The big play date

Annabeth stumbled down the dark entrance, admiring he river styx, she tried to imagine Percy in the water, gaining invincibility that enabled him to win the second Titan war, the year that he turned down immortality for her, Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena. The rush of a huge dog running past her interrupted her thoughts and she smiled, glancing down at her three red, rubber balls. "Come on Mrs. O'Leary, let's go find Cerberus!" The hellhound's strides became even longer, her large red tongue falling out of her mouth, her four inch canines may have been daunting to any mortal, but Annabeth knew Mrs. O'Leary would only harm a fly if she stepped on it or if it were trying to harm her or her friends. Finally they got to the lanes for entering the realm of Hades. Mrs. O'Leary bounded around it and tackled one of Cerberus's

Three heads. Annabeth threw her first ball Cerberus immediately caught it and multiple heads grappled for possession. Mrs. O'Leary jumped up his back, grabbed the ball and darted between his feet then dropped it in front of me, "Nico!" I called the small Italian jogged up from the direction of his father's palace, I smiled, ran and threw the slimy ball as far as I could, Nico caught it, then dropped it with a look of disgust on his face. I started to sprint over but Mrs. O'Leary was not to be beat she seemed to just appear there, and then pounced on it with so much for force the ball was deflated. I threw the next ball and this one Nico did catch then he ran to a spot where two black trees met "TOUCHDOWN!" he exclaimed spiking it. I had never had such a fun play date.