Titania and The Hunter

Chapter 66: Other Side x ǝpᴉS ɹǝɥʇO


The buildings around her had been turned into wisps and illusions of their true selves.

Torrents and violent cascades of wind surrounded her as Magnolia was sucked up into a void in the sky.

It was a sensory overload and Wendy was frightened that she might lose her life in the madness until-

It stopped.

No more rain. No more storm. No more overcast. No more wild weather. Wendy opened her eyes to see the sudden assault of torrential weather phenomenon was nowhere to be seen.

And neither was Magnolia.

The entire town…the buildings and streets and people and canals and the guild! The guild was just gone. The entire landscape had been reduced to a simple, level white plain devoid of any landmarks or nature or structures. It was all gone.

She was so close. She had called out and tried to help before things could get worse. When Jellal said it was too late Wendy refused to accept it. But it - it really was.

The spot in front of her should have been the guild. The loud, unruly home of a guild filled with people that laughed and argued and caused far too much damage than most people should be comfortable with. It should have been the place she had been able to comfortably call home…

And now it was nothing.

"W-Wendy?" A voice in her shock drew her attention to the only other thing in the empty field after Magnolia had vanished. Happy looked back at her, expression filled with disbelief and shock quite similar to hers, "The guild was - was right in front of me, right? Where'd it go? Is it an illusion? It can't just have disappeared, right?"

The blue cat floated down towards the youngest Dragon Slayer and hoped for an answer. But as her eyes watered and tears slipped out she pulled Happy in and squeezed him tight in a hug. She closed her eyes and sobbed gently as Happy kept denying what he had seen.

Again. It happened again. Her guild - her friends and family - gone in a flash of light. Why? Why was it always like this?

The small portion of the ground just a few feet away started to lurch and rise in quick succession. The weeping cat and Mage looked over in surprise and held each other a little tighter as the warp in the ground finally breeched-

"Gah!" Natsu took a deep gulp of air as he clawed his way out of the ground and shook his head clean, "Ah what the hell was that? I was talking with Lisanna one second and the next I'm - was I underground? How the hell did this happen?"


Natsu flinched as something slammed into his shoulder while he was pulling himself out. As Happy cried into his side he patted his best friend's head, "Geez buddy, what's got you so worked up?"

"N-Natsu! It's the guild!" Happy sobbed to the Dragon Slayer, "It's just gone! I-I don't know what's happened but it's gone!"

"Huh?" Natsu looked down quizzically at his feline friend, "What are you talking about?"

"Natsu-San," He looked over at Wendy as her puffy red eyes looked to him and she wiped her nose after her quiet weeping. She looked at him sadly, "We're still in Magnolia. The buildings and the people - everyone is just gone now." Wendy shook her head, "We don't know what happened."

Natsu looked around at the blank white landscape in confusion. His nostrils flared as he took a deep breath to try and follow the scent of his guild but was confused to find it a mix of his familiar home and nothing at all, "That can't be true."

"It is. Magnolia and Fairy Tail were taken. And we won't find them in this world."

They turned as Carla flew towards them, "Carla!" Wendy let out a breath of relief as her oldest friend drew closer, "I was worried that you disappeared too!" She wiped her eyes, "But what do you mean we won't find them in this world?"

"I mean they are no longer here in Earthland. They're up there, in Edolas." Carla looked up at the bright spot mixed with clouds in the sky above them, "But we can go help them."


"Just listen okay." Carla looked between them, "I need to tell you about the other world that stole our guild. About where the male cat and I come from. And what we need to do to get everyone back."


His mind was blank.

There was nothing he could do but stare at the impossible sight in front of him and believe it was fake. That he was dreaming or under an illusion or something. There was just no way that it could be-

"Seriously, where's the town?"

Gajeel couldn't see it either. Now he was worrying.

Naruto made a start and ran back down the path towards Magnolia - or whatever was left of it. Gajeel might've been following him or not but he couldn't spare a glance back. He just focused on the sight ahead of him, even if he nearly tripped once or twice as he kicked rocks over in his path.

Suddenly the clear spot in the storm clouds over the town flared and became so bright it was like the sun suddenly appeared to blind them. Naruto and Gajeel had to quickly cover their eyes from the sudden light before it settled down as well.

Only Gajeel noticed when they entered the town limit's that the rain stopped as well. He looked around at the completely blank state that the once thriving town was abruptly reduced to in the aftereffects of the light. There was nothing as far as the eye could see.

That didn't stop Naruto from crying out, "HEEEYYYYYY!" His voice echoed out over the wasteland as he prayed that something would answer him, "ANYOOOONNNEEEE!"

There was no response.

He was about to scream out again before Gajeel roughly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. Naruto nearly lashed out at the Dragon Slayer before he noticed Gajeel had raised his head and was sniffing the air. The pierced man smelled the ambient scent of the town for several seconds before he grimaced, "There's nothing."

"What do you mean nothing?"

"No explosion smoke. No elemental scent. The town was just here and now it smells like nothing. I just smell you, me, and-" Gajeel paused and sniffed a little harder before pointing in a direction, "There's someone over there!"

The moment he pointed Naruto didn't waste a second before dashing off to find whatever he could. Gajeel was quickly on his trail and followed after him as Naruto sprinted across the wasteland to find whatever it was that remained. And what he found when he reached his answer…

Left him reeling in shock and confusion.

Stood in the middle of the white wasteland was Jellal dressed in rags and cloaks with sticks hanging off his back. His mind was processing what he was seeing as quickly as possible, recognizing his clothes as the stuff Mystogan wore when he visited and his face the same as Erza had warned him about. Even so he couldn't quite find the words to speak.

Thankfully he wasn't the only one present.

"Hey!" Gajeel marched forward with an angry stomp and scowl as he called out to the blue-haired man, "You know anything about what's going on here?! What happened to the town?!"

Mystogan looked at them silently before looking up. They followed his gaze to the clouds and the hole of light in the center, "Magnolia was transported through there and into another world."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock to hear he actually did know what happened. He pressed on, "What do you mean? Does that mean everyone is okay? They're still alive?!"

"They are alive, but they won't be for long." Mystogan answered, "On the other side of the light is a place just waiting to use them like a tool for magic."

"What? What the hell-" His level of control finally faltered and Naruto rushed forward, grabbing the doppelgänger's collar and pulling him in, "What happened to everyone?!"

