Titania and The Hunter

Chapter 3: Things Called Guilds

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"I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

"Hi Naruto. I'm Erza."

Naruto had a confused look on his face as he peeked around to find something he could recognize. He felt uncomfortable in this 'Erza's' lap so he tried to lift himself up, but when he did he cringed and fell on his side from a lack of energy.

"Ah! Are you okay?" Erza asked with a worried tone when she saw him fall. He didn't answer her and tried multiple times to pull himself up to his knees but failed.

He finally found some stability on his knees before he grabbed his head in pain. He moaned, "Where am I?"

"I told you already, you're in the Tower." Erza responded while she tried to get him to face her.

"Well what is that?" He said sharply, "I don't know what you mean about a 'tower'?"

"It's the place said to deliver this world to sanctuary. The Tower of Heaven." The children looked to the elderly man sitting to the side. He was a tall man with white hair, sitting in a crossed position as he looked at the boy with a questioning gaze.

Naruto looked back at the old man in doubt as he didn't recognize who he was. So far he had only met one elderly person in his whole life and Danzō did not make a good impression for the bunch.

"And who are you supposed to be, gramps?" Naruto said with a hint of distaste aimed at the slave. Rob looked into the eyes of the boy, seeing anger and fear someone his age should never have to feel. And their stares lasted for several moments... until Naruto got pushed pver.

Naruto fell to his side, looking towards the girl who pushed him. She had an upset look on her face and aimed a glare at the blond, "Don't be mean to Rob-jisan! He's really nice!" She pointed at the boy, "Apologize!"

"N-no!" Naruto said as he finally got to his feet while glaring at the girl, "He was looking at me funny and didn't say anything! I was-"

"Apologize!" Erza said as she started to beat her hands against the slightly taller boy. The boy started to back away from the surprisingly heavy hits of the small girl. He then ran away in circles as the girl chased him, yelling at him to apologize. Rob looked in amazement at the scene, and then had a small laugh at their antics.

The boy finally succumbed to the girl's wishes, sitting in front of the elder. He looked straight at the man, and then changed his gaze to the side. "I-," the boy struggled with the right words, "I'm sorry Jii-San." He said, and then turned to look at the red haired girl for approval. She had her arms crossed, nodding her head with a smile.

Rob looked at the young lad, and then gained a soft look on his face. "I'm sorry if I offended you young man. I was just interested in who you are?" He said as he tried to touch the young man's shoulder, but saw the boy flinch. "What's wrong?"

The boy gained a slightly frightened look, not trusting the man in front of him. "I'm sorry. It's just that I don't usually have people apologize to me. And when they touch me, they usually just hit me." He said to the old man, who had just gained an extremely dark face.

"They did what? Why did they hit you?" Rob said as he could feel anger quickly grow inside him. Even though Rob did not know this young man, he could not comprehend the idea that a child should be beaten at such a young age.

"I don't know." Naruto said as he looked up at the old man. "Since as long as I could remember, people just hated me. I don't know why, but they looked at me like I was something else. Something bad." The blond shook as he recalled everything that happened to him.

Rob looked at the boy in shock. He wished he could find these men and give them a piece of his mind. Whatever he did, no child deserved to be hurt by people. 'Is that what lead him here?' He wondered as he tried to think this through. Should he ask?

"Why are you here?" Erza broke the tension between the two with a questioning look. She felt very uncomfortable from the sidelines. Naruto looked to the little girl sitting beside him and the old men.

He tried to think, closing his eyes, "I can't remember." He strained himself trying to remember the last thing in his mind. He remembered the men with masks all gathering around him. He could hear Kakashi screaming in the background, asking that the boy could be spared. Then Danzō walked in front of him, and he blacked out.

Naruto couldn't remember anything after that. Just then he decided to talk to Kurama, maybe he had the answer to what was happening. He opened his eyes and found himself in the same sewer he had come to know. He walked up to the cell, prepared to talk with the ancient fox, but found something off. In place of the titanic demon was a massive ball of red chakra.

