Tokyo Stalker

Chapter 1: After

In a world where natural laws isn't nature and material things are but memories, lives a powerful creature. The people know him by many names, but remember him by one. They remember him as 'The Outsider'.

He is ageless and mighty. He grants gifts to those who faithfully interest and serve him. None can oppose him for he lives outside of time. Maybe even the universe. Some say he has the face of a man. Others, a great serpent. Still some persist that he is a whale, but this is speculation. In truth, no one can see him unless he reveals himself to them. Few are graced with this. You have to pique his interest first. Something very hard to do and he knows it. Oh, how he knows it.

The Outsider, in his Whale form, swam through the endless void, bored out of his mind.

'Millenniums have passed and no one...absolutely NO ONE, has lived up to their purpose.' thought the creature, 'Serkonos is well, the oceans explored, and the people complacent. Very boring.'

He moaned, uttering a low growl through the whale's vocal cords. In response, several buildings and people were formed from nothing to show a sculpted representation of the events of the material world. He looked at his creations and turned away in disgust. 'A golden age is born...indeed it has. And now man has taken his rightful place as ruler of the world. He has become strong and requires no aid or gratitude. They've even forgotten about me save for the history lessons they teach their children. I am but a story now to the arrogant being known as Man. Perhaps, like the story, I will fade from all this...yes, detachment is what they want. but then, where will I go?'

Racking his mind for ideas, he plows through several possibilities. Maybe he'll walk among men this time and live as they do and see what they see. But he realized that he'd done that before and it ended unpleasantly. Another idea popped, it was far too simple. flashed.

'How about another world?' He thought with excitement. 'Yes, a world that is interesting and different. But which one? I need to find one filled with story and depth. One where people are desperate for purpose and meaning in their lives.'

He suddenly looks ahead and a floating stone floor appears ahead of him. His whale form disappears into black smoke and suddenly, black smoke arises from the stone floor. Out of it, appears a young, brown haired, white man dressed in a brown coat, blue pants and black boots. He ran his hand through his short cropped hair as 32ft tall, rectangular mirrors appear in a half circle in front of him.

"One of these mirrors should be what I'm looking for." He told himself. "Now which one?"

Each mirror suddenly become portals to a different world. It was like viewing several TVs each showing a different channel. Entertainment was endless. But the Outsider was picky. He wanted only the best. He saw the first few mirrors. Most were set in medieval times. One of which showed a man wearing a horned helmet, shouting at dragons. But with so many divine and demonic forces at work, the Outsider decided against this one. Politics wasn't his strong point.

The next batch was set closer to the time of his home world. One had two blonde boys creating objects using the magic of runes. In fact, one of the boys was clapping his hands together before placing them on a pile of rocks. It flashed blue before turning into a cannon with a badly shaped caricature of the boy's face embossed on the side of the cannon. 'This one seems interesting. But it seems there's no conflict anymore.' thought the Outsider. He looked through more but found nothing good.

He was about to give up until he saw the last batch of portals. One had a world where a woman bent the four elements to her will. Another had girls flying in the sky using propellers attached to their legs. And the last one, was a world where technology was their god and people obeyed its orders or faced the wrath of the local authorities with their high powered guns.

"A difficult choice we have here." said the Outsider. "But, I'm afraid I have my world." He waved his left hand and the mirrors disappeared save for the one with technology. He watched the world for a while and noticed how flawed their system is. "Ah, a system where one can measure criminals by the state of mind. Curious strategy...but flawed if the mind is already happy with the sins he commits." Suddenly, he sees a white haired man sitting in a couch of some hotel. He feels an ominous presence from this man. "One who will change the world. But not for the better. Someone like this needs a counterforce. Someone to complete him." says the Outsider. He smiles and turns around. He stretches his hands outward, and a black smoke forms in the shape of a man. The Outsider drops his hands to the side as the smoke fades to reveal a brown haired, white man dressed in a sharp and stylish black trench coat from the late 1800's. In fact, the rest of the attire was similar in design. From the black vest he wore, to the same colored pants and brown boots. The man looks around in bewilderment and then looks at his hands.

The Outsider crosses his arms, pleased with his work. "Hello Corvo. It's nice to see you again." He says with an even tone.