Despite the tension and how on edge the blond was, Mystogan remained calm while facing him, "They've been taken, to be used as a resource for their magic in another world. A world called Edolas."

Gajeel looked at them oddly, "How'd you know this?"

"Because I come from that world too."


It was a harrowing experience jumping through the gate between worlds. Wendy, Natsu, Happy, and Carla all felt like they were being dragged through an ocean that refused to give them a moment to breathe. The pressure was relentless, and bared down on them over and over again…

Until it finally ended. And they could breathe again.

The world had changed.

The sky had changed color and there were islands floating high into the clouds. There were trees and wildlife and rivers as far as the eye could see. It was so beautiful that it took their breath away.

This was Edolas.

The world next to theirs.

The world Happy and Carla originally came from.

The world losing magic.

And never was that more clear than when Carla and Happy suddenly lost their wings.


The four Fairies screamed at the top of their lungs as they suddenly plummeted through the air and towards the ground. Natsu watched the ground come towards them faster and faster, "Happy! Wings! Yours wings! We need your wings!"

"Natsu I'm trying!" The little blue cat strained and tried summoning his wings again but screamed as nothing appear, "Why isn't it working?!"

"I told you! The magic in this world is limited! We can't freely use it as much as we want!" Carla called out.

"W-What do we do?!" Wendy cried out. She tried to steady herself as she fell through the air but couldn't find any purchase. As she dropped through the sky she spotted something in the forest as they grew closer to the ground, "Is that-"

"Hang on!" Wendy suddenly felt herself get pulled in sharply through the air. Natsu hugged her, Carla, and Happy close to his chest as they came to the forest. He hissed, "Oh this will hurt."

His back slammed through branch after branch as they fell into the forest like a meteor. Each of the Fairies felt the impact through the Fire Dragon Slayer as they came closer and closer to the ground. Through the pain Natsu reached out and grabbed a branch only for it to snap. As he did the same thing while falling they slowly started to bleed momentum until his hand finally grabbed into the tree's body. Branch and wood splintered and shredded apart until the Fairies suddenly spilled out over the forest floor.

They slammed into the dirt and groaned in pain. Wendy rolled and let out a whimper before picking herself up, "Natsu-San?" She called out, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, all good. Just a few splinters."


"Don't look at it like that ya big baby."

"T-That's disgusting!"

"Seriously you guys have no stomach." Natsu shook his head as the two Exceeds looked at his bloody hand in horror. He looked up and saw Wendy trudging through the forest in a particular direction, "Wendy? What's wrong?"

"I-I thought I saw it."

"Saw what?" The others looked at the young Dragon Slayer in confusion as she kept walking without paying them mind. They quickly got up and followed after her, "Seriously, what did you see Wendy?"

They came out on the other side of the forest and found what they were looking for. The building looked different and it was out here in the middle of nowhere but it was clear what it was.

"Fairy Tail!" Natsu, Wendy, and Happy called out in glee at seeing their precious home again. Only Carla stayed back to stare at the guild hall made from the body of a tree in confusion as Natsu kicked the door open, "Hey! Guys! We're back! You had us worried-"


Before the Dragon Slayer could react he felt two heeled boots slam into his face and knock him off his feet. Wendy and Happy stared in shock as he went flying back and the rough, aggressive woman that attacked him landed on her feet. She was dressed in black leather, a wide gap in the front that showed her large bra-clad buxom, and a sadistic smirk on her face as she looked down at Natsu.

A look they had never seen on that face before.

Natsu groaned and lifted his head up to look at his attacker. And gaped in shock when he saw her, "L-Lucy?!"

"I warned you the last time you left." The blonde girl popped her knuckles with a vicious smirk, "I'd make you stick around this time even if I gotta break your legs."


"They're going to use our guild…to replenish their magic?"

Mystogan nodded, "Yes. Edolas' magic supply is finite, and a draining resource that they have become dependent on. They require obtaining magic from outside sources to replenish their dwindling supply. They tried to absorb ambient magical energy in the atmosphere of other worlds but it can't withstand the travel and whatever is left is pittance to what they need. They've attempted to create perpetual magic machines but nothing has turned up enough of a result. So instead they have had to resort to this method. Stealing portions of land and populace from magically enriched worlds…and converting them into Lacrima."

"Lacrima?" Gajeel stared dumbfounded, "Magnolia is in this other world as a Lacrima crystal?" Mystogan nodded, "So I'm guessing we're not going to be so lucky but…do they take the magic they need and return what they've stolen."


Mystogan's silence hung over them like a grim warning. Naruto growled, "Mystogan!"

"The Lacrima they take from other worlds is converted into raw magic power and added to the rest of Edolas' supply." Mystogan gloomily admitted, "Whatever is in that Lacrima…disappears. Towns. Animals. People. They've done it before. They'll do it again."

The town.

The guild.

His friends.

His family.

Koyuki. Erza.

A subtle wind started to pick up around Naruto that drew Gajeel and Mystogan's attention. When they looked at him they noticed his expression had darkened as his eyes turned hollow and a sense of dread started coming off him.

"It's not immediate." Mystogan spoke, drawing Naruto's attention back to him as the wind died and his eyes eased ever-so-slightly, "It takes time for the Lacrima to settle and for the people inside - Fairy Tail and Magnolia in this case - to convert into magic. Until then they're still alive." He looked directly at Naruto, "They can still be saved."

Naruto saw the look in Mystogan's eyes. Ever since this conversation had started the years of curiosity and possible friendship he wanted to share with the enigma of a Fairy Mage had shifted into doubt and barely withheld anger. It didn't seem fair to put it all on the man but he had some connection to this place that had stolen their world and that was enough. But he looked into the face of his old friend and saw a similar expression on it that he'd seen in Jellal's eyes years ago and again very recently.

Determination…and earnest trust.

"So what do we do?" Gajeel asked.

Mystogan looked up, "The two other Dragon Slayers have already made their way up with the help of their Exceed. They'll do whatever they can, which won't be much without the use of their magic."

"If they're there, we're following after them." Naruto stated with a steely tone, "You got here years ago before this, right? Which means there has to be a way to get through."

"Yes, I did get through even though I don't have magic. It's possible, under certain circumstances. I've seen them myself before experiencing it." Mystogan reached into his pack and pulled out a vial of something, "But if you're really going to go then you need to take these."

Naruto and Gajeel looked down at the small glass container of little black balls, "What are these supposed to be?"