Naruto walked toward the ball and reached his hand out. Immediately the ball changed shape, becoming the form of the fox he knew, but without a face. The faceless body stomped forward, almost crushing the boy, and lurched forward. The boy hesitated, but reached his hand forward and touched the body of the chakra.

Instantly, memories flooded into his head, taking over for several moments. Images of bodies piling up, massive monsters attacking each other, and a spiraled man reaching for him. And then he saw Kurama, standing with his body fading away. He could see that he was talking, but he could not hear what he was saying. And then, after some time, he just vanished.

Naruto then finally understood why Kurama looked like this. Why he didnt talk or react how he usually did. This was just a memory.

An echo of himself. The body he left behind.

Kurama was gone.


Naruto opened his eyes. He just let it wash over him. The strongest thing he had ever met in his whole life was gone. He could feel an overwhelming sadness take him over. But no matter how hard he tried, the tears just wouldn't come.

Rob and Erza looked at the new boy. They wanted to ask him what was wrong, but they could tell that it was something bad. Erza reached out to help him, but felt a rough hand place itself on her shoulder. She turned her head to see Rob with a sorrowful look on his face, shaking his head in the negative.

Rob moved forward and sat in front of the depressed boy. He placed his hands on the boy's shoulders to gain his attention. The boy looked up at the man that had brought him back. He had a regretful smile, one that showed understanding and pity for the little boy.

"I know you probably don't want to tell us, but you should know we will help. This place is hell. But we will be here with you, so just rest for now."

The boy nodded his head in understanding. He laid down on the floor and curled himself into a ball, already used to these circumstances. The man looked at the boy I worry, but decided to leave him be. He turned back around and walked toward the little girl. He smiled at her and patted her head.

"Come on Erza-chan, it's time for bed. You will need the energy for the work tomorrow."

She looked down cast for a moment, but looked back up at the elder and smiled. She laid on the floor and closed her eyes. She was terrified of the idea of the work tomorrow. But she silently hoped that the boy would feel better the next day.


Images of war passed in his consciousness. Blood pooling in the craters and trenches created from devastating attacks. Ninja of all sizes and age attacking, decimating each other.

And at the center of it all were eight figures. They started out as small, black multi-tailed monsters charging at one another. And then, some of them grew to gigantic size, becoming monsters that destroyed whole sections of the battlefield.

And at the very center, the giant blast that knocked them out. And then, from the bleary vision he still had, he could see figures still attacking and defending.

Then from the air came Kurama, standing above him as hands popped out of his chest. Once again, he slowly faded from his vision, disappearing forever.

Naruto jerked awake at the sound of a loud scream. He felt a cold sweat drop from his neck at the continued images played in his head all night. He turned his head in the direction of the scream.

From different cells, people were being led by men dressed in strange clothes, holding staffs. Sometimes, lightning would shoot out from the staff, shocking the prisoners. This led to the people moving faster, in hopes that they wouldn't be hurt next.

He stood up when his cell was opened. A robed man with a face mask walked forward and stood in front of him. The man looked around and saw the new boy stand in front of him with the other two at the side. The little girl was hiding behind the tall old man. He brought his attention back at the little boy. He smirked at the new chance to enforce himself.

"Hello young man. Welcome to our humble home. You slept for a while so you probably don't know the rules. So let me educate you." He brought his had up and punched the boy into the ground, grunting at the force. The little girl had let out a quiet scream at his action.

"Get up you little shit! Time to work!" He grabbed his staff and unleashed a wave of thunder on the small child. The boy shook in pain at the sudden attack. The attack ended and the boy tried to lift himself up but was kicked forward to join the crowd. He moved along with the tall slaves and came into an open cave.

He saw people gathering crates and rocks together. Placing them on floating platforms and bringing them to designated areas. He saw the masked men whipping people who moved slowly with a strange, glowing whip.

He was bewildered at the horrors in front of him. People being tortured and attacked in front of each other. Others not making any effort to help one another. Just working in fear, hoping that they would be ignored.

