be about Xanxus and Tsuna and how they change bodies and try to live each other's lives….

I'm still working on 'The only one' story about Hibari/Tsuna….. I just decided to write this beacause it's been stuck in my head since last year before I can even start writing my first fanfiction…..

Disclaimer: this is the last time I'll be saying this in this story…I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn or/and any of the characters…

I hope it's at least worth all your while.

Varia headquarters.

He didn't know when it happened…

He suddenly woke up...at an unfamiliar place, it was dark…and smelt-awful. Like alcohol reeked all over the place.

His eyes were open but he couldn't see, there was no trace of any form of light anywhere and this fact scared him, usually there was some sort of light coming from his window so it wasn't completely dark at night…is this another one of Reborn's scheme?

As he got up from where he laid he looked at his surrounding but found it useless because it was pitch dark. He instead got up from what felt like the bed and tried to feel his way to the room hoping to find anything that would turn on a switch or something.

Where the heck was he?

"Hello?" As soon as he heard his own voice, he jumped startled causing him to lose his balance as he felt himself falling backwards and he feel with a thud.

His head slammed onto the ground and he felt as though his head was splitting in two.

At least he was still his clumsy self he supposed.

"I-Itai…"His eyes widened at the sound of his voice. His voice sounded…deep and very familiar somehow, that wasn't part of his clumsy self…was he sick?

He brought his hand to rub his neck on instinct, what if he WAS sick?!What was going on?!Where was Reborn?! He started to panic.

"HELLOOO!" he shouted annoyed his time, as he got up from the cold ground and began dusting his rear.

A knock suddenly sounded at a door near-by, he turned to his left hopeful.

Was he saved?!

"Boss, are you unwell?" a familiar voice coming from the outside sounded, the tone worried.

He frowned confused, and decided to stay silent.

"Boss-" The voice from the other side of the door was interrupted rudely by another one, a loud one.

"VOOOOOIIIIIIII!Wake the hell up!" The other voice shouted as the door pounded loudly by the knocking.

HIIIEEEE!That voice was definitely familiar!What was going on!?

The next thing he knew the door was slammed open as two figure barged inside the dark room making him cover his eyes at the sudden brightness that eloped the place.

"VOOOOIIIII!Do your own damn work for once you damn boss!" A man with long silver hair waved the sword that was placed where his left hand was supposed to be as his right hand turned on the light switch beside the door.

His eyes snapped open at the loud figure, squinting slightly as one hand covered his red orbs from the light.

"S-Squalo?!" he covered his mouth. Again with the voice!What was wrong with him!?

"VOI! Who the fxxx else would it be!" the said man replied harshly, eyes narrowed coldly.

He flinched at the tone, making the shark raise his eyebrow. "What the fxxx is wrong with you!?"

The other guy pushed Squalo to the side and bowed in front of him, making the shark throw his profanities.

"Boss! Good morning!"

HIIIIIEEEEE!It was Leviathan!From Varia!

Levi raised a pierced eyebrow at the expression his 'boss' was wearing. "Is something the matter boss?" he questioned worriedly as he kneeled in one knee.

"VOOOOIIII!Quit your daydreaming and tell me what the fxxx is wrong!" Squalo pointed his sword at him but Levi stood up immediately, standing guard in front of him.

"I won't let you harm boss!" "VOOOIIII GETTA FXXX OUT OF THE WAY-"

"HIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!" At that loud and deep squeak, the room went silent.

Squalo lowered his sword comically as Levi turned to his boss behind him, and they both stared at him in utter shock if not fear.

"B-Boss?" Levi, with wide eyes stuttered.

Their 'boss' stared back at them with wide red eyes, but somehow he didn't look as intimidating as usual.

Squalo narrowed his eyes as he placed his sword at his 'boss'' neck, making the guy shrieked silently. "Who the fxxx are you…?" the shark questioned darkly, surprisingly calm.

Levi, who rotated back behind the shark, didn't know whether to protect his 'boss' or help Squal, but what if he really WAS his boss?!But then again what if he WASN'T?!WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO-

A loud thud could be heard behind Squalo as Levi passed out, but no one seemed to care as both the 'boss' and shark stared into each other's eyes.

