This is less Ratchet-centric. More like First Aid's musings on his mentor. No Jazz/Prowl or any Mech/Mech. I just don't write slash, it's just not my style. Anyway, I don't know how this came to be but it revered a little off track from my original plan, but I thought I'd just post it cause I liked it. I guess it's knid of a filler chapter.

"…And I don't wanna see you back in here injured from some stupid stunt like that again!" Ratchet yelled while waving a wrench threateningly at the retreating back of Fireflight as the youngling scampered from medbay.

Once the arielbot was out the doors, Ratchet sighed and turned to go into his office, that was attached to the back of the medical bay, to start on some 'paperwork' as their human counterparts had called, even though no paper was involved, but he was stopped by First Aid.

"From what I've been hearing about all the 'incidents' that have happened already this morning, the quick med scan I conducted while you finished repairing Fireflight, and the still half full cube of energon on your desk; you couldn't of consumed no more than half ration's worth. So data work can wait, you are running on low energon and will need you at top performance if this morning was any clue into what the rest of the day will be like." First Aid stared at his mentor pointedly, daring him to argue.

Ratchet had to give the kid credit, not many would order him around aside Optimus, but not many would have the nerve to secretly scan him a medical scanner. First Aid hadn't always been that gutsy. No, when he first came to Ratchet wanting to become a medic, the red and white proctectobot was shy and slightly timid when performing medical procedures. Ratchet knew that he was afraid of hurting the patients even more or doing something wrong. The twins hadn't helped at all, they would jump and yell 'ow' or 'That hurts' like a bunch of sparklings, just to scare the already nervous young medic. Ratchet had a long talk with the twins (a.k.a threatening) about how they shouldn't joke with First Aid (a.k.a "I'll turn you into a femme if you continue to joke with First Aid's training!"), especially since he was just starting to get the hang of it.

Despite the twins and the fact that young proctectobot had to learn/train in the midst of a war, the kid had grown up into a confident medical officer, who's nerve was only matched by Ratchet's, although with more of a bedside manner than his mentor's. Yes, the kid had grown up, but this was still Ratchet's medbay and he wasn't going to let the still young medic show him up.

Ratchet scowled and put his servos on his hips, "What makes you think you can scan me behind my back and get away with it? Or telling your senior officer what to do?"

First Aid didn't flinched or even bat an optic, "Because you, the Chief Medical Officer, would have gone into your office, done data work, then came out when every you were needed to patch someone up, and you would of continued to do all that on half mornings ration. So I took the liberty of giving you my medical opinion along with medical fact, so you could see it on datapad and go remedy it before you ended up in here for low energon levels." First Aid finished, his mask hiding his smirk as he backed his SO into a corner.

Ratchet glared at his apprentice, "Fine. I was going to get the cube and head to the rec room for more energon anyway." Ratchet gave the indignant reply, then walked into his office, grabbed the half full cube and walked out of the medbay doors.

First Aid laughed once Ratchet left. "Sometimes he's no better than Prowl on keeping up his energon levels." The red and white bot mumbled to himself as he set about rearranging and cleaning some tools.

"Who is?" First Aid looked up to see Jazz walking up, with his signature smirk plastered on his faceplate and arms full of datapads.

"Ratchet." First Aid answered and Jazz scoffed.

"I dunno 'bout that. Prowler's good at functionin' on low amounts o' energon. Sometimes I think he don' realize 'e's low." Jazz stated, then seeing the frown on the medic's faceplate he added, "But I remind 'em ta refuel every time I see 'em. So no worries."

"Good. I'll stay on Ratchet about his levels and you stay on Prowl about his. That way we can keep our CMO and SIC out of medbay for low energy levels." First Aid planned aloud.

Jazz nodded in agreement, "You got it!" Jazz shifted the mass amount of datapads in his arms, almost dropping them but First Aid caught some and helped right them.

"Thanks, man." Jazz grinned.

"Yeah, you have quite a stack there." The medic proctectobot commented.

Jazz frowned and sighed as if tired, "Yeah. Most of 'em are for Prime and Prowl." The red and white bot observed that most of them did have Prime's and Prowl's Cybertroian name stamp, "Seems like most of our SO's time is taken by data work if were not fightin' the 'cons."

"Yeah. They never really get a break. Some times I wish they could get one but the Decepticons seem to have different ideas." Jazz nodded again, faceplates solemn at First Aid's words.

First Aid sighed. Ratchet never really stopped working unless he was recharging, throwing wrenches at the twins or getting energon. "So I'm guessing you didn't just come to talk by the looks of it. What can I do for you?"

"Oh. Just ya own set of datapads and a few sets for the Doc ." Jazz handed First Aid the stack of about twelve datapads, most with Ratchet's Cybertroian name character on the side.

"Thanks." First Aid said, sarcastically as he grabbed the datapads Jazz passed to him.

Jazz's smirk grew. "No problem! I better go deliver the rest! See ya!" And with a wave he left.

First Aid looked at the stack of datapads in his servos and sighed, 'Even if we have less of an influx of patients. We have plenty of data work to keep us busy.'

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