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My name is Samantha. Or I least I thought it was until I died. I died in 2005. I died in a car accident in Illinois (not dissing anyone there by the way) My mom was driving us at 1am to go to my Stepdad's which was a half a day away from where we live. All of a sudden, a car came up behind us or least that's what I would logically think it was anyway. I am 13 and am half Italian. Not on my Mom's side though. On my never-can-talk-about Dad's side. The car came up behind us and KABOOM I died!

I found myself floating along on an invisible current of air. Somehow, I looked down and saw the car. My life. My memories drifting away. Yeah, Yeah I know a child of Hades won't lose their memories when they die blah, blah, blah. Well the memories I had were not my own. They were someone else's inside me. In one memory, I was looking up at an Italian woman who looked like she was from the 1930's or 40's. She was smiling at me and holding out to me a little baby boy. Don't ask me how I knew he was a boy. Well I am just going to say he had a blue blanket. The woman said

"Bianca, you have to hold little Nico. You have to protect him."

Bianca? Who is Bianca? Who is Nico? The woman sounded like I dreamed an Italian woman would. She elongated all vowels, and kind of like Dracula but much prettier. As I floated away, so did all my memories and were replaced with this Bianca. Out of curiosity I took out the mirror that was always in my back pocket for fast make up checks. Don't ask me how I was able to hold it. A child of Hades thing maybe? I honestly don't know. I didn't look like regular old Samantha. I was a lot more Italian looking with luscious dark hair and dark eyes. I looked like the outsider I never was. I started to guess. That I was not Samantha anymore. I was Bianca.