Chapter three…I think…yeah! This is chapter three. I'm horrible at dialogue, it's so difficult for me to write so if it's bad I'm sorry.

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The movie was over at it's designated time and Sam with Mikaela came walking out just as the credits started rolling on the episode of the show Bumblebee was watching. Quickly existing the movie watching program, Bumblebee waited for the teens.

They were smiling/laughing as Mikaela recited a funny line from the movie, coping the character's high pitched nasally voice just perfectly. Sam doubled over in laughter as they continued to stroll towards the yellow and black Camaro. Sam clasped Mikaela's hand in his once they calmed down then they let go and got inside Bumblebee.

"Hey, Bee. Hope ya didn't get too bored." Sam greeted the Autobot.

And Bumblebee thought of the movie he'd watched and the conversation with the green and orange set of twins and Bumblebee safely concluded no he had more than enough to occupy his time. So he happily trilled and chirped.

"That's good." Sam was glad Bumblebee didn't get bored and have to wait a near two hours before they got to actually do something today.

"What did ya do while we were inside?" Mikaela asked as Bumblebee started his engine and drove from the parking lot. Sam placed his hands on the steering wheel so it looked as if he was the one driving.

Bumblebee's radio turned on, static sounded at first then a line from the TV show he'd been watching came on.

-I'm not keeping it from you, I just don't remember what happened. I expect someone to come around every corner and say, "Not you again."**-

Sam laughed, "You're on season six already? I guess I can't blame you."

"Yeah, especially that episode. It was on my top five for the funniest. "Mikaela commented.

"So where are we going to eat? I'm starving!" Micheala asked as her stomach growled, making Sam laugh then his stomach growled and Mikaela laughed back. Sam blushed before saying, "We're right near everything. You can pick. I'm open to anything."

"Um… how about Burger King. I haven't had that in a while." Micheala suggested, turning to look at Sam, to see if he agreed.

"Sounds good to me." Sam agreed.

Bumblebee's radio switched to a different station, another quote from Star Trek sounding.

-Heading, Captain?-

"Burger King" And deciding to indulged in the joke, Sam added, "Warp 6, Lieutenant."

Bumblebee making a sound that resembled mechanical laughter, the Autobot hung a hard right, making Sam griped his arm rest to keep from fling in Micheala's lap as did Micheala but to keep from flying out her just rolled down window. Both teens quickly buckled their seatbelts.

. . . .

"Hey, where going to eat inside okay?" Sam told Bumblebee as he pull into the fast food restaurant's parking lot.

Bumblebee chirped in acknowledgement and parked close to the front door of the establishment.

Sam and Micheala chose a table on the patio outside, just in sight of Bumblebee, after they had ordered and got their food. Sam ordered a cheeseburger with a large fry and Pepsi/orange soda for a drink. Mikaela wrinkled her nose at Sam's choice in the mix of his soda, she's ordered a chicken sandwich with a large fry as well, but had Sprite mixed with Pepsi.

The couple ate their lunch while they continued to talk about how funny the movie they saw was, then the conversation turned to options on what they could do for the rest of the day. It was nearing four o'clock so the time eliminated some possibilities.

"Maybe we can go to the junk yard, we can play with Mr. McKay's pool table while Bee drives around or transforms to stretch." Mikaela suggested and Sam nodded, his mouth full of food.

Once he swallowed he replied, "Yeah I think Bee would like that." The he smirked, "Remember when Bee tired to jump one of the huge dirt/trash hills and he over shot his landing. And ended up skidding into that mound of trash, that fell on top of him." Sam re-told the story just ask Mikaela took a drink of her soda.

Mikaela's hand flew to her mouth as she pressed her lips together, to keep herself from spit taking, while she silently laughed and tried to shallow.

Sam just laughed at his perfect timing when retelling that story and the story itself. Bumblebee had transformed while still under all the garbage, so pieces of the trash pile had got stuck in the grooves and joints. The yellow Autobot had spent the rest of that night picking pieces of garbage out of his joints and places between his armor. Two weeks later when Bumblebee went to get his maintenance exam from Ratchet, the doc bot had pulled out a small 'My Little Pony' horse from behind the yellow scouts knee. Ratchet had gave the scout a look that said, 'I curious as to why but I am not sure I'd want to know.' and he'd continued the exam.

As the two ate and laughed about that story, Bumblebee sat in a parking lot re-living that tale and re-living the embarrassment. What the teens didn't know was that Ratchet never forgot finding it and that the medic had a strange sense of humor. The medic would subtlety say something about mini horses or Bumblebee would find the little odd colored pony sitting around their base right in his line of sight. Only Bumblebee and Ratchet ever took notice of it.

Bumblebee knew he'd never live it down, but what made it worse was that the doc bot didn't know how it got stuck there and when Bumblebee tried to explain, Ratchet,with much amuzement, would dismiss him with a 'It's none of my business what you do with the little pony toys, so I don't want to know.'

That left Bumblebee exasperated and resigned to dealing with the medic's sense of humor.

Sam and Mikaela had finished their food and after throwing away the trash and returning the trays, they went out to Bumblebee.

"Ready?" Sam asked as he got in and Bumblebee started his engine.

-Si, mi amigo!- An excited Hispanic voice sounded from Bumblebee's speakers. Bumblebee told himself that he'd not drive the jumps anymore after that incident and he was staying to that, but he still liked transforming or driving aimlessly around.

Sam laughed along with Mikaela as the car and it's occupants drove off the lot.

A/N: I apologize if this is slow going, I just write what comes to mind and it goes off track sometimes, but I promise the next chapter will be very exciting or at least humorous.

** That line is from season six episode of Psych called 'Last Nights Gus'.