"HIIIEEEE!Don't hurt me!" the 'boss' then raised both his arms in front of him, as if to defend himself from the blade.

Squalo's eye twitched at his 'boss'' red orbs that was usually so cold and heartless and now teary and wide. "I SAID TELL ME WHO THE FXXX YOU ARE!" Squalo began to raise his sword and was prepared to swing.

"S-S-SAWADA!I'M SAWADA T-TSUNAYOSHI—DON'T KILL ME!I WOKE UP AND DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND YOU CAME IN WITH HIM-"He pointed at Levi on the ground. "AND STARTED CALLING ME BOSS AND A-AND-" Then he fainted, leaving a gapping Squalo to stare at his fallen figure.

Sawada Residence

"DAME-TSUNA!" 'Dame-Tsuna' was smacked on the side sending him flying across the room, as his face connected to the wall. He was then yanked by the hair and was sent flying back onto the bed.

Growling darkly, 'dame-Tsuna' sat up slowly and menacingly. Whoever the fxxx it was obviously had a fxxxxxx death wish…

He snapped his head up and was surprised to see a baby wearing a suit and a fedora hat, and then he noticed his surroudings.

The fxxx…?

"Arcobaleno…" he reached out to his side for his weapons on instinct, but when he felt that there was nothing there his eyes widened to look at his hips where his guns were supposed to be and he frowned at the green pajamas his was wearing.

The Archobaleno Reborn observed all of this with his big round black eyes, and then nodding understandingly to himself.

"Xanxus." At this, 'Dame-Tsuna' turned to him; his glare so intense it would probably make anyone flinch from sight alone, but Reborn merely smirked at him.

"Archobaleno, what is the meaning of this…?" He growled back, and flinched visibly at his own voice as took hold of his neck in utter confusion.

Reborn stared amused at the brunette who began cussing in confusion.

The brunette's eyes widened. "What the fxxx is going on!?" immediately he clamped his own mouth with both his hands, he sounded like a fxxxxxx girl squealing!

"That was very Dame-Tsuna like Xanxus." Reborn's voice sounded as if he was trying to hold back a laugh.

"YOU-" The brunette pointed his finger at the baby, his face red in either anger or embarrassment, but before he could say anything else, Reborn threw something at his face.

It was a mirror, Xanxus was about to throw it back harshly when he saw his own reflection.

Nana Sawada was humming happily to herself as she prepared her son's obento(lunchbox), smiling at her creation; she nodded. Only one more thing was missing.

"Oh!" she realized as she grabbed the ketchup from the fridge. And once she was back at the kitchen counter she pointed the opened ketchup at the box and began tracing the heart shape on the rice-

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she nearly dropped the ketchup at her hand at the sudden shout coming from her son's room upstairs.

"Tsu-kun!?" she placed the ketchup on the kitchen counter and ran upstairs immediately.

Gokudera scowled as he walked past people who eyed him dreamily. He was on his way to his Juudaime's house to pick him up for school like a true right-hand man would do, but then HE showed up…

"Tsuna'll be surprise to see us!" Yamamoto grinned, resting both his hands on the back of his head as he walked beside the bomber.

"I can pick up Juudaime by myself you baseball-freak!" Gokudera clenched his fist.

"Aw~Come on, it's better if it's the two of us." Yamamoto persuaded.

"Why are you even coming, your house is directed far opposite from Juudaime's house?!" Yamamoto blinked at this.

"You go to the other street too don't you? So there's no problem!" Yamamoto reassured grinning, and then patting the bomber's shoulder.

Gokudera gritted his teeth. He got a point there…

"Stop touching me you baseball-freak!" the silverette shoved his hand away rudely, as he laughed.

A few minutes later they made it to Sawada residence.

"Let's go in!" Yamamoto opened the gate and began walking his way to the front yard, with a raging Gokudera trailing behind him. "I'm going first you baseball-freak!"

At the front door, as Yamamoto was just about to press the doorbell-

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the duo jumped startled at the scream.

"JUUDAIME?!/TSUNA?!" Gokudera shoved Yamamoto out of his way and began running inside the unlocked door.

Yamamoto shook his head and followed behind.

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