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The new year had begun at Gordon High School for Drama, and was always on its end. They were June, and this was the last lesson of the year – drama, taught by Mr. Rosenthal. This, the tenth grade in class 9Da, with only thirteen people in that class. And only eleven were paying attention, because two of his students were talking about summer holidays. They started laughing and Brian came closer to his students.

"What is so funny, mister Richter?" he said to ST, who was talking to his brother's girlfriend, Iris Criss.

"Oh, she was just telling a joke about Richard, nothing more." Brian looked thong to them and Iris sighed.

"C'mon, Brian, it's the last period before summer starts. Can't you just let us do free exercises?" Brian shook his head.

"May I remind you it's not summer yet, and you still have to call me mister Rosenthal. You know it's still school and no, if I'd let you do free exercises, you and your twin would probably fight until the bell rings." That was true – ST and Vanessa didn't fight as much as they did at the age of seven, but they still weren't the best friends. And because Brian met the twin also outside school, he knew about their little fights and placed as far away from another, to avoid those fights.

Until this day, it actually worked.

"Uncle Brian, why are you always acting stressed? C'mon, it's the last day before summer begins. Please?" the oldest Walker-kid, Bruce, said. He was one year older than the others, but his grades from last year weren't that great, so he had to do one year over. That's why he's at the end of his second year of being a freshman.

"We're just finishing this lesson like every other," the students moaned, "and now it's time to perform all you made in a certain direction. Here's the list and do something original with your part, please." The students went to the list.

"Cool, we're last out of three!" ST exclaimed to the group he had to join, including his twin-sister, Bruce, Iris and some redhead called Maurice, "so we've got enough time to prepare our part." Iris shook her head. "I still don't know 'bout this, ST. I mean, do we really have to play that part?" "Oh, c'mon, cuz, we'll be alright. Be glad we already accepted you didn't have to wear a wig like Vanessa – because there was no other." Bruce said. They treated each other like cousins, like family because they were almost always together.

"Yeah, Bruce, didn't have to wear a wig… we know we don't have to, but that doesn't mean you still can be yourself! Think of the things you have to draw onto your face."

"How many times do I have to explain it's not drawing? It's…" "I call it drawing onto someone's face, you call it whatever you want." Iris went 'backstage' and the rest of the group followed. When it was almost time to go up, Bruce was a bit nervous.

"You, nervous? No way!" Bruce looked at his friend. "Haha, ST, very funny. Yes, I'm nervous. I'm nothing like dad or mom, and I will never be as good as they are. They're just… better than I'll ever be." Vanessa put a hand onto his shoulder.

"You can do it. You say you're nothing like Uncle Joe and Aunt Lauren, but you're way better than they are. So let's go onto the stage and make Uncle Brosenthal proud!" Bruce nodded. "If you'll do it as good Aunt Amelia says you do, I'll do it as good you want it." With that they walked onto stage and played a part of a classic musical – AVPS.

In that play they already had guest roles, because some of them couldn't come and the children were always at the rehearsals for the Replay in 2028. So was Jay Walker Lily Evans, and Bruce had to play young James Potter – complaining it was gross to pretend to love his younger sister. The Three Richter-children played the past Ron, Hermione and Draco, and Bruce also past Harry. And those four friends decided to play their favorite part from their favorite musical – the part with their favorite song: No Way.

Bruce was Harry, Iris played, after a lot of discussion, Hermione and the twins were Draco and Ron – ST played Ron, off course. He also got his father's headband, by taking it away without asking. Not that Joey would notice it was gone. They started when they just travelled back in time…

"Draco, what did you just do?" Bruce asked, opening the scene.

"Where are we?" Iris asked, to be directly followed by ST "Why did I shit my pants?" Mr. Rosenthal raised an eyebrow – he knew instantly which musical they were playing, and he thought it would be better if they first asked for permission to their parents.

"That's merely a side-effect of negative-light speed-travel," Vanessa said. She looked at Maurice, who was dressed as Snape, and said "Hide!" Snape said something we all know and I'm not gonna repeat here, but Bruce stood up, pointed at 'Harry' and said "Oh my god, who's that? I think I'm in love." Bruce came closer to past Harry and Snape, and Vanessa tried to get Bruce back to ST and Iris, using the floor.

