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Footsteps echo out as a figure slowly strides forward down a darkened hallway. Any distinguishing characteristics of this person's identity couldn't be ascertained at the moment due to the poor lighting, or lack there of. The figure doesn't show any signs of speeding up, or slowing down as he slowly approaches an open door that leads to a empty that held only a table, 2 chairs, a light hanging from the ceiling barely illuminating the room, a labtop computer, and a another person sat on the chair facing the computer typing away not bothering to pay attention to the person approaching him to focused on typing away whatever he was typing.

The figure steps into the room, and scans the room for anything else. Once he finished his brief search of the room he stepped forward, and reached out for the unoccupied chair, and turns it so it is facing the wall, and incidently the screen. The figure lowers himself onto the chair, and once that has been done he rest his right arm on the table, and adjusts his hat while lowering his head to where he looks like he is staring at the ground. The light dangling from the ceiling shines down on the figure's head causing shadows to be cast from underneath his hat thus shadowing the upper half of his face.

The figure taps his left leg with his the arm he doesn't have resting on the table before sticking his hand into his pocket, and started fingering for something. The figure speaks at last in a hushed tone of voice, and slightly raises his head to give a piercing stare into the wall in front his eyes shifting from their average amber brown to a dull light gray that seems to pierce through the shadows cast by his hat with their mysterious otherworldly glow, "My name is Ash Ketchum." He declares at last while tapping the table he has his right arm resting on with his fingers a couple times.

"I'm from the Kanto region. I was born, and raised in Pallet town with both of my parents until my father decided to start traveling the world again to pursue his own dreams of becoming a great pokemon trainer. I'm going to be turning sixteen in a couple of months, and after that I was going to the Unova region to begin a new journey." He explains, and pulls out an old pokeball with a lightning bolt engraved on it before pressing down on the button onit causing it to enlarge to normal size.

The person typing away on the computer suddenly started chuckling for some reason as he stopped typing before turning to face the opposite wall where a TV suddenly appeared from out of nowhere, and kicked on to life. The person pulled out a remote, and continued chuckling after pressing down on two buttons as the TV changed from the channel it was on to a new one where The Twilight Zone was on. The figure suddenly starts laughing hysterically, "Foolish little humans..." The person says after calming down from his fit of laughter, "How quickly they turn on one another regardless of the bonds they share with each other the moment they realize the only person they 'think' they can count on are themselves."

Ash turns to the person, and frowns thinking about grabbing him by the head, and slamming his head into the labtop he was typing away at before. The person turns back to his labtop, and frowned upon seeing Ash was glaring holes into him, "Get back to what you were doing Ash." The person says while pointing towards the wall Ash used to be staring at before he got back to typing diligently if not a tad bit to excessively.

Ash shifts his glare, and stares at the somewhat insane looking man on the TV screen who appeared once the commercials had ended, and was telling the viewers that they must believe in the story he is about to tell that took place sometime before the second world war before getting back to what he was doing before ignoring the sounds of fireworks going off outside the small building.

"Recently I had finally managed to win a regional league conference, and I was feeling pretty happy with myself as I had done what many of the people there at the conference thought was impossible. I beat Tobias Takuto. A mysterious trainer who appeared from out of nowhere, (or as I have been told the darkness itself) and commanded not one, not two, but three legendary pokemon all at the same time without any difficulty whatsoever." Ash finished with a small smirk crossing his face before it disappeared as he thought about what happened a week later a few days after he had returned home to Pallet town.

"It's been over three months since I defeated Tobias, and won the Lily of the Valley Conferance, and as I have been recently informed I'm now qualified to take part in the Elite Four Challenge. The Elite Four Challenge is basicly where you get to battle the Elite Four of a region, and if you can defeat them all you get to battle the region's Champion, but if you lose to the Champion, or any of the Elite Four members following the first one you defeated you can join that region's Elite Four. This privilege can be tooken away if the Elite Four, and the Champion have decided that your not getting any stronger, and aren't providing them with a challenge anymore. You can regain this privilege if you win another regional league conference." Ash finished his long winded explination, and starts taking a few panting breaths suddenly feeling very thirsty.

The person typing away on the computer notices Ash is out of breath, and pulls out a phone. He presses down into one of the buttons, and speaks into it, "Shelly, do you think you can get Ash a glass of water?" A loud crack that sounds like a gun being used goes off before someone grunts, and speaks in a dull monotone voice that sounds completely detached of any emotion, "Of course sir."

Minutes later a man dressed up like a butler walks into the room carrying a tray with a glass of water on it while holding a revolver in his other hand walks into the room. Ash stares at the man as he draws closer ignoring the person who stopped typing on his computer to point at Ash, and inwardly shudders in fear for some reason as he can't draw his eyes away from the strange thing going down the man's face starting at just where his black, grey, and white hair stops at the top of his forehead, and finishes at his chin.

It looked as if someone had cleanly sliced the man's face in half, and it was then stitched back together perfectly. The butler stands before Ash, and stares down at him with his one remaining eye as he had lost the other one years ago due to an accident that occured with his other profession.

