Chapter Two

*Camp Grounds just outside the academy*

Yukio looked up from his clipboard; everyone is here. The exwires sat in front of him in perfect formation, each sporting either a look of fear or a look of excitement.

"Because of the recent attacks, we hope that everyone will stay within the barrier to prevent demon attacks." Yukio called out, "But should there be an attack, I expect everyone to notify me immediately, as the only exorcist available, I will personally deal with the demon."

The exwires nodded and with that, the training began.

*Close to the camp grounds*

Rin watched the barrier and the people within. The exorcist in there must be his brother. Rin sighed; this will be a lot harder than he thought. Mephisto was nowhere to be found, the lower class demons that had followed him would not be a match against Yukio. And then there's his promise. The promise he had made to his mother, promising that he would not harm his brother. But just how realistic was that promise?

"Father said that I should try to get rid of as many exorcists as possible…" Rin whispered to himself. His sword was sheathed; they shouldn't suspect him of being a demon like this.

Just walk over and pretend to have been attacked…The minute they open the barrier to let me through… I'll kill as many exwires as I can.

And so, Rin proceeded with his plan.

"HELP HELP HELP!" he called out before swiftly running through a bush and tripping along the way.

At the sight of Rin, the Exwires and Yukio immediately stood up. The first thing Yukio did was point his gun straight at Rin, whose eyes widened. The exwires prepared themselves, settling into attack positions.

"Wait! WAIT!" Rin shouted, the hand clutching his sword tightened. "You don't understand; I was attacked! I need help, please!"

Yukio's eyes widened. This voice… it was the same one as the demon who killed Togoshi and the others. He quickly pulled out his other gun and prepared to attack before he noticed something. How similar he and the demon had looked.

"Please, I beg of you!" Rin cried desperately. He wasn't going to give up now. If by chance his little brother fired at him, he would break the barrier and kill the rest, but until he was considered a threat to them…

"Okumura-sensei" A girl with short blonde hair said in a soft voice, "He's hurt badly, maybe we should treat him first? He doesn't look dangerous…"

Yukio ignored her.

"Okumura-sensei!" The girl who had stood near the blonde cried out. Her purple hair was tied in pigtails and her eyebrows were simple ovals above her eyes. "He didn't attack us, why are we preparing for attack?"

"Demon…" Yukio had only managed to utter out those words when Rin suddenly screamed.

Rin closed his eyes and with his mind, summoned countless demons to where he was. Attack me, he said to them. The demons hesitated, ATTACK ME DAMMIT! The demons floated around before finally striking for attack. The minute the attacks hit, Rin thumped to the ground and closed his eyes, faking unconsciousness. By now the exorcist and exwires were screaming. Yukio began firing at the small demons that were slowly surrounding Rin, the others followed suit.

By the time the demons had disappeared, Rin was covered in blood and rags. His leg was positioned in an awkward angle. His hair was dismantled and messy.

Yukio announced the camping trip postponed and tried to lift Rin as gently as possible. Rin, who was still fully conscious suddenly, had a thought.

Pretend I'm amnesic and infiltrate the True Cross. Although there's really no reason for that, older brother Mephisto has this covered. But just think of their faces when they're betrayed by one of their own. How delightful… All right, I'll play this game…

*1 week later*

Satan had been informed of his youngest son's plan. To say he was displeased was the least of it. He wants to mingle with the exorcist bunch? Is that all my sons ever want to do? But he didn't stop him. Rin was, after all, his dearest son and vessel. Satan chuckled before pulling his wife close.

"Yuri, Rin's getting close to his brother…" he whispered, "Is this your doing?"

Yuri nuzzled closer to her husband and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"What do you think? They are brothers after all, even if they are of different species, they need to bond." Yuri smiled, "Besides, Mephisto can take care of him."

Satan frowned; Mephisto was definitely not someone he would trust with Rin, seeing how as he himself had betrayed Satan. This would be a show. A fun show, a battle to the death between brothers, that's all.

*True Cross*

Rin chose to finally open his eyes. It had been a whole week. He hadn't dared open his eyes unless it was night time, or when one of his brothers visited him, mostly Mephisto. This time, he was surrounded by a ground of Exwires and an exorcist.

Rin blinked a couple of times, getting used to the light.

"You're finally awake" Someone said.

Rin tried to sit up, keeping his plan in mind.

"Where am I… What the heck?" He questioned to no one in particular, "Who are you people? What are you… who… who am I?"

Someone gasped. Rin grinned on the inside, were they buying it?

"Do you… really not remember?" The blonde girl from before asked. Rin made the best confused face he could muster.

"Remember what? I don't remember anything… What's wrong with me?"

"Seems like you have amnesia," the exorcist at the corner of the room said quietly. Yukio slowly walked over to Rin. "What is the first thing that comes to mind?"

Rin thought for a moment… what could he say that wouldn't give away TOO much? Perhaps his name…? No. Too risky, what if someone remembered a demon Rin? His father had sealed his power away into his sword so he should look human. They shouldn't suspect him… right? Rin grimaced, anything he says could be used against him.

"I was being chased by demons-I don't know why!" Rin said quickly. The enemy of my enemy is my friend right? Maybe if they had a common opponent… "They kept chasing me… so when I spotted your campout, I thought I would be able to get help."

He received sympathetic looks from some of the exwires, the blonde in particular. He was starting to like that girl. My first victim . . . Rin finally found a chance to survey the people around him. His brother obviously, The blonde girl, the girl in pigtails (eyebrows, he decided), this pink head, a small looking monk, A discolored chicken's butt… what the heck?

"Until we can figure who you are… what you are," Yukio announced, "we have decided to enlist you as a pager to help you gain protection."

"Ah!" Rin grinned, "That's wonderful! Although I don't really understand it, but it sounds like fun!"

Yes, what fun it'll be.

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