As Naruto stood there he was thinking of making the first run for it he could. But then he was pushed by one of the jailers toward a working path. He was pushing back until another electric shock coursed through his body, making him scream.

He looked up at the rocks and rubble breaking in front of him. He followed the examples that the other men and children were making. He reached out and grabbed the first stone he found and threw it in a growing pile.

He continued to grab the dense rocks and throw them. Listening to the screams and pains that played around him. He felt his hands rip and cut at the feeling of the rough stone.

After hours of work, a loud bell pierced the cave. When Naruto looked around, he saw that the rest of the slaves were leaving. He decided to follow the crowd in the halls and into the cells. After a few minutes he finally arrived at the cell he arrived in.

He slowly entered the cell and saw that the old man and little kid were back. The old man had scruff marks and dirt all over him. It showed that he had done work similar to him and had been shocked as well.

In front of him was that girl Erza. She was sniffling and had her hands out in front of her. They were covered in cuts and bruises just like his. The old man Rob was holding her hands and his were shining a strange light.

He saw that Erza's hands were healing and gaining color back. After a few moments, they were fixed and she wasn't crying anymore. She beamed at the elder and hugged him around his neck. The old man returning the gesture to the young child. He released the girl and she went into the corner to play.

After a few seconds, Rob turned his head and saw that the new child was standing close to the bars, looking at them. He looked down and the boy's hands resting at his side, covered in cuts and blood. He turned and addressed the young boy, "I see that you worked hard today." He said with a sad look in his eyes, "Come here, I'll fix them for you."

The boy looked at the man in questioning, until he felt his hands twitch. He decided to follow the example that he saw and sat in front of the man. He placed his hands out and the old man took them in his, the strange light covering his hands.

"Now I ain't the best at healing, but I'm good enough to fix a few scratches" he said with a slight smile at the little boy. The boy only looked at the man but didn't react to his little joke. Rob's eyes softened and continued to work on the cuts. "I'm sorry you had to go through that on your first day."

"What the hell is this place?" Naruto looked up at the man with a worried look, "How can they do something like this?"

"They are corrupt and evil men. Using people to get what they want."

"Heh, I think everyone is like that," the boy let out a quick, dry chuckle.

The man saw that the light was not doing anything to help the boy. He released the kid's hands and saw that barely any of the scratches were gone. He looked at the little boy with a bewildered look, "It doesn't seem to be helping you."

"I don't understand this." The boy raised his hands to see that the scratches were barely fading even now. The rate at how they disappeared before he arrived was not even a feasible dream. "My wounds always healed fast. But now, the chakra can't do anything close to what it did before."

Rob looked at the young man with a surprised look etched on his face. His eyes opened in shock at what the boy just said. Memories of past adventures rising back into his mind. "What did you just say?"

The boy looked up at the wrinkled man and tilted his head. "I said Kurama's chakra isn't helping. It always used to help when I came back from those missions, but it isn't working." He clenched his hands into beaten fists, "I can't fix myself like this. Not without him."

The elder looked at the little boy who had disappointment in his eyes. "Who is Kurama?" He questioned the child.

"He used to live here," he motioned to his belly, "but he is gone now." The boy had a far off look in his eyes. Rob decided to rip his shirt and wrapped the boy's hands in it.

"I'm sorry but I can't help your hands. But it will heal in time. I promise."

"Why not Jii-San? You healed me didn't you?" Erza said as she approached the two boys. She had wondered what the two were talking about while she was sitting away.

"Because I've seen this before. I can't help him because he is not from here." Both of their eyes widened in shock at what he had just said. Rob could see that both of them had not understood what he had said, so he had decided to elaborate.

"I've met people like you, who used something called chakra. They were very strong and could fight many people, but when they would fight, we couldn't heal them." He moved back and traced his finger along the dirt and drew something. When he lifted his hand there was an image of a spiral with a point on its edge. "Do you know what this symbol is?"

Naruto looked at the image and it instantly clicked. "Yeah, the men with masks always had this symbol on their heads. They said it was a leaf. Why?"