"They're something I made called X-Balls." He opened the top and dropped one in his hands, "They'll help you use magic in Edolas."

"These things let people use magic? Then if you just showed them this then they won't need Lacrima or other places in the world-"

"It doesn't let anyone use magic. You have to be able to use magic already." The blue-haired man explained, "It's not just the difference in magic that separates our world. The people over there can't inherently use magic. While the people of Earthland can take the ambient magic that exists in the atmosphere into their bodies to power themselves up like filling a container, the people in Edolas don't have that ability. If someone from Earthland goes to Edolas, that container won't know how to interact with magic that doesn't immediately fill it up. This X-Ball will act as a shock to the system and jumpstart it."

Gajeel frowned, "Kinda lame to call them X-Balls though."

"You wear a white suit and think you can sing. You don't get to judge." Naruto remarked as Mystogan tossed him the glass container. He looked down at the black balls and felt uneasy, "How do we know this'll work?"

"I've only tested it over here in Earthland, where the conditions are optimal. If you choose to use them over in Edolas, that will be their first real test run." They didn't look very convinced by Mystogan's honest answer, "The other choice is going in there with no magic whatsoever. I'm sure you can handle it Naruto but I don't know about the others."

The whiskered blond didn't look very convinced but pocketed the vial of medicine anyway. He looked up at the hole of light in the sky, "So how do we get up there?"

"How did Salamander and the kid do it?"

"They had help from the Exceed. For you two I'll have to be the one who send you through." He drew out a staff and held it in front of him while facing the two Mages, "Are you ready?"

They didn't even need to answer that.

Mystogan slammed the staff on the ground and created a steady gale of wind around them. They were raised quickly into the air higher and higher as they drew close to the anomaly. Mystogan held them in place as they drew closer to the Anima before they reached it.

The light grew exponentially brighter for several moments before dying down again. And the two were gone from sight.

"Good luck."

The ground by his feet popped open and a large clock man emerged from under the white ground. Lucy was inside its body and freaked out, mouthing something as the clock spoke, "'What happened?! Where am I?! Is that Jellal?! Where is everybody?! Ahhh, I don't understand!' She yells in quick succession as she is in quite flustered by these chain of events."

Mystogan looked down at the one black ball he had taken out of its container, "I guess they could always use more luck."


The trip to another world was disorienting. Even for Naruto and Gajeel, two of the toughest guys in Fairy Tail, they had a hard time keeping down their lunch and staying steady as they entered a free fall.

They looked out through the wide landscapes of this new world as they flew through the lime green skies of Edolas. Naruto murmured in shock, "Oh my god."

"This is nuts." Gajeel said in wonderment as window billowed around him, "The skies of a new land stretching out so far. A new world shining like a star. Yet all we want is our friends by the bar. Shodabowow~."

"You are not composing a song right now!"

"I'm an artist! Fuck off!"

"We're falling pretty fast."

"Yup." Gajeel held out his hand and failed to make any metal, "And he's right about us not being able to use magic. So…what now?"

Naruto thought intently for a moment before sailing through the air a little to reach Gajeel. Once he did he wrapped an arm around him, "I got an idea!"

"Whoa! Hey we might die but I at least wanna die with dignity!"

"I - what the hell do you think I'm gonna do?!"

"I don't know and I don't wanna know!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Naruto roared into Gajeel's ear and sent the Dragon Slayer reeling before he held out his hand and gathered some wind chakra in his palm. As they dropped towards the sandy plains below Naruto threw his hand down and unleashed a short but powerful vortex that stopped their rapid descent completely.

But once it stopped they started falling again. Naruto gently shifted them so Gajeel was closer to the ground, "What are you doing?! Are you using me as a pillow?!"

"Well you're tougher than me, right? You should take the force of the fall."

"Fuck that!" Gajeel choked Naruto and spun them back around, "Squishy one first!"

"Who you calling squishy you sack of-"

The two argued and bickered and fought before they ultimately separated from each other. And finally they both slammed into a sand dune and started skipping off the sand like a rock off a pond. Their bodies spun and twirled around violently before they finally hit level ground and slid to a stop.

The rescue team laid in the dirt and sand for a full minute before Naruto coughed, "You alive?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Why would you ask when I've already asked you?"

"Wishful thinking?"

Naruto pulled his head out of the sand and spat up what was in his mouth, "Why you? Of everyone in the guild why was it you I have to stick with?"

Gajeel pulled open his pant leg and let out a pound of sand fall out, "Because I'm a badass that couldn't be grabbed by some otherworldly magic."

"Fucker, you were chasing cats. We both know it." Naruto picked himself up and looked around at their surroundings. He looked up at the green sky and the floating rocks that hovered in the clouds, "Well, I have no idea where we are, but I'm pretty sure we're not on Earthland anymore."

"A whole new world." Gajeel muttered, dusting himself off as stepped up to Naruto's side and observed the landscape, "Kinda shitty first impression, huh?"

"My first impression was when they stole our town." Naruto started making his way in one direction where he could see more than just dirt and sand, "C'mon. I'm not sure where our guild is but we only have a few days to save them."

"Hey, we don't have magic here, right?"

"You said so yourself."

"So how did you use your wind?"

"Because it's not magic."

Gajeel snorted, "If it's not magic then what is it."

"It's chakra."


"No! Cha-kra!" Naruto emphasized, "It's an internal source of power my body can create by melding physical and mental energy together."

"Sounds complicated."

"I'm probably not the best person to explain it. I've always just kinda had it."

"Whatever. So how do I use it?"

Naruto stopped and looked at the long black-haired Mage quizzically, "What?"

"We're holding off on those magic balls because we don't know if they'll work, right? But this catra thing does work. So just in case you should teach it to me so I can use it to fight too."

"I-I don't - you can't learn it."

"Why not?" Gajeel asked indignantly, "What, don't want other people using your special powers or whatever?"

"Dumbass! You have to be born with it! The only people other than me that I know can use it are Mahiro and Koyuki! You need to be born with it and then learn how to use it!"

"Can't even teach others this special power." Gajeel shook his head in disappointment, "What good are you for?"


It was becoming clear that Fairy Tail's rescue was reliant on two men who just didn't want to work together.

Thankfully they weren't the only team trying to save their friends…and as they would soon find out they weren't the last.


"So…you're from another world?"

Wendy nodded, "Yes."

"A world where people have an abundance of magic and can actually use it themselves?"

