Just a short little nugget of a story that I needed to get off my chest. I refuse to believe that Annie could be swayed so easily. There HAS to be MORE! So, with that in mind, please review and tell me what you think as well...

The only reason Annie said yes to Henry Wilcox is to find out what he has on Joan and Arthur, and then warn them. No matter how much Joan and her clashed and struggled with their relationship, she would not be turned against Joan and certainly not let Henry take Joan down either.

All she has wanted to do since she got back from Russia was scream at Joan for letting her rot in the prison but she doesn't trust herself because the screaming might turn into sobbing. Sure, she was certainly close to doing that when Joan called her into her office but Joan saying she gave up, stopped her. Her heart felt like it collapsed. Somewhere, deep inside her, Annie thought that no matter what, Joan would always be there for her. Now that she thinks about the way she has treated Joan, she hates herself for being so selfish. She never wanted Joan to give up on her.

So now that she has a real opportunity to prove herself, she won't turn it down. Annie is sure that Henry thinks that she is motivated to turn against Joan and Arthur by the contents of the folder, but in reality the contents just say to her that Joan… and Arthur need her help more than ever.

Should I continue or leave it?