Titania and The Hunter

Chapter 74: Exclusive! The S-Class Special Edition

Happy holidays to all! Here's a little present from me to you!


"You want us-"

"-to be the stars-"

"-of Sorcerer Magazine's special edition-"

"-The S-Class of Fairy Tail?"

"SO COOL!" Jason pumped his fists in excitement, "You guys are just the coolest! And you're so in sync that you can even finish each other's sentences like that!"

"Yeah, honestly I'm not sure how that happened." Gildarts confessed before looking around the table, "Did you guys practice that or something while I was gone?"

The younger S-Class Mages shook their heads.

"Anyway, it's almost the end of the year and we need a huge pull for the last issue! So we wanted to do a special edition that nothing else could compare to! And Fairy Tail is the hottest guild at the moment, with you guys being the coolest of the cool! If we could reach out to the other S-Class Mages-"

"Actually at the moment, we are the only S-Class Mages." Erza clarified, "Mystogan recently left the guild and Laxus is…well wherever he is now."

Naruto followed, "Yeah, so if you want the S-Class of Fairies, you got them."

"So cool! It's an honor to meet all of you guys at the same time!" The excitable photographer blurted out in a hurry, "Anyway, what do you guys think? Would you be interested in checking it out?"

"Uh, do we get paid? Or any kind of rewards?" Gildarts probed, "Because I think I'd like a lifetime supply of issues for the rest of my days. I remember the ladies in that thing being pretty damn hot."

"Sicko," Naruto groused, "Mira's pretty much the poster girl for that magazine now. Most of the issues would be of her."

"Oh…yeah, that's weird." Gildarts immediately retreated, "Okay, cash'll do."

"Gildarts! Don't be a stingy dick and just do it!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't know it was so wrong to ask for compensation! In case I need to remind you I just got back from a long-ass job without much payment to go on!"

"I think this sounds like fun." Erza quickly jumped in, "You're always talking about the photoshoots you work on, Mira, so I think it would be an experience to be a part of one."

"Yeah, it's a lot of fun." The white-haired barmaid nodded, "And I think if we all went together it would be even more fun!"

"Well, that's more than enough for me." Erza nodded before looking at the two males of their group, "And what about you?"

"Sounds like a blast!" Naruto grinned, "Count me in!"

"Eh, alright, no harm having some fun now and then." Gildarts shrugged, "I'll do it too."

"COOL!" Jason pumped his fists, "We'll send you all the information about the location, time, and schedule later! Haha, all the S-Class Mages of Fairy Tail are gonna be here! It's gonna be the best!"

Jason was pumped up with excitement, and the S-Class was prepared for a fun time at the photo shoot.

And both parties were completely unaware of the dread and unease the rest of the guild was plagued with in an instant. Expressions of fear, dread, and dour resignation crossed the faces of almost everyone. And Makarov in particular was already giving a silent prayer to whatever higher power would show them mercy.

Wendy, Carla, and Lily looked around in confusion as the newest members of the guild, "W-What's wrong, everyone?"

"They look like all the life just left their eyes."

"Feels like a funeral all of a sudden."

"Seems appropriate." Lucy mumbled, "Pretty sure someone's going to die."


"Oh, Akane Resort looks just as nice as the last time I came here!" Mirajane said with a bubbly smile as she and the other S-Class Mages arrived down the road of the beach. All four of them were dressed in lighter, beach-going clothes as they walked towards the photo shoot, "And I'm glad the weather is so much more accommodating than Magnolia."

"I think so too." Erza noted with a big, eager smile on her face as her sun hat blocked the strongest of the beams bearing down on them, "So Mira, what can we expect while being on set with these people?"

"Well, they're probably going to interview us. Ask us a few questions about being in the guild and what jobs we do. And maybe some of our interests. Nothing bad, boys." She quickly added in as Naruto and Gildarts scoffed, "And while they're taking photos you're going to see a lot of flashing lights. And they're going to want to reshoot and get different angles. Some of them might not even end up in the final product."

Naruto and Gildarts shared a look, having a suspicious inkling where those photos ended up after the photoshoots were done.

"Oh, there they are!" Mirajane pointed out towards the beach and they spotted a large portion of it sectioned off for their personal use. As they approached, Mira greeted the photo crew with a smile and waved, "Hi everyone, we made it! Sorry if we're late!"

"Mirajane-San, you're just in time!" Jason said as he greeted them, "I am so stoked that you all agreed to this! I just know this is gonna be our biggest showcase yet!"

"Mira-chan!" An eccentric older man with wild hair and glasses pushed past Jason and greeted the white-haired beauty with a quick hug and chaste kisses on the cheek, "So good to see you again! It's been dreadful without you here! So busy! So tiring! Jenny-chan is a doll but things are brighter when the star is around!"

"Heh, I appreciate that but we both know you wouldn't stop shooting even if I wasn't around."

"Darling of course not! I was just being nice saying you're the star! It's me and I won't stop shining!"

"Everyone, I want you to meet Worhall-San. He's the photography director for Sorcerer Magazine and the best in the business. Worhall-San, these are Erza, Naruto, and Gildarts."

"Yes I'd love to meet all of you but we don't have all day - everyone! Get your cameras ready and the props set! Talent, get dressed we'll call you when we're ready!"

"Talent means us." Mira explained, "He wants us to go put on swimsuits."


"That was not clear."

"Should've just said that."


Naruto and Gildarts got changed in their tent. Gildarts put on some shorts and a summer vest before looking over at his young friend, "So what was it like being in another world?"

"Fucking weird. I-I can't even describe it." Naruto said while fixing his bathing suit, "There was no magic other than Lacrima. Fairy Tail was a Dark Guild hunted by the government. And every one was different in some way. Gajeel was a reporter eager for a story. Mystogan was the prince the whole time. Jura-" He shuddered in disgust, "Wasn't bald. And you were an architect that hated wrecking buildings!"

"Well, that doesn't make any sense." Gildarts bemoaned, "I mean I don't like breaking buildings but I don't lose sleep when one of them might accidentally topple over."

"Walking straight through someone's home with Crash doesn't count as accidental." Naruto quickly corrected, "And that's the point! There was something about us that was twisted around or just plain opposite! How do you think it felt looking at a Gildarts that was conscientious of his surroundings and didn't blatantly destroy everything in his path like a dumbass?!"