"Aye." Happy confirmed.

"And in your world you're also members of the Fairy Tail guild?"

Carla crossed her arms, "That's right."

"So your guild got taken by the kingdom, transformed into a Lacrima, prepared to be turned into our world's magic, and you came to stop them? But when you came over you don't have any weapons, no idea where to go, and no magic whatsoever ever? Which led to…this?" The counterpart Lucy asked as she looked down at Natsu's hand as it was being wrapped up and taken care of after the injury it had sustained, "I'm guessing that's the story?"

Natsu puffed up his cheek and thought for a moment before blowing out the air, "Yep, pretty much sums it up."

"So you guys are fully aware that it was pretty dumb to jump in half-cocked like this, right?"

"We realize that now yes."

"I-I'm sorry for the trouble."

"It's weird not having my wings."

"You're already bandaging my hand what else do you want me to say."

This other Lucy looked between all of them before she giggled. It was odd to see a Lucy that dressed so much more metal than theirs and act in such a wild way laugh like their friend did. It was even weirder when that giggle turned into a full blown laugh, "Man you guys definitely fit the bill for being Fairy Mages!" She palmed Natsu on the back and he was surprised to find how much strength she packed in her slap, "You know your attitude for charging in kinda reminds me of our Natsu. You two aren't all that different."

"Y-Yeah well," Natsu looked at the person bandaging his arm, "Can't really say the same for you guys."

"Don't worry buddy, almost done dressing the wound." The man wrapped in a dozen layers of clothing was a far kinder, far meeker version of Gray than any of the Earthland crew were used to seeing. The round ball of clothing smiled over at Natsu as he snipped the ends of the wrappings and tidied up the arm, "There you go Natsu, all patched up. Try not to overexert it for now, okay?"

Natsu just stared across the table at the man wearing the face of the guy he always argued and fought with. He cradled his arm to his chest and shook his head, "I don't like this. This is weird."

"What'd you mean bro?"

"I mean don't call me bro! Punch me across the face! Strip and walk around wearing nothing like an idiot!"

"Why would I punch my best friend across the face?" Gray asked with a tilt of his head, "And walk around naked? No way! I hate exposing myself!"

"Seriously, you could afford to lose some layers though." The confident voice belonged to Juvia as she walked over and sat up on the table. She crossed her legs and sent Gray into a flustered blubbering, "You keep walking around like that and Juvia's gonna think you're a never-nude."

"D-Don't joke like that Juvia-chan!" Gray murmured with a blush and tried to avoid her gaze, "Plus I'm not the only guy who wears lots of clothing like this!"

"No, you're not." Juvia counted on her fingers, "You and Lyon. Wow. Look at that. I bet that's a fun convention to attend."

The Earthland Fairies watched the exchange in befuddled silence. Happy leaned over, "Is Juvia…seducing Gray?"

"I-I think so." Wendy said with a blush, "Oh my."

"And it looks like they're not the only ones who are different." Carla acknowledged as she pointed aside and drew their attention to everyone else in the guild.

Cana was dressed like a shy, reserved woman in a full dress and unwilling to touch a drop of alcohol.

Jet and Droy were the toughest guys in the guild while Elfman was a cowering mess.

Mirajane was…oddly very similar to her other version. Weird.

And Wendy was older. Much older. A woman. And…

The blue-haired girl looked down and saw the most striking feature differing her from her counterpart. The two giant, bouncing watermelon-sized orbs of flesh barely contained in the top she wore that mocked the petite young Dragon Slayer with their elasticity. And bounciness. And fullness. And-

"Wendy." Carla gently patted her charge's knee, "Stop looking at them."

"They're a black hole, Wendy." Happy nodded, "You'll only get lost in there if you keep looking."

"They're just so-"

"We know. We can see them."

"It's not fair."

"It's not. But maybe one day that will be you."

"Y-You think so?" Both Exceeds looked between each other and then turned away from her fully. Wendy stared at them with watery eyes, "Why can't you at least look at me when you lie?!"

"Man it is so weird seeing you all like this."

"We'll you're one to talk." Macao chuckled, "I mean the Natsu we know can be confident like you but only under very special circumstances."

"Yeah, most of the time he's…" Wakaba and Macao shared a look before giggling to themselves, "N-Never mind kid, hehe."

Natsu looked at them skeptically before looking around the guild again. It certainly didn't look like the guild hall he was used to but the atmosphere and feeling of comfort was absolutely like the Fairy Tail back home. He nodded, "I don't see everyone though. Are some of you guys away on jobs?"

That question changed the air of the room. The playful, jokey atmosphere of the guild hall had switched out for one far more dour and crestfallen. The Earthland visitors struggled not to notice the change in their demeanor as Wendy looked around, "W-What's wrong?"

"We don't have too many people going out on jobs at the moment."

"We barely have enough jobs to go around." Someone pointed at their job request board and the slim pickings they had to offer, "Not many people are offering jobs for us to do now."

Natsu looked over the board and the few jobs they had on offer, "There's barely any on here! Even on our slowest day you couldn't see the board under all the paper. Why aren't there more jobs?"

"People don't want to risk being associated with us or the others."

"Why not?"

"It'll look bad if they're seen colluding with a Dark Guild."


The Edolas Fairies looked at their puzzled and horrified counterpart gang in confusion. Lucy blinked, "Wait are you guys legal over on your side?"

"Yeah! Of course we are!" Natsu freaked out, " What did you guys do to get labeled a Dark Guild?! How much did you destroy?! Who did you threaten?! Lucy, who did you kill?!"

"What did you say?!" Lucy jumped and circled her arms around Natsu's neck, spinning onto his back and locking her legs across his chest as she squeezed on his neck, "You're kind of a mouthy shit over on that side, aren't you Natsu? When did you get so cheeky?"

The Dragon Slayer dropped to his knees and tapped her elbow, "U-Uncle! Uncle!"

"What we did is quite easy to explain." Mirajane spoke up by Wendy, Carla, and Happy's side as Lucy dropped Natsu on his face and stuck her leg between his before giving him a devastating sharpshooter, "The reason we're a Dark Guild is because we aren't affiliated with the kingdom directly and still use magic."

"You're a Dark Guild because you use magic?"

"That's right." Gray nodded, "With magic as a limited resource the king of Edolas has tried to constrict its use as little as possible."

"Which translates as; we'll have magic here in our big cities, but no magic allowed where you're poor and can't afford it."

