Chapter 11: Victory Sex

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"It's starting to rain"


"We'll freeze"

Ichigo sighed as his naked form lay on the grass with an equally naked Rukia beside him, the night had been a bit warm previously but now, for some annoying reason, water began to drip from the sky as they lay embraced on the grass as cold air hit their skin. The orange-haired man sighed and lifted himself from the grass, but as he did Rukia pulled him back down and kissed him, nipping at his lip with her tongue. She winked at him and whispered in his ear with a sultry smirk. "Don't you think it would be a transcendent experience to do it in the rain?"

Ichigo was tempted and within moments, he pulled her on his lap as he sat on the back of his knees, Rukia felt him slide into her once more and arched her back, leaning back as he kissed her chest, breasts and nipples. She pulled herself back up and kissed him, forcing her tongue in his mouth in a fit of lust as he grabbed her ass and thrusted himself deeper into her. As the minutes passed, Rukia felt herself coming closer to her climax. The rain was an erotic, sensual aphrodisiac as she let her hands run up and down Ichigo's abs as he did the same with her apple-sized breasts, as well as her peach-shaped ass. He'd once said she made more fruit than a tree, which made her giggle.

As her moans became erratic and her movements quicker, she felt on top of the world as the strong pleasure was being condensed and about to burst in a glorious orgasm, she looked deep into Ichigo's eyes and her heart began to beat faster, she was feeling something for him that she had never felt, but the moment was halted as a strong gust of wind pushed Ichigo forward and forced him atop her, which only forced his member harder and deeper into her. As he landed on her roughly, he heard her yell out something incoherent and he looked to her worried, her mouth was opened slightly and her eyes were shut, as he looked at her worried, a single pleasured moan came from her mouth. He looked down and almost burst into a fit of laughter as he felt his lower regions coated in her juices.

Wind, nature's sex toy.

She giggled and buried herself in his neck. "I suppose we should find shelter or something" She said contently. Ichigo, however, wasn't exactly thrilled with stopping their activities.

"What about me?!" He said almost afraid.

Rukia smirked. "I'm a selfish lover". Ichigo's annoyed face made her giggle once more and she straddled him. "Okay well...since you did your best I'll-" Another gust of wind hit them, less powerful but ten times more cold. "Oh shit! Sorry Ichigo, no-can-do now!"

"W-What?!" Ichigo gasped. "Yes you will!"

"It's too cold!" Rukia began to pick up her clothes as she prepared to get dressed.

"Rukia Kuchiki you get back here and pleasure me!"

She gave him an apologetic look before coming up with an idea. Grinning, she grabbed her pink panties and tossed them at him. "Here! I think there's a small shack or something nearby. Sniff them and touch yourself and I'll get dressed"

"Rukia, no"

Rukia was now annoyed. "It's either that or your driving home with tight pants"

"It's perverted!"

"Oh come on we've had sex before, sniffing my panties and jerking off isn't anything to be ashamed off." She said. "...Well not really" She began to muse if it was perverted or not. "It would make me really feel good about myself that my vagina's smell turns you on"

"That's terrible sex talk"

Ichigo and Rukia stared off, to see who would win. Ichigo's internationally famous will to not give into temptation or Rukia's fantastic lower-regions scent and the memory of the real thing and how fucking tight it was.

In the end, Rukia won easily.


"Wow this rain has been coming down heavy!" Rukia said in awe. "Did you hear what I said?" The only thing Ichigo heard was Mike Ness singing. Rukia rolled her eyes and turn the radio off. "It's really pouring down huh?"

"First my orgasm now my music..." Ichigo mumbled under his breath.


"Yeah! The rain man, sucks balls"

Rukia smiled in agreement. Her mind began to wander, to Ulquiorra. "Do you think this will work?" Rukia asked. "The plan about Ulquiorra?"

"Ishida's a smart guy, there's no way it can't work." Ichigo noted, knowing his old friend well. "Besides, he's probably added a few nooks and crannies in the house that we don't know about or said something to the cops. First of all, he's doing it for Orihime's own good and second of all..." Ichigo chuckled. "She's going to need a shoulder to cry on and I bet that sly little perv is going to polish his for the tears"

Rukia smiled. "He deserves happiness, he's a nice guy"

"I'm better but yeah I like him" He joked. "Chad's cooler though"


"Sado, he's from Mexico" Ichigo informed her. "My partner in crime before you came along" He smiled. "He'll probably not hold it against you anyway, he's a big softy" He said. "He even turned down my sister when she asked him on a date because he's just that nice to me."

