Low key gonna put this out there and see what happens... probably nothing since its been so long, but oh well.

It is like she is nothing. Everything fades in and out. One moment she feels nothing, sees nothing and knows nothing, and then the next moment she hears a soft beeping, sees something and realizes everything.

Then it all disappears.

Something, in the few moments of just her, tells her to fight through the nothingness and go back to what she left behind… too bad she can't remember what she has to go back to. It's like there is a big hole where no knowledge or emotion can stick and give her some grasp of what is happening.

The constant sensation, despite physically not being able to feel anything, of being pulled back and forth between nothing and everything is exhausting.

"Come back to us, Annie." A voice suddenly breaks the silence that was slowly killing her. Annie… is that her name? Who is the voice? Why can't she remember if anyone could have cared enough about her to want her…back? Back where?

So many questions arise and no answers follow. All she can do is feel paralyzed, emotionally torn after experiencing the freedom that death offers, but coming to the realization that people need her...

Someone needs her. The thought releases her from the wavering of fading in and out. Suddenly she realizes everything… and it stays. The situation suddenly dawns on her- she is dying, shot after trying to save the Campbell's reputation. If she were alive and able to talk, Annie would have so scoffed at the idea that she endured all of this for a reputation.

No, she forces herself to think, what Henry Wilcox had on Joan and Arthur was not just about their reputation, it was about their lives and keeping her bosses out of Henry's line of fire.

"Annie? Can you hear me?" The voice she now realizes belongs to Joan calls out to her again. Akin to pins and needles or having the hair on the back of your neck stand up, the sensation that she is about to reconnect with the world again arises. It takes all the willpower she has to crack her eyes open. There's a blur of blond hair above her. And in one peaceful second, Joan's face refocuses and she can see the relief on the older woman's face... Joan's face.

That's the trigger that pulls her mind fully into her body. Violently and without end, pain assaults her every sensation. Her body's in pain. So much pain. She wants to yell out, to scream, but her lungs feel as though they're submerged underwater. Her cries die within her throat. Her eyes clamp shut as tears fall. Her ears ring with loud white noise, no sounds of the world, of the room and those in it to wake her from the pain.

As if the excruciating physical pain wasn't enough, her mind turns inward on itself and releases all the emotionally damaging memories in a horrible torrent. From her mother's disappearance, every death she's witnessed or been apart of, to Joan's heartbreaking expression of betrayal and the words that followed... they all flood her.

Enough. I... I can't do this. I don't this pain anymore. Take it away.

And just like that, everything fades to black.