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The Strategy

'It is way past 2100 hrs, where is Shayera?' Diana thought as she paced up and down the playcourt of the watch tower. This was a place for friendly competitions to be held, a new installment. A week ago they had a basketball match between the guy's and girl's teams, the girls had beaten the guys. Although some of them cried foul when Stargirl and Dinah came in wearing some extremely provocative attire, showing ample cleavage. The expressions on their faces at that point were enough to predict the outcome. Diana herself was watching from the sidelines. Hawkgirl was involved in the match and was the top scorer. She slowly walked up to the basket as if to deduce the right power needed for a three pointer, as her gaze was fixed a ball appeared out of nowhere and fell through the basket. She looked up to see Shayera floating above her.

"You are late."

"Well don't blame me if the object of your affections has enough relationship material that can overrun a library."

Diana flew up to her, and kept increasing altitude. "Come up, I don't want any idiot to accidentally stumble upon our little secret, I heard Flash was doing his rounds of the place."

"Good thing he can't fly." Shayera followed Diana and perched her self on a support beam running horizontally from one end to the other just below the ceiling.

"So you go first." Diana looked on anxiously.

"Ok." Shayera was in two minds as to which info to give and which to withhold.

"It seems Batman has a rich romantic history."

"Ok." Diana felt a lump forming at the back of her throat, her voice dipping.

"Well lets see….. there was this girl called Andrea, and she was probably his first love, this was even before he became Batman, rumor has it that he was even willing to give up on being Batman for her sake, but then her dad was killed by the mob, and she became a masked murderer in revenge."

"Ohh." Diana's break in her voice was evident, but Shayera tried to contain the situation.

"But don't worry Di, he is over it, besides anybody who commits murders will never hold the Batman's romantic attention for long. You know how he is. Besides she is not really a fighter, just an impulsive avenger, whereas Batman is a fighting specialist, they don't have much in common."

"Yes, yes ofcourse." Diana managed to regain some of her composure, what else did she expect, of course the guy had some past baggage.

"Ok, then there is Talia-al-ghul, daughter of the famous villain Raas-al-ghul, extremely proficient in fighting techniques, potions and artifacts, they flirt all the time, and well I don't know how many trysts he had with her. And if rumors are to be believed…"

Diana interrupted, "How did they end?"

"Well it seems she couldn't decide between her father and Bruce, her loyalties were divided, and then again she is more of a follower than a lover. She calls him her 'beloved'; it seems that it is his petname…."

"Ok, I don't need to know all that. Just stick to the facts, no nicknames."

"Ok, I get it, no nicks, by the way guess what Catwoman called him…" Diana glared and Shayera's mouth went dry suddenly.

"Ok, moving on, Catwoman or Selina Kyle, I couldn't gather much about her considering she is stealthy, very much like Batman himself, one of the main ingredients upon which her relationship with him is based on. From Gotham's villain circle gossip I heard that they went about it like rabbits in heat, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other during a time...but you don't want to hear about this..." Shayera trailed off noticing how the beam on which they were sitting on was slowly bending inside Diana's clenched fists, "because those two have been off each other for a long time….probably.." the beam bent a bit more, and the expression on her face grew more homicidal, "but to Batman these things are secondary ofcourse, she was clearly on the wrong side of the law so he sent her to Arkham more than once."

"Then lets see," Shayera continued, "There is Poison Ivy or Lady Poison who manages to steal kisses from him every chance she gets. And guess what, your alter ego in the Crime Syndicate universe, you remember right? Superwoman? She actually kissed him when she came to this dimension, I had to find all these from certain old videos logs."

This seemed to placate Diana for a bit, she knew Batman would never indulge in an affair with a villainess, atleast not a serious one. "Why are all of his love interests either supervillians or murderers?"

"Maybe he has a thing of darkness and naughty girls…errr….Besides he had some superhero admirers as well. Zatanna had a relationship with him, and Black Canary has kissed him from time to time."

"Canary? But she has Ollie."