"Ah yes your sister"

"Best looking girl in her school too" Ichigo said with a small piece of pride. "And until I say she can, she's going to be a bigger virgin than a forty-year old basement-dwelling nerd"

"You do not that if you don't let her do as she'll please she'll become the biggest slut in town?" Rukia asked. Her hypothesis was probably false, but hey, Ichigo didn't know that! "You'll probably walk in on her and there'll be like five guys around her-"

"Rukia come on!"

Rukia giggled at his annoyed face. "I'm just playing with you Ichigo" She smiled. "Like any man is going to dare date the sister of the mighty Ichigo Kurosaki" She teased and flattered at the same time, patting his chest as he drove the car. He smirked slightly.

"I am pretty mighty" Ichigo decided to join in on the joke. "Besides it's not Karin I'm worried about." He said. "She can handle herself and could kick most dude's asses if they tried anything. Yuzu on the other hand..." He chuckled. "You know what they say about those kinds of girls"

"You are one sick and twisted creep"

"I was trying to join in on the joke!" Ichigo defended.

"Minus five respect" Rukia murmured, folding her arms. Ichigo scowled and looked at the road, forcing Rukia to snigger and then he growled, grabbing an empty water bottle and beating her leg with it. "Sorry!"

"Making me feel all stupid!" Ichigo said in mock annoyance. "God woman, why you gotta be so tricksy?" As Rukia tried to defend herself, they heard a small strike of lightning and then a tree fell in front of them, forcing the two grown adults to scream out in and wrap their arms around each other as if they were Shaggy and Scooby.

"Holy shit!" Rukia gasped. "Find shelter! Now now now!"

Ichigo looked around, the rain was going down heavy and he could barely see anything, but he did spot a small shack at the top of a hill. They were in the countryside at the moment, trying to take a short-cut instead of going through all the city-traffic, but now it seems like they wouldn't be getting home at all tonight! Ichigo sighed, turning his wheel to the left and accelerating, his car moving towards the cabin.

As they drove on a small dirt road, the cabin came into view. It was your basic cabin it seemed, although a little old. It seemed like it was made ages ago. But why would a place like this be out in the open where many more modern houses are nearby? Ichigo didn't know nor did he care.

They reached the place and Ichigo knocked at it's door. "Hello!" He called. "Anyone in there?" He asked. No answer, he fiddled with the door handle and it miraculously came open. He looked at her and she looked back, shrugging at him. They entered the small room, which seemed well-kept for an old cabin or shack. There was a few unlit candles and a fireplace to light up. Luckily enough Ichigo kept a lighter from the rare times that he would try to impress Rukia with smoking.

"My hand looks cool doesn't it?...Please tell me it does, I can't let him have one over on me"

"Let who?"


He lit the candles as well as the fireplace and the place was well lit for the night. Rukia smiled, the place was rather impressive. "I could live in one of these." She said. "Very...cosy"

"It's fucking freezing if that's what you mean"Ichigo said, huddled by the fire as he began to heat up. Rukia rolled her eyes and she spotted a small rope on an odd looking pedestal."Why the hell is something like this here?"

"A rope?"

"A pedestal" Rukia replied. "Whatever" She tugged the rope. "Very tough, don't think anyone could get out of these"

Ichigo's ears perked up at this. "Here let me see that" Ichigo asked innocently. Rukia tossed the rope to him and he nodded. "Very tough" he said. "Durable too..." He looked at her. "Let me try something"

Rukia could only imagine the things he wanted to try. She gulped. "L-Like what?" She said. Ichigo shrugged and he saw a small wooden beam coming down from the ceiling before doing a small ninety-degree turn and going into the wooden wall. He took the rope tying a knot there looking to Rukia. "Come here."

Lust before sense.

