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Max PoV

I woke up and found Fang still asleep. I decided this was a good time to fly and find food. Fang didn't know I had wings. And I hardly ever used them. I was born with them. And I escaped from the School. And found Fang. In a mental institute. I rescued him.

And we left the monsters. We happen to stumble upon this clearing and Cliffside. And we've been here for almost eight years. Everyday I went to look for food while Fang slept. And this has worked out fine for eight years. Hes never seen me. And its worked pretty good so far.

But last night seemed like a good time to tell him. Just to show him. And let Fang feel the feathers. I don't want him to not know anymore.

I jumped, and my wings spread around me. Then I let them come in and I dived bombed into a spinning twirl. I opened my wings again and landed gently on a rock. I looked in the trees for a nest or a aquirrel.

Instead it looked more like a mountain lion was about to pounce out of the 20 foot tree in front of me. And it did, just as I suspected. i Flew- or hovered- just out of its reach. Maybe 40 feet away was a deadly spear-looking stick.

I flew in the opposite direction of the stick, and the lion was following me. Good. I swiveled around and the lion hit the cliff wall behind me. I quickly flew to the spear and them it with almost perfect accuracy and I hit him straight in the stomach.

And it died almost instantly. I don't know how I was going to get his back up to Fang. Ive never brought in a catch this big before. I half dragged half carried it to a spot down below the cliff where there was trees up above, but that I was close to Fang.

I carried the beast in my arms like a baby. I was slow to run because of the weight but I began to pick up speed and jumped into the air and let my wings catch air. Then I started to flap my wings.

Fangs PoV

I woke up and Max was gone. I don't know why, but I had the overwhelming sensation that she wasn't ok. But I remembered the harsh brown eyes she always had when she hunted and I figured Max would be fine. I made a small fire and gathered wood from the nearby trees to burn later.

Tonight I'll show Max my wings. I'll make the fire with smaller fires tonight when she goes to get berries.

And, well, do anything she wants. And when she goes ill be cool and ill show her. I put enough wood in the fire to keep it going for a good twenty minutes.

I set off to search for clearing small enough for a picnic but big enough to have fun. After 10 minutes of searching I found a spot, and I began to set up small fires. And maybe after five minutes I found roses and I plucked the petals apart and strew them across the grass.

This was big. Wings. Love. Max. Was I crazy or could this top the day I met Max? I still remember that day 8 years ago. I was in the Hospital, as the scientists called it. When I was three I learned the basics of a knife. By 5 I had already injured 29 people.

And by the age of nine I had already bled more than 90% of people do in their entire lives.

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