"Is this you asking a question or just taking a cheap shot?"

Naruto raised his hands like scales.

Gildarts tried reaching for him to tear him a new one.

Naruto quickly ducked away before the oldest S-Class Mage could lay hands on him. And as he kept on the back foot, he saw the shiny new prosthetics that Gildarts was wearing, "How do they feel?"

"Weird." Gildarts said, lowering his new arm and flexing it even though nothing bulged when he did, getting used to the motion, "I mean it feels like it's still there, but I can't feel anything when I do this. It's just a weird shadow of what it used to feel like. Gonna take some getting used to. This too," He said as he pointed down to his prosthetic leg, "Walking while it feels like there's still my leg under me is so unsettling. Did you ever have to deal with this when your Reformation Metal was around your arm?"

"Yeah, I lost all feeling in my arm after it was applied over my corrupted one. Getting used to having the prosthetic was the worst during the first month, but after that, the phantom pains and twinges started to subside. It still took some time to get used to it like it was an arm but it happened in the end. Give it time and I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Yeah, I guess." Gildarts shrugged before looking himself over, "You don't think they'll kick me off the photo shoot because I have prosthetics and gauze holding in my stomach, right?"

"I don't think so?" Naruto shrugged before pointing at the large scar that circled his shoulder, "If they got a problem with that then they'll probably have a problem with all the marks on my body. And if they got a problem, then they can just forget about taking pictures of us. I mean I invite four S-Class Mages and kick two of them out? What are they gonna do; have an entire special based around Erza and Mira?"

The mental image of the armored redhead and white-haired barmaid making poses together, basking under the hot sun, and wearing skimpy swimsuits lingered in the minds of both men.

"We should probably ask and make sure."



"You and Naruto fought other versions of yourself," Mira stated in amazement as she tightly tied the string of the lower half of her bikini. Once it was properly secured she gently giggled, "I can never believe how crazy your adventures get when we're not looking."

"Sorry, we didn't free you and the others in time to help us fight off the army. I'm sure you all would have been an invaluable help." Erza said as she pulled up her top and readjusted her breasts so they fit comfortably, "The strangest part was seeing a version of myself that hated Fairy Tail and wasn't on great terms with the Naruto and Jellal of that world either."

"Lucy and Juvia told me that the Lisanna of that world was believed to be dead but was working with Naruto to save Fairy Tail?"

"Yes, and the me of that world was very angry with him because if they couldn't find a solution to the magic, it would put his life at risk using his chakra."

"Oh no. So, did they find an alternative before you left?"

Erza quietly shook her head, "If anything, the state we left things in put him in even more danger than before. Despite everything we went through I do hope they found some compromise and peace."

Mira stared at the back of her friend as she finished getting dressed but let her thoughts linger on the people of the other world. With a quick tap on her shoulder, Erza was drawn out of her thoughts and looked back at a warmly smiling Mira, "If it's the two of you working together, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about."

Erza let a faint smile grow on her face, "If anything the fact it's the two of us working together has me more worried. But yeah, you're right Mira. All we can do is trust in them and hope for the best." Some of her earlier peppiness returned as the redhead perked up and turned to the tent's exit, "Well, we shouldn't keep them waiting."

"Right." Mira agreed and both women made their way out onto the beach in their swimwear. They didn't pay much attention to the looks of amazement they were getting from everyone before they spotted their friends conversing with Jason by the set, "Huh? I wonder what they could be talking about?"

"And it isn't a problem?"

"Of course not, Gildarts-San! You guys gave so much in the line of work and you deserve to show that! Plus you're hardly the first Mages we've done pictures of who have had scars or prosthetics! You guys are cool!"

"Well, that's good." Naruto breathed a sigh of relief before looking himself over, "And you're sure your buyers won't be put off by-"

"Naruto-San, trust me, whatever part of your body might be scarred won't stop people from wanting to look."

"Oh…hooray?" Naruto said while also covering his chest and suddenly feeling dirty. Jason walked off to help with the rest of the crew while Erza and Mira started to approach, "Hey, you two look good. Ready for the photoshoot?"

"What were you talking about?"

"Me and Naruto were just clearing up that it was fine for us to be on camera considering," He motioned to his arm and leg, "And also," Waving at Naruto and the marks on his body, "Or if they might not want us in the frame."

"For scars? That's ridiculous. I have scars." Erza pointed out, pointing to some faint lines on her abdomen and arms before moving her leg to show one along her shin.

"Me too." Mira turned around and moved her hair to show a few along her back, "Any Mage without scars from their career probably isn't doing a good job."

"Or are really good at their job." Erza countered as they all shrugged in agreement, "Plus even if they did kick you off, what would happen then?"

"Yeah? Would they just do a special with only us two in it?"

Erza and Mira laughed at the hypothetical situation they imagined.

But Naruto and Gildarts looked the girls over in their bikinis and realized they were right to check beforehand.


"Yes, Mira-chan, yes! The camera loves you! You're perfect, baby!"

The white-haired beauty lounged back on a towel and bathed under the sun. With a flash, she was then on her back, the strings of her bikini undone to show her bare back. And with another one, she was smiling at the camera and giving it a flirtatious wink.


"Erza-chan, you're gorgeous! Simply wonderful! Yes! More!"

The Fairy Queen emerged from the water, throwing her head back and sending her hair out like a whip. The light of the camera and the sun sparkled off every droplet of water that stayed upon her body. And Erza gave the camera a mature, mysterious look as she pulled her hair over her shoulder.


"C'mon, Naruto-chan! We need more! More power! More shine! Women want to be with you! Men want to be you and be with you! Give them want they want!"

Naruto spiked a volleyball that had been served by one of the crew. And slid through the sand to knock it up before it hit the ground. Once he was done he stood up, sand and sweat glistening on his chest as he wiped his cheek and grinned at the camera.


"Yes! Gildarts-chan, you've got the wise wanderer look down pat! Oh, I bet the ladies just love you!"

Gildarts walked along the beach with his jacket slung over his shoulder. The sun shined as he passed by. And some interested young ladies giggled and waved at him as he sent a charming smirk their way.


"And I'm spent." Worhall sighed as he tossed the camera aside and walked away, "I'm going to take a break and recharge. Be back for a few rounds later."

"I…t-there was no reason for him to phrase it like that."