Rukia obeyed and swiftly, her wrists were tied and she was sat on the floor with her wrists above her head, Ichigo's toy to play with. He knelt down, slowly taking in the scent of her hair. Rukia gulped as he opened up her buttoned shirt, revealing her lacy pink bra, as well as tugging her pants off leaving her in nothing but her underwear and her opened shirt. (Which was pretty difficult to take off considering the wrists situation) "That wasn't a nice thing you did to me earlier Rukia" He said. "Not after the noises I made you make"

"So what are you going to do about it?"

Ichigo's hand drifted up her thigh and began to slowly rub her sex through the clothes covering it. "I don't know" He confessed. "I was thinking of making you beg me for the very thing you denied me." Ichigo smirked. "I'd probably obey if you did, I would even do it wherever you asked me to." He said.

"Oh would you?"

"Here" He said, kissed her lips. "Or here"Slowly moving down to her neck, giving it a small lick with a flick of his tongue. Rukia felt him move down more. "I think you'd love it here" He cooed, softly cupping her breasts, the lace of her bra covering the skin. Rukia bit her lip as she felt her skin go hotter despite the cold air. He kissed her smooth tummy. "Here too"Before finally moving down to her panties. "Here as well if you are willing to risk it"

"That depends on how well you do won't it?" She smirked.

His hand slowly rubbed the cloth covering her moist sex. "I don't think you're in any position to be negotiating don't you think?"

Rukia grinned with a sultry smirk. "You haven't given me any reason to fear you"

His hands moved up her shirt to unhook her bra, slowly pulling it off to reveal her breasts. As it was taken off, his mouth moved to the right one, taking the nipple in his mouth and tenderly sucking it, forcing Rukia to let out a breath of content as he cupped her left breast, his thumb rubbing the other nipple as both began to become erect due to the attention it was being given. All the while he did this, his knee gently slid against her crotch were her juices were starting to leak.

As Rukia was beginning to enjoy the attention her breasts were given, he moved away.

"H-hey-" Her sentence was short lived as his hand began to rub against her soaking womanhood as he pulled the crotch of her panties away to the side, the bottom surface of his middle finger rubbing the front of her sex.

But she was too far in for that, she needed somepenetration.

But he didn't obey her physical needs without being asked. Ichigo continued doing so even though he could see her squirm, her bare, irresistible legs move impatiently as her toes curled and before she knew it, she had asked him to go deeper.

He smiled slightly. "My fingers are tired." He said. Rukia whined in annoyance, she needed this! Ichigo turned to walk away, but Rukia finally spoke.


Ichigo smirked as he had won a small victory. "My fingers may be tired" He mused loudly. "But I suppose my mouth is not"

Rukia almost cried in delight and relief as his mouth covered her drenched core, his tongue slightly burying itself deeper and deeper as time went on. Rukia mewed in delight as she let her feet drift up and down his side, her thighs almost squeezing his skull as he buried in deeper and deeper. Her breaths began to quicken and they began to go on for longer, with more force. Some with her mouth open, some through her nose as she began to sweat from the sheer pleasure his tongue gave her as her thighs rested on his shoulders, his hands grasping her breasts, thumbs drifting over her nipples, massaging her breast before coming down and finding themselves buried in her as his mouth moved to her clit. As her climax seemed closer, Ichigo pulled away, much to Rukia's...rage.

"Ugh, my tongues tired." He sighed sarcastically."I'm pooped, let's hit the hay-"

"You get back to me right now before I break these ropes and forcefully make you." Rukia said in a dangerous, calm tone.

"Local midget rapes sexy body builder"

"You're not a body builder, you're too lazy! But what you're good at is cunnilingus, so put your talents to use!" Rukia snapped.

Ichigo sighed, taking out a small knife he had found in the cabins drawer and cutting the rope that was tied to the perpendicular beam. Rukia was almost enraged until she found out her hands were still tied and it was almost impossible to use them. As Ichigo fiddled more and more with the ropes above her, he pulled her up and she found out what he intended to do.

He gagged her.

"There" Ichigo said. "Now you can keep quiet" He looked at her and she looked back, unaware what he was going to do. "That's good, just stay quiet and I'll reward you, would you look that?"

Rukia nodded.

"Of course, this isn't affecting me as much as it is you to be fair. You see, I had mines when you made me go behind the shack, but you haven't had it in a while had you?"

Rukia shook her head.

