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Love Happens Chapter 3

Antonio strolled down the sidewalk with his BBFL (bromance bud for life duh) Alfred Jones by his side. He had met Alfred at church camp (and we all know what happens at church camp) one year when he was seventeen and Alfie was at the young age of eleven. It was the young American's stereotypical dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes that had first attracted Antonio.

He always had a thing for younger guys- call him a male cougar if you will, but as he grew to know Alfred better, he fully understood that nothing romantic would ever happen between them. They quickly learned everything about each other without having to play 20Q. The pair even made up nicknames for each other based on their appearances and actions. Antonio was dubbed Spain for his Spanish accent and his orange-tinted tan skin; Alfred was dubbed America for his all-American good looks, his butting into everybody else's business, and his mindset to always be the hero no matter the situation.

Sometimes, the men often referred to each other as allies as well as friends.

Antonio was thrust back into reality as he collided with a small but solid form. He muttered curses for letting himself fall into his daydream so deeply. He immediately started apologizing profusely before he had even looked into the stranger's face. As soon as he did though, he was transfixed by the pale beauty.

The victim's long pitch-black hair fell around his slender face, enhancing his yellow-green eyes. His skin was a light white with a subtle hint of grey. His long body was sheathed in black fabric that, if removed, probably hid leanly muscled meat. Oh how Antonio wanted to do just that and see the flesh concealed beneath.

Antonio had noticed that while he was observing the stranger, he had been rambling quite awkwardly. He snapped his jaw shut and nervously scratched the back of his neck, hoping he hadn't just made a total fool of himself to this man he now had the strong urge to sack. He heard Alfred laughing hysterically behind him but decided to ignore his mad friend in favour of trying to pick up the pieces with the stranger. He offered his hand to the man in an attempt to make things less awkward.

"I'm so sorry for walking into you. Here, let me help you pick those bags up. Oh, by the way, my name is Antonio Carriedo."

Oh, God, I'm rambling again.

"Orochimaru. And it was my own fault for the collision. Please there is no need for your help."

Orochimaru…that name reminded Antonio of his friends Kiku and Yao. The had to be something Antonio could do to make up for his blunder.

"Would you like to join us for lunch? Antonio and I were just about to go grab a burger."

Oh, Alfie. Always the courteous one.

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