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Ghirahim stood and stared at Vader with his lightsaber humming in hand.

"You will die this time 'Lord Vader'." Ghirahim said in a stern voice.

Vader shot forward and clashed against Ghirahim, swords sparking against Vader's lightsaber.

"No, you will be the one who meets death….and his welcoming embrace." Vader said sternly.

"I, Demon Lord, am death!" Ghirahim said knocking Vader flat of his back, then trying to stab him while he was down. Vader rolled and stood back up glaring back at both stood motionless glaring at each other for what felt like hours, at least that's what Zelda thought watching the whole the commotion go down. She stared around Faron woods, and frowned.

"Where is Link at? He could be helping me rig-" Zelda was cut off short when a gloved hand grabbed her by the mouth. She turned to look and smiled.

"Be quiet! let's not start a big fight because these guys look tough!" Link whispered, and then tip toed with Zelda to the farthest mushroom possible but still being able to see the two foes glare each other down.

"You ran like a coward last time we fought, this time it will not be so easy to flee." Vader growled as he readied his lightsaber. Ghirahim chuckled and readied his sword stance.

"Fine if that's the way you want to be, we shall fight to the death." Ghirahim said as he licked his lips.

Vader ran forward and clashed against Ghirahims blades then they suddenly began in a display of sword fighting. Slashing, dodging, parrying, and blocking in swift agile movements as if gravity didn't matter. Links eyes went wide at their fight and so did Zelda's. Link shook it off and tugged at Zelda. Zelda nodded and they ran off as far away as they could.

Vader pushed Ghirahim back with the force, slamming him into a tree causing the cracked tree to form around him holding him into the tree. Vader walked over and grabbed him by the throat.

"Join me Ghirahim and we will be the ultimate power in the Galaxy!" Vader said while pulling him out of the tree.

Ghirahim chuckled while blood traced down his chin. "Not very reassuring, asking me to join you while you have me by the throat, not very likely."

Vader clenched even harder then tossed him to the side. Vader walked over to him and put his foot on his chest and pressed down. Ghirahim coughed up blood then snapped his fingers and vanished in a cloud of diamonds. Vader glanced around then fell to one knee as daggers shot passed him. Vader turned at Ghirahim and readied his lightsaber; Ghirahim chuckled and wiped the blood off his mouth, then readied his blades once more.

"Persistent are we? I can tell this is going to be a long fight." Ghirahim glared.

"No not long." Vader said flatly as a shadow loomed over the both of them.

Ghirahim looked up as did Vader at the Imperial Class star destroyer. Vader lifted his lightsaber up and glared at Ghirahim through black lens.

Ghirahim stared back. "No this over until I resurrect my master once I find the maiden but until then, so long." He vanished in a cloud of diamonds as Vader's lightsaber whirled through it. Vader stood and brought his lightsaber back to him using the force and put it back on his belt, then looked up at the star destroyer. Anger began swelling up inside him as he glanced around the area before him.

"Where is the girl? Humph, I intend in finishing our fight and ending his life and there will be no running next time….." Vader thought then proceeded towards the giant tree in the center of the forest.

Ghirahim stood and looked at the trembling Kikwi, blade pointing between its eyes.

"Where did the girl go, I must know immediately!" Ghirahim growled. The Kikwi pointed then scurried of. Ghirahim laughed at the creature and started walking in the direction it pointed.

"Why must you run child?" He chuckled. "You cannot run forever….."

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