"Yeah, you're from the same place." Rob said with a regretful smile. "You use something called chakra, which is similar to magic but uses different elements to make it. And because of that, I can't use my magic to heal you."

"What? Why?"

"Neh, Jii-San, I don't understand. You told me that everyone has magic right? So why doesn't he?" Erza asked Rob with a curious tone.

"Yes Erza-chan, everyone here is capable of magic if they tried. But Naruto-kun here doesn't have the ability to summon it. Since he comes from a place where people use something other than magic. He is incapable of gathering eternano which we need to use magic. And without an origin, he can't use magic to gather in his body and heal him." He looked up to see that both children had a big, questioning look on their faces. He then remembered that he was talking kids and should try to simplify the explanation.

"I can't do anything to heal him with my magic. He has to heal without our help."

Naruto stood to his feet to address the elder man, "But what about Kurama's chakra? Why can't it heal me?"

"I think that without Kurama's help, that chakra doesn't know what to do. It is just a mass of power that can't do anything without something leading it. And without help, it can't heal you the same way as before."

Naruto look down in despair, feeling that his best advantage had disappeared. He then felt two palms on his back and turned his head and saw Erza beam at him. "It's alright. Everything will work out."

Naruto only looked at her with empty eyes and settled into the floor, ignoring her encouragement. She pouted and prepared to nudge him but was stopped by Rob. He shook his head and motioned for her to go to bed. She was angry at first, but then she reluctantly followed his directions.

Rob looked toward the sleeping boy and wished to talk to him. But knew that he should leave him alone. He placed himself against the rock wall and dozed off. Ignoring the sounds around him, he went off to his memories and dreams.


The massive man stood in the clearing along with his friends, preparing to see off the travelers. All of them were chatting with those they have come to know. Rob looked to his side to see Goldmine talk to some of the Anbu. Talking about how they should start taking it easier and be wild.

Bob was flirting with the females and giving them the look. He sure did enjoy talking to the ladies, although he would also flirt with the men and give them a more, well, lustful gaze.

To the side he saw Yajima and Prolyusica talking with the scientists and Yukiha-San. He was asking what kind of techniques and skills that was custom over on their side. Yukiha-San was giving him a long explanation of what was possible over there. And after some time they began to talk about the ideas of food and cooking. She told him that if they found a way to go back, she would feed her two kids the recipes he gave her.

Finally he looked to his side and saw Makarov beside him looking around the clearing with pride. He was so happy that their group had come to connect with the traveling ninja. He still wanted to try and hit on Yukiha-San, but after the first time he decided not to get on her angry side.

Even Makarov had learned to stay away when he was punched through several trees and bounced off the water into a big splash.

Man that was a fun time fishing him out of the big lake.

But now they had to head back home. Master Purehito was sending messages that they had to come back home. And the Konoha travelers had to get moving again. Or else the guards were going to come back and attack again.

"So, are you sure that you have everything you need. We can still give you some rations and water. I mean you can even follow us to Fairy Tail if you like?" Makarov said to the tall figure standing beside the two of them.

"No, I will not impose on your help and hospitality." He said with a smile at the two of them. "If we followed you to your home, they may come there and close you down. Besides, until we find a suitable place to go back I wish to look around this wonderful land, see this world for what is possible."

Rob and Makarov looked to each other and smiled. Then they tied their arms around his neck and gave him a smile. "Well Hashirama-San, it has been fun running from the Royal Guard with you. But if that captain finds us, we will be screwed. We wish you luck on your journey and on your way home."

"Thank you Makarov-San, Rob-San. We will never forget the kindness you have shown us these past few days. We will never forget Fairy Tail."

"Okay, well, if you need our help just visit." Makarov said as he detached himself from Hashirama and joined the rest of the Fairy Tail on one side. They waved the vanguard group away and hoped that they had fortune in their travels.

Over time they had heard stories in the papers of mysterious people helping civilians in trouble. A strange group of justice that arrived for people in dire need of help. But their group knew instantly that the group was their ninja friends. Listening about how that section of the Royal Guard was traveling across Fiore in search of the group with the strange energy.

