Disclaimer: I own my OC character.

OC character: Kudo Jack and Kudo Misaki

Jack: Hello everyone and this is our first...

Misaki: and epic journey...

Both: Selection World.

Jack: Our Author here is very, very, very busy to complete 2 of the Fire Emblem gameboy. But he got no time around to update the story of the chapter.

Misaki: That's sad. But not just this sad, I'm very sad about you going to the journey alone, Big Brother. Why he's the only one who always going on to the journey without me? * Sobs *

Jack: Don't be sad, my little sister. * Hugs * I know you want to go to journey with me. But don't worry, not in Weyard. We're going to the Elibe.

Misaki: * Eyes spark * No way. That mean the Author is going to use me as their stories. Right, Big brother? "

Jack: * Nod * That's right, my little sister. We're going to the Elibe together or until our Author deciding whether stories or not will be upload.

Misaki: ? What do you mean by "deciding the stories"?

Jack: You'll see. Our Author here wants to do our Journey/Adventure or doing Support conversation with the ending between you and me.

Misaki: Really? Well, I'm getting nervous seeing our Support conversation with the ending between male and female. I want to see myself as well.

Jack: So, that's means you and I are agree with support conversation fiction. I also want to see myself too. For being me very popular all girls around me.

Misaki: You couldn't ignored they asking for it when they are our friend. That is why being you with many popular all the girls for becoming their boyfriend or want to married them.

Jack: Oh yeah? I'm not the only one who's very popular around the world. In fact, Misaki, I also saw many boys student trying to get a date with you or becoming their girlfriend. Oh, and also the Rated will become M not K or K+ or T as well.

Misaki: Wait, you don't mean Rated M will gonna be... you know 3 words... make out... or something, I don't know what to say. It's so embarrassing. * Blush *

Jack: This is your first time doing this kind of Lemon. Whether is gonna be in support conversation fiction or our journey as well. Sometimes our Author will making his decision. But I know you're all want to know seeing us getting Lemon thing.

Misaki: Stop saying that, Big Brother. You're making me blushing harder. What if female getting pregnant or something? What about me? Oh, I'm so nervous wanting to refuse but I don't want to and I need to know too.

Jack: As for our Journey/Adventure, the Fire Emblem will gonna 6,7 and 8. But the Author will gonna 7 then 6 cause you're already know why. And finally 8. And also from Weyard will gonna update too but it gonna take long for our Author here busy around.

Misaki: What about our friend Yuri and the other? Won't they also coming too?

Jack: * Shook * No but only at Weyard there. Being me popular by all girls and my sister being popular by all boys. But course, i'm not very interested for flirting girls like that. I just want to get more journey meeting new friends, new enemies and the mystery too. As long as I am adopted son of Kudo family with my legendary sword at my hand. I will crush the darkness within all around it. With my friend and my family and the guild too, will be protect them even sacrifice our life.

Misaki: Jack was right. I'm maybe not like him or our father but I will support them using support magic.

Jack: That's the spirit, my little sister. Well, looks to me our time run short now. So, I hope you reading or watching or I don't know our fiction story and enjoyed.

Both: See you next time!