"Guys, you were awesome!" Jason said in excitement as he ran up to the Fairy Mages, "Worhall-San is going to take a quick break and during that time I think we would like to ask you a few questions."

"That sounds like fun. Ask away."

"Alright, so there is so much people would like to know about the S-Class Mages of Fairy Tail! The Hunter! Titania the Fairy Queen! The Demon! You guys are legends in the magic community and your names have spread far and wide! But some of our readers would like to know how you gained your famous nicknames in the first place."

Naruto, Erza, and Mirajane all stood silently and looked up in thought...

Erza was the first to answer, "Honestly I'm not sure how I got my nickname. I was just going about my day and I heard people call out to me with the name Titania. I thought they were calling out to someone specific before I realized they were referring to me." She tilted her head, "I think it might have had something to do with me warning the members of my guild of any problems they might have but I don't think that would be enough to earn a nickname."

Erza didn't quite realize the force and severity of her warnings came across with when she spoke to the members of the guild. And from the outside, that command and presence made her almost seem like the leader of her guild. So in time, people started to recognize her as a queen among the rowdy and powerful guild members she could bring to heel with just a few words.

Naruto rubbed his chin, "I think me and Mira got our nicknames a lot sooner than you did. I think I got mine in the first few years I was in Fairy Tail. Although I don't know why. Like was someone watching me camp in the forest and thought I was hunting game? Did they think I was part of one of those Hunter guilds I see now and then? I have no idea but the nickname Hunter kind of stuck with me after that."

When Naruto was first starting as a Mage in Fairy Tail, many of his first jobs involved tracking down lone Dark Mages or criminals spotted in certain areas. To make an impression on his new guildmates and the people around him he put all of his focus into making sure he did the job right. So whether it was waiting in a stakeout for most of a night or following a crew from one town to another he would eventually find his man and strike them down. That kind of wild tenacity is how people started to see him as a man that tracked down and hunted his prey to completion.

"And as for me, my nickname is simple. They just started to call me Demon because that was the style of magic I used." Mira smiled charmingly with a hand to her cheek, "There's not much else to tell about it honestly."

She tried to play it off as just being a name based on her magic, but anyone who knew her as a kid knew that was wrong. When Mira was still an active Mage, she was ruthless when she went on jobs. The people who hired her cowered in fear when she would nearly bust down their door either to inquire more about the job or to tell them that it was finished. The terror she wrought as she grew older and even more powerful was enough to strike fear into the hearts of anyone that saw her coming.

"Pfft, nicknames." Gildarts scoffed, "That was such a weird little fad that's been gaining momentum over the last few years. When I started as a Mage you didn't get a cute moniker while you were doing your job. You just focused on the job and carried on."

"That's funny because I know you have a nickname."

"I do?"

Erza hid her smile as Naruto grinned widely, "Yep. You're called the Walking Calamity."

"Oh?" Gildarts perked up a little, "That's a pretty cool name. I like it!"

Erza giggled, "You shouldn't. Mahiro told us that was your designation in the Magic Council because you cause more damage than everyone else combined."

Mira snorted and covered her mouth as Naruto fully laughed and pointed at the older man's frowning face. Gildarts pouted and crossed his arms, "Nicknames suck."

"Ah, it's so cool to meet people with names in the magic world!" Jason excitedly jotted it all down, "Naruto-San, Erza-San, you two have been dating for a while now, right? Is there anything you can tell us about your relationship?"

"What do you want to know?"

"The things our readers want to know; when did you start dating? What does a date look like between two famous S-Class Mages? Who confessed first? Is one of you the jealous one in your relationship?"

Naruto chuckled and shook his head, "Okay we don't need to go any further. Some of this stuff is ridiculous anyway. Erza and I trust and respect each other enough-"

"Naruto's the jealous one."

"-that we - THE FUCK?!" Naruto immediately turned on Erza after her quick comment, "What do you mean I'm the jealous one?!"

"Just that. That you are the jealous one."

"I am not!"

"Pfft," Gildarts laughed, "Oh Naruto, did you become a jealous little bitch while I was gone? Hahaha, for shame!"

"I-I did not!" The whiskered blond argued as his cheeks started turning red in indignation, "There's no way I'm the jealous one!"

"Well, you were quite cross when Edolas Laxus and the others commented on the armor I was wearing."

"We were in the middle of a serious situation! We had to focus!"

Mira continued, "And I hear you got annoyed when everyone was cheering during the Miss Fairy Tail competition!"

"I was just so excited my grip cracked the table! Sue me!"

"This is a bad look for you, kid." Naruto turned on Gildarts as the smarmy man smirked and chuckled at his expense, "I mean if you're the jealous type, imagine how bad it'll be when everyone picks up these issues and starts tossing it-"

"ENOUGH!" He quickly exclaimed so loudly it reverberated across the beach, "Can we please just move on?!"

"Um, okay?" Jason quickly wrote something down before continuing, "Naruto-San, you've had metal over that arm of yours for years now, right? After it was gone did you have a hard to get accustomed to your weakened state?"

"Weakened state?"

"Well yeah," Jason nodded, "A human arm is a lot weaker than a metal one, isn't it?"

"I'm not in a weakened state just because of my arm!" The blond quickly defended himself as he flexed his left arm, "Granted it was a lot thinner and weaker when it first changed, but now it's just as strong as my right arm! No loss of power or strength at all!"

"Kid, you don't need to save face so pitifully." Gildarts tried to comfort his young friend. And didn't say that with a shit-eating grin on his face that immediately got on Naruto's nerves, "So you're weaker now. No shame in that. People can appreciate when someone shows vulnerability."

"Oh, that's it." Naruto threw his arms down in a huff before looking around, "You wanna see for yourself?"

Naruto immediately stepped between Erza and Mirajane as the two women looked at him oddly. He knelt down and immediately lifted them with one hand each as they let out a shriek of surprise.


"Naruto! What are you-"

"Check this out!" Naruto said with a smirk as he easily balanced both women atop his hands while they were raised over his head. The crew working on the setup for the next batch of photos saw this feat and watched in amazement before they started taking pictures, "No magic needed! I'm way stronger now than you'd ever believe!"

Erza sighed as she crossed her legs and got comfortable sitting in his palm above everyone, "You shouldn't let his little provocations get you to act crazy. If he can rile you up like this then he'll always be the adult getting a rise out of the kid you used to be."