Corvo Attano gives the Outsider a puzzled look. It was obvious he wanted to know what just happened. The Outsider tells him, "I've used my power to bring you back from death. It was a waste to see someone so fascinating die so early."

Corvo suddenly asks, "Why did you bring me back?"

The Outsider answers, "There's a world I want you to explore for me. It is filled with things made after your time as Queen Emily's Protector. It is also at its turning point."

Corvo notices the portal behind the Outsider. He tilts his head to the side and sees the world his resurrector mentioned. Facing the supernatural being, he gives him a look that asks, 'why?'

The Outsider smiles a bit and says, "Your world is at peace and the people happy with their lives. They've no need for heroes. This world I present, does."

Suddenly, Corvo feels a familiar burning sensation on his left hand. He looks at it and sees the familiar mark of the Outsider. It seems his bridges have been burned. "My place is with the Queen and her mother. I'm done with that life."

The Outsider suddenly appears beside Corvo. He drapes an arm around Corvo's shoulder and says, "Ah, but Corvo, your purpose is clear. You are an Assassin. The greatest one in history after Daud. You saved Dunwall, by sending only the masterminds to their deaths. And you did it all without being seen even once. Having that much power and that much self-control is exactly what makes you special. It is why I chose you. But I will not force you to act. Rather, see it yourself. I will keep the portal open so that you may return whenever you wish. Simply call my name, and the portal will open for you." With that, the Outsider fades into black smoke.

Corvo approaches the portal and sees the new world. He marvels at the many strange and new things. There were machines and sleek mechanical carriages that brought people from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Buildings were tall. Taller than the Lighthouse on Kingsparrow Island. And people interacted with a machine much like the one the Lord Regent used at Dunwall Tower to inform his general and guards. Yet the people were tense and sad. There was an overwhelming feeling of strain and stress among the populace. This feeling reminded Corvo of Dunwall during Lord Hiram's reign but he could not see the source of the oppression.

He heard a clanking sound behind him. It sounded like it hit the floor. He turned and saw Piero's Blade there. He picked it up from the ground and extended the blade to full length. It's black blade had a very slight shine in the ambient light. He twirled the blade in his right hand before sheathing it back in the hilt and tucking it away in his jacket. But as he did, he felt another familiar object there. Pulling out the object, he saw his mask. It brought back a lot of memories. All the hardship and death he and the Loyalists went through to put Emily on the throne. In the end, it was worth it. The people were safe and oppression was lifted. Peace ruled both in the hearts and minds of the people.

Corvo turned back once more to the portal and saw the strange world and felt its turmoil. "Maybe, for just a while." He tells himself. Putting on the mask and his hood, the Assassin walks through not knowing what fate awaits him.


Corvo arrived right in the middle of an empty street. The surroundings were unfamiliar, but the stench of oil, smoke, and dirt filled the air. It was just like home. He saw a nearby map posted on the wall and took a gander. But to his dismay, he couldn't understand the writings or the symbols on it.

"Where am I?" He asked to no one in particular.

Water began to drop over his head. He looked up and rain poured heavily on him. As it did, a short, brown haired, woman in a gray office attire, ran through and accidentally bumped into him. She fell on her butt and exclaimed, "Ah! Sumimasen!(ah! I'm sorry!)".

Corvo looked at her and saw she was different. Her features were softer and her eyes bigger than the people of Dunwall. He truly knew he was in a different world.

the woman stared at the masked man and held her breath. That mask was scary. As she was about to speak, the masked man extended his right hand to her. She looked at it briefly and noticed how large his hands were.

"Are you okay miss?" Corvo asked. The woman woke from her stupor and took his hand while saying, " D-daijobu desu. Arigato.(I-I'm fine. Thank You.)".

He figured she was thanking him and pulled her to her feet. Before he could say anymore the girl bowed briefly and ran through the street. Corvo found her a bit odd. Most people back at home had no reason to rush. If they did, it meant something was afoot. He took a step in her direction and accidentally stepped on a folder. He looked and thought, 'She must have dropped it in the crash.' He picked it up and noticed the word 'classified' stamped in red on it. Ah, a word he understands. 'She must be working for the local government. I suspect she'll need this.'