"This was before Ollie, besides she is in a relationship right now so no problems there. And you can't blame her, who doesn't want to kiss Batman, it seems all the teenage superheroes in this watchtower starting from Supergirl, Fire and Ice, Stargirl, all of them grow red when he passes by. And then there is…er…that's all, no more."

"What do you mean no more, you were about to name someone else."


"Shayera, what are you hiding?"

"It's nothing, believe me."

"Shayera, if you withhold information and I find this out later, there is gonna be hell to pay. You know that even Kal can't stop me if I am pissed."

"Ok, ok, well….this is the most harmless one of the lot. Just a kiss, nothing else."

"With whom?" Diana's voice was stern.


Shayera had to jump and support her with her wings because the beam they were sitting on got crushed like a paper. "Cheetah?" Diana yelled, her voice way over normal, "He kissed Cheetah? I will kill both of them." She threw the portion of the beam which was still in her hands after it broke. It crashed in the basket, which was blown to bits. Thankfully it was night(according to watchtower clock) and most were sleeping, and the ones awake were too far away in the control room to hear it.

"Now now, don't get mad, it was she who initiated the kiss. Batman was under restraints."

"Under restraints? What kind of sick game were they playing?"

"No games, he was being held prisoner by Luthor and his team, you remember the time."

"But he could have escaped at any time."

"Well he was playing an angle, don't get mad, keep a level head, which is what anyone would do."

"Sweet Hera, what have I done to upset Aphrodite? I will never get him! Even my enemies and those teenagers want a piece of him." Her voice came out carrying with it hopelessness.

"NO NO NO dear don't worry! All of them are his past, and what we are concerned about is the present and the future. Besides you are a woman, your charms are more alluring than a bunch giggling teenagers."

"But he can go on around the globe kissing every major super villain he encounters, yet when I get close he freezes up. Why?" her voice was broken, Shayera could tell that she was close to crying, or destroying the watchtower, i.e. whatever it was that amazons did when they were upset and angry.

"Maybe that's because he loves you."

Diana just shook her head and rested her chin on her palms. Her elbows resting on her thighs, it was a sorry sight.

"Cheer up, so tell me about John, dug anything up."

"John is a fairy tale compared to Bruce." Diana sighed, "He does not have any major trysts, just the one marriage…."

"What? He was married before? What the fuck was he thinking? Who was it, how is this not worse than Bruce?"

"Well the woman was Katma-Tui, a fellow Green Lantern, you met her when you went to battle Despero."

"You mean all this time beneath that cheerful façade he has been bottling his feelings for his wife?"

"Well that was a long time ago."

"Even then, they were married, Bruce just had the occasional trysts, he was actually a married person."

"Don't worry, besides what can possibly happen? It's not like they will go off on a mission together and under dire circumstances realize their latent love for each other and leap into each others arms! But I have to admit, I saw a picture of her, in a brass bikini, she is quite attractive." Shayera's brow twitched informing Diana that she spoke a bit more than she would have liked.

"She was dressed like a slut, no wonder they broke up."

"Harsh words Shay."

"Shut up."

"Oh I heard he is also getting many letters nowadays, because of hanging out with Mari at her modeling gigs, he has gathered quite an impressive female following."

"Man this is bad." Sighed Shayera.

"I am worse."

"Worse? He has an ex-wife, maybe even a kid we don't know about. And god knows if she decides to sue for alimony, I don't even know the rules of whatever planet or body that governs the Lanterns. Maybe they will ask him to marry her back!"

"You are being delirious; clearly no law can be like that, except maybe the amazon law." Diana said with a chuckle.

"And how do you know that the amazons are not secretly controlling the lanterns? From what I have experienced in life nothing can surprise me."

"Ok, if they are, I will put a word in so that the details of this case may be overlooked, happy?"

Both the girls sighed as they slowly descended down, when Diana decided to put the last nail in the coffin, "Ummm Shay, I have one thing to confess, even though they are separated, I am not sure if they were ever formally divorced."

A mace flew into the other basket which suffered the same fate as the one before it.

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