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Max had never felt more comfortable than with Fang. To her, now was perfect. The orange red glow of the sunset on her and Fang. The willow tree, the beds of flowers, the pillows of grass, and the cliff that overlooked all of Colorados hills and valleys. And she was here with her Fang.

And they never had to go back. Ever.

Max PoV

"Fang, I love it here." I whispered to Fang. I was glad we lived in a tree house.

"You know what I love more than this? You." I wanted him forever. And I was never going to let him go. But night began to fall and I fell asleep in the willow. And Fang carried me down. I was in a house.

Like a real home. With a fireplace and a couch and piles among piles of books everywhere. Fang was sitting in a lay z boy, wearing a tux. And he turned to me.
"You know, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." He smirked. I looked down to see an elegant, but simple white wedding dress. Fang stood up and walked to me.

And carefully wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close to him. I kissed him gently, then harder. Not wanting to let go. He ran his fingers down my bare back. And his wings touched the tip of mine. I released him.

He left the room and out the window I saw him go to the altar.

I woke up, but whispered something I knew he wouldn't hear. "I do, Fang. Forever. Always. To my last dying breath. I will always love you. And I swear I will never let you go.

Fang PoV

Max was beautiful. And the sun set made me see the details in her face. And her brown eyes were clear of worry. Soon it was night and all I wanted to do was make her feel safe and comfortable. I loved her.

And I told her so.

Max soon fell asleep. And I swiftly carried her down our willow. I laid her upon a bed of flowers and grabbed the blanket we usually shared. As I walked away she caught my foot. And mumbled something inaudible, but she let go of my foot and I walked to our willow and leaned against the trunk.

Staring at the huge moon that took up most of the sky, but was cut off by the cliff. I walked back to Max and slid perfectly next to her. But she woke up.

"Max, babe go back to sleep." Her answer to that was gently unzipping my jacket and sliding off my shirt. She started on her own clothes but I stopped her. "Stop taking off your clothes." "Why? You want to that part?"

"I don't really want to take it, too far, not tonight." But we kept our shirts off and held each other and I continued to hold her even while we both slept.

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