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Miharu peeked shyly around the corner of the hospital room, nervous for no real reason.
He had woken up from his one-month slumber yesterday, and was coming to visit Yoite, who was in the hospital under the care of Kazuho.
As Miharu looked through the narrow hospital door, he saw Yoite's clean white fingers moving needles in and out of a pale green scarf, the ball of yarn beside them. The blue eyed male sitting, propped up by two pillows. But, what made the waves of self hatred start to ripple, was the half constructed artificial leg connected to Yoite's own, the entire limb was resting on a cushion.

"Y-Yoite?..." Miharu said, sounding as shy as he felt.

"Miharu! I'm so glad you're awake! I was worried..." a few tears of joy leaked out of cobalt eyes as Yoite said this.

"I made him worry... But, he cares about me, right?"

"Yoite," Miharu said, starting to cry a little bit.

"Don't cry! You were crying last time you were awake, I wanna see a smile!" said Yoite, just barely pleading.

"B-But Yoite, I used the Shinribansho, against your wishes..." said the green eyed boy, tears coming faster now.

"You're still upset about that? It's what I wanted, Miharu!" Yoite said, trying to reason with the younger boy.
"I thought I'd be content to die with you holding me, but I wasn't. I wanted more, to spend more time with you, with Miharu!"

"Are you two getting sappy on me?" nether had noticed Yukimi in the room until he spoke, all there focus was on eachother. In reaction to Yukimi's words, Yoite grabbed a pillow and held it over his head threateningly.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I'm glad you're awake, Miharu, it's been quiet without you." Yukimi walked to Yoite's bedside, and hit Miharu on the back.

"I should probably leave the lovebirds alone, shouldn't I? See ya later, brats!" the produced scarlet red blushes for both the boys, and Miharu almost shoved Yukimi out of the room.
Still not trusting his blush enough to meet Yoite's eyes, Miharu looked down instead, and only then remembered the small bouquet of roses clutched in his right hand.

"K-Kouichi said I should bring you flowers, a-as a get well gift. Here!" Miharu literally tossed the bouquet into Yoite's lap.

"Miharu, thank you, I love roses..." only then did Miharu meet Yoite's eyes, just to find the were incredibly close to his own.
Then, before he figured out what was happening, Yoite had closed the distance between them and pressed there lips together in a shy, sweet kiss.
Seeing how weak his resolve was when it came to Yoite shook Miharu off of his fragile, sane ledge, but for the first time since everything started, a beautiful thought filled his head.
"Everything is going to be okay, we'll live together, always."
And that thought stayed there as the arm not hooked up to the IV wrapped around Miharu's shoulders, and smaller fingers tangled in obsidian hair.

Miharu suddenly felt breathless words being whispered on his lips.
"Miharu, are we flying?"
"Yes... I think we are..."

Everything will be alright... Everyone will be happy... We'll be happy, forever...

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