Wendy frowned, "They restrict magic if you aren't in the kingdom? That's horrible!"

"It is. And there's still jobs to be done and people to help even if magic is limited. So even after the king's decree became law, Fairy Tail continued to do its job. Along with a few other guilds that wanted to stick it to the kingdom. And thus we were named Dark Guilds."

Lucy wiped her cheek of sweat as Natsu lay defeated on the ground, "Even now our guilds are being targeted by the kingdom's forces whenever they can find us. We're constantly on the move and trying to avoid an attack from them when they show up."

"T-That's awful." Wendy whispered in shock.

Natsu picked himself up, "But wait, what about everyone else? What do you do if they go on a job? Like you're missing a few people."

"We move when we can. We reach out to our members and friends when we do, and they try to make contact with us. But if they're found…" The guild members remained silent for a moment, sniffling and trying to stop their sobs from leaking out, "Sometimes even when we're running it isn't enough. They get captured, tortured, and even-"

"And we can't fight them. Two years ago Master tried to make a stand so that we could get away, and he…"

Wendy covered her mouth while Carla shuddered and Happy looked devastated, "No way."

Natsu looked around the guild. Master was gone. So were so many others. And if it was two years ago-

He saw Elfman silently cry to himself while Mira wiped her eyes dry.

His heart fell as realization hit him.


Suddenly it was like a klaxon had gone off in the guild and startled everyone out of their vulnerable state. In an instant a switch had been flipped and all the Edolas Fairies went into survival mode. Levy ran around the counter and looked at a flashing Lacrima, "We're getting another warning from the Benefactor! Kingdom forces are mobilizing and make their rounds!"

"When will they get here?"

"They'll reach us within the hour!"

"Then we need to get moving people!" Lucy warned as everyone started to shuffle and get into position, "Levy, stop staring at the pretty lights and get in the chair!"

"Hey bitch, how about instead of barking orders you learn to do something other than stand there and look ugly?!" The blue-haired snarled back as she jumped into a seat and started working the controls, "Engine charging!"

"E-Engine?" Wendy questioned.

"Is this thing a vehicle?" Natsu asked before quickly turning green and clammy, "O-Oh no, are we gonna move?"

"We haven't moved yet Natsu."

"Everyone, get ready!" Levy announced before pulling down the controls, "Transfer Square!"

The guild dropped through the ground and rendered them all in the dark. Sharp and speedy movement dragged them around wildly across the guild hall and everyone let out grunts as they slammed into each other. This continued on for several minutes as Fairy Tail escaped underground and away from where the kingdom's forces had located them.

The guild finally sprouted out in a new location and light returned to the guild hall.

"O-Ow." Wendy cried as she laid under a table that had fallen over on her.

"We could have used a little more warning!" Carla complained and rubbed her head.

Happy let out a dying wheeze as Elfman laid on top of him, "H-Help me."

Natsu sighed in relief, "Everything finally stopped moving." He relaxed into the soft embrace he had landed on, "And I landed on some pillows to boot."


Natsu opened his eyes and looked up to see he was resting his head in Juvia's cleavage. The nonplussed blue-haired girl raised an eyebrow, "Do you mind?" He quickly picked himself up and she dusted off her shirt, "Appreciate it."

"Sorry Juvia."

"Levy!" Lucy cracked her neck and barked at the girl in the chair, "Can't you figure out how to make the damn transfer a little smoother?!"

"Ohohoho, that's rich!" The petite girl cackled before pointing viciously at the blonde, "How about you do us all a favor and shut that flapping dick-holster before you start spewing even dumber shit?!"

"Gah, stupid bitch." Lucy stepped around the bar counter again and pulled out a communications device, "Lamia, come in. I repeat, Lamia, come in. Benefactor has reached out to us again and warned of kingdom patrols. Please respond."


"That's what we call the person who gives us those warnings." Mira explained as she pulled the table off of Wendy, "About a year ago we started receiving these transmissions. It's just a rapid flash on our communications Lacrima, but it usually signals that the kingdom is making its rounds and looking for us again."

"Who is this person?"

"We don't know. We've tried to reach out to them for answers but we never get a response. Honestly we were hesitant to even accept their warnings but their help has afforded us the chance to not only escape the patrols but to also reach out to other guilds and warn them."

("Lamia responding! I repeat, Lamia responding!")

Lucy sighed in relief, "That you Sher-bear? It's good to hear your voice."


"You got it baby. Listen, the kingdom is patrolling again so you've got to get your guild moving-"

("Lulu, is this really you?")

Lucy blinked and looked back at the others, "Yeah it's me, why?"

("Because you're over here with us.")



In the main capital of Edolas was a sprawling city filled with buildings, people, and magic. In the center of the city was a giant castle that housed the royal family, the royal army, and everything involving the kingdom's central government. And over this resplendent castle was usually an empty space for which some of the floating rocks hovered over harmlessly.

Not today.

What stood in this space was a giant crystal larger than any other in history. A Lacrima that towered over the buildings and structures closest to it. The citizens, soldiers, and even members of the castle could not help but look up at the gargantuan Lacrima and marvel at what it meant for their world.

A decade of magical power added to their reserves.

A breath of relief for those worried that the loss of magic was imminent.

The key to their future.

"How big do you think it is?" The vapid, joyful young man said as he tried to capture the whole crystal in a frame he made of his fingers while stepping up on the rail of the balcony, "The size of the castle? Bigger?! Oh man it's so cool!"

"Calm down Hughes. Lose focus and you'll slip."

The excitable man with blue hair and a white strip through it was Hughes, Commander of the Third Division of the Royal Army. The young military leader grinned at his comrade, "C'mon Sugarboy, show a little enthusiasm! This is everything we've been waiting for! Anima finally worked and we're about to be swimming in an overflow of magic!"

"Heh." The man besides him let out an amused chuckle at the idea. He was an older man with a double chin, blond pompadour, and knight's armor except for his lower body that only had a thong on. This was Sugarboy, Commander of the Fourth Division of the Royal Army, "Well it is a sight to behold. This is the accumulative magic of tens of thousands of people. And most of it comes from the source of about 100 Mages that were working in the city Anima was hovering over."

"Man, 10 years worth of magic from just 100 people! Hah, they must've been hella strong!" Hughes sat on the balcony and kicked his feet out amusingly while looking at the sun shine through the Lacrima, "Aw, I wish I could've met them! I bet they'd put up an interesting fight!"