Corvo managed to follow the girl to a location filled with a crowd and several unusual machines blocking entry into a street. 'Looks like the scene of a crime. What's going on here?' he thinks. He peers over the crowd(something not hard to do) and sees the woman show an ID of sorts to the humanoid machines guarding the entrance to a street. The woman is given entry, and she walks through. 'I'll need a better vantage point.' thought Corvo. Looking up, he finds a building across him. It was just far enough to blink. The rune in his left hand glows, and he disappears, only to reappear on the top of the roof. With a better view, he could see two people in uniform under a small tent. He crouches down and got a good look at the two. One was the woman from earlier, and the other was a black haired man in his mid-twenties. He hid his cold eyes behind his square glasses.

Corvo listened in and heard the woman say a few things. He got the word 'Kansayaku Ginoza'. The man turned to talk to her as soon as he heard that. 'It must be his name and title.' Corvo thought.

While the two conversed, Corvo listened intently. No doubt, there was a language barrier, but he had decades of experience when it came to trouble and he knew they were talking about it.

Kansayaku Ginoza raised his left arm up to reveal his watch. He pushed the button on it and a holofield projected a profile of a man. It was similar to the ones Corvo had seen in the Spymaster's folders, if not far more organized.

Corvo magnified his mask's built in telescopic lens to the max. Thankfully, it was strong enough that he could see the profile clearly. The two people's target was a man named Nobuo Okura. He was a black haired, glasses wearing, 39 year old man. The woman and her colleague talked a bit more and surprise filled the woman's face. She felt her pockets and then bowed repeatedly to the man. 'I guess she's apologizing for losing this folder.' thought Corvo.

Soon enough, the two agents put on a blue jacket as one of those large mechanical carriages drove through and pulled over beside the tent. It's back doors flung open and four people walked out. One was a black haired woman who tied her hair in a ponytail. the other was a man with wild, orange hair. An older gentleman in a brown trench coat to complement his dark brown hair, followed them. And finally, a black haired man in a dark grey jacket over his white shirt and black tie came out last.

Corvo could tell these were experienced fighters. Their walk and stances were strong. Even the orange haired one had it. As they entered the tent, a machine popped out of the side of the mechanical carriage and moved on its tiny wheels to the group. It opened up and showed a plethora of sleek yet rectangular pistols for the group to use. The weapons looked far heavier than the pistols Corvo was used to, and from his observation, they seemed to interact with their user the moment the user touches them. He could tell because they paused momentarily and a turquoise glow shone in their eyes. Was it magic? He wasn't sure.

Eventually the group geared up, cueing Corvo to their plans. He watched them enter a narrow alley, in search of the man named Nobuo Okura. When the agents were out of sight, Corvo ran on the rooftops while using his dark vision to keep track of the group. The unit then split into several pairs. The brown-haired woman and the gentleman had formed a pair and casually combed the streets. Corvo carefully followed them, blinking to the shadows as he kept track. He wondered what this Nobuo Okura had done to warrant a search party. 'Not even Slackjaw got this much attention. Whatever this man did, made him public enemy number one.' thought the assassin. He ran his mind on all the possibilities that lead to this and eliminated those that didn't.

As the agent duo combed the alley, with guns drawn, Corvo, from his perched rooftop, saw the woman pass a drunkard. She stopped and shivered. Suddenly, she turned around and aimed her weapon at the drunk, her eyes wide with fear. The assassin shook his head. 'She's new to this. It was good thinking to watch this one.'

As he stalked the pair further down the alley, he begun to see the worse parts of this district. It was like the Bottle Street Gang had taken over what with all the loose people laying about or walking around. In fact, with the way things looked, he wondered if this woman could handle herself in what he suspected to be her first field mission. Hopefully, he wouldn't need to step in and they'd capture the target before he does anything drastic.


After a few minutes of stalking, he sees the duo stop. He looks around for signs of a possible ambush. He quickly turns on his Dark Vision and sees nothing but cats and rats. he sighs in relief and blinks to the next rooftop. Little did he know, the gentlemanly agent heard his low sigh. The agent looked to where it came from and saw nothing.

'Hehe...No way...' the old man thought in disbelief.

but then his watch activates and a holofield shows up. It warns him that Nobuo Okura is no longer needed in this world. He informs his partner, making her even more worried as the pair enter the elevator.


