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Lily of the Valley Conferance, Red Stadium.

The scene we come to is the quarter final match of the Lily of the Valley Conferance between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town from the Kanto region and his fierce and his as of yet undefeated rival Paul of Veilstone City. More specificly the climax of the battle where the two rival's pokemon Infernape and Electivire are also battling to settle their own bitter rivalry as both pokemon, and trainers stare each other down exhausted mentally and physically from the long and arduous battle.

"Infernape use Mach Punch!" Ash calls out as his Infernape quickly follows his orders, and slugs Electivire with a glowing white fist. Only for Electivire to dodge it, and wraps its tail around Infernape's arm.

"Electivire use Thunder." Paul orders to which Electivire doesn't hesitate as it is enveloped in a aura of electricity which shoots out and envelopes Infernape.

Ash is helpless to do anything but watch and listen to Infernape's cries of pain from the powerful electric attacks, eventually Infernape collapses to the ground when Electivire has finally released him.

Many people in the audience are desperate to see Infernape rise up including Ash's two traveling companion's Dawn, Brock, Dawn's Piplup, another rival of Ash's by the name of Barry, and surprisingly Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket disguised as food vendors for the Lily of the Valley Conferance.

"Infernape is unable to bat-" Before the referee could finish to announce that Infernape was no longer capable of battling Electivire interupted him as he watches and waits for Infernape to rise up.

"I had thought you had finally gotten stronger, you havbut once again all you have managed to do is disappoint me." Paul announces to Infernape before turning away to leave...

"Fraid not!" Ash announces to everyone's (But Ash's.) surprise as Infernape suddenly has regained his senses and stands up.

"Infernape, it's time to show Paul just how strong you have become. Use Blaze now!" Ash declares as Infernape activates his special ability, and has managed to maintain control of it.

Paul turns just in time to see Ash's Infernape launch a superpowerful Flamethrower at Electivire, "Electivire use Thunder to block that Flamethrower!" Paul commands but it is futile as the Blaze enhanced Flamethrower overpowers the Thunder and hits home.

"Infernape use Mach Punch!" Ash tells Infernape who charges at Electivire and once again lands another powerful attack that sends Electivire flying across the field but unfortunately Electivire recovers in midair and lands on its feet.

"Electivire use ThunderPunch!" Paul screamed out feeling the adrenaline of the match rush through him. Electivire obeys immediately and shoots out a clenched fist that is radiating electricity towards the fire type.

"Infernape Flare Blitz!" Ash screamed as well also feeling the intesnity, Infernape roars out as he is engulfed in a magnificent flaming blue aura, with a roar both pokemon launch towards each at mach speed and meet landing their attacks on one another resulting in a maelstrom of fire and electricity streaming into the sky, illuminating the stadium for all to see.

Eventually the dust settles and reveals Infernape standing on the other side of Electivire grunting in pain from the recoil of using Flare Blitz, as Electivire is also feeling the pain albeit more severely and the reaction being delayed from Infernape's crown of fire. Soon after the smoke has finally disapated and the two pokemon stare each other down along with their respective trainers as the stadium suddenly descends into a deathly silence.

For what feels like an eternity all is still... until finally Electivire falls to the ground unconcious.

"Electivire is unable to battle, and thus the winner is Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" The referee announces much to the joy of everyone who was cheering for Ash.

"He did it! He did it! He did it!" Dawn and Barry scream out in sync.

"Piplup! Piplup! Piplup!" Piplup screams out as well.

"Way to go Ash." Brock says aloud proud in how far Ash has come and how much farther he will go.

"The twerp did it!" Jessie speaks crying tears of joy alongside James.

"That twerp finally beat him!" Jamers says crying as the two along with Meowth about to hug before realising...

"We ate all the food." Meowth tells them seeing the surrounding audience members glaring daggers at them before the three of them run off to get more food.

"Thanks Electivire for working so hard." Paul says to Electivire smiling for once as he returns Electivire to his pokeball. "And Infernape I..." Paul is cut off as Infernape suddenly doubles over in pain and is about to fall but... Ash, and Pikachu rush to his side just in time to help him stand.

"Infernape! Are you okay?" Ash asks worried for his pokemon.

"Pika! Pikachu!?" Pikachu also asks concerned for his comrad.

"Infernape!" Infernape says to them smiling toothily along with a thumbs up clearing Ash and Pikachu's worry away quickly not notcing the relieved look on Paul's face as he is walking away but stops along with everyone else at what the announcer is about to say.

"Ash Ketchum of Pallet will be moving onto the semi-finals of Lily of the Valley Conferance and his opponent will be... wait! WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE OTHER QUARTER FINAL MATCH IS STILL GOING ON!? The trainer has finally decided to call out his pokemon." The announcer finishes as many people in the audience are now confused as to why the other quarter final macth has finally begun.