"C-Careful!" Mira was a lot less comfortable in this position, trying to stay balanced in his hand, "Watch it! And where do you think your hand is?!"

Gildarts looked at the display of strength and nodded in approval, "Pretty good. Not a bad kid. You've come a long way since the brat back then." He said as he walked around Naruto and stood behind him.

With a yell, Naruto was lifted off his feet and Gildarts held him up in the air with just one hand. The crew clapped and cheered as the oldest S-Class Mage smiled to the flash of cameras, "Not bad kid, but you still got a ways to go before you can compete with me." With a casual flick of his wrist, he sent Naruto, Erza, and Mira flying away until they were planted into the sand, "Come see me when you wanna join the major leagues."

Erza groaned and lifted herself while rubbing her backside, "He realizes we were up there as well, right?"

"I think so," Mira groaned as she wiped the sand off her chest, "I just don't think he cared." She noticed Naruto moaning and rolling around on the ground, "Naruto, are you okay?"

"He lifted me with a wedgie." Naruto hissed as he rubbed his butt and crotch, "Oh god, I think my swimsuit dug into me. Oh fuck, nothing feels right."

"I'd say poor baby, but you get what you deserve."


"And you're not jealous at all?"

Erza looked up to Gildarts, "What do you mean?"

"I mean it's pretty easy to point the finger at your boyfriend and say he's the jealous one, but what about you? Any dark urge to pull him in and never let go?" Gildarts prodded with a smile before pointing over to the photoshoot where Naruto was lifting Mira on his shoulders as they laughed, "Anything rubbing the wrong way seeing him be playful with another beautiful-"

"Gildarts, I'm not as easy as Naruto. If you want to get a rise out of me, you'll have to do a lot better than that."

"Ah man, when did you kids get so composed? I remember like it was yesterday that you brats would hang off every word I said and believe whatever I told you."

"Are you reminiscing about the old days now? My, you are getting old."

Gildarts scoffed and waved off her ridicule before making his way over to a chair. With a grunt, he fell back into it and then hissed before he rubbed his leg and knee. Erza took notice and sat down in the chair beside him, "Are you alright? Does it hurt?"

"Meh, it's fine. You kids need to stop worrying so much. I came back alive and well."

"Yes and also maimed. Don't ask us not to worry about you after you've gotten hurt." Erza quickly reprimanded the older Mage, "Is the pain acting up in your joints?"

"You know it?"

"Naruto's shoulder used to ache now and then when he fought extra hard. Which happened pretty much all the time because he never knows when to slow down. I'd tell you to take it easy but you've never been one to stop doing whatever it is you wanted to do, have you?"

"Nope, and that's just how I live." With a quick chuckle, he leaned back in his seat, "It's crazy to think I'm back home so soon."

"I know it's a faux pas to unveil secrets about an unfinished job, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested to know what the 100-year quest had to offer."

Gildarts smiled with a chuckle, "Who knows, maybe you'll take up the job yourself one day."

"I don't think so." She quickly answered, "Putting aside the fact I'm not sure I'm strong enough to handle it if taking it means leaving the guild for so long then I'm not sure I would be up for it. If I missed Koyuki growing up, or Mahiro coming home, or everyone becoming stronger and better Mages then I don't know what I would do."

"Well, I guess we'll see. And also; you don't think you're strong enough? Pfft, no use trying to play the humble card with me, kid." The two shared a quick laugh as they watched the camera flash around Mira as Naruto rubbed suntan lotion on her back, "Speaking of Mahiro I saw her again when I landed in Hargeon."

"You did? How was she?"

"Good. Handling the job the Magic Council gave her with serious focus. When she found out I was back but badly hurt she sat with me for a night."

"Tell me you didn't try to do anything."

"I joked but I'm pretty sure I would have flatlined if I convinced her. No, we just talked most of the time. She told me about what had happened with the guild while I was gone. I told her about what happened on the job. She even told me a little about Koyuki's dad."

"She told you about him?" Erza sighed, "That must have been one deep talk."

"You know about him?"

"Of course I do. Mahiro told me a few stories. They seemed to get on very well before he started taking a turn and becoming a risk for them being around. I know it must have been hard for her but for both her sake and Koyuki's I'm glad they ran away from him."

"Does Koyuki know?"

"Not yet. We're waiting until she's older and can understand things a bit better before telling her. It's something very important, and we want to make sure we approach it as best we can. She's our little sister, and we want her to know that even if she doesn't have a father, she is loved and adored by her family."

"Heh," Gildarts reached over and patted the redhead on the head, "You kids…have come a long way while I was gone."


Mira dragged some sand over her foot and made a makeshift sandcastle. She looked up and saw Erza standing across from Gildarts as they both took stances for battle. He had his fists raised and Erza had her Excalibur and Kusanagi in hand to make it seem like they were about to trade blows.

Thankfully it was just a setup because if that happened then Akane Beach would be wiped off the map.

Mira looked up from her rough sandy creation and noticed Naruto focused on a scroll in his lap. She looked over and saw it covered in writing and illustrations, "Is that the same scroll you had Levy translate for you?"

"Yeah, it's something I got from the me in that other world. It'll help me learn how to use a super powerful technique he used on me."

"I talked with Erza about it earlier but again; it is insane that you met and fought another version of yourself. And you got to learn a whole new attack from him too!"

"Yeah…" Naruto looked up from the scroll and stared across the beach in silence. He sent Mira a quiet but thoughtful look before holding out his hand, "This isn't all I got from my other self."

With a concentration of his Copy magic, he summoned the imprint of the photo back into his hand. And as Mirajane got a look at it her eyes widened. She immediately recognized the small boy in the center as her friend only with two blue eyes. But what immediately drew her attention were the man and woman on either side of him, "Are these…"

"Yep. Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. That was their name."

"Wow," Mira gently took the photo and stared at it in stunned silence, "They're so beautiful. And man, you take after them, don't you?"

"You think so too?"

"Uh-huh." Mira nodded with a warm smile before passing the photo back to him. And as she noticed the faint but melancholic smile on his face she knew something was wrong, "I'm guessing you've been thinking about them?"

"Yeah. I mean I'm with the guild and they're the only family I need. And if these two were my parents then I'm guessing they're gone now. The other me told me that his parents died fighting to protect our village so it probably happened to mine as well. And if that's true then that's it. Nothing more to think about."

