6 months of torture

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(From the last chapter)

Xanxus was molested by Hibari and was sent unconscious by Reborn after he attempted to murder Gokudera with a flower base. While he was sleeping Reborn made an excuse to Tsuna's guardians that he was simply having a side effect from the dying will bullet he shot him with as so this was happening and the guardians believed him like the idiots were…what will happen next?

Tsuna was left alone by Squalo who jumped at a flying helicopter to show off his badassness but after the shark was gone, Tsuna was temporarily stuck with the Varia members at the Varia headquarters…Will he survive?

Chapter 4


"Ushishishi~" Tsuna, aka Xanxus sweat-dropped as the screen door of the balcony opened.

A blonde individual appeared at the door steps; on the blonde's head he wore a tiara and on his hands he securely held onto a knife.

"Bossu~You're looking good today~shishi~" Belphagor, a self-proclaimed prince faced his boss' back as he played with the knife on his hand, swirling it around his fingers effortlessly.

Tsuna inhaled mentally. Think of a respond!

"Bossu~?" The blonde became confused with his boss' silent as he stopped the movements of his fingers. "You shouldn't ignore the prince~"

Think Tsuna!How does Xanxus respond to this kind of things?!HIIIEE!

"What do you want Trash!" Tsuna closed his eyes and shouted this, attempting to sound harsh and aggressive as he clenched his fist.

"Ushishishi~The prince doesn't need a reason to visit bossu~" the blonde laughed darkly. "Besides…" Bel paused. "I'm bored~shishi~" the wide grin was suddenly back."Does the boss have any mission for the prince~?"

Tsuna blinked as he faced the blonde. "Shouldn't you be showing me to Din—the Cavallone party?" he questioned raising a brow, forgetting for a moment that he was supposed to be acting like the Varia boss.

Bel frowned suddenly. Tsuna's eyes widened. Did he say something wrong!?

"Bossu…~that's the stupid peasant's job~The prince doesn't have to do anything~" Bel laughed as he began playing with his knife once again.

"P-Peasant?" Bel snapped his eyes at him, seeming suspicious.

"Ushishishi~The prince must be imagining things~there's no way the bossu would ever stutter~or did he…?" Bel suddenly leaned closer to his face.

Think Tsuna!

"What you Trash!?Who's stuttering!" Tsuna tried hard to glare at the blonde, though he doesn't think he's doing a pretty good job of it because Bel didn't move a single inch or rather he moved a bit closer for his liking.

"Bossu is acting weird today…the prince is wondering what happened~shishi~?" Bel took a step closer.

Tsuna panicked. HIIIEEE!Does he know?!Squalo's gonna kill him?!At least Bel wasn't pointing his knife at him.

"Bossu…" The prince whispered, his face only inches from him.

IT'S OVER!Tsuna cried mentally as he closed his eyes.

"Are you drunk Bossu~?"


Red eyes opened in shock. But before he could respond someone interrupted.

"Boss!Good morning!" Bel frowned as he backed away to look at Levi who walked in and was smiling widely.

"Peasant…You interrupted the prince~" Bel said huskily and coldly as he held up his knife in front of him, brushing the blade delicately.

Levi glared at the blonde. "The boss needs me to take him to the stupid Cavallone party!"

Bel laughed. "Kaching…" before he charged at the Varia's lightning guardian who screamed bloody Mary as he began running away.

Tsuna fell on his bottom as he held his heart with his right hand. He can't do this any…more…

"You…" A feminine voice called out.

"HIIIEEEE!" Tsuna suddenly covered his mouth. Oh no!

Mammon suddenly appeared in front of him. "I know you're secret." The baby said as he floated to stand at his shoulder.

"P-Please don't t-tell anyone!" Tsuna begged as he closed shut his eyes and clenched his fists. Squalo was really gonna kill him now!

"Oh I won't…" Mammon whispered making him open his eyes in shock. What?

"Y-you won't?" he questioned and the baby shook his head. He was saved!

"If you pay me of course." Mammon finished. Tsuna stared at the baby blankly. WHAT?!

"P-pay?!Idon't have any money!" red orbs teared.

"Yes you do."

"No I don't!"

"Boss does."

"B-boss?" did he meant…Xanxus?

"Hm, if you pay me approximately 10 million plus my pay for doing my job I won't tell a soul." Mammon explained.

Tsuna gapped. "I-I don't have that kind of money!And I can't just take Xanxus' Money?!How do I even do that!" he yelled as he pulled his hair.

"I can do it, but you'll have to pay me another million."

"Ahhh!" The current Varia boss slumped down at the balcony pillars. "No!I c-can't do that!Absolutely NOT!" he swung his arms cross-ward.

Mammon sighed as he floated to the door. "Alright…then I'll just have to tell the others that their boss was actually Sawada Tsunayoshi and that they were being tricked…"

Tsuna stood up immediately and reached a hand. "NO DON'T DO IT!"

Mammon sighed once again. "I wonder how Bel would react…he'd probably stab you or Levi god forbid we all know how much he loves boss-"

"OK!OK!I'LL DO IT!Just DON' ." Tsuna sighed in defeat and mammon smirked and paused his movements to face him.

"You can't take it back, you know." The baby said.

"I know…" Tsuna covered his face in shame. "B-But I'll pay Xanxus back!" he informed determination in his red eyes suddenly.

"You do that." Mammon smirked. "As for me…I'm leaving and good luck—don't take it personally this is only mafia" at that the mist archobaleno disappeared into his own mist.

"Don't take it personally?What does he mea-"

"Ushishishi~So you're not bossu…~You tricked the prince, peasant~" Tsuna paled.

"I KNEW IT!" Levi pointed a finger at him. "WHERE'S BOSS?!" the Varia"s lightning guardian suddenly had his umbrellas opened at the sky and all pointed at him.