Lily of the Valley Conferance, Green Stadium.

"Look! We haven't missed it!" Ash yelled out as he, Dawn, Brock, Barry, Pikachu, Piplup, and surprisingly Paul all ran to see the other match curious to see the mysterious Tobias whose Darkrai has dominated all of Sinnoh's gyms and all of Tobias's opponents only to be shocked by what they heard aloud from the announcer.

"I DON'T BELIEVE IT! SOMEONE HAS FINALLY MANAGED TO DEFEAT TOBIAS'S SEEMINGLY UNDEFEATABLE DARKRAI! And they only lost 2 pokemon in their team to pull it off! One thing is for sure this guy is something else." The announcer finished as Ash, and his friends finally made it to the stands of the Green Stadium arena to see Tobias recall his Darkrai with a frown on his face as he glared at the trainer standing across the field before him.

The trainer was barely 6 feet tall, he had a sharp very narrow face with high cheekbones, along with a caucasian complexion, and he had short straight black hair. The trainer was dressed in a black suit, with red trimming, and he had a white scarf wrapped around his neck. The trainer wore simple looking black shoes, and carried a white backpack on his back. The trainer had a hat on his head that was very similar to that of the crest head of a Honchkrow.

Based on the trainer's very lean, but semi-muscular build he must spent some time on strengthening his body while he trained his pokemon. For a moment Tobias thought the trainer was glaring back at him, but he wasn't sure since the trainer wore sunglases with darkened lenses to hide his eyes for some reason.

A quick glance to the screen atop the Stadium showed the images of Tobias and the trainer he was battling. Below their photos were six slots for their Pokemon. 5 of Tobias's slots were empty with the slot for Darkrai had just faded to black while only 3 slots of the trainer's slots were empty and 2 slots were faded to black and the 3rd slot was an image of a Skarmory. This meant that the trainer had lost 2 of his pokemon to defeat Tobias's Darkrai while his Skarmory was still standing allthough it looked tired and weak if the noticeable injuries were anything to go by.

"Your strong but don't think just because you were able to KO my Darkrai that its over. I still have 5 more pokemon just as strong if not stronger." Tobias announced as he prepared to send out his second legendary pokemon as he looked to the trainer one more time.

"Keep calm dood. You got him where you want him. Just stick with the plan and you will beat him." Tobias's opponent thought to himself nervous before he suddenly smirked and was calm again if not cocky if the smirk on his face was anything to go by, "Skar return." The trainer announced returning his Skarmory to its Ultraball.

"Who is that guy?" Ash asked curious as he looked at the young man who had to be at least 2 or so years older than him.

"I have no ideal." Barry announced stumped.

"I think I do." Paul answered frowning recognising the trainer.

"You know who he is?" Dawn asked curious holding Piplup in her arms who was probably curious if the look he was giving Paul meant anything.

"Yeah. My brother lost to him a couple years back in the Evergrande Conferance Semi-Finals. The guy ended up losing though in the finals to someone because of type advantage." Paul explained as he looked at the trainer who was waiting for Tobias to call out his next pokemon.

"Who is he?" Brock asked.

"Shin-something I think. THAT GUY HAS ANOTHER LEGENDARY POKEMON!" Paul yelled with a 'WTF' look on his face as everyone soon focused back on the battle, and also got 'WTF' looks as well including Pikachu, and Piplup. The second of the empty slots on the screen for Tobias's pokemon was soon replaced with the image of Latios.

The trainer frowned for a second muttering under his breath something along the lines of, 'I knew it. I hate it, when I'm right.' before pulling out a Greatball.

"Ascend Santa!" The trainer announced before he released his second pokemon.

"Deli!" The Delibird identified as Santa said announcing his arrival smirking in a similar cocky way of its trainer towards Latios who glared in response. Like before on the screen, the fourth empty slot soon replaced itself with the image of Santa.

"Ladies first, Tobias." The trainer told Tobias who growled annoyed for a second before regaining his composure.

"Giga Impact." Tobias stated simply curious to see what move the trainer would have his 'Santa' use as Latios charged forward and was enveloped in a large purple swirling sphere of energy.

"Future Sight and dodge." The trainer ordered in a casual tone as if ordering a drink at a late or something like that as Santa's eyes glowed red for a second before he dodged the Giga Impact covered Latios.

"That is one agile Delibird." Brock announced as everyone nodded.

"It has been trained well." Paul muttered.

"SANTA'S A HE YOU PRICK! DON'T CALL HIM AN IT!" The trainer yelled anoyed having somehow heard what Paul said earning a sweatdrop from everyone. "Use Water Pulse now!" The trainer ordered quickly returning his attention to the battle.