"Don't get carried away, Hughes." The Third and Fourth Division Commanders turned and saw another of their compatriots walk over to join them. A giant cat-faced man with midnight black fur and dressed in distinguished royal armor approached them. The Captain of the First Division, Pantherlily, spoke sternly as he addressed his comrade, "If the Mages in there really have enough magic to refill our supply for 10 years, I imagine the last thing we would want is to fight them."

Hughes snickered, "Geez Lily, if I didn't know any better I'd think you were frightened by whatever these Earthland Mages could do."

Pantherlily did not rise to the jest and simply narrowed his eyes, "Anyone who comes out of that Lacrima would lower the overall magic we would obtain and no doubt risk this operation in total."

Sugarboy hummed, "They'd have to escape from the Lacrima in the first place. But I can see your point." Sugarboy pulled on Hughes' cloak and pulled him back to the floor as the young man blew a raspberry, "We shouldn't get complacent."

"But you said they'd have to escape the Lacrima! And that's impossible!"

"Stranger things have happened."

"And that's not even considering that they might not be the biggest problem."

The three other Commanders turned to see the last of their rank come to join them. A beautiful woman who through sheer force of will and power had asserted herself as the strongest warrior the royal army had to offer. A powerful spear was connected to her back and her stomach was exposed under the metal breastplate she wore to cover her chest.

But the most striking and recognizable feature she sported was the long scarlet hair she had with a knot at the top of her head.

She was Erza Knightwalker, Commander of the Second Division of the Royal Army. And the scourge of Dark Guilds across the land known as the Fairy Hunter.

"Seriously, is paranoia spreading or something?" Hughes asked as he looked to the Second Division leader, "What are you talking about Erza?"

"I'm saying that before we go considering the enemies we might have in the Lacrima, we should be wary of the foes we're dealing with right now." The redhead said as she gazed out at the giant crystal that signified a new future for them, "Those damn guilds are still running around."

"The Dark Guilds?" Sugarboy asked, "You're still worried about them?"

"They keep evading my hunts." The woman said bitterly as she tightened her grip on the banister, "It feels like every time we get close to one of them they scurry away before I can finish off the guild."

"Yeah! Because you've already got all the Dark Guilds in the country running away like frightened rats!" Hughes chuckled, "Look, you kill the ones they leave behind! And the ones you catch don't have any information worth our time so they rot to death in their cells. They might still be running around like cockroaches but you've etched the fear of the kingdom into their souls!"

Erza only slightly narrowed her eyes in response. Everything Hughes said was true, and while the remaining guilds were still active it was in name only as they were more concerned with self-preservation than anything.

Still…something about it all didn't sit right with her.

"Everyone! Everyone everyone everyone everyone!" Their attention turned to the excitable, hyper voice calling out to them while approaching closer and closer. A young lady with brown hair and perpetual cheek marks slid to a stop before them and saluted. She was Coco, Assistant Chief of Staff, "The king has requested that you all join him in the throne room!"

"His Majesty wants us for something?" Pantherlily questioned as he shared a look with the military leaders, "What is it about?"

"I'm not sure!" Coco answered, "He just told me to come get you!" She started in a sprint and covered most of the hall before she looked back and saw they hadn't followed her yet, "Come on!"

The four leaders followed her into the main throne room where their exalted king ruled their kingdom. Seated in the massive throne was a spindly, thin old man with raggedy white hair and a beard all the way down to his stomach. Faust, the king of Edolas, looked up as they entered the throne room, "Ah, there you are. Thank you for joining me everyone."

The four officers dropped to a knee and bowed their heads with respect to their king, "Your Majesty, we are honored to be called for an audience with you. But what might this matter be concerning?"

Faust sat up in his seat, "I'm sure you've all noticed the Lacrima outside."

"Hard not to." Hughes whispered.

"It's brilliant, Your Majesty." Pantherlily said, "A shining example of Edolas' strength to persevere and overcoming its struggles."

"Indeed." Faust muttered while rubbing his chin, "Or just a shining example of our biggest problem."

They raised their heads in confusion, "Your Majesty?"

"That Lacrima outside is so vast and powerful that it can restore our world's magic supply for a good decade with careful planning. It's a triumphant for our Anima system. It's also the first time it's worked in nearly 7 years, and only after the transfer's output was stressed beyond its maximum limit. And we cannot keep risking our world's magic source on a system that's produced one remarkable result over the better part of a decade." Faust looked to the wall, in the direction the giant Lacrima was in, and scowled, "You see a triumphant out there. I see an answer to a symptom and not the problem's whole."

The Commanders shared a look before Erza spoke up, "Your Majesty, what you're talking about is a problem of our world's very nature. Are you…" She paused, "Saying there's a way to fix it?"

Faust paused, regarded his military leaders, before looking aside again, "Simply ideas at this moment. Nothing set in stone. Not yet." Faust coughed and dispelled such thoughts before sitting up in his throne, "In the meantime, we have other matters to attend to. Most pressing being the guarding of the Lacrima and making sure no errant fools get it in their minds to take it for themselves."

As the Commanders stood up, Hughes giggled and wiggled his eyebrows to Erza, "Hey Erza, seems you and the king are on the same wavelength."

"Well it isn't just baseless paranoia this time. Well, at least not for our exalted king."

Attention turned to the new arrivals to the throne room and they were greeted cheerfully. All except for Erza, who rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue as they appeared.

In front was a short man with small horns on his head. Boro, Chief of Staff for the Edolas kingdom. Behind him was a man dressed in white and grey armor and to his side was a shorter person in a black cloak and mask. As they approached the man in white inquired, "Did you all see the crystal outside? Pretty beautiful, huh?"

"No, we missed it on our way in." Erza dryly retorted, "Please point it out to us."

"Sure, as I know you're pretty dumb and have a hard time noticing things."

"That's enough." Boro interjected before the feuding could escalate any further, "We need to focus on the matter at hand." The short man turned to everyone else in the room, "One of our platoons that has been sending out feelers for the rampant guilds sent us back a report earlier that needs our immediate attention. They were attacked."

"By a guild?" Sugarboy inquired, "That's odd. They usually aren't so brazen with their intentions."

"No Sugarboy, that isn't the oddest part." Boro nodded his head and the masked attendant pulled out a projector that showed an image for all of them to see, "This is."

"Okay," Hughes nodded as he stared up in disbelief, "I guess Lily was right too."