"HIIIIEEEEE!" Tsuna held his arms in defence.

Bel shoved Levi to the side. "Move peasant~the prince is upset~" the blonde opened his closed hands suddenly, revealing knives.


"Kaching…~" "DIE!" Levi butted in.

"OH MY~!WHAT IS GOING ON HERE~!" All heads turned to Lussuria at the door, in his hand his held a spatula and he wore an apron.

"THIS GUY IS AN IMPOSTER!" Levi haft exclaimed and haft explained to the Varia's sun guardian.

"He tricked the prince~" Bel said, tone dark.

"Hmm~Oh no don't do that~Squa-Squa told me that we need him for the party~Of course you could go and meet the other Vongola allies if you want~"

Bel frowmed. "The prince doesn't have to do anything~" the blonde suddenly threw a knife to the sun guardian who lifted his knee so the knife hit his metal kneecap.

"See~So if you don't want to have to do Bossu's work for him all you need is to let him leave~" Lussuria explained his hands on either side of his cheeks.

Bel paused for a moment. "Tch…The prince is leaving…" at that the blonde made his way inside the headquarters.

Levi glared. "What he did is unforgivable!Besides I always to Boss' work for him anyway!" Levi snapped and raised his arms in the air as lightning subscured the sky suddenly.


Lussuria sighed. "Then I guess I have no choice~Fran~!"

Levi blinked when he suddenly burst into flames. "A-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" the lightning vanished from the sky and the umbrellas fell with a thud on the ground.

"HIIIIEEEE!FIRE!"Tsuna ran over the lightning guardian and behind the Varia's sun guardian who smiled happily at him.

Levi fell at the ground as he exhaled black smoke and then he fainted.

"Thank you Fran sweety~" A boy wearing an apple hat appeared in front of Lussuria suddenly, his face calm.

"Are you gonna give me Candy now…" the boy named Fran started as he held up his hand.

Tsuna peeked curiously at the boy he recognized from the future.

Lussuria laughed as he reached into his apron's pocket. "Here you go dear~" He gave Fran Hershey's chocolate.

Fran's mouth turned upward slightly as he stared at the chocolate. "Gross…Pineapple master always fed me Hershey's chocolate…" at that statement the boy let the candy bars fall to the ground with a thud.

Lussuria and Tsuna blinked.

"Don't you have any sense of taste…all the food you give me is horrible both in taste and look…"Fran pointed his finger at the sun guardian.

Lussuria gasped. "How rude Fran~!"

"I;m a boy…I'm only honest…" Then Fran left then, closing the door behind him.

"That boy~!HMHP~~!" Lussuria pouted, and crossed his arms across his chest.

Tsuna thought it was the right time to ask the Varia member as he walked in front of the said man. "A-ano…Why did you help m-me?" Lussuria looked up him and smiled.

"Squa-Squa told me so~!My~ he's sweet isn't he~?" the Varia member explained making Tsuna blink.

Squalo helped him? So he wasn't just gonna leave him like that after all?!

Lussuria blinked as Tsuna began crying and sniffing. "He's a nice guy after all!"

"He must have gone to a lot…~" the sun guardian said to himself.


"Gokudera-kun!Are you listening?!" the teacher hit the black board with his chalk several times to catch the bomber's attention who seemed to be worried about something.

Yamamoto eyed his fellow guardian from his seat, worried as well. Usus\ally he would be sleeping in class but today just wasn't the time for that.

"SHUT UP!" Gokudera snapped as he stood from his seat. The students gasped at the outburst.

"Gokudera!" Yamamoto shouted from his seat, about ready to stand up to stop the bomber if he did anything violent.


"I beg your pardon I am not a-"

"I'll BLOW YOU UP!" Gokudera took out his dynamites and the teacher paled.

"Gokudera that's enough!" Yamamoto ran to him, and grabbed him by both his arms. "Tsuna's fine. His with Kusakabe-senpai!"

"Let go of me baseball-freak!" Gokudera struggled. "Juudaime needs me!"

Yamamoto sighed. "Ano sensai?" The teacher looked at him, his eyes wide. "Can we be excused?"

The teacher can only nod dumbly at the two and they began running out of the classroom.

Kusakabe stood outside the reception. His chairman told him to guard 'the herbivore' and not let anyone inside. And that included him.

He was glad the chairman finally showed a feeling towards someone, and he was happy as well. All his life beside the carnivorous boy, this was the first time he showed affection to someone else other that himself and smaller animals.

It was a sight he must admit-his trains of thoughts stopped when he heard footsteps going towards him and when he looked up he wasn't really surprised when he saw the two student that were always beside Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"Yo!Kusakabe-senpai!" Yamamoto waved his way.

"I've told you two you can't go inside, Kyo-san said so." The man informed, as Yamamoto frowned and Gokudera glared.

"Get out of the way you bastard before I shove-"

"GET THE FXXX AWAY FROM ME YOU TRASH!" All head turned to the door.

"That's Tsuna!" Yamamoto exclaimed, but Gokudera had already shoved the other man out of the way and barged inside. Yamamoto immediately followed.

"You can't go in there!Kyo-san said-" Kusakabe froze as he followed inside and stared at the scene in front of him. Beside him were Yamamoto and Gokudera who were both blushing.

"Kufufufu~You even taste like Sawada Tsunayoshi~"

Kusakabe gapped.

At the couch of the reception room laid the brunette blushing hard, was shirtless and his pants were unbuttoned as a hand was shoved inside it. On top of him was none other than Rokudo Mukuro, the mist's guardian's face was merely inches away from that of the brunette's red one and his other hand rest at the back of the brunette's neck and was ready to take the smaller one's lips into his once more.


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