"Not all things are what they appear to be, young man." The butler tells Ash, and Ash couldn't help, but gulp in fear for some reason at the butler's strange words. It didn't help that the way the light only illuminated the left side of his face, and stopped right where the stitching was, and caused shadows to envelop the right side of his face where the monocle-like glass thing covering his no longer functional right eye seemed to radiate a dark red light.

Ash hesitently reached out for the glass of water his eyes staring intently at the revolver the butler was holding in his other hand. Ash grasped the glass of water shakily as the butler seemed to close his eye, and grin widely at Ash as he raised his revolver, and held it a few inches away from Ash's forehead, "Bang."

Ash snapped his eyes shut instantly epxecting a loud crack, and then nothing, but he felt, and heard nothing at all save the sound of the person typing away at his computer, and his barely suppressed laughter. Ash opened one, and then opened the other one, and then he frowned upon the realization that the revolver the butler had brought was just a toy that shot out a little flag with the words, "Bang!" written on it.

Ash took the glass of water, and drank it slowly as the butler pulled the gun away from Ash's forehead, and grinned wider, "As I said, Not all things are what they appear to be, young man." Ash swallowed the last of the glass of water, and placed it back on the tray frowning.

The butler/assassin turned on his heels, and left as the person at the computer stopped supressing his laughter, and broke out into a roaring fit of laughter. Ash glared at him thinking that wasn't a very funny joke before turning back to the screen, "I have spent the past three months preparing myself, and my pokemon for our journey to the Unova region, but..." Ash trailed off, and turned to the person at the computer who was rolling around on the floor still laughing his socks off. Ash got up, walked to the laughing fool, raised one lef up, and then stomped down on the person's 'pokeballs' thus silencing his laughter, and replacing with groans of pain, and agony.

Ash got back to his seat with a wide grin on his face, and continued as if nothing had happened, "I have been having some second thoughts on going to the Unova region, and now I've have come to a decision. I feel that at this point in my career as a pokemon trainer that I have reached the peak of my career, and there are only two ways my future can turn out. I go to Unova, catch some new pokemon, challenge the gym leaders, make some new rivals, maybe fight a criminal organization hunting down a legendary, or two, and then I would compete at the Unova region's league conference, but would it really be that beneficial to me, and could I make better use of all that time I would spend in Unova?" Ash stopped as he crossed his arms under his chest, and a thoughtful expression crossed his face.

"The other way my future could turn out is that I don't go to Unova, and I decide to travel through Kanto, Johto, and maybe Hoenn, and Sinnoh again to train all of the pokemon I have now so I can get stronger, and then I would try to take on the Kanto region's, and the Johto region's Elite Four Challenge, or due to the two newest additions to the Kanto's/Johto's respective Elite Four it is now referred to by many as the Ultimate Eight Challenge due to the fact Kanto, and Johto have two seperate Elite Four's, but only one Champion representing both regions." Ash finished as the person whose 'pokeballs' had been stomped on stopped whimpering in pain, and instead shuddered at the fact he had them of all people join the Kanto Elite Four, and the Johto Elite Four just to make things more difficult for Ash, and any future Elite Four Challenge participants before he slowly climbed to his feet using the table as a support, and then plopped back down onto his chair before he began typing once more while muttering about moody hormonal teenager's with a thing for stomping on other guy's 'pokeballs'.

"So long story short, and to the disappointment to many of you who enjoyed this story, and what you thought was going to happen, but I'm not going to Unova. I'm planning on challenging some of the stronger gym leader's of the regions I had been to, and I might consider sticking around in Sinnoh for a while longer to participate in the Sinnoh Battle Fronteir before I challenge the Kanto/Johto Ultimate Eight Challenge." Ash finished, and crossed his arms with a frown after taking his hat off, and resting it on the table as Shelly De Killer, and a woman stepped into the room. The person at the computer stopped his typing, and turned the TV feeling a bit of pity for the plane full of people that are trapped in the past desperate to get back to the present before he shrugged it off, and turned to face the screen. The woman stood behind Ash, and laced her arms around Ash's neck, and rested her chin on Ash's head smiling contently as a smile returned to Ash's face as he enjoyed spending time with his future girlfriend when she wasn't busy with her own occupation knowing she knew how much he enjoyed being with her, and listening to her voice. Shelly De Killer stood in between Ash, the woman, and the Author of this story as he raised up a revolver, and pointed it at the screen.

Shelly De Killer, the Author, Ash, and his future girlfriend all smiled at the same time as Shelly began to pull the trigger. They all only said one word, "Bang."

A loud crack rang out as the light went off, and everything faded to black.


Luckenhaft: Thank you all for reading this story, and I'm sorry I did what I did, but I just felt that the Unova region wasn't where I wanted this story to go to. It will be a while before I publish the sequel to this story, and the follow=up to that sequel so... Pax Pacis, (Safety, and Peace.) and happy 4th of July! :)