It's Libros, back from my crazy month at University! I took challenges on my last story, and I should be publishing the responses in the next week or two. This one is in resonse to hopelessromantic0510's request for a little more of a look into why Jason/Nate saved Charlie's life . . . so here it is! I hope you enjoy it. :)

Disclaimer: Seriously, why would I be writing fanfictions when I could make it reality? AKA, I don't own Revolution.

Jason didn't dare to even glace over at Charlie's brother. He could feel the boy staring at him though, and his father's gaze was fierce enough that it couldn't be ignored.

He was in deep this time. He had known from the moment he pushed Charlie off the train. He would be lucky if his father didn't turn him over to General Monroe as a traitor the instant the train arrived. Not that Jason was expecting his father to do that. As much as Captain Neville wasn't strictly his father anymore, he wouldn't allow Jason to die.

"I'm going to go check and see if that explosion did any damage to the train," Captain Neville said gruffly. "I trust you can look after the boy."

The heavy emphasis on the word "boy" made it clear what he thought about Jason's actions, and he stalked out of the train car, leaving Jason to the hungry eyes of Danny. Why the boy was staring so hard at him was an easy guess for Jason, and it wasn't long until the boy spoke up, his voice wondering,

"Who are you?"

And that was the question wasn't it? The answer might change everything. So who was he? Jason? Nate? Son? Traitor?

"Who knows?"

The boy brushed over Jason's odd response as if it didn't really matter, and quickly grew bold enough to ask another question.

"Is my sister alright?"

"She's with your Uncle Miles and she didn't get shot," Jason replied a little sarcastically, "so yeah, I'd say she's alright. Better than we'll be once we get to Philadelphia.

There was a return to blessed silence for a few minutes before another word was spoken, and Jason was forced to turn and face his new headache.

"Why did you do it? Why did you save her life?"

Jason contemplated not answering, just in hopes that the boy would shut up, but his mouth was already forming a response.

"Because people aren't dogs to be put down."

That quieted the boy, but the words forced a wry smile onto Jason's face. Charlie must be rubbing off on him more than he thought. Though he wasn't sure the words he'd given Danny were true at all to him. He'd killed when he had to, and probably would again if he felt it was necessary. So why had he thrown Charlie off the train? Why had her life suddenly meant so much to him?

Her naiveté was charming, but nothing could charm him enough to go against his father. Her simple acts of kindness endeared her to him, but that wasn't enough either. Her innocence, while perhaps being the attribute that drew him in the beginning, and which still drove him to protect her, was not what saved her life this day.

He'd been raised to obey his father's every command. There had been moments of doubt, times when the words "we only punch the bag, not people" would flutter through his mind. But in the end he'd done what his father would want him to.

In the end, Jason could only face the fact that perhaps it was simply because she was Charlie, the girl who had, with a smile and a shy look, made a place for herself in his heart.

Ok. . . the end is a bit cheesy, I'll admit it. Maybe Jason's taken just one too many hits to the head? I'd love to get your thoughts on it, if you have a minute of your time to give to me!