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The blaring of Sam's alarm clock is what woke him out of his blissful sleeping in. Groaning, he shot out a hand to try finding the snooze button to turn off the offending noise. Not succeeding quickly enough, Sam grabbed the clock and chucked it across the room, ending the irritating blaring sound.

Sam nearly laid back down, but the sound of Bumblebee's set text tone on his phone going off made him sigh and get up to fetch the device.

-11:45 A.M. Meeting Mikeala at 12:00 P.M. Remember?

Sam took about three seconds before remembering his and Mikaela's conversation over the phone last night. They was a new movie out at the cinema that had an one o'clock showing for half price that they both wanted to see and then they were to go out to a late lunch together.

Eyes going wide after looking at the time on his phone again, Sam scrambled off his bed, but tangled his feet up in the mess of sheets in the hasty attempt and fell right back down. After the fight with the sheets, he ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth, comb his hair and get dress. All the while his phone was going off with both Bumblebee's and Mikaela's set text tones.

Zipping up his sweatshirt and grabbing his cell phone, Sam ran from his room and started down the 16 steps to the first floor.

"Sam! What'd I tell you about stomping down or up the stairs!" Sam's dad yelled from the newly remodeled kitchen, where he and his wife were making lunch and having a bit of Merlot. "Sound like a heard of elephants running around." He muttered to himself.

"At least we only have one teenager." Judy told her husband. "The Robinson family have three of them."

"Sorry." Sam yelled back, not hearing his parents conversation, as he flipped open his phone and almost ran out the back sliding glass door.

"Wait, Sam. Did you want any lunch?" She asked, smiling when Sam reappeared in her line of sight. "Or a snack before you go?"

"Um…" He glanced up from his phone to the half full wine glasses and then the clock on the stove as he walked into the kitchen. It was 11:58. "I'm going to be late for this date with Mikeala" And you are drinking… before noon… I'm so going to be gone ALL day.

"Oh. Okay. Make sure you eat something, though." She said, seeming unfazed and went back to putting mustard in a frying pan.

Sam quirked an eyebrow. "O-okay! See ya!" Sam called back as he hastily trotted to the backyard's garage.

"Hey, Bee. You ready?" Sam asked as ran in and jumped in the diver side.

Always late. Always late. Yes it's always the same.* Bumblebee's speakers started playing as Sam buckled his seatbelt.

"Ha. Ha. Funny." Sam said sarcastically but smiling. "Okay let's go pick up Mikaela before we're any later."

And with that Bumblebee drove out of the garage and towards the Banes' residents. Sam let Bumblebee do the driving as he scrolled though the many text messages from his girlfriend.

-Hey. Remember the movie? 1 o'clock?


-I'll leave without u and u know I will.

-U've got 20 mins.

The ride over to Mikaela's house wasn't very long, so it was 12:17 when the yellow black striped Camaro pulled up in front of Mikaela's house. Just in time, Sam thought before he quickly jumped out, ran up to the door, and knocked.

'Still late, but not by much. Maybe…" Sam was cut off from his musings when Mikaela opened the door, giving Sam a glare that could kill.

Sam paled and stammered, "Hey Mikaela. Y-you ready?"

Mikaela's look didn't waver, "I thought it was girls who 'would be late to their own funeral.'"

"Yeah, I mean no…uh…I was…it"

"You slept in, didn't you?" Mikaela asked but already knew the answer.

Sam sucked in a breath and blew it out, "Yeah, yeah I did. I'm sorry, but it's only 12:23. We can still make it." Sam looked up hopefully.

Mikaela still glared and Sam shrunk even more, before she smiled, "Yeah, let's go. You buy the popcorn though!" She stepped pass him and walked to the awaiting car. "Hey Bumblebee."

Bumblebee chirped in response as he opened his door for the girl.

"Oh thank you, Bumblebee. A true gentlemen." She looked pointedly back at Sam.

"Suck-up." Sam mumbled as he walked around the car's front to the driver's side door. Bumblebee only chirped and made a whirl noise in return as Sam got in, started the engine and drove towards the movie theater.

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