Seeing the two enter, Corvo decides to anticipate their next stop. He blinks to a nearby rooftop overlooking an abandoned hotel. As he watches the elevator, he spots a strange man, walking the hotel balcony whilst carrying a person on his shoulder. Corvo quickly focuses his lens on the man and realized it was Nobuo Okura, carrying a beaten up, half-naked woman over his shoulder. From there, Corvo knew what this was about. He moved his left hand to his side, only to realize he didn't have his crossbow. 'Looks like I have to make it personal.'

Corvo drops down the rooftop and onto the balcony railings. He runs then leaps over the end of the railing and blinks to the rooftop on the other side. A feat normally impossible for anyone but Corvo. From the overlook, he notices that the target has picked up the pace and stopped right in front of a flight of stairs heading down.

"Stop right there!" Yelled the gentleman agent as he and his partner aimed their guns at the man.

Nobuo Okura faces them and yells at them with wild eyes, "Don't come! Drop your guns!" Seeing the hostage, The agents reluctantly comply and drop their guns. The gentleman slides his gun over to Nobuo's side. Corvo needed no explanation. Without their guns, the suspect was capable of hurting both the hostage or the two agents. He needed to act fast but he was too far away to blink to the target or possess him. He needed to make the long jump again. 'Can I do it? No, I have to in order to save them.'

Nobuo picks up the gun and carries his hostage by his side using his free hand. He points the gun at the agents with a wild smile plastered on his face. He begins to laugh as the agents raise their hands in surrender. Corvo quickly runs off the rooftop and makes his jump. At the height of his jump, he pulls out his short sword and blinks several feet above the man.

Nobuo completely drops the hostage and grips the gun with both hands. He suddenly yells, "Die!"

Before he could squeeze the trigger, Corvo lands on him and drives his blade downward into the man's chest and through his heart. Nobuo gasps out some blood before the light leaves his eyes. Corvo pulls out his blade and stands tall.

The two agents are left shocked as they stare at the masked man. Neither could believe what happened. The same goes for their black haired backup waiting behind a pipe, who had his gun still pointed at where Nobuo stood.

'What the hell was that?!' thought the black haired man.

The hostage finally came to her senses and panics and screams at the sight of the dead suspect and the bloody blade of his killer. This also wakes up the two agents from stupor. The woman gazes at the man and thinks, 'It's the nice person from earlier. Why?!' But then she remembered what he did and nearly fumbles, as she picks up her gun and aims it at Corvo. "Don't move!" she yells. Of course, Corvo couldn't understand a word she said.

"Don't do it Inspector." Says the black haired man. "He's blue."

"What?!" She gasps in surprise. She aims her gun at him and the weapon confirms it. The masked felon's crime coefficient is blue. Her eyes grow wide in confusion. How could a killer maintain such a healthy mental state? "That's impossible! How is he blue?!" she yelled. There was no way her gun would let her shoot an 'innocent' man. It was built to only harm those in the green and muddy colors.

"He's probably one of those guys." replies the gentleman agent.

the black haired man drops his gun and says, "All the reason to take him in." He leaps over the pipe and throws a right punch but Corvo suddenly disappears.

"What the?!" the black haired man says as he passes through the spot Corvo was in.

Even the gentleman agent and his partner were more shocked.

"What the heck is going on?" asked the woman.


Corvo sat beside a pipe on one of the rooftops he was on. He was still within eyeshot and earshot of the bewildered group and was glad that they were safe. A second later, and they'd have holes in their heads. He watched the agents as they begun to get their bearings and try to make sense out of what happened.

"Hey, old man...who was he?" Asked the black haired one.

The old man sighed and said, "I don't know Kogami. But I had a feeling he was following us the whole time."

Shinya Kogami furrows his brows. "You've got to be kidding. A vigilante in this day and age? And if our guns don't work on him, how will we catch him?"

The old man runs his metal, prosthetic left hand over his hair. "Well, he's gone now. It'll be alright. We'll catch him some other day. Right now, let's help the inspector with the hostage."

they both look at the brown haired woman who had rushed to the hostage and was trying to calm her down...with gun in hand.

"We're with the Public Safety Bureau. You're safe now. Please rest at ease." She said, holding her gun with both hands. But the hostage was still shaking in fear. "Calm down! We're here to rescue you!" she tells the hostage in a slightly higher tone. The hostage continues to shake and now backs away in fear. "Don't...Don't..." she barely speaks out. suddenly the hostage looks up at the imposing figure behind the female agent. The agent in question notices her gaze and looks back to see the gentleman agent aiming his gun at the hostage.