"Except you can't stop thinking, can you?" He quietly shook his head, "Did you tell Erza about this?"

"She said she understands better than anyone. When she first set out from the Tower, all she wanted to do was find her family. And when she joined Fairy Tail she originally wanted to keep looking for them. When I had to tell her what happened to her parents I knew I was putting an end to that dream she had pursued so long. So she knows what this feels like…but…"

He sighed and scratched his head, "I never even thought about this before. All my life the thought of my parents only brought up nameless, faceless shadows that never had any impact on my life. I thought they just abandoned me or gave me up and died. Now…" He held up the photo, "Now they have names and faces and I have an idea of what they were like. And there's nothing I can do about that now."

Mira reached over and pulled his head in to rest on her shoulder. She patted his hair gently, "I'm sure you'll find the answer you're looking for. I know it feels complicated and meaningless without a lead, but the fact you're here is because they loved each other and they loved you. In some way."

Naruto closed his eyes and appreciated the way she tried to ease his concerns. He smiled and lifted his head, "Thanks, Mira."

"And hey, if it'll take your mind off it," Mira stifled a giggle before pointing over at Erza, "T-Try not to think about the fact you unconsciously acted on an Oedipus complex with your mom."

"Ew, Mira!" Naruto looked at her in disgust, "We don't even know my mom! Can you please not go assuming she's got a weird thing going on down there!"

"Oh my god - I love having you as a friend!"


The two male S-Class Mages simply stood in silence and watched the photoshoot intensely.

Moments of Erza and Mirajane splashing water at each other.

A picture of Erza sneakily undoing Mira's string while she protested.

The shot of Mira rubbing oil on Erza.

Gildarts took a deep breath, "I can't say anything about this because it would just be weird. But you on the other hand are the same age and dating one of them. What do you think?"

"Shut up, Gildarts."

"Your girlfriend…getting washed up and frisky with your friend…in front of a crowd. I imagine-"

"Shut up, Gildarts!"

"You're gonna wanna cross your legs too." The blond man growled and started grinding his teeth…before actually crossing his legs and glowering off to the side, "Ah relax kid, I'm just poking fun."

"I know. I'd be madder if you weren't a crusty old fart trying to get some joy back in your life."

"Ah, there he is! There's the mouthy little shit I remember!" Gildarts punched him in the shoulder and Naruto chuckled as he rubbed the spot. As they looked back at the girls getting their photos taken, Gildarts asked, "So how exactly did you and Erza finally end up together?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"I leave with you two awkward losers fumbling over being around each other and saying nothing. I come back and you're still awkward losers but you're dating. I gotta know what happened."

"Well, there's not much to tell. Erza and I were out on a job and traveling out from the guild. We talked. We argued. We yelled at each other. Then she told me she loved me before a storm suddenly came rushing in."

"Oh, so she was the one that took the first step?"

"Yep, can't argue that. So we went to a room, all soaked and fired up. We talked a little more…and then…" Gildarts leaned in towards his face with raised eyebrows before Naruto looked away, "Do I even have to say?"

"Wow~." Naruto groaned as Gildarts smirked, "She got you on the first date? You're pretty easy, aren't you?"

"Shut up. After that, we got back to the guild and we just knew we wanted to be together. And we've been together ever since." After he finished he waited to hear the cocky retort from Gildarts. But as almost a full minute passed he looked at his orange-haired elder, "Well? No joke? No jab? Nothing?"

"Honestly I'm just glad you two finally realized how perfect you were for each other." He patted Naruto on the head with a smile, "I wish you the best, kid. She's a keeper, and when you find the perfect one you better make sure not to lose her."

"What makes you say that?"


"Well, you two look chummy." They looked up as Erza stood over them, her arms folded under her chest with an amused smile at their quiet bonding moment, "Hope I'm not interrupting."

Naruto quickly shooed Gildarts hand away, "Nope we're all good. What's going on? Did you finish your shoot?" He looked over her head and saw Mira still doing poses while Worhall and the others took pictures, "They're letting Mira go solo?"

"They requested it. Mirajane is the poster girl of Fairy Tail and the most popular model in Sorcerer Magazine. It's no surprise they would request the chance to take photos with her."

Naruto frowned and crossed his arms, "Pfft, you'd be a great model. I bet an issue with you on the cover would sell just as much as hers."

"I appreciate the thought, Naruto, but I don't think so." Erza patted her boyfriend on the arm before looking back at Mira as she laid back on her hands and effortlessly charmed the people around her, "Mira is just too capable at this sort of thing to be outdone so easily. Her charm. Her wit. Her appearance and body. She's enamored everyone who has seen her on the page and I can hardly blame them."

When things got quiet Erza looked to Naruto and Gildarts for a response. And she was quite unsettled when she saw the wide-eyed, almost expectant looks on their faces as they stared at her, "What?"

A cough escaped Gildarts, "That's - uh - that's quite the observation for you to have, Erza. Any reason you would be thinking about her like that?"

"Nothing despicable, like what's on your mind I'm sure." She immediately rebuked…before looking aside with a faint flush of pink on her cheeks, "I-I just…you know…had a dream once or twice…or a few times."

"Naruto, you need to sit down and cross your legs."


"Hey, quiet on the set! We're trying to-"


All attention turned further down the beach where screams could be heard echoing in the distance. The Mages immediately rushed forward to find the source of the commotion.





The Fairy Mages arrived and saw a giant octopus breaching upon the beach and swinging its arms around like crazy. People screamed and ran away in every direction as the giant sea creature surveyed the sands and the people around it.

Naruto looked up at the creature in stunned silence, "What the hell is that thing?"

"An octopus?"

"I know that, stupid! I'm asking why it's so big and why it's here on the beach?!"

"Naruto-San, I think I know!" The S-Class Fairies looked back as Jason chased after them. Once he saw the giant monster he had his camera out at the ready and quickly informed them, "It's the Terrorizing Tako Stripper! It's a sea monster that causes havoc by targeting swimmers and people on the beaches near its home! I-I hear they make a sound that sounds an awful lot like laughter as they strip people of their swimsuits so they can be nude! It's their desire because they think wearing clothing in the sea is strange and unnatural compared to how they do things!"

They all paled in disgust as Erza leaned away and Mira instinctively covered herself, "Ew."

"Erza! Mira! Stay back!" Naruto quickly warned the two as he and Gildarts stepped up to face the monster looming over them, "We won't let this thing touch or degrade you!"

