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Anger, hatred, and pain, vision red as blood, the Dark Lord of The Sith stood mightily as he stared out into space from the Interceptor. Darth Vader clenched his light saber and gritted his teeth behind his respirator. "My son will join me and the galaxy shall be ruled with a new power, The Emperor is a mere pawn in my own game, he will be destroyed by me and me only!"

"Lord Vader…" An imperial crewman interrupted his thoughts. "The Emperor will's your presence."

Vader nodded. "Continue your search for Skywalker and report to me once you have found him, I want him alive." Vader growled. The crewman bowed slightly, shaking in fear. "Y-yes my Lord." Vader walked away, black cape flowing behind him.

Vader entered the dark room, and kneeled on a fluorescent white pedestal. A blue hologram flickered before him. "You wished to see me my master." Vader said through clenched teeth. "We have found a new system… unknown to any of our data bases, I wish to see what this system is and what it is known for, do not fail me." The hologram flickered off. Those words echoed in his dark mind, do not fail me, Vader clenched his fists then released. "A new system…" Vader murmured.

He stood up and walked to the docking bay. On his way there, Vader stopped for a second and glanced around. "You, and you come with me." Two storm troopers nodded and proceeded in step with Vader as he entered an Imperial Transport. A trooper sat down at the pilot's seat and started the vessel's repulsor lifts. "Sir?" The storm trooper glanced at Vader. "Follow these coordinates." Vader handed the trooper a data chip. "Proceed with caution…."

Ghirahim stood on top of the spiral mesa in Faron Woods, staring down at the sealing spike. He chuckled and snapped in a cloud of diamonds, then appeared in front of the spike. He approached the spike and skimmed his fingers atop it. "Soon, you will rise, soon…" He grinned at the thought of his master's wake and laughed aloud. "Soon, so soon the sky child will be mine and you shall awake!-!"

Ghirahim noticed everything around him was being blown away. He looked up to the sky and saw something completely unnatural and almost pterodactyl like. Ghirahim stared at the "thing" before him. "I didn't spawn that…" he murmured. It landed a little too close to the sealing spike for Ghirahim's comfort. The thing opened up and three figures came out from the smog the creature had formed. From what Ghirahim could tell there was two clad in white armor and helmets and one clad in black that made a deep breathing all the time.

The one dressed in black came towards Ghirahim and spoke deeply. "What is this planet called?" Ghirahim kept his eyes locked on the black figure. "Planet?, What are you?"

Vader's anger began to swell with this unknown person. "What is your name?"

The unknown, strangely dressed figure bowed. "I am Ghirahim."

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