"Mr. Masaoka..." the female agent says with a questioning tone.

Masaoka answers, "Young lady, check her on your gun."

the female agent reluctantly tries it and is shocked when the gun informs her that the hostage was a viable non-lethal target for the gun.

"Guess it can't be helped." Masaoka says as his eyes sharpen and his finger begins to squeeze the trigger.

the female agent quickly yells, "Stop it!" she grabs Masaoka and struggles to keep him from firing. The hostage finally snaps and crawls away to the stairs only to stumble and fall down its flight.

Corvo takes action and blinks to the bottom of the stairs, catching the woman in his arms. He blinks to a nearby rooftop and carefully lays her down. He removes his mask and says in a quiet voice, "It's okay. I'm here to protect you."

She backs away and suddenly responds in English, "No...killer!"

Corvo sees the fear in her eyes. There was no way this panicked woman would believe him. So he pulls out his sword and tosses it to the side. "I won't harm you my dear. You're safe with me." he tells her with confidence.

the woman stops shaking and begins to cry as she mustered her strength to smile. Corvo returns the smile and fixes her clothes. He then tells her, "I will take you to a doctor. Do you know where he lives?"

she stares at him confused. He then thinks, 'She's not very good at speaking my language.' He places a hand on his chest and says, ""

She nods. Corvo inwardly sighs in relief. He puts on his mask and walks towards his thrown blade. As he picks it up, he hears hurried footsteps. "Don't move!" yelled a familiar voice.

Corvo turns and sees the source-Kansayaku Ginoza. The man was pointing his gun at him.

The glasses wearing man kept the gun aimed at Corvo and let the weapon do its magic.

"Target coefficient is blue. Not authorized for firing." the gun informed him. His eyes narrowed. "What is the meaning of this? The Dominator must be faulty. He's a clear criminal." He spoke aloud.

Corvo looked at him with a worried face underneath his mask. 'Though they are officers of the law, they've put justice far higher than mercy. I can't leave her with such men. But if I take her away, the hunt will not end. What should I do?' He looks at the woman, a sincere look of doubt underneath his mask. The woman felt it too when she saw him turn to her. She realized what she had to do.

She shook her head and smiled at him despite her bruised and battered face. She then stood up and ran to the direction Ginoza came from. The man in question noticed her and aimed his gun at her and fired. She drops, completely paralyzed. Ginoza then aims the gun back at Corvo only to realize that the masked man was gone. "Damn." he cursed. He lowered his gun and put a hand to his earpiece. "This is Ginoza. I've captured the hostage. Kagari, Kunizuka, return to my position and call for an ambulance."

"Done already? Man you guys are fast." Kagari, the orange haired agent, answered.

"At least it's over." Kunizuka, the black-haired, ponytailed, female agent quipped.

Ginoza then said, "Tsunemori, did you take down the criminal?"

The brown haired, female agent paused for a moment before answering, " won't believe who did."

"I see." Ginoza answered, irritation dripping in his voice. "I expect a full report and debriefing tomorrow. Prepare yourself."

With that, Ginoza cut off all calls, leaving Inspector Tsunemori with a pile of work and worry on her shoulders. She dropped her head slightly to see the dead body of Nobuo Okura. Suddenly, Masaoka put his hand on her shoulder and said, "It's over Inspector. Let's call it a day and get some sleep."

the woman weakly replied, "Yes..." After everything that happened, sleep seemed to be the last thing she wanted.


Akane Tsunemori slept in her bed that night dreaming of the events that transpired. From the chase, to the conflict and the resolution. She remembered the masked man and saw herself standing there aiming her gun at him. But the gun warned her that he was blue and not a viable target. She still tried to pull the trigger but it wouldn't budge. All the while the masked man kept moving forward, his bloody blade in hand. She panicked as he approached. But as he was midway to her, he suddenly disappeared. She looked around in fear. Where was he?

Suddenly he appeared in front of her, yanks and throws the gun away from her. She tried to scream but her voice fell silent. The masked man pulled away his mask, to reveal The Outsider's face behind it.

