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The Plan

As Diana entered the watchtower control room, she saw Batman, deeply engaged with the monitor, assessing threats, or perhaps running some tests. Diana walked over, her regal essence filling the room, she knew that she had an aura that most women only dreamt of having, her tall stature, beauty, and confidence together combined to make her both intimidating for villains and appealing for men. But unfortunately for her the target of her affections was no 'just another man'.

She slowly approached the bat from behind, hoping to surprise him, but before she could do anything the Batman greeted her. "Morning Princess."

"How did you?" Diana started, but then her voice trailed off, "Never mind." Diana sighed, how did she think that this was going to work anyway?

"So, why are you here? I thought it was Superman's turn."

"Well it seems Lois Lane called the Boy Scout out for an impromptu date. And so I ended up here." Batman said in an annoyed tone, his annoyance was not because of the monitor duty; rather he was just a bit sulky over the Man of Steel's gullibility. "To think that after so many years of this relationship, he is still behaving as if they just met."

"Well it's not his fault that you don't have a romantic bone in your body, I think what he is doing is adorable, why don't you tell me one instance when you took off the cowl to attend to something personal?"

"Well that's because you don't know the level of his infatuation, I remember, even when Luthor became president and we were on the run, even then Superman had to go see Lois before every major heist we pulled, even as we were being chased by almost every superhero we knew."

"Well that's a bit sad isn't it?" Diana said in a hushed tone as she leaned into him seductively, resting her hands on the arm rest, her bosoms were in full view, her cleavage giving him just enough to look at without revealing the essentials, as if tweaking around with his sleeping curiosity. Batman could feel the rams that were assaulting the walls that surrounded him, threatening to break it down. Batman broke free of his reverie when their faces were just 2 centimeters apart. He stood up, not withdrawing the eye contact. Diana knew she was getting to him, yes, she was sure that the Bat was feeling something. But before anything could develop a certain scarlet speedster came in.

Diana retired to the cafeteria, silently cursing Flash, he always had to barge in just when things were making progress. She noticed Shayera, sitting on a table with her dinner/lunch/breakfast, it was certainly getting hard to tell as after the Justice League became international a few months back they had to operate on several times simultaneously. She also noticed the other girls of the league on another table, she knew that Shayera's mood was far from cordial after their exchange the previous day.

"Sitting alone I see."

"Well I really don't have a choice, I sit at the ladies table and all they are going to talk about is how their 'loving boyfriend' surprised them by taking them on an impromptu date to Paris. Or how good it felt last night to be in his arms and crap. It seems these girls are deliberately doing this to mock me. And Vixen, after her break up with John it seems that she is hitting it off with Booster, and here I am, still in rejection, overlooked."

"That makes two of us." Diana frowned, taking a seat, "Things are a bit tricky with Bats as well, it seems as if I am close, but I just can't get him to accept it, his walls are too thick."

Shayera hung her head, in frustration more than anything else, she was close as well, but it seemed that something explosive was needed to get the guys! She stretched, leaning back on her chair, as the sounds of cracking came from her fists. Her eyes fixed on the ceiling as she pondered. What would be a logical approach? And suddenly it hit her.

"Diana, we are warriors right?"

"Yes, but how is that relevant."

"Ok, so if we were on an espionage mission, to take them out, how would we get close enough?"


"Well, back when I was a Thanagarian lieutenant, this was one of the things taught to us, procedure included getting a status report on each of their past relationships followed by a full debriefing on how they started and how they progressed. We were supposed to use this info to engage in a pseudo relationship to extract information, but to be honest most of the girls there used this technique more for reasons personal rather than professional, it was a course soon discontinued due to our hit first ask questions later approach, but fortunately I was one of the last ones who had to learn it, I knew I would never use such immoral means but I think this once I can let it slide."

Diana's eyes lit up, "So you are implying that we gather all info about their past relationships? Shayera, you are a genius!" Diana's smirk widened. She was a warrior and this seemed un-warriorlike in certain parts, then again this could just as easily be compared to Batman's prep time before going on the actual mission.

"Ok, so I am getting his ghosts, and you get John's, we will meet here at 2100 hours tomorrow."

"But why do I get John? Why can't I do Batman's?" Diana asked, with a tone of complaint.

"Because otherwise our feelings will start to interfere with the status report."

Wonder Woman seemed content at the arrangement as she got up, her eyes sparkling from excitement and anxiety as she started her walk back to her room, when Shayera interrupted.

"By the way Diana, now do you believe that I had complete control as a lieutenant?"

"Aye aye, lieutenant!" Diana's smile told a thousand words, but Shayera's confident smirk proved to be nothing less.

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