They knew that their friends would never be captured and questioned. And that they could just keep running.

Until one year after they saw the group off, they heard the horrible news. It became known as one of the worst military catastrophes in history. The rouge guard had been chasing the group for several months and had decided that capture was no longer an option.

Now, it was a kill on sight.

From the news, it was said that the captain had blasted a massive magic attack to kill the insurgents. Most likely it was Abyss Break or the Jupiter. It seemed to work, until the attack continued forward. The attack landed and devastated the small village of Tonewa. The death toll reached over four hundred and the village was wiped off the map.

The small group of guards and the captain were regarded as criminals, with the leader marked as an S-Class criminal. They were wanted and feared by most people in Fiore. But that is what you would expect from the former Squadron Chief of the Holy Knights.

The whole group was dumbstruck at this news. They never heard of the ninja group again after that. It was believed that they had been wiped out. After that, they decided to help the country the best they could in memory of their friends.

Sometime after Makky got promoted to the Guild Master, the group separated and traveled to help the world.

Goldmine and Bob decided to make guilds of their own to help the country. Yajima joined the magic council, to make sure that the tragedy that happened at Tonewa never occurred again. Which he had successfully done for many years. Makarov and Porlyusica stayed in Magnolia, she decided that the idiot could use some help with keeping the guild standing.

And Rob decided that he could travel and see Fiore. Having houses close to major cities and places of interest. And during his travels, he never forgot what happened to his friends.


Rob awoke to the jailer's yelling. He saw that they were screaming at Naruto, who was standing in front of a tearful Erza. He could tell that the jailer had decided to once again assert his power in front of the slaves and the little red-haired girl had caught his eye.

Naruto put himself between the sick bastard and Erza, smacking him in the balls when he was about the hit her. He grabbed the staff and held it at the man. The jailer had a furious look plastered on his face. "You think you can do anything you fucker! You think you can kill me?"

"You think I can't kill you? I've already killed enough to make you cringe you fuck." Naruto said with a wicked growl in his voice and anger in his eyes.

Rob's eyes widened in shock. 'He has killed. My god, what has he been through.'

Naruto raised the weapon and was about to hit the cult member. But just as he was about to strike, visions of blood poured into his head. He stopped and froze, a cold feeling spreading down his body. The texture of blood stained on his hand. Pushing his hands and feet through the bodies of his enemies. Standing over the piles of bodies that came in his way.

The jailer looked up at the frozen boy and smirked. In that moment he struck the boy and took his staff back. He aimed it back at him and shot lightning at the little boy's chest. The child jerked at the feeling of a million needles piercing his frame. After a minute, he stopped the discharge and lowered the weapon. He silently turned around and closed the bars. He then smirked darkly and chuckled at the boy's feeble attempt to fight back.

Erza moved forward and nudged Naruto, hoping that he would respond. After several tries, he finally started moving and propped himself on his elbows. He took a deep breath and tried to think about what had happened. "W-why? Why couldn't I go through? Why?"

"Because you can't stand doing it anymore." Erza and Naruto looked toward Rob who was sitting close to them after the moment passed. "I don't think you are capable of killing anymore because you regret it. People who have done bad things try their best to make up for them. And you didn't follow through because you can't stand taking any more lives." He said to the horrified boy.

Naruto gained a growing feeling if dread. He looked toward the ground and started pounding his fist against the floor. "WHY DAMNIT!" Rob and Erza flinched at his exclamation. "He said that that was all I had. All I was good for was killing. I wanted to leave because I thought that I had something more. Kakashi told me that I could be more, but is this it?" He looked up at Rob with pleading eyes, "Is this what the outside world is like? My freedom is gone. My friend is gone. My purpose is gone."

He clenched as hard as he could until his hands started to bleed. "What do I do?" He asked no one in particular. He just wallowed there in his pain, not knowing what he could do.