"Deli!" Santa called before releasing a glowing blue disc of water that condensed into a sphere of water and flew towards Latios. The Water Pulse hit home moments before Latios had finished recharging doing moderate damage while sadly not being able to inflict confuse status effect on Latios.

"Correction: He has been trained well." Paul spoke rephrasing his earlier statement blinking.

"This guy is eccentric that's for sure. Right Ash?" Dawn asked Ash who was focusing on the battle along with Pikachu.

"What's with you Ash?" Barry asked concerned.

"Nothing. Just something about that guy feels weird." Ash answered watching the battle intently.

"Light Screen Latios!" Tobias ordered preparing Latios for what was about to come next.

"Latios." Latios muttered before becoming surrounded in a golden cube of energy.

"Merry Christmas!" The trainer yelled as Santa used pulled out a present from his sack and launched the gift at Latios who braced himself for the worst, and was shocked when his wounds from Water Pulse healed.

"Aw crap!" The trainer muttered facepalming, "Every time that happens. Stupid season of giving." The trainer continued pouting like a child giving him odd stares from the audience, and Tobias.

"Latios use Luster Pur-" Before Tobias could finish his command Future Sight took affect and Latios was struck from behind by a bolt of psychokinetic energy surprising him. "WHAT!"

"Santa focus an Ice Beam on Latios's wing and arms!" The trainer quickly ordered as Santa shot out thin glowing white beams of energy and froze the Latios's arms and wings dealing heavy damage to Latios.

"Lati!" Latios screeched in pain from the ice.

"Latios!" Tobias called out worried for his pokemon.

"All right now I've limited it's movement for a bit." The trainer thought to himself before speaking again, "Quick use Water Pulse then follow with another Ice Beam!"

"Delibird!" Santa announced as he sent the Water Pulse towards Latios whose speed and manueverability was hindered due to the ice and this time it did inflict confusion on Latios.

"Deli!" Santa continued with focusing the Ice Beam this time on the lower part of Latios's neck.

"Dammit! At this rate Latios will be downed. No matter how well I trained him, no Dragon type likes Ice type attacks." Tobias thought formulating a plan of conterattack. "Latios use Recover!"

Latios quickly shook its head snapping out of confusion and breaking some of the ice and started glowing a soft white glow as it's injuries, and the last of the ice on its wings broke off.

"Damn time to switch. If Latios lands even one hit, Santa will be out like a light. Santa use Future Siight." The trainer ordered as Santa used Future Sight again.

"Quick Latios use Giga Impact." Tobias ordered knowing the trainer was planning a retreat.

"Return Santa!" The trainer called out returning Santa to his Greatball just in time to avoid another Giga Impact.

"Ascend Skar!" Shinryu announced as he brought his Skarmory, Skar back into the battle.

If one could take notice they would see that Skar was still recovering from his last battle with Darkrai.

"Skar use Night Slash!" The trainer ordered quickly but it was to late as right when Skar was about to release the black energy from his wings-

"Light Screen!" Tobias ordered at the last second as Light Screen appeared and blocked the Night Slash. "Now use Luster Purge!"

Latios said nothing as he glowed an intense blueish white light and released a large spehere of energy at Skar.

"Protect!" Shinryu yelled not a moment to soon as a dome of green energy saved the allready exhausted Skar from getting KOed.

"Now use Night Slash again!" The trainer ordered before Tobias had a chance to pull anything as Night Slash connected and dealt heavy damage to Latios and at a perfect time as Future Sight struck home at the same time doing damage on Latios from both sides who cried out in pain.

"Grr! Giga Impact now!" Tobias ordered getting annoyed with this battle that was dragging on.

The Giga Impact finally hit and sent Skar flying into a wall where it not for the trainer recalling his Skar.

"Skar is unable to battle. Trainer send your next pokemon out." The referee announced.

"You did good Skar. Thank you." The trainer muttered to Skar before turning, and glaring at Tobias. The image of Skar soon faded to black on the screen moments later.

"Ascend Santa." The trainer announced coldly as Santa returned to the battlefield after his short break.

"While Latios is recharging use Ice Beam!" The trainer ordered as Santa nailed Latios again with the ice beams making Latios scream in agony from the super effective attack.

"Latios finish this Luster Purge!" Tobias ordered growing tired with this trainer's resistance.

Latios flew towards Santa at mach speeds and right before he connected Shinryu whispered his last attack. A small explosion erupted from the collision when the smoke had settled Latios hovered over the KOed Santa panting heavily tired. Right before Tobias was about to recall Latios when a third Future Sight appeared, and dealt the final blow to Latios much to Tobias's displeasure.

"Both Santa and Latios are unable to battle. Trainers send out your next pokemon." The referee told the trainer, and Tobias. On the screen both the image of Latios, and Santa faded to black.