"Inspector Tsunemori. First day on the job, and death greets you. You did well despite the cold welcome from the assassin." Suddenly, rats flow out of his black coat and spread out in different directions. The inspector tiptoes to evade the rats and barely gets her courage together to look at the Outsider.

"Not afraid?" the Outsider answers. "You fascinate me. Not like the assassin, but enough to grab my attention. Maybe one day, I will gift you with my mark and you can see what hides behind that mask." With that last statement, the Outsider disappears.

She rises out of bed, a haggard look in her eyes. Peering around, she sees her apartment. It was small and spacious, enough for a couple to live in. With familiarity in her sight, she calms down before remembering what happened the day before. Pulling the blanket over her face she says, "What the heck happened?"


After a brief moment to collect herself, Akane goes through her daily routine. She sets the ambience to a Victorian suite, takes a hot shower and eats some chinese food, measured to her daily health requirements. A life many would envy.

Akane finishes her meal and goes to her mirror and pulls out a makeup kit. A holofield interface pops up and she begins going through a selection of clothing, letting the digital interface, project the fabrics onto her body. She picks a nice, casual, brown long-sleeved coat over a cream colored blouse and finishes the look with pink stockings, a white skirt and black high heels. She then walks out of her apartment to meet up with old friends. She figured, she needed a break from all the stress the day before.


Arriving at the veranda on top of a modern building, Akane sat beside two other women discussing the issues of their lives.

"So you messed up, huh?" said the brown haired girl in a ponytail.

"Yeah," Akane answered. "Though, since I work for the MWPSB, I can't give you the details."

Their other friend, the long, brown haired one with glasses, answers, "Though I don't know much about these things, but what you did wasn't in violation of your duties, right?"

Akane dropped her head and said, "Well, yeah..."

The long haired girl answers, "Then you don't have to worry. Besides, your Psycho-Pass isn't that clouded either. Isn't it that you're not really bothered by it."

Akane complains, "Oh, don't be mean! I couldn't sleep at all last night. And when I actually got some, this weird masked guy shows up.(sigh) I wonder if I chose the right career, working with the Public Safety Bureau."

And with that, her friends snapped. They scolded her about how blessed she was compared to them and their blue-collar jobs. And then, her ponytailed friend suddenly says, "Akane, you were an honor student who scored 700 points in the last exam. Any job should be a piece of cake, right?"

Akane sheepishly looks down. She felt incredibly embarrassed by their teasing. Her long-haired friend smiled and said, "Sorry. We teased you too much. But I think you are capable of pulling off that job. It's not just because of the aptitude the System indicated. My intuition as your friend says so, too."

The other friend added, "What needs to be done, is done by those capable of doing it. Such is the grace bestowed upon mankind by Sybil."

Akane was amazed by what they said. It not only encouraged her, but helped answer her dilemma. However, it didn't resolve the most pressing one.

'That guy in the mask...who was he? And why is he blue?' Akane wondered.

Her watch rang. She looked at it and noticed is was time for her shift. The agent faced her friends and said, "I have to go now. See you guys."

"Take care." said her long haired friend.

"Are you really okay now?" asked the ponytailed one.

Akane brightly replied, "Yeah. I'm okay. We'll just write up the paperwork and file it like usual."

But her ponytailed friend frowned and said, "But you said it was total mess. Shouldn't you be worried?"

Akane smiled and said, "Don't worry, I've got the case covered from top to bottom. I mean what's the worse that could happen?"


"This is the worst case scenario for our unit." Inspector Ginoza coldly stated to Akane and the rest of the hunting dogs. Currently, they were all seated in their computer chairs, facing the cranky Inspector, in a rectangular, glass-walled office. They were about to write down their reports on PC when the Inspector came rushing in with bad news.

"Well we've been through worse. Don't worry. We'll resolve it like old times." said Masaoka.

Ginoza calmly stated, "The results from Sybil's Registration came in. The Masked Man is not a citizen of the country. No name, record, or address."

"What about the flight registry?" Yayoi Kunizuka asks.

Ginoza answers, "No one in or out of the airport saw a man of his build. It's the same with the harbor. It doesn't make sense."

"He's probably an illegal immigrant. Happens all the time. Sybil can't see everything in the country." Shusei Kagari answers offhandedly.