"Yeah, we can't go letting our girls get shamed like that." Gildarts said with a smirk, "So let's send this thing-"

An arm landed on both men's trunks before they could finish. And their hands immediately shot down to hold on for dear life when they felt a pull start to apply to their swimsuits.

They all looked back at Jason for an explanation-

"W-Well, the Takos have a personal preference and everything. Some like girls and some like boys. It's impossible to know and we really shouldn't assume."



As Naruto and Gildarts struggled to hold on to their trunks, Erza and Mira shared a look and nodded. They rushed in, weapons appearing in the redhead's hands as the barmaid's body changed with her magic. Erza sliced off the arms pulling on her boyfriend as Mira ripped off the one harassing Gildarts. Once both men's innocence was safe, the two women stood side-by-side and aimed their fury at the octopus.

"Stay away from them, you filthy cephalopod!"

"The only ones that get to traumatize our boys are us!"

The giant octopus let out a startling sound as its arms flew out at the girls with the intent to attack. They separated and made quick work of the octopus' arms before all that was left was the large bulbous head at the center. Erza and Mira stood before the terrified, armless octopus before they stepped aside-

And made way for Naruto and Gildarts as they charged in. The octopus squirmed in panic as both men chambered their fists and roared, "NO TOUCHING!"

With a synchronized punch, the male Fairies sent the center of the octopus flying into the sky until it was just a sparkling star in the distance. Once it was gone, Naruto and Gildarts lowered their fists while Erza sent her weapons back and Mira dissolved her demon form. And after their quick and easy victory, the Fairies turned around to see a crowd of thankful beachgoers and the flashing camera lights of some of the crew that came to see them.

As they basked in the cheers of the crowd, Naruto let out a breath of relief, "Thanks for the help girls. I get the sinking suspicion this issue wouldn't have been sold to everyone if you didn't step in and help us."

"Of course we would help you." Mira said sweetly with a smile, "Even if I have the sinking feeling you wouldn't have done the same for us."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Oh come on," With a lift of her arms under her chest, Erza sent a look towards her boyfriend, "You don't think you would have stood aside and stared if it was Mira and I being stripped of our swimsuits?"

"Well Naruto, we're waiting?"



"Well I wasn't planning for my photoshoot to be interrupted so I guess we're done!" Worhall said petulantly as he tossed his camera aside with a groan, "If the models won't even stick around then I'm calling it a day!"

"S-Sir!" Jason called out to the director as the sun started to set, "Please don't get all upset like that! Didn't we have more pictures to take?!"

Naruto crossed his arms in a huff, "Geez, you'd think he wasn't happy with us trying to help people."

"Uh, Worhall-San is incredibly stingy about his shoots." Mira explained, "He doesn't like being interrupted or ignored when he's in a groove. If he is he pretty much ends the shoot that moment and calls it a day."

Gildarts shrugged, "Well that's lucky. If we make our way back now we should make it to Magnolia by-"

"Hold on!"

Everyone stopped as Erza called out and silenced their discussions in an instant. With purpose, the redhead marched forward and called out to the eccentric photographer, "Why didn't Naruto and I get a partner shoot? The rest of us mixed and matched, but the two of us together never happened."

"Yes, you ran off to fight the dumb squid or whatever!"

"It was an octo-"

"I said whatever!" The eccentric photographer whined, "And if you're so much more concerned about fighting than being in my photos then so be it! Honestly, I didn't see much passion or spark between you that would have made for a good-"

A slew of swords, spears, axes and all kinds of weaponry landed on the beach in a semi-circle to block the crew from escaping. Erza stared at Worhall with a death glare, her eyes covered by her hair and glinting under the shadow, "Pick up your camera. Now. You want passion and sparks?" She turned and grabbed Naruto by the wrist, "Come on."


"They want something spectacular - we'll give them something spectacular."

"E-Easy! Erza easy!"

As she dragged her boyfriend over to the side of the beach, the weapons she summoned disappeared into her Requip. Jason gulped and looked to his boss, "Worhall-San, what will-"

"Never had the talent barked an order at me like that." The eccentric director snatched the camera out of his hand, "I don't expect much but if she's going to try then I'll see for myself. Everyone, get set! One more photo op!"

Gildarts and Mira watched as Erza dragged Naruto over and got them ready by the cameras. As Gildarts tilted his head in confusion, Mira let out a hearty laugh and tried to cover her mouth, "Of course, Erza would startle Worhall-San enough to get him to take a picture. It could be no one but her."

"And there he goes, letting himself get dragged off at his lady's pace." Gildarts chuckled, "That boy is going to be whipped in the future."

"You think so too?"

"I know so."

"Yeah, seems obvious."

They smiled as they watched the couple get into position as the flashes of the camera started to go off around them. As they got into another position, Mirajane giggled, "I couldn't stop grinning when I realized they finally got together. I think they're so cute."

Gildarts hummed, "I don't know about that, but they do look pretty good together."

The two S-Class Fairies stood aside and admired the couple as they switched positions again.

And again.

And again.

"O-Oh my." Mira covered her mouth in shock and blushed.

Gildarts whistled, "Damn."

"S-Sir, I don't know if we can publish pictures like this in a public issue! W-We may get in trouble!"

"I'll work it out with the higher-ups! This is gold! I was wrong! They must! Be! Captured!"

And so the photoshoot continued with renewed vigor.


Erza pinched her skin as she sat on the bed. With a small look of worry, she looked back at Naruto as he stretched his arms, "I'm not burned anywhere, am I?"

"No, you're fine." He answered while letting out a mighty yawn. After the photoshoot was done and they made it back to Magnolia, it was well past midnight. Koyuki had been prepared to stay at Fairy Hills if they took too long to get back, and so the exhausted couple was barely staying awake and ready to turn in.

As Naruto toppled over in the bed and mumbled, Erza stood up and made her way out of the room, "I need a glass of water. Be back in a moment."

"Kay~." He mumbled as his eyes were closing over and he started to drift off. Any moment now he was going to drift off and let the exhaustion-

The lights suddenly went off. Something shot towards him in the dark. He sat up in a start and tried to attack but the assailant grabbed his wrist and pinned it down. Their foot shot up and stuck his other arm to the bed. And their hand settled around his throat and coiled to make it clear they were in charge.