Rob looked at the child in pity. When someone was put into such situations at this age, there was not much that could be done to help them. Words of wisdom only seemed to infuriate them, and ideas about what they could do only made it worse. There was nothing he could do, but then a little red angel came and opened the way.

"You could join a guild." Erza said with a cheerful smile, trying to lighten the mood. Naruto lifted his head at her, not understanding what she just said.


"A guild. A family. That is what Jii-San keeps telling me about. How people with nowhere to go can come together and have fun and adventures. That anyone alone can join and be a part of something bigger." She said with a beautiful smile gracing her face, looking down at the boy that now had a look of bewilderment stuck on his face. "But I can't explain because I haven't seen one, but Jii-San has." She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward Rob. "Jii-San, Jii-San, tell him about all those guilds and things you told me. Please." She looked up at him, with Naruto beside her with a look of wonder, his previous pain was gone.

Rob looked between the two of them, surprised that all that had happened was forgotten and now he was the center of attention. He grew a smile and got settled, "Alright, so get ready you two. I'm about to tell you the wonderful stories of guilds around the world."

Rob continued to tell his stories and adventures in Fairy Tail, putting extra detail into making his character awesome. Stories of treasure hunting, saving people and stopping bandits. Erza was elated, continuing to hear the stories for another time. But where Naruto started off with a skeptical look, he then started to listen intently. His eyes growing bigger and bigger with every story. He and Erza started laughing when Dryer was caught in a mini-tornado. Erza happily squealed and Naruto gagged when Bobby and Yagi got familiar with the thankful girls. And they cheered when their team won against the evil guilds.

After hours passed, both Naruto and Erza were both happy after the story time. Naruto no longer depressed with the events that played out, now only interested in the guilds. He looked toward Erza and smiled. "Thank you."

She stopped laughing and looked at him funny, "What for?"

"I was really sad before, but that changed when you got me here." Naruto smiled at her.

Erza was shocked but then formed a smile," Your welcome."

"You're a cool guy, you know that Erza."

Both Rob and Erza stopped moving and looked at the new boy. Erza twitched at the assumption. "H-hey, I'm a girl."


"A girl you idiot, don't you know what a girl is?"

Naruto shook his head. Rob touched Naruto shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Naruto-kun, girls are different then us. They are nice and sweet, and they don't have that important thing." Rob said with a slight nervous tone at explaining the difference between boys and girls to a six year old. Naruto looked at Rob in questioning at the last thing he said. Causing the former Mage to let out a deep sigh. "That thing between our legs."

Naruto tilted his head and walked toward Erza. He stood in front of her and then lifted the hem of her clothes. Rob blanked at the boy's forward behavior and Erza screamed before she planted her fist in his cheek.

Naruto slid back with a red cheek, while Erza had a growing blush painted on her face. She marched up to Rob and pointed at Naruto with a heated glare, "I don't want him here anymore. He is a pervert."

"E-ehehe, now now Erza-chan, I don't think he meant that." Rob motioned his hands for the girl to calm down.

"No, no, make him apologize." She started to shake her arms in circles at the elder man, hoping that he would make the boy say sorry.

"What did I do?"

"You looked up my skirt pervert!""

"What's a pervert?"

"You're a pervert, Pervert!"

"Stop calling me that. Old man, stop her." He turned to the old man to see that he was faking sleeping. Now only leaving him and the angry girl in the cell. He turned back around to see the girl had turned head with puffed cheeks. He grumbled and scratched his head, thinking that all of this was becoming too much for one day. "Sorry okay."

Erza glared at him, "You suck. How could you do that? You're such a meanie."

He pointed at her, "What did I do exactly? You just got angry at me for no reason."

"You looked at my-my, gah you pervert." She started to once again beat her hands against him, Naruto trying to protect himself from her heavy hits. She was crazy strong for a little girl.

"Didn't your parents teach you any manners?"

Naruto looked at her through her fists. "I don't have parents. What about you, who taught you that you should hit people for no reason?"

