Sorry it took me awhile to write this last chapter. I have been REALLY busy lately. Thanks.


Bianca/Samantha POV

Bianca and Samantha. Fought for their right to own me and I did nothing. I had just come to terms with both of them being with me. Finally Bianca won. She shoved the Samantha part of myself down to the underworld. The lights around me dimmed after the spell and there I stood. Bianca alone. The change wasn't immediate because I took out the little mirror. That I still had in my back pocket and I looked like... Samantha. Nico's face fell. And he teared up instantly. I waited for Annabeth to say something and something she did say.


"I'm sorry it took me so long to finally come back to you Nico." I said in a voice I didn't entirely recognize. And Nico looked up in confusion.

"What?!" He asked

I spoke in my strange voice again, "I finally know whom I truly am." Annabeth figured it out and explained.

"Nico, I think that what your sister is trying to say is that on the inside she is Bianca but on the outside she looks like Samantha."

"Oh." He said and fainted

That is the story we had to tell. I wonder what you all think of me as now?