Title: Secrets

Summary: After Emily comes back from the dead, the director of NCIS Leon Vance, calls JJ and asks if they can help on a case not knowing that there was a connection between one of his agents and a member from the BAU.

AN: For NCIS it will be somewhere in season 9 except Ziva is not dating Ray. The first chapter starts right after "The Thirteenth Step" when Emily finds out from Sean McCallister that Doyle has escaped from prison. Also, I've changed it up a little and she is going to have a photographic memory, so she can remember everything she sees, reads, or hears. I am making Emily younger than she is in the TV show, because otherwise Gibbs is really old. So figure: Gibbs was medium-ish young when he married Shannon (lets say sayyyyy 26). They had Kelly that year, and then when he was 34 Shannon and Kelly died, age 37 when he married Elizabeth. 37 when they had Emily. Then when Emily was 5 Emily and Elizabeth moved to the Middle East. When she was fourteen they stayed as a family for one year, and then at 15 she moved to Israel, but came back for her senior year at Garfield High School, and then went onto Yale. No one knows how old Gibbs is so let's just say he's mid 68 which puts Emily at 31 ish. I know it's not accurate to the real TV show but hey it's a Fan Fic. That's a rough idea at least as far as age goes.

Background: Gibbs was married to Shannon, and they had a daughter Kelly. Three years after they died Gibbs met Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss who was currently working in D.C. They fell in love and had Emily and they are still married, but have a long-distance relationship which works for both. And the rest you'll find out in the story!


Washington D.C.—Emily's Apartment 10:00pm

Emily didn't know what to do. She had just finished her conversation with Sean and she felt lost and scared. Ian Doyle has escaped. How in the hell did that happen? What she really needed right now was to talk to her dad. Sitting on her couch at home she picked up her phone and dialed the familiar number.


"Hey dad" Emily said.

"Hey Em, what's wrong?' Gibbs asked noticing the tension in her voice.

"I just really needed to talk to you" Emily said sighing, knowing that she couldn't tell him what was going on.

"Anything wrong?"

"No just a case that we wrapped up" Emily said knowing her dad would understand

"Oh, I'm sorry Em."

"It's okay. How are things for you in D.C.?" Emily asked.

"It's alright, Dinozzo is still acting like a first grader but I know he just does it to lighten peoples' moods"

"That's good I think?" Emily asked laughing. She knew a lot about his team from the stories he told her, and saw pictures of every member of her dad's team. She had never met any of them because her father's identity was a secret due to the number of enemies they both had, no one knew who her dad was either. It had been that way since the day she was born and only her mom had signed the birth certificate. They lived together as a family until Emily was two-years-old and her mom got a job in the Middle East, but she still got to visit him whenever she wanted if it was safe.

"Yeah, I guess, well sweetie, I was just finished working on my boat for the night, I was going to call Liz before I headed off to bed"

"Alright bye dad"

"Bye Emily" he said before hanging up.

~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

Washington D.C.—NCIS: Bullpen 9:05am

Gibbs strode into the bullpen and saw that his team was hard at work, for once he thought to himself walking over to his desk. Right when he sat down a delivery man walked out of the elevator.

"Uhhh who's Jethro Gibbs?" he asked tentatively

"That's me" said Gibbs standing up

"Uhhh this is for you…" he said handing over the package. Gibbs nodded at him and then the boy quickly left.

"What's that boss?" Tony asked craning his neck to take a better look at the package.

"None of your business" Gibbs said snapping when he recognized the handwriting on the package. The return address was for his own house, and the name was Rose, with no last name. Gibbs swore to himself realizing that something must be wrong with his daughter, Emily, for her to send a package to his work instead of his house. His gut was turning like none other and he knew something was wrong.

"Turn on the TV Tony" he said. Not knowing quite why he told him to, he just had a feeling.

"Why?" asked Ziva suspicious. Gibbs hadn't even opened the package yet which meant that he knew who it was from

"Tony!" Gibbs barked and Tony jumped slightly and then quickly turned on the TV.

A news report filled the screen and the lady said "And in other news we just received word that Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss was killed in the line of duty today in an empty warehouse. Her team at the BAU gives no comment to the matter. Emily Prentiss, is the daughter of the well known US ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss".

Gibbs placed a hand on his desk to brace himself. He felt like throwing up, he was furious at whoever murdered his daughter, and knowing he couldn't do a damn thing without revealing their secret made it even worse. He grabbed the package and stomped to the elevator.

"Where you goin boss?" McGee asked

Gibbs gave no answer and punched the button to the garage. Once the elevator started moving he pulled out his knife and opened the package. Inside he found Emily's photo albums of him and her and sometimes with Elizabeth. One of his dog tags he gave her to hold onto when she was overseas with her mom, and finally a letter. Opening the letter, he started to read:


I'm going to make this quick. I am most likely dead by the time you are reading this, which is now I guess. I want you to know how much I love you and how much of a rock you were for me when mom was being insane and crazy. I know it's been hard on both of us having to keep it a secret but it really is for the best. I'm in big trouble daddy. That is why I am sending this stuff to you. So, if I die no one can ever link us together. I know it'll be hard for you to pretend that I was not your daughter, but please keep up the act; if I fail you may be in grave danger. I can't tell you by whom, because I know you'll stop at nothing to hunt the man down. I love you daddy, don't do anything outlandish please? Keep your team in check and try to spend more time with mom, I know she's not always free and we don't get along but she does miss you. Please dad, know that my death was to protect the people I love. That includes you, mom, and my team.

Love, Emily Rose Prentiss Gibbs

By the time, Gibbs finished reading the page had wet splotches on it from his silent tears. The last time Gibbs had let himself cry was at Shannon and Kelly's funeral. And now his beautiful, strong daughter was dead, and he couldn't even go to the funeral. Gibbs drove home in a daze and soon found himself in his basement, work clothes on and working on his next boat, which would be called "Emily". Gibbs felt his pone rigging, but ignored it figuring it was a member of the team when suddenly, he heard a squeak on the floorboards above him. Grabbing his gun, he made his way silently he walked into the living room when he saw a familiar back.

"Jesus Elizabeth, you could have told me you were coming" he said not sure if he felt annoyed or relieved that she was here.

"I tried, you didn't pick up" she said, "So you heard?"

"Yeah" Gibbs said flatly.

Gibbs moved across the room and pulled her into a hug. Neither person was much of a 'hugger' but in this instance, when they were both grieving the death of their daughter it felt right.

"What happened?" Gibbs whispered in her hair. Elizabeth moved and sat down on the couch pulling Gibbs along with her.

"They didn't say much, even with all of my connections. Basically, Emily was a part of something when she worked at Interpol, and now the man who she locked up escaped and went after her."

"She sent something to me; I don't know when she sent it"

"She probably sent it two days ago, I know that is when she left the team and they were scrambling to find her."

"Yeah I knew she left her team"


"One of the things she sent me was a letter"

"Can I read it?" Elizabeth asked tentatively, she knew Emily and Jethro's relationship was a lot stronger than Emily and hers.

Gibbs nodded and handed her the letter that he had put into his pocket. Elizabeth read the letter and then looked up at him in understanding.

"I always knew that when she died it would be to protect someone she loved; she's always been like that hasn't she?" Elizabeth asked thinking about the time they lost her for two months when she was fourteen.

"Yeahhh" said Gibbs lost in thought.

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