She stopped her furious fists and looked at him. "I don't know what happened to my parents." She lowered her hands and looked at her palms, forgetting her anger toward the whiskered boy. "I remember that before I came here, people used to look after me. A man and woman who loved me very much, but I can't remember their faces."

Naruto looked at the girl and grew worried. She had become sad very quickly and had her eyes covered by her scarlet hair. "One of the reasons I want to join a guild is so that I can find out what happened to my parents." She said as she lifted her head to show tearful eyes. "But I don't know if I can leave this place."

"Yes you can." Erza lifted her head to see Naruto with a grin on his face and a clenched fist. "You can leave this place and find your family easily. Your strong, your fists hurt like hell. Where will you go when you leave this place?"

Erza lowered her head shyly, "I-I was thinking of joining Fairy Tail. Rob Jii-San made it seem like so much fun."

"Then that is where you will go, I'm sure of it." He said as he stood up proudly and pointed to the fake horizon. "You will join Fairy Tail, find your family, and be the best." He turned back around and gave her a cheerful smile, which made her happy and nervous at the same time.

"Y-you know, you can come with me." She said as she avoided his curious stare at her statement. "I mean you owe me so, you can come to Fairy Tail and we can have an adventure just like Rob Jii-San."

"I thought you didn't like me."

"Well you can make up for it alright." She said as she moved her open hand in front of her. "Deal?"

He looked down at her hand, back up at her, and smiled. He grasped her hand and shook, "Yeah!"

"But the problem is you can't use magic, so I'd think that I'll have to be the brain and brains of our team."

"What? Please, I can fight off like a million-gazillion bad guys while you cry in a corner."

"Oh yeah, well I'll frighten of every monster in the world and fly in the sky and destroy whole countries with my attacks."

"Yeah, well I'll blow up the whole the world with a fart."

"Ew, shut up."

"No I'll be stronger than you, I promise." Naruto and Erza continued to argue all night. About who could do what and how they'll beat one another. And at the side Rob smiled, happy to see that the little boy and girl were finally happy. Even if it was by arguing with each other.


Another ship arrived at the dock of the Tower. The cult jailers leading the new arrival of slaves into the base of the structure. Inside one of the cells were Naruto, Erza, and Rob sitting around each other as Naruto carved into the dirt.

"See, this is what I know how to write." The other two looked down to see kanji crudely written in the gravel. Rob had decided to teach Naruto about how to write the language since he apparently didn't know how to. The character was familiar to Rob, knowing that this writing was used in Fiore, but far less than the letters they usually used. And on a side note, he had very bad handwriting.

"You have very bad handwriting."

That Erza, always ready to deal the truth.

"Sh-shut up okay." He argued with the little girl with a pink hue on his face, "I wasn't taught very well."

"It's alright Naruto-kun, I'll help you through this." Rob then started to give Naruto a crash course in the local writing until the sound of the jailers leading in the new meat arrived. All the slaves cowered in the corner of their respective cells, with the three of them feeling nervous as more people passed by.

A jailer walked up to their cell and unlocked the bars, pushing them open and throwing a new child. The moment he landed he sprung back up and pounded his fists against the bars, screaming. Several minutes passed with the boy still throwing out profanity left and right.

Naruto walked up to the boy and stopped him. The boy immediately reacted and smacked his hand away and continued to pound against the bars. "Don't touch me. Who are you?"

"We are slaves here too alright, so calm down?" The boy had paid no attention to Naruto. After several more moments, Naruto got ticked off and grabbed the boy and threw him away from the bars. "Stop it that is stupid."

"Why should I? I want out of here." The boy yelled at Naruto.

"We all want out but breaking your hands isn't going to help us get out." The boy looked down at his bruised hands, injured from hitting the bars. "Have you calmed down now?" The boy reluctantly nodded his head. "All right kid, well I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

The boy's lifted his head, showing his eyes through his blue hair. His eyes were brown and were glaring at Naruto with contempt. Around his right eye was a strange tattoo.

"I'm Jellal Fernandes. Who are you punk?"

Naruto gained a tick mark. He knew instantly.

This guy was going to be a pain.



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