2 a.m

Author's note: Today, I've been cleaning off my hardrive, posting lots and lots of my completed stuff. This was something I wrote for a 64-Theme challenge over at a forum I frequent (called The Reviews Lounge, Too). The first prompt, which I'm answering here, was 2 a.m. I don't know if I'll ever complete the challenge (knowing me, probably not *blushes*), but I still wanted to post this. Enjoy!

In the twenty-first century, 0200 hours was called "2 a.m" by most people.

Pavel Chekov sighed. He couldn't believe he was still awake now. Duty had ended hours ago, and he'd returned to his quarters to get to sleep not long afterwards. But that sleep had eluded him, for whatever reason.

Nothing bad had happened that day. If anything, it had been a fairly normal one. Well, as normal as things got on the USS Enterprise. And typically, having a normal day meant that the next one (or the one after that if they were lucky) was going to be nightmarish.

Perhaps they'd make contact with another population controlled by a supercomputer. Perhaps they'd meet a god-like entity. Perhaps an away mission would involve at least one member of the landing party contracting a mysterious and never-before-encountered disease. Or perhaps it would be just another normal day.

But Chekov had been on the Enterprise too long to even consider the latter.

Closing his eyes, he rolled over on the bed and silently pleaded for sleep. Chances were that he was going to need it.

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