If he surged his magic or chakra he could probably buck them off. But if they were this fast and capable then any movement he made would-

The hand around his neck lifted and reached over to the lamp at his side. They flicked it on and illuminated the darkness of the room.

Naruto stared up in shock at the stern-faced redhead in the Royal Army Commander attire. He thought for a moment that Knightwalker had somehow crossed worlds and found his house. But when her hair moved aside he noticed her brown and blue eyes looking down at him.


"That's Commander to you, worm." She snarled out viciously before shifting her position so that she was straddling his chest, "I don't need to hear you yammer on or waste your breath. We're here to do one thing and one thing only."

"And what exactly would that-"

"Quiet." She said in a threatening tone, "I just said I don't want to hear you talk." Erza quickly stood up and overshadowed him on the bed. Grabbing the edges of her skirt and attire, she pulled it down and wiggled her hips around to help them slide off. And also to give him a show as his breath caught at the sight of her shaking waist. Once it was off her lower body was completely bare as she reached down to spread her lips, "There's only one thing I want from you."

Naruto quickly nodded his head in excitement and used his elbows to lift his position-

"No," She immediately kicked his arms out so he was lying on his back with his head on the pillow, "No propping yourself up…and you can't use your hands. Just focus…right here…"

Erza's knees lowered to either side of his head and his mouth suddenly was filled with her pussy. The gorgeous redhead caught her breath and smiled seductively down at the head of yellow hair by her crotch, "Good, now I don't have to tell you what to do next, right?"

With his fatigue forgotten and renewed vigor, Naruto's tongue ran along the lips and folds of her pussy. Erza's breath caught and she shivered as she felt his tongue eagerly slip in and start running along her walls. The redhead moaned as one hand settled on the headboard while the other held the crook of her back.

Naruto's hands dug into the bed as he desperately tried to avoid grabbing her. Holding her waist in place so that he could plunge his tongue in even further. Squeeze and massage her ass while he ate her out. He wanted to do all these things, but Erza had given him an order and he wanted to try and follow it. So even though he wanted to grab her and take some control, he knew he had to work harder.

"Ah!" Erza gasped as she felt his tongue stretch in and roll against every corner of her insides. He knew where to aim, and the Fairy Queen couldn't help but let out a sound every time he ran his tongue along her most sensitive spots. Her lower body twitched and she felt like she was melting but kept up the act, "That's good work so far. But you're going to have to do better than that if you-"

He pulled his tongue and mouth back before leaning up and running them along her clit.

A wave of lightning ran across her nerves and caused Erza to almost lose her breath. Her hips bucked and rubbed against Naruto's face as he continued to prod her clitoris and earn such a powerful reaction. Erza felt like something was building up, and if she didn't make a move then she was going to lose control. So before his tongue and mouth could go any further, she reached behind her and grabbed his crotch. His grunt let her know she had gotten his attention as she started running her hand up and down on his shaft.


"Oh, look at that." Composing herself and regaining the act she was putting on, she pulled his dick out and started jerking it, "Did you get hard while eating me out? A bit too eager, aren't you?"

"I can't-"

"Don't make excuses." Erza stood up and lifted herself off Naruto's face, trying not to notice the sheen on his nose and lips as she did. As she stood over him on the bed she undid the clasps of her chest armor and tossed it aside so that she was fully naked. She knelt and faced away from Naruto as she straddled his waist, "But since you're already at attention…"

She lowered herself completely and sheathed his cock in her pussy. Erza let out a faint moan as Naruto let out a louder, guttural grunt. She smirked victoriously as she started to grind her hips along his waist and draw his dick back and forth inside her. Each time it did she felt him drag through her pussy and send tingles of pleasure through her system.

The sounds of him gasping and grunting as she worked her hips were music to her ears. Something about knowing that she could excite and get him to react like this sent shivers of pleasure up her back. Erza closed her eyes and moaned as she cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples, "You like that, right maggot?"

"Y-Yeah, I-"

"No, no more talking. I don't want to hear you say another word." Erza moaned, stopping her grinding for a moment as she started swinging her hips from side to side. The groaning Naruto let out filled her ears as she gasped feeling him hit different spots when she did this, "You just have to sit there while I fuck you. You get the honor of being my fuck toy as I work out my orgasm on your cock." She started bouncing up and down on it again, "If you cum before I finish then your punishment will be-"


His hands landed on her hips and started lifting and dropping her on his penis as he thrust his hips up at the same time. Erza cried out in surprise as she felt him reach new depths in the forceful reverse cowgirl she was in. She gasped, "H-Hey, I told you to keep your hands at your side!"

"I can't help it! You make me look at your fine ass and back while pumping me up and I don't get to touch?! Not fair!" Naruto complained as his thrusting started to get more forceful, "And you were talking dirty too?! How do you think I can hold myself back when you do that?!"

"You're going to be in so much trouble," Erza said between her moans as they worked together to get the most out of their movement. With him helping her lift and drop faster as he had some room to thrust as well, the pleasure grew exponentially more wonderful as it went on. Erza squeezed her breasts as she moaned, "Oh fuck."

"Baby, I'm about to-"

"Me too. Me too. I'm going to-"

With a mighty yell, Naruto bucked his hips up and came deep inside her. And with a few more bounces Erza's orgasm came crashing down while she felt him cum inside her. The enamored couple groaned and gasped as they felt their climaxes rise and crash through their bodies. They were left to catch their breaths as Naruto lay on the bed and Erza nearly slumped over.

She lifted her waist and drew his cock out as he sat up to hug her. They gently embraced each other to catch their breath for a minute before they were fine. Erza let out a small laugh before she pulled away from him and smiled, "So what did you think?"

"Role play? And as the crazy version of you we fought in another world?" Naruto chuckled as he wiped some sweat from his cheek, "You are wild."

"Well, I realized I still had her outfit in my space while I was doing some inventory. And then I remembered how much you liked to stare while I was wearing it." He nervously laughed and looked aside, "So I thought you might like to see me wear it."

"And you played into it too. I'm not gonna get punished, am I?"

"That depends." She whispered in a husky voice as she ran her finger along his chest, "Do you want to see what might happen next?"

He grinned and leaned in to press his forehead to her, "Absolutely." Before they could kiss though he pulled back with wide eyes, "Oh…actually, I thought of something too. Something for you."

"For me?"

