Lestrade never understood how two grown men could get in so much trouble. It was nearly unheard of. Only Sherlock would be the one to chase a suspect through a bloody carnival. It definitely wasn't on the top of the list if 'weird places Sherlock has been found' but it was pretty close. Even the addition of John, he thought the doctor would have stopped the detective. Oh no. Where danger was John was surely to follow.

Maybe that's why he was sitting in his office with two idiots who had happened to jump into the Thames after a murderer. Was it a bad thing to say that catching the now hospitalized murderer almost wasn't worth saving the two from drowning?

"I have the right mind to keep you off cases for the next month, you know that?" Lestrade said.

Sherlock shrugged, the movement barely noticeable with his wet coat on his shoulder. The detective didn't even bother towelling off and proceeded to drip water everywhere. It was unsanitary and stunk of the Thames. The smell would never go away.

"You wouldn't seeing as I've caught your murderer. Paperwork really doesn't concern me. " he said with a wave of the hand.

Lestrade rubbed his temples and glared at Sherlock. The lanky git was just asking him to throttle him. He saw John giving him a contrite look as if it would do anything. At least he looked sorry and had respect for Lestrade's office. He really didn't have patience to deal with anything Sherlock had to say. He had been up for at least thirty-six hours and he wanted to sleep. The case itself had been a hassle and dealing with Sherlock made it worse. It was like trying to handle a hurricane. Just all around impossible.

"Yes, but he's hospitalized after jumping off a ledge, nearly drowned, and had me running a wild goose chase. Then on top of everything, I had to bloody fish you both out the river!"he snapped.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and just to be rude, squeezed water on the carpet while wringing out his coat sleeve. John gave Sherlock a look and shook his head. He just had to push his luck. The detective looked smug and already prepared as to what Lestrade would say. Said DI was preparing to ban Sherlock from his crime scene but got distracted by knocking on the door of his office.

A young twenty something poked his head inside and locked eyes with Lestrade. His face lit up and he raised a bag with a plain white box in it.

"I bought you lunch to- oh, I am interrupting? I can come back."he said getting ready to close the door.

Lestrade felt some of the tension leave him at the familiar face. Hell, seeing those hazel eyes and that cheery smile could still make him happy. John took the perfect time to snatch Sherlock out the office before Lestrade could ban the man. He was a yell away from it and nothing was worse than dealing with a bored Sherlock.

"Nope. They were just leaving. What did you bring me today, Felix?" Lestrade waved him in and took another look at him, "Is that a new hair color? Wasn't it just green?"

Felix laughed and slid into the office, ruffling his short navy blue hair. Of course Lestrade would comment on it. He walked past the two retreating men to set the bag down on an empty part of Lestrade's desk. He walked to DI and gave the older man a hug. He made sure to not get any flour on him, still having his work attire on.

"It was olive-green, Da. Much cooler than green," Felix wiped some flour off his turtleneck,"Sorry if I got some flour on you. The bakery was real busy today."

Lestrade rolled his eyes and pulled the box closer to him. He opened it and neared moaned at the delicious smell coming of it. Inside was a hot spinach and lamb calzone with sour cream on the side. There was a tasty looking piece of pound cake that he could probably save for later. He'd was lucky to get enough downtime to eat it now. There was some good with having a great kid who owned a bakery and bought his dad lunch now and then.

He decided to dig in right away, waving off the last comment. Flour would be the best thing he'd be covered in today. He was aware that Felix took a seat on the couch since his chairs were wet. Even thinking about Sherlock now for that moment wasn't enough to break his mood. A hum left his mouth as he tried to eat as neat as possible. It was the only thing to cross his lips that could constitute as food other than gritty coffee and stale biscuits from the Yard.

"So, who were the soggy looking blokes that just left? Friends of yours?" Felix asked, watching with a fond look as his dad ate with obvious hunger.

"Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. You know Holmes helps me with cases sometimes, the git. John Watson is his friend. Blogs about their cases." Lestrade explained, more interested in his meal and saying so afterwards.

Felix nodded and briefly remembered hearing something about a blog about a detective. He had tuned it out a while ago when the customers in his shop were going on about it. He figured it would nice being introduced to them on day. Maybe he would look for the blog when he got a chance. He did have a busy schedule and a big part of that schedule was making sure his Da didn't overwork. Last thing he needed was him stressing his body to extreme limits.

"Cool. I'd love to meet them sometimes. But hey, I gotta go back and open up the bakery. You gonna come home tonight?"

"Yeah. The case is over and I'll just bring this file home. Don't give me that look, I wasn't going to stay. Pick up Artemis for me?"

"Just checking, Da. Your are such a workaholic. Your gonna explain this time why our Da couldn't pick him up this time. For being eight, he's pretty smart. See you at home."

Felix gave Lestrade one last hug before leaving out the door. Finishing the last pieces of his calzone, Lestrade leaned back in his chair. His mood was definitely lightened by the visit. The whole incident of how the case finished was a distant though. He would get started on his paperwork a little early to get home at a reasonable time. Maybe he could stop by ASDA and pick up some snacks he knew his sons liked. It would be his turn to do a little surprise for them after working so long.