Ginoza suddenly yells, "The Sybil System is not faulty! Everyone that enters and exits the city is counted and monitored by Sybil."

Akane weakly chuckles as she thinks, 'But that guy's like living proof of its flaws.'

Ginoza briefly glares at Akane before returning his gaze to the unit. "The Brass has ordered us to hunt him down and bring him in, dead or alive."

Masaoka gets up and says, "So how do we catch a guy who can disappear at will? The Dominators don't work either."

"The Dominators have been sent to R&D(Research and Development) for evaluation. We'll get new ones very soon. In the meantime, the Brass has issued older models for the case. You can acquire them in the Storage Room." Ginoza mentioned.

"You never answered the question Ginoza-san." Shusei slyly replies. "So how do we catch a ghost?"

Ginoza looks at him briefly, then turns his head away.

"I guess even the Inspector can't answer this one." Shusei jeers. "But I'm getting excited. I can't wait to catch that guy."

Ginoza clears his throat and continues. "We also have another case. Our informants have told us that a syndicate from overseas has entered our country. It's also not a coincidence that they came during campaign week for City Mayor. According to our informants, they've been making ties with the local government prior to elections and entering the city."

"Do we have a watch list on our suspects?" Masaoka asked.

Ginoza answered, "Inspector Tsunemori was to give it out yesterday but lost the folder after bumping into the Masked Man before he committed a crime."

Akane blushed and dropped her head in shame. "I'm really sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Whoa! That's amazing!" Shusei exclaimed. "You met him before he killed that guy. That's really unlucky."

"Your luck is amazing Inspector. It's like the cases find you." Masaoka lightheartedly said. "By the way, did he have any unique traits?"

Akane, still blushing, replied, "He had big hands and spoke in English."

"Is that all?" Yayoi asked.

Akane nodded and Ginoza replied, "At least, we're able to narrow it down."

Masaoka added, "All we have to do now is put his picture on every wall in Tokyo."

"No." Ginoza answered. "If we publicize him, both the department and Sibyl would be under scrutiny. Until we can remove his escape routes, we keep it quiet and take him down without suspicion."

Akane sighed and thought, 'This is turning out to be a really sucky day.'

But as she did that, she saw a black rat pass under her and it freaked her out for a moment. Yayoi was about to step on it but it swerved away from her foot and into a nearby vent.

"Tch...slippery bastard." Yayoi snarled.

The rat traveled up the vents, all the way to the roof and as it exited the roof vent, a black smoky figure emerged from the rat, leaving it to become a smelly corpse. The smoky figure stood tall on the rooftop before shaping into Corvo. The masked assassin thought, 'So this is why The Outsider sent me here. I thought I was over this. But it seems, I can't escape fate. The portal can wait. My work cannot.'

Author's Notes:

Dishonored totally rocks. I love it's gameplay, storyline, and characters. Then I started to watch Psycho-Pass and this was born.

I haven't written in a long time so my skills are rusty at best but I can assure you, it will be well written. Maybe even more than my last.

The biggest challenge I faced with writing this story is our silent hero-Corvo. his in-game dialogue gives almost no hints at his personality which is great for a game, not a story. So I hate to say this but I will shape his character. Now for the other half of the crossover. Psycho-Pass is like Ghost in the Shell. Investigate, Capture/Kill Suspect, call it a day. What makes it interesting is that it's a classic police story with technology. Also, criminals are found using a system that measures a person's psyche. It's biggest flaw, is their system only gives the results, not the process that leads to it. As such, criminals can be perfectly 'healthy' after or in the process of committing a crime. If he believes it's not a crime, then he doesn't worry and the system shows that.

So when it came to crossing these two giants, I realized that Corvo will have to be more than just an assassin to survive. He needs a strong, moral compass. A creed if you will. His hidden blade *Ahem*...I mean, sword alone will not win the day. Because at the end, the battle starts with the mind. Lose it, and you will lose the life with it.

For those familiar with my work, I am not dead. I've been busy with real life(REALLY BUSY) and haven't been able to write down anything. In fact, I got so busy I forgot about fanfiction all together till I wrote this story. By the time I finished it though, I remembered I had several other works still on hiatus. Very bad.

Anyway, to those who have read this story, Thank You. Please drop a review as soon as you can. I need the feedback to see where this story is going.

Have a nice day everyone. I'll see you later.