It was odd for them to walk through so much desert and greenery before finally finding a city where people lived in. And the city they did find looked to be one made from desert rock, sand, and dirt. Even being total newcomers to the world of Edolas it was clear that this place was seedy and an underbelly most people didn't want to traverse through.

Which made them being totally lost, without magic, and no local money whatsoever to pay with leaving them in a very precarious position.

There was a clothing store that sold clothing best suited for people traversing the sand with heavy pants, cargo shorts, vests, and sandy cloaks on sale.

Fortunately no one noticed the inconspicuous blond who slipped in and out within seconds with two cloaks in hand. He was already securing it around his neck and head, cursing the fact he had taken his Requip for granted after all the years and not being able to summon his black cloak instead. As he turned the corner he found Gajeel and tossed him the other cloak, "Here, put this on."

Gajeel caught it and looked at it in confusion, "We aren't going back out into the desert already, are we?"

"No, but it'll keep your face obscured and less noticeable." Naruto pulled up his hood to show how most of his face was hidden under the shadow it cast, "We're gonna need this from now on."


Naruto stared at Gajeel intensely for several seconds, "I don't have to explain espionage to you, do I? Didn't Jiji put you on some top secret mission?!"

"He did! I'm asking why we're hiding our faces here?" Gajeel swung his arm out, "We're in a new world, where no one knows who we are, and they don't recognize us. Why would we hide our faces?"

"Because we're going to steal back a Lacrima that these people are desperate for, and will probably have our faces plastered around when we try to take the town back." Naruto harshly whispered, "So I'd like to hide ourselves as long as possible before we start stirring shit up."

Gajeel scoffed, tossing back the cloak and walking out into the open. Naruto hissed and cursed under his breath as Gajeel walked out, "If you're done being paranoid can we get going? We need to start gathering info-"

"Over there!"

"It's Gajeel!"

"Get 'im!"

Gajeel blinked and looked back as a trio of street toughs ran his direction. The Iron Dragon Slayer turned back to the shadows and saw Naruto sigh and flip him the bird. Damn, he was going to lord that over him for the rest of their lives. The Fairy Mage snarled, "Oh you guys better have a good reason for calling me out."

"Yeah we got a good reason!" The front thug yelled into Gajeel's face, "We got a bone to pick with you! It's about that article you wrote-"

"Uh, Boss?" One of the other guys spoke up and grabbed his leader's attention, "Are you sure this is Gajeel?"

"Huh?!" The boss grunted in return, "Are you kidding?! Look at his dumb face! Of course this is Gajeel!"

"Yeah but Gajeel usually runs when he gets into trouble. Also did he have piercings in his face?"

"Yeah, and was he always so…" The other guy spoke up as he looked him over, "Filled out?"

The boss looked him over more closely and furled his brow in thought. He asked, "Hey, are you Gajeel?"


"Ah! See! There you go!" He looked to his subordinates who shrugged in response, "Now listen here you little-"

Gajeel's fist swung up into his chin and sent him flying back into a table and some chairs set out from a restaurant. A chorus of startled yells and panic came from around them before the two thugs turned back to Gajeel. He looked between them and nodded, "Anyone next?"

They ran off, picked up their leader, and escaped before things could escalate.

Gajeel turned back and held his arms out, "Happy? Settled?" He started walking away, "So can we-"


"Oh for fuck sake!"

Two men dressed in armor carrying shields and staffs appeared down the road. They called out, "Are you the one causing this commotion?"

"No! It was the guys running away! Follow them! Leave me-"

"Look!" One solider pointed at him, "His arm! That tattoo!"

"He's from Fairy Tail! Call for backup!"

Gajeel's eyes widened in surprise and he looked over at Naruto to see he was surprised by the mention of their guild as well. The Dragon Slayer wanted to pursue the conversation topic but suddenly found himself squaring down an entire squadron of armored knights. Gajeel sighed before walking over to the table he had destroyed, "Well this seems to keep escalating. And I wanted to ask you guys about Fairy Tail." He reached down and grabbed part of the broken furniture, "Oh well…"

"I'll ask whoever's still conscious when I'm done!"

Gajeel hefted the broken table up and spiked it across the streets towards the knights. But they responded immediately, summoning a shield of magic and letting it shatter against their guard.

"Shit." Gajeel stepped back as they came forward, "Hey Hunter! The X-Ball thing Mystogan gave us?" He held out his hand, "I'll test it!"

Naruto quickly pulled out the glass bottle Mystogan had given them and pulled out one of the black balls, "You sure about this?!"

"Fucking yes just do it already!" As one soldier charged at Gajeel with his magical spear activated, Naruto tossed an X-Ball towards the Dragon Slayer. As the soldier drew closer he stabbed at Gajeel's head and forced him to dodge to the side as the X-Ball sailed towards his head.

Gajeel lunged forward, enveloping the X-Ball and the shaft of the spear between his teeth before he chomped down. Everyone watching was startled by his bite strength as Gajeel chewed the metal of the spear and swallowed the X-Ball in one go. After he did he stood silent for several seconds.

His arm changed into a solid club and sent it straight into the solider's stomach that carried him all the way over to the rest of his squadron.

Gajeel pulled his arm back as it returned to its normal shape of metallic scales over the skin, "Yep, that stuff works."

"Get him!"

As the squadron charged Gajeel he rushed in and met them head-on with a barrage of punches. Naruto popped another X-Ball out and looked down at it before shrugging, "Here goes nothing." He popped it in his mouth and swallowed before rushing out of the shadows and charging the enemy force with his guildmate.

"W-Who's that?!"

"There's no way-"


Naruto and Gajeel decimated the squad with a combination of their attacks. Metal punches followed by kicks enhanced with the power of magic. Blasts of wind followed by barrages of metal that shredded everything in its path.

"W-We need backup!"

"Call the forces! Contact the castle!"

"Shit!" Naruto stopped when he heard them and clicked his teeth. He pulled his hood back up and grabbed the other cloak, "Gajeel! Time to go!"

He tossed it to the Dragon Slayer before they ran down the street to try and escape the panic they caused. Gajeel tried to pull the sandy clothing over his head as they ran, "So where the hell are we going?!"

"I don't know! Just trying to put as much distance between them and us as I can!"

"They weren't that tough!"

"That doesn't mean we should waste time and energy fighting them! I told you we needed to keep a low profile!"

"You charged in to fight too!"


