So, Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me gave me a new idea!

Every odd numbered chapter will be letters from characters. The even numbered ones will be replies from the authors.

Also to Captainforkz: I need to PM you or contact you so that I can ask you if you'd like to write the replies or if you want me to. If you want to write it, what do you want to write? BTW, I do not give out e-mail.

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This is all Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me! All I did was check over for the grammar and spelling!

Dear Travis Stoll,

I think your arrogance will come back to bite you in the rear-end one day. I don't have a crush on you considering you're so . . . meh. And Katie isn't the one with the ginormous crush on someone- if you know what I mean. *cough, you like Katie, cough*. Lose your ego. By the way, I know for a fact that Katie might agree with me on that.

Haha, grape juice.

I don't love you because that would be weird and if in fact I am a demigod, it's very possible that I may be your sister and that would be awkward.



P.S. Man points? Really? I am trying not to laugh at the thought of you having them whatsoever.

Dear Katie,

Okay. Whatever you say. *wink* And you do know if you let the Stolls sleep on the streets, they may very well go into thieve mode and loot your home. But whatever, you know? And yes, there are a lot of entries when I search the Stolls. But most of them are romantic fanfiction stories with you and Travis.

Thank you, I am having a nice day and I hope you have one too. I accidentally killed my cactus though, because I always forget to water my plants so one day, I over-watered it and drowned it. I hope my roses have a better fate.

From Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me

Dear Demeter,

Thanks for the advice. I will take it into consideration. I'm vegan, you know? Are you?

From Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me

Okay, the next story I'm doing is Playlist by ShimmeringDaisyFace. First comes, first served. :D

Live life!