"You've been awfully biddable" He smirked. "I think it's time you finally get yours"

With one, domineering swoop he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to him, throwing her legs up so that the back of her knees were folded into his shoulders. Rukia gulped as the head of his cock rubbed over the soft lips of her soaking sex. She whined through the gag and he chuckled almost cruelly.

"Do you want this?" He asked. "You look perplexed, I think we should stop" She shook her head almost wildly. "You want me to continue do you?" Rukia nodded feverishly, whines coming through the rope that gagged her. "Okay"

With one strong thrust he found himself in her.

Then he pulled out and pushed in again, then again and again. Rukia's eyes almost rolled into the back of her head as his cock was thrusted in and out of her with hard, powerful and fast strokes. He had full access to her pussy as her legs were on his shoulders, her toes numb from the sheer pleasure he was giving to her. In fact, Ichigo was now starting to succumb to her tightness as he was giving out pleasured groans and grunts as beads of sweat ran down the side of his head. Rukia felt her orgasm finally hit her, condensed and tight from all the times he stopped and now that it finally happened it was powerful, like water breaking through a dam. She came hard, her orgasm hit her like a pile of bricks as she practically screamed through the rope. She felt so grateful to Ichigo for this...godsend of an orgasm, she could even admit that she loved him for it.

He won.

She hastily said something, forgetting she was gagged. Ichigo looked down and smirked. "What was that?" He asked. "Repeat that? She said it again and he shook his head. "I think I should un-gag you" His fingers dipped into her mouth, her flavour still on his fingers while he did so and pulled out the rope. "Say that again?"

"Cum for me!"

Ichigo grinned. "Where?" He asked.

"Any where you want!" Rukia gasped. "Just give me it! Please!"

With this, Ichigo's thrusts increased tenfold and loud slaps were heard as their skin collided with much force. Within a few minutes, he pulled out and jerked his cock a few times as he skimmed himself up a bit and he shot his seed all over her tummy, breasts and neck in three consecutive shots. Rukia sighed in relief as she felt the hot juice hit her chest and panted heavily as Ichigo rolled off.

"Ichigo..." She panted. "That was..."

"I know" He said. "You're such a slut" He mocked playfully. She grinned and turned to him.

"I'm your slut" Ichigo wasn't expecting that and even though he probably had the kinkiest sex he'd ever have, he turned red from embarrassment. "You'd like that wouldn't you? A personal little woman who could make you cum hard?" Rukia asked innocently. "I might even get a maid outfit"


Rukia giggled "I might even though" She smirked coyly. "Would you like that?"

"I would adore it"

"Ichigo" Rukia said, a bit more seriously this time."I..." She stopped and Ichigo looked at her. "I think I lo-"

Ichigo's phone rang and he cursed. "Sorry Rukia" he said. He stood up and quickly answered it. He rose an eyebrow."Orihime?!" He asked in surprise, she couldn't tell if he was faking it or being truthful in his shock. "W-What?" he asked."Ulquiorra has been arrested?!" He gave Rukia a thumbs up, doing a small dance as Rukia gave a small giggle. "Illegal drugs and weapons? That's terrible!" He said. "Well,you never know who's a criminal-...Orihime..." Ichigo seemed a bit solemn now. "There-now there's no need to say that now" He said, perplexed by whatever she was saying. He sighed and shook his head. "Yeah to you later"

Rukia rose an eyebrow. "What did she say?"

"Just...drama" Ichigo sighed. "What were you saying?"

Rukia looked away. "Nothing...I forget"

"Idiot" He joked. "We should get some sleep" He said. "There's a bed somewhere...we were on the floor before we could look around" He joked. It was a success and there was one single bed in the corner. Ichigo cut her bonds and they hopped in, naked and and sweating despite the cold.


The morning sun hit them and Ichigo opened his eyes. He and Rukia lay in the bed, she lay on her belly, her arm swinging off the side as he had an arm and a leg draped over her. His eyes opened and then widened.

Children, about thirty in total, staring at the two of them. About four adults two, one dressed as if he worked in a museum of history, all wide-eyed and shocked.

Turns out the cabin was the same one a medieval warlord used to commit suicide in a few hundred years ago and thats why it was out in the open, not being knocked down.. He hung himself in fact and the very rope was still in the room.

And to answer the obvious question.

Yes it was.