"Hey! Over here!"

Naruto and Gajeel looked over and saw a man waving them over while standing in a doorway out to the side. The two Fairies shared a look before banking to the side and running for the door. They rushed in and the man quickly shut the door once they were in. They stood in absolute silence as the sound of soldiers rushing by came and went. The minutes after were spent in apprehensive patience before they realized they were in the clear.

The man realized he had a blade pointed to the back of his neck.

Gajeel's arm was morphed into a sword while Naruto stepped forward, "If you don't want to get hurt then you'll be completely honest with us. Nod if you understand." The man nodded as Naruto consulted, "Why did you help us? You don't know us and I'm sure the army isn't going to be happy with you aiding and abetting criminals."

"True, but what can I say…"

The man turned around and faced them properly while taking off his fedora. The man was about their age, slightly lean in his two-piece suit, and with glasses on the bridge of his nose.

However they were still shocked to see the man in front of them.

"I'm a journalist." The man with Gajeel's face said with a smile, "When it comes to a juicy and interesting story, I don't mind even picking a fight with the army. And what's juicer than a story about a man that looks just like me doing just that?"

"Oh dear god," Naruto muttered in a horrified voice, "I'm in hell. I'm actually in hell."

########Omake: The Great Crucible Pt.2########

"My god," Carla muttered in abject horror at the sight of all the contestants scarfing down food like their lives depended on it. The little white cat felt sick watching the ramen noodles and broth that hadn't reached their mouth and didn't make it in their mad dash to devour as much as possible as quickly as they could, "Have they never eaten food before in their entire life?"

"I-I think it's just because it's a competition. They're more concerned about eating as much as they can than eating properly." Wendy whimpered, trying to sound confident in her answer as she tried to ignore how gross it was watching such a messy food competition. She turned a little paler, "A-At least our friends are doing pretty well."

Like Wendy said the Fairy Tail participants had lasted longer than most in the eating competition. A few of the other competitors had reached their fill and had to surrender from the competition. All that were left were Natsu, Gray, Eflman, Naruto, and a fifth man who was eagerly slurping up bowls without hesitation.

Levy, Evergreen, and Cana watched their friends continue to snarf their food down like animals. Cana whistled and shook her head, "Man I didn't think it was possible for the human body to consume so much of one thing."

Levy and Ever looked at her skeptically, "Seriously? You of all people do not get to talk about a human's capacity to binge."

"Hey this is food stuffed down their throat! I drink the nectar of the gods."

"Said like a woman destined for a liver transplant."

"UGH!" Their attention turned down the table to see Elfman had toppled over. Some noodles were hanging out of his mouth as he groaned, "N-No more. A man…can take no more."

"There there," Mira comforted her little brother gently, "Don't force yourself."

"Is he going to be alright?" Erza asked from behind Naruto as he continued to eat without any worry for his friend's well-being.

"Yeah, Elfman just needs a rest now." Mira patted his back and lifted up a sign, "He's done."

("And just like that we have another forfeit! Elfman Strauss, one of our own special guests from Fairy Tail, has hit his limit and is dropping out! Aided by the lovely Mira-chan, he topped 27 bowls like a champ! Way to go!")

Levy leaned over the seat of her defeated competitor to look over, "Does he need any help?"

"Oh no, he'll be fine. We should only let help be necessary when-"

"BLERGH!" Gray gagged, quickly covering his mouth as something wet rushed and gushed up his throat. He put down his chopsticks and tried to stay still before something bad happened-

Unfortunately, that was inevitable.

"Gray-sama!" His personal maid scorer quickly reacted, pulling his shoulders back so she could get a better look at his face, "What's wrong?! You look sick! Are you alright?! Did it poison you?! Oh, Juvia should have taste-tested it for you! O-Or she should have made your broth from her own water! Oh, forgive me! Forgive me, Gray-sama!"

As Juvia panicked and hugged Gray's head tight to her chest, the Maker Mage groaned, "J-Juvia, I need to rest."

"Okay! Juvia will take you to a hotel and let you rest for as long as you need!"

"N-No. C-Call for medical-"

"He forfeits!" She announced as she made a slide out of her water and rushed through it with Gray in tow, "Come, Gray-sama! Off we go!"

Max coughed, ("Well, Gray Fullbuster has stepped out of the competition at 29 bowls. And I'm not sure about you folks but it feels like he won in some way, don't you think?") There was a wave of grumbled agreement from the annoyed men in the crowd, ("Stupid lucky bastard.")

"UGH!" Natsu dropped back, falling with his chair and forcing Lisanna to dodge before she got hit in the knees, "I-I can't."

"Oh no! Natsu!" The youngest Strauss sibling dropped down and checked on her friend, "Natsu! Don't go to the light! Don't go to it!"

"Natsu~!" Happy cried out in anguish at the sight of his fallen friend, "Please don't go! We need you!"

("Oh, and it looks like Natsu Dragneel passes out at 31 bowls! Looks like even a Dragon Slayer can only stuff so much down his gullet before his system shuts down! Shame for him! Enjoyment for us! Which leaves us with only two!")

Naruto turned his bowl up and swallowed the last of his 33rd bowl before slamming it down and wiping his mouth. Bunny-girl Erza tapped his shoulder, "How are you holding up?"

"I'm good." The whiskered Mage smiled, "This is a lot to eat but damn does Yajima-San cook good ramen." He held a thumbs-up and Yajima nodded proudly in response, "I guess if the others fell out, all that's left is-"

The loud slurping at his side drew his attention to his final opponent. A large man whose tower of bowls matched Naruto's. The eating competition champion wiped his mouth and sent a mocking glance at Naruto from the side, "Doesn't matter if you're a Mage or not, I ain't about to lose an eating match."

"Oh, is that a challenge?"

("Looks like things are just starting to heat up folks! With only two competitors left, and each one the north side of 30 bowls devoured, this match is going into the lightning round! Who will win and claim that title of 8-Island champion!")

Erza leaned in and kissed her boyfriend's cheek as he started on his next bowl, "You got this."

His opponent stopped and looked back at his maid, "Don't I get a kiss for good luck?"

Lucy grimaced. She was never taking a job for 8-Island again as long as she lived.



Could you imagine going to another world with a guy you don't get along with and suddenly you meet his doppelgänger? Out of everyone in the world it just had to be his!

Imagine the Scream face but with Naruto's features. That's pretty much his reaction.


Thank You and Bye