"This is it. He is going to send out his 3rd and final legend. I have waited so many years for this moment. If I can overcome Tobias's next pokemon then nothing else will matter." The trainer thought to himself suddenly feeling a little bit nervous before shrugging it off and releasing his next pokemon from it's Greatball. "Ascend Barryl." The trainer announced as a Salamance emerged onto the field.

"Sala!" Barryl called out as she glared at Tobias for reasons unknown seeing a flash of recognition go through the trainers eyes for a second. The 5th empty slot soon lit up with the image of Barryl.

"It has been a few years since I used this pokemon in battle, but it looks like I have no choice. Prepare yourself to face despair. Go Zapdos!" Tobias announced as he released his 3rd and most powerful of all of his legendary pokemon.

"Zapdos!" Zapdos called out as storm clouds soon gathered in the sky above the arena, and the sound of thunder rumbling was also heard.

"I don't believe it. He has 3 legendary pokemon!" Barry yelled out surprised as much as everyone else but the trainer facing Tobias was.

"I don't believe it either but it would seem so. What I wonder is why the trainer doesn't look surprised. It's as if he was expecting this." Brock said pointing out the calm, slightly nervous look on the trainer's face. The 3rd empty slot on the screen was replaced with the image of Zapdos went unnoticed as everyone was focusing on the battle that about to begin.

"Barryl use Iron Tail!" The trainer called out as Barryl followed her trainer's orders to a T and launched herself towards Zapdos as her tail glowed a metallic sheen towards the now airborne Zapdos.

"Zapdos, Thunder." Tobias ordered calmly as moments before Barryl got in range to hit Zapdos with her Iron Tail, a massive pillar of electricity came down and devoured Barryl as a powerful explosion went off, and enveloped the two pokemon. Moments later Zapdos emerged from the smoke unharmed and only a second later Barryl emerged from the smoke and plummeting to the ground allready unconcious.

Shinryu recalled Barryl just before she was about to hit the ground.

"Barryl is unable to battle. Shinryu send out your last pokemon." The referee told to the trainer now identified as Shinryu.

"Oh no." Dawn spoke in depressed tone.

"It's over for him." Paul said turning and leaving knowing how this battle is going to end.

"Even if this guy's next pokemon could defeat Zapdos. Tobias still has 3 more pokemon left." Barry pointed out sad following Paul.

"Hey guys, wait!" Ash called out to Barry and Paul noticing something odd with Shinryu.

"Shinryu call out your last pokemon now or you will be disqualified." The referee repeated to Shinryu who seemed to be trembling.

"Have you finally realised that you can't beat me? Is that why your shaking like a leaf now?" Tobias asked restraining the urge to laugh out loud.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Surprisingly the laughter was coming from none other than Shinryu.

"I think he might have lost it." Brock muttered questioning the trainer's sanity.

"What the hell is so funny!?" Tobias snarled suppressing the increasing desire to shut this trainer up. How dare this trainer laugh in his face.

"Nothing. Just that this is ironic. I have wanted to battle you again for so many years just to beat you, but all I can think about is fighting the next kid." Shinryu answered restraining a few giggles.

"I mean seriously if it wasn't for the fact you were in this tournament, right now I would be in Kanto competing in the Indigo Conferance." Shinryu continued finally calming down from his laughter.

"I don't regret coming back here now that I think about it." Shinryu added suddenly becoming more somber and relaxed.

"What?" Tobias asked confused about many of the things Shinryu just said to him.

"Don't get me wrong. I hate it that I'm going to lose to you again, but I'm fine with losing if it means I get to see you have your butt handed to you on a silver platter in the next round." Shinryu finished before he started turning around and walking away.

"You mean that you..." Tobias trailed off deep in thought figuring out what Shinryu meant.

"Yo, Ketchum!" Shinryu called out looking directly at Ash.

"Yeah?" Ash replied confused and curious to what Shinryu wanted with him a complete stranger.

"Don't lose okay. You have seen all 3 of Tobias's legendary pokemon, so use what you learned here today from my defeat, and put it to good use in your victory." Shinryu told Ash before turning and walking away.

"Since Shinryu refuses to send out his last pokemon the winner of this match is Tobias, who will be going on the semi-finals to battle Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town from the Kanto Region. In 3 days the semi-finals of the Lily of the Valley Conferance will begin, I look forward to seeing you all here." The announcer declared to the audience who all began leaving a bit disappointed in how this match turned out.

"Well Ash good luck. Your going to need it." Paul said to Ash turning away leaving for real this time.

"Ash what are you going to do?" Dawn asked Ash concerned.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked Ash as welll concerned seeing his best friend deep in thought.

"Tobias." Ash finally whispered looking at the trainer of legends who was leaving the arena like Shinryu did earlier. "I will defeat you."

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