"Yeah." He scratched his head with uncertainty, "It's something you said earlier. I had an idea but…I'm kinda worried to bring it out."


"Because it's weird, and might make things awkward. But I just wanted to try it."

Erza shrugged, "Well I'll try anything once."


"Sure," She smiled warmly to her beloved, "I love you, so anything you do for my sake will be something I love."

Naruto popped with a cloud of smoke as he used his magic to change his appearance. The smoke faded and the light of the lamp revealed…

Mira sitting in the place where Naruto had been. Erza stared at her boyfriend in silent shock after he had changed forms into their best friend. And with a quiet gaze, she looked over his surprisingly accurate portrayal of her body. From her breasts to her slim waist and flat stomach…

Until she saw the oddity sticking out from between the legs…

"Yeah." She nodded, "This is weird." Erza admitted as she sat across from her boyfriend in his transformed state as their female friend of many years, "Very, very weird."

"Y-Yeah," Naruto nodded as he immediately regretted the decision, "Sorry about this. I don't know what came over me. Let me-"


Erza took his hand and gently pulled his face towards her. She stared at Mira's surprised expression for a moment before shrugging, "I'll try anything once."


And leaned in to pin him to the bed again in his transformed state. As she lay on top of his transformed body, her curves and breasts molding with Mira's, she ran her hand across her face and into her hair, "This is a good transformation. You've been practicing."

"Yeah. B-But not for this."

"Good. Let this be a surprise. Not sure if we'll do this again. But for now-"

They leaned into each other and started going again.


"Whoa, get a look at this one on page 40!"

"Are you kidding, check out the girls on 28!"

"I didn't know those guys were keeping in such good shape!"

The Sorcerer Magazine issue had gone out, and the upturn in copies sold was enough to tell how popular the idea was. Throughout Fiore people had picked up the newest issue and were seeing just what Fairy Tail's proudest had to offer.

"Wow, you all look so wonderful!" Wendy said with a smile as she admired all the pictures that filled the magazine, "These pictures capture you all so well!" The excited young Dragon Slayer gushed with a big smile as she held up the picture of the four of them fending off the giant octopus, "The composition and light are so beautiful! I'm so happy so many people will get to see you four in all your glory!"

Carla sighed, "I am so glad you are enjoying this from a technical standpoint and not for the 'content'…like everyone else is."

Everyone else around the table except for the four models in question were looking over a copy of the magazine.

"Wow! It's not just Mira-San!" Lucy marveled, "Erza! Naruto! Gildarts! These photos make you guys look great!"

"I hear people all around town talking about you guys!"

"I was on a job earlier and they were asking if you lot are just as amazing as your pictures make you out to be!"

The four Fairies all sat and basked in the praise they received. Erza flipped her hair aside and smiled with sparkles in her eyes, "I'm just glad I could help spread the name of Fairy Tail a little with this project."

Naruto raised his chin and rubbed his nose, "Yep, it was all for the sake of the guild!"

Lucy chuckled nervously, "R-Right." She could feel some smug enjoyment coming from them, even if they said it was just for the guild's sake. She flipped the page, "But you know, Naruto, Erza…did your photos have to be so…provocative?"

A picture of Erza crawling over Naruto's body as he lay in the sand, her face close to his chest as if she was hungry for flesh.

Another of Naruto biting down on the back of her swimsuit like he was dragging it down with his teeth while the sun set behind them.

"We had to." The redhead defiantly said while crossing her arms, "We were provoked into proving we were a good pair."

"I'd hardly call what he said a provocation."

"You're right. Closer to a call of war."

"Erza, you need to be careful about what you show in these things!" Makarov warned his young subordinate while thoroughly enjoying the centerfolds and photos he found, "You don't want weirdos getting any ideas!"

"Master, it's quite alright. Naruto and I had a conversation about this and he is totally fine with my picture going out there."

Cana scoffed as she walked by with a mug of booze in one hand and an open copy of the magazine in the other, "What makes you think you're the only one getting attention?" Erza and the others looked at her curiously before she flipped the page, "I mean sure you're plastered all over this thing and you're gonna be the focus of a lot of people's fantasies and splashy dreams for the foreseeable future. But do you know how horny some women can get? And Naruto's on this thing flaunting his body and carrying girls on his arms and dry-humping you. Just think about all the fantasies starring him and the toys they'll be named after him after seeing-"

There was a loud crack that echoed through the guild and silenced everything.

Everyone looked over to where Erza's hand had dug into the table and nearly cracked it in two. She looked down at her handiwork and quickly pulled back before hiding them in her lap.

With a cheeky grin, he nudged her shoulder, "Now whose the jealous bitch?"

"Shut up."

########Omake: On the Outside 1########

"How are you feeling? Do you want to take a break?"

"Oh no, I'm fine." He said as he rubbed the spot where his Reformation Metal connected to his missing leg, "It's still just something I have to get used to."

"Well, we did only just earn enough money to buy that thing. It'll take a while before you get accustomed. Here, let one of us carry you."

"No," The young man shook his head as he stood up, "I finally have a chance to walk outside. I don't want to miss a moment of it."

"Shô! Wally! Simon!" The three men looked up the path as Millianna smiled and waved. The cat-lover pointed further down the road, "I see a big building over there! I think that's the one we're supposed to go to!"

The former slaves of the Tower of Heaven continued their trek forward and finally spotted the large guild hall holding one of the most famous guilds in the country. Shô breathed a sigh of relief, "We finally made it."

"And you're sure this is the one?" Wally asked Simon.

"Yes," The masked man nodded as he pulled out a piece of paper, "This is the guild Erza and Naruto told us about. We should be able to find it here."

"I'm glad we made it!" Millianna cheered, "Now we can finally ask around! And it has such a pretty name too!"

"Yeah. Blue Pegasus is such a charming and refined name for a guild."

The former slaves stood at the door and pushed in to enter-

"Welcome! How can we be of service?"

They were immediately besieged by a barrage of handsome men and beautiful women on all sides. And at the center of them all was a dignified man with a very strange face and powerful smell. He dragged a rose under his nose and sniffed before winking at them, "Let us be of service~. MEEEENNNNNN~!"

"The outside world is weird."



I want to cover so much ground in the new year. I don't know if I'll be able to but I want to get through the Tenrou arc sometimes next year. I hope you all with join and cheer me on as I try to make my way through one of the most important arcs in the story!

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