"Wait, Potter! What I'm trying to say is I'm torn up. And if you're going in there you're going to be in big trouble." Snape aka Maurice said, and when past Harry walked away, Vanessa had grabbed Bruce's pants and shouted "you can't be seen!" somehow Bruce could free himself and walked to Maurice.

"Oh, Potter, what really pisses me off…" "Snape, can I say something for a second?" "Sure." "Listen," Bruce begun, hoping he still knew what he was going to say," I've realized something, okay? You lead a pretty thankless, selfless, miserable life and despite to how much everybody hates you, you stick by Dumbledore and take care of his kids. I never said this, but you're a great guy. So… thank you." Maurice stood up saying 'Harry Potter'.

"You're a hero! I was going to let those Death-Eaters murder you, but now I'm gonna sober up and save you. Thank you, Harry Potter, figment of my own guilt!" Snape run off-stage and Vanessa, Iris and ST came again on-stage.

"Potter…!" Vanessa begun irritating, "What, were you trying to lead us straight to fally? One more hot sharp move like that and you could have raptured the space-time-continuum!" "What are you talking about?" Bruce asked.

"Where were we exactly one hour ago?" Vanessa asked Iris, ignoring Bruce's question. Iris thought of that before she answered – they couldn't say if she forgot it for a moment or not.

"I don't know, I think we were…" "pretending to deliver a pizza." Maurice voice said; he went backstage and fastly pulled out his Snape outfit to play the past Ron – he already was a redhead, so he didn't need a wig. Two other classmates were the past Draco and Hermione as they walked by. ST pointed at them.

"Who the… is that us?" ST said surprised, as Iris shared the confusion.

"In a way," Vanessa said, "that was us – from one hour ago. That was our past selves! I used my father's time turner to travel back in time."

"That's why we shit our pants." Iris said. Vanessa nodded, "Yes," she turned to the boy she treated as family, "But don't you see, Potter? Now we have time. Time to…" "…to save Sirius." Bruce finished.

"No, no, no, no, no," ST replied, "but we can't beat Umbridge, she's still so strong!" "She's working with a band of Dementors," Iris helped ST.

"Yeah, but we can use the Patronus-charm Lupin taught us," Bruce said. "But when you use the Patronus, you have to have a happy thought, okay? And every time we get near those dementors, I'm just super sad! There is absolutely no way we can win."

"No way?" Bruce started as Brian Rosenthal was going to pay attention much more now, "you listen to me now. For eleven years, I was just a Muggle-douchebag under some stairs. But this year I found out I'm a wizard. I'm famous, I can fly and turn invisible… and I just travelled the f*ck back in time! So f*ck you, Draco, how's that for a happy thought! So there's absolutely no way that there's no way, you hear me?" then came the song they knew the best. When it was finished, their scene was, too.

"What did you guys just do?" their teacher asked.

"You know what we did. Two words: No way!" ST said. "You I can anytime inform your parents about whatever you do in my class?" the children from the third and last group looked at each other. Then, they started laughing.

"Yeah, like our parents can watch this!" Bruce said. He'd better said nothing. The song made the other classmates already leave through the door backstage, and Joey Richter, his wife Amelia and oldest son Richard came in. Joey looked at ST… actually, he looked at the blue headband his youngest son was wearing.

"What is… you are… Why is he wearing my headband? He may not even touch is until he's ready!" Joey asked nobody in particular. ST sighed; they've been over this since the day he became a freshman here – that was the first day of school this year. ST wanted to wear his father's headband at least once, keeping his father complaining all the time he wasn't ready yet.

"Dad, I can explain…" ST began, but he got interrupted by Richard. "Explain what? That you stole Dad's headband?" ST opened his mouth, but closed it after he couldn't get up with something. "If you say it like that, it sounds really bad. But it isn't like that, is it?" Joey only looked at his youngest son, like he expected more from his child. ST sighed irritated.

This was going to be a long evening.

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