He learned that the Ministry of Magic and the Goblin Nation were at each others throats the very next days, lines were being drawn in the sand, and yet, by evening of that very same day a treaty between the two peoples had been written up and signed. The goblins had lost a lot more of their freedom.

They had been stripped off of their right to bear arms in their own territory, every single goblin blade, or anything that could be viewed as or was viewed as a weapon was confiscated by the Ministry of Magic, which simply shoved all that stuff into the Department of Mysteries or into the private collections of the purebloods.

It was quite obvious that a shinigami was at play with these events, since the goblins were made to pay unbelievable amounts of gold in fines and a raised tax to be paid to the Ministry. There was also the fact that the Director of the Bank was forced to not only resign from his position but was also told that either he kill himself or his entire family would be wiped out by the Ministry. The families of the two goblin guards were already taken cared of, those goblins were turned into potions ingredients.

It was the fault of all those goblins boasting about being the most disciplined and trustworthy, apparently attacking Lucius Malfoy was a bad thing to do, for anyone, even a warrior race that was forced into becoming a bunch of bankers.

But that didn't really concern Harry, he just wondered who was the lucky shinigami that got to take so many lives, who got to eat their fill for several centuries.

He'd made his way to Platform 9 ¾ without any problems, Charta sent him all the directions he needed. He didn't even have to bother dealing with the family of red heads who had a mother that was making a fool out of herself. He contemplated sending a message, somehow, to the DMLE about her breaking the statute of secrecy, or almost doing so while looking like a deranged lunatic in the process.

He decided to mentally note down her name, but not in his journal, but in a separate mental file. He might come across a way to spare the family such insanity some time later, he was certain that having so many boys was bound to have at least one of them be a troublemaker. Perhaps a deed done by one of those said boys could lead to her purpling with rage or something ending up with a case of cardiac arrest, or a stroke, or something.

He didn't bother with the crowd, he simply weaved his way through them, got on the train, found himself a compartment, and dumped the trunk that he was supposed to bring with him, which contained all his school supplies. At least the ones that he trusted others to potentially want to try and get at. The more important things were in pockets and pouches on his person.

Like his gold and jewels, and his wands.

The compartment that he had chosen had a view of the entire platform, it gave him a perfect view of the world that he had gotten himself into, in a way.

He saw the red headed family finally make their appearance on the platform, the brood mother appearing rather frustrated and flustered.