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The Challenge

"We really need to rethink the strategies for our missions." Shayera said as she made her way through the watchtower to the washrooms.

"Why so?" asked J'onn as he floated beside her.

"Do you have any idea how dirty our uniforms get each time we go out there to catch a villain? I want cleaner strategies." She demanded with an accusatory tone directed at the Batman-GreenLantern duo who took the credits for organizing the assault.

"Saving the world is much more important than dirty laundry." Batman's voice was as cold and husky as ever, but some how he had cut down on his domineering tone, perhaps due to the exhaustion after the 12 hour holdout that took place trying to apprehend the trio of Cheetah, Giganta and Shade who tried to rob a bank. What they did not take into account was that they had backup in the form of Gorilla Grodd, with whose help they had taken control of the security personnel's minds using them as human shields.

"Well technically the plan was dirt proof", smiled Diana, "Till John had the bright idea of scooping up a portion of the earth and throwing it at the escaping vehicle. He should have atleast told us to clear out first. But I guess you won't complain as John is your department!"

Shayera blushed slightly at the comment, however her headgear concealed it(Yes in my stories she keeps it on even after Starcrossed, she looks better in that). It had been a long time since the Thanagarian invasion and Shayera and John were well on their way towards reconciliation…..through the well tried and tested path of arguments.

"Well I did get the job done." John defended himself.

"Ok, lets not point fingers at each other." Interrupted Superman in his well known 'elder brother' tone.

"Well that's not it at all; he waited till everyone else cleared out, but just in time so that I got hit!"

"Look girl," started John in his well known military voice, "The only reason everyone else got out of the way is because you are too slow. Sometimes I feel that those two wings of yours are just for show off and to make you look cute."

The group paused at the sudden comment and all turned their heads to the bickering couple, Shayera was at a loss of words, did he just complement her or rebuke her? John was mumbling, trying desperately to find a continuation that could make the previous comment less effective. However Shayera finally decided to make things light by continuing their argument, obviously even if it did have the possibility to lead to something more romantic, nothing could have happened at a time when the whole league was in attendance.

"Nobody undermines my wings, you wanna race Stewart?" She retorted.

"This is a waste of my time." Muffed John, as he stepped in the other direction.

Batman continued on his way, his stoic expression, ever the same, Superman tried to go after John, according to him everything could be solved by lectures. Flash, finding himself on the receiving end of Shayera's Hawk-glare(That Wally considered to be only second to the bat glare) decided it was a good idea to go to the cafeteria and mess with other heroes and heroines. Diana followed close behind her as Shayera made her way to the washroom with a suppressed grin on her face.

"Okay, go ahead, mock me and tell me how incompetent I am at handling love." Shayera finally broke the silence after making sure that the washroom she chose was devoid of any other occupants.

"How did you manage armies when you were lieutenant? When it seems that you can't even handle a simple marine!" She smiled.

"Luckily for me the men under me weren't as thick headed as the one I am dealing with now."

"Says the woman who blushes at every third comment about her made by her crush." Diana was enjoying it now; it was always fun to rub it in her face.

"Please Diana, as if you are having better luck with your crush?"

At this Diana's expression changed, her wide grin was now reduced to a mere smile, if one could still call it that. "I don't have a crush on Batman!" Diana stopped immediately as her defence gave her away most easily while the crimson in her cheeks left few doubts as to what the object of the Princess's affections was.

"Says the woman who keeps ogling him every chance she gets."

"Believe me Shay, if I wanted to, I could seduce him anywhere, anytime. We amazons have a way with men."

"Yeah, as if you still remember them after so many years of separation and seclusion. On the other hand believe me Di I can charm the Lantern as easy as that." Ended Shayera, flicking her fingers, giving Diana a sly look, "Besides as you heard just now, I have wings." She said with a smirk, as she expanded her wings quite proudly, even more confident after that comment from John, as they shadowed easily the in coming light and paired perfectly with the helmet she had on. She was a complete picture of grace and finesse.

Wonder Woman was a bit overwhelmed at the display, but she somehow managed to hold on to her wits, "It takes way more than wings to seduce a man." She finished her washroom activities and hurriedly left the room, giving Shayera a look that only meant one thing, it was time to compete, her amazon upbringing forbade her to ever back down from a challenge, and she was going to abide by it.

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