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It's Monday. Cat never planned to go home yesterday. She woke me up today with the same smile and coffee, with the same reason for waking me up so early and I couldn't complain. As we waited for the sun to rise she kept humming a new favorite song of hers. Her fingers crept on my thigh as she sat down next to me, skin touching. Her fingers radiating heat that burnt my skin with every graze. But that might have just been me. Me and my icy cold skin. Me and my racing heart. I let it be. Cat's always been like this, right? I can't say that I remember a lot. I was always too busy trying to figure out a way to ruin whatever Vega was up to, and not to mention all that time and effort I spent trying to keep my relationship with Beck in one piece. Beck. This reminds me of Beck. This situation, right now with Cat, our positions, her hand. And that was it, Cat was sparking something inside of me. The spark burns. It makes something in my chest flinch, and I want it to stop.

I slowly put my hand over hers, in attempt to push it away. To make this thing itching in my chest disappear. To make my skin stop burning. My face especially. But Cat, almost like a reflex, intertwined her fingers with mine. Her fingers filling up the small gaps between mine just perfectly, and in that very instant, I couldn't find my voice.

My hand was burning. My chest was pounding. Hurting. And all I could focus on were our hands. We always hold hands. This shouldn't mean anything, but I couldn't look away. And just for a second, I almost forgot why we were here, out in the cold balcony holding hands. The sun. Cat lifted our linked hands to her face. I could feel her breath just over my knuckles, steady and hot against my skin. Her lower lip quivered, eyes set on my hand and in just one blink, the sun was rising and Cat's lips were on my skin, just a little over my knuckles. Hot, wet, and soft. I would think of anything else when hearing these words. But right now, all I can think about is about Cat's lips.

My hand was shaking but I kept it there, against Cat's lips. My muscles stiffened when all I could feel was heat. But I'm not so sure if it's the sun's warmth or if it's all just me anymore. The one thing that I am sure of is that the itching in my chest was here to stay.

I want to shake it off, I can't.

My hand drops to her chin, making her face me. "Cat.." my voice low and soft. I looked in her eyes, wide and surprised. As I stared at her, I made an attempt to understand what her expression meant. Trying to decode the Morse code her fingers were tapping on the hand that held her face steady towards me. I'm trying to understand what her eyes are trying to say. But I'm just not there yet, it's all written in a foreign language. One I intend to learn. So I drop my hand from her chin and take hers again, giving her a small tug on it with a light smile.

"Cat, let's go eat."

Her eyes were still fixed on me, and in another blink, she beamed a smile at me and darted up from her seat. "Yay, I love food!"

She pulled me to the kitchen and gestured at a seat. I guess she want me to sit?
I raise an eyebrow at her. She smiles at me and nods. She speaks my language so well while hers is so foreign to me.

I sigh as I sit down. It's 6:45 am and Cat made pancakes.

"Jadey, do you have any whipped cream?" she said as she popped her head out of the fridge.

I stare at her, "Yeah, just behind the yogurt".

"Kay Kay!" I heard her shuffle stuff around in the fridge before squealing, shutting the door close and running back to the counter where I was.

"What do you need that for?" I questioned in suspicion.

"You'll see!" she smiled and grabbed my plate. She shook the can and started spraying something on my food. Her tongue stuck out a little from her lips, it's a weird, but I guess, cute habit of hers when she's concentrated. She hands me back my plate and I feel a smile tugging on my lips, "Ta da!" she smiled at me, holding the can close to her chest. She was waiting for me to say something as I gave in to the smile.

"Scissors, impressive." I complimented with a small nod.

She seemed pleased with herself and that was good enough for me. She left the can on the counter as she made her way back to the fridge to get god knows what.

I eyed the whipped cream. The least I can do is return the favor. I snatched the can and her plate off the counter. I shook the can as gently as I could.

When Cat came back with the syrup, my eyes were fixed on my plate. I didn't move.

Cat froze in front of her plate, "Jade! There's a cat on my pancake! That is so cute!" she smiled and her eyes were glimmering with joy. She made various happy sounds as she ran over to my side and kissed the top of my head after giving me a bear hug. Or more like a Cat hug.

"Yeah, well, just.. don't speak of it." I said in a low tone. It's all I managed to get out. My face was burning and Cat was only making it worse. And for the first time in my life, I couldn't wait to get to school.

"Cat, stop leaning so much out of the window, you'll fall out! And I swear I will leave you out there and have a whole pack of beavecoons come eat you" I threatened. We were late for school because Cat wouldn't stop giving me small heart attacks as she kept jumping around in the car and almost making us crash. Though I guess that was partly my fault too. I should keep my eyes on the road, but they couldn't help but to wonder back to her.

She stared at me and pouted, "bossy".

"What did you say?" I glanced at her.

"I'm sitting!" and she did.

I sighed in relief. "I don't feel like going to school anymore." I said under my breath.

"We have to though! Sikowitz said it was movie day!" she smiled. Cat loves movies.

"Cat, we always watch the same thing. And it's not even a movie, it's a stupid documentary about stupid coconuts." I glanced at her again, her eyes were a little distant now.

"I wonder if there's smart coconuts.." she wondered.

"There aren't. They're all stupid." I still tried to keep my eyes on the road, but all of my attempts failed. Just why can't I keep my eyes off Cat?

"That's sad.." she looked worried now "Wait, can't we just tutor them?"

My eyes naturally shifted towards her, hoping to catch a hint of humor, but she was dead serious. I frowned. She worries me sometimes. "I don't know, Cat. Why don't you try it?" a little sarcasm slipped along with my words. I doubt she managed to catch it.

"Kay Kay! Will you help me?" she smiled. Her tone was hopeful and cheery. I started to get another headache.

Without even realizing, a small noise of agreement slipped from my throat, which Cat happily took. She nodded and looked out the window. Her hand was resting on her thigh. The hand I held on to. I felt my hand itch and sweat under the wheel. I fought the urge with all my strength.

Maybe she really is irresistible.

I knew I was onto something bad as I figured this out. I kept eyeing between Cat, the road and her hand. I shifted around in my seat, trying to keep it together. Eventually, I give up.

I sighed.

I'm going to regret this. I really am. Damn it, Jade.

I reached for her hand and fixed my gaze back on the road. I felt her move, most likely facing me. I forced myself not to look at her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could almost see her smile, making me a little happy. Miraculously relaxed. Even with my heart still pounding against my chest, I could finally keep my eyes steady on the road now.

It's okay. It's just Cat.

It was a chant I kept repeating in my head. Like a ritual. It was just a few minutes later of driving and holding Cat's hand when it hit me that maybe; just maybe, I've always been like this too. That maybe the spark that was burning my chest just an hour ago wasn't anything new. That maybe I just never considered what it meant. Not until now. And maybe it wasn't the time right now either.

As I parked, I looked over at Cat. She was smiling. A smile she's never shown me before, it seems brand new on her. But it fits her perfectly. Without even hesitating, I smiled too. I'm happy and I don't even know why. I don't think I do. But I kiss her hand anyway. I kiss her hand with shaky breath and sweaty palms. A warm feeling creeping on my cheeks.

"Jade," a voice said. It wasn't Cat's. "I need to talk to you" the voice made my head hurt, that's when I realized it was Tori. I froze.

She saw us, right?

"Go away, Vega. You're soiling my morning." I managed to get out but I couldn't move. I don't want to look at her. I have to though. I need to glare at her. I need to keep up my image. I need to let go of Cat's hand.

I didn't let go.

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