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She was squirming. Arms around my waist, the tip of her fingers tracing a pattern of rough lines against the bits of the skin she uncovered as she moved against my shirt. Her breath on my neck was tickling the goose bumps her eyelashes batted against my skin. My palms damped in sweat and my fingers lost in her hair. Her name was stuck in my throat. It felt wrong to call her name now, but I had to. All of this contact between us was making me shift uneasily in my seat. Attaching small noises along to her name. It was hot. Cat was hot. Hot in temperature and hot, well, everywhere else. Cat. Cat.

"Caterina." My voice was low and a little whiny, but I couldn't help it. She was literally all over me. "Stop squirming. I can barely concentrate on the movie." I whispered right in her ear. She was scared.

"But Jade.. the movie is so scary.." She said with a frown.

"You said I could pick the movie." I looked in her eyes as I sat her back into her own seat properly. "You should've known I would pick a scary one." Or maybe I should've considered the fact she would get like this.. I sighed. "I'm sorry kitty cat." I rubbed her temple with my thumb. Her face was all scrunched up, not the best look on her.

She made a soft sound of stubbornness.

"Now Cat, stop making that face." I pinched her cheek and she smiled, dimple showing.

"Jade." She removed my hand from her face and intertwined her fingers with mine. "The movie's over."

"Oh." A smidge disappointment was hidden in my voice. Two hours at the movie theater and I didn't even get to watch the movie, huh? Just me and Cat. Alone. In a dark room. With Cat all over me.. I guess it wasn't all that bad..

"Jade, where should we go now?" She said while twirling the ends of her hair.

I yawned. "Eat." I made a slight gesture with my free hand and poked her stomach.

"Hungry?" She giggled.

"Starving." I said with a smile.

She nodded, "Yay, food!", and then tugged at my hand as we ran towards my car. Well, Cat was running, I was resisting. But "we" is a term I like to use when I'm with her.

Oh my God. What am I saying? Lame. So lame. Jade, you are pathetic.

"Jaaaaade, you're making a weird face!" Her face was all scrunched up again and for some reason I found it really funny.

I laughed. "What's with your face?" I couldn't stop.

"That's mean!" She said that, but she was laughing too. "What are we laughing about?"

I shrugged with a smile on. "Your face?"

She pulled on my arm. "What's that supposed to mean!"

"Nothing, nothing!" I shook my head at a few laughs that slipped from my throat.

Cat made a few small sounds of complaint before resting her head on my shoulder as I started the car. Nothing was said after twenty minutes into the car ride. Not until she nuzzled her face into my shoulder and whispered a few words I couldn't manage to catch.

"Is it okay?" She said a bit more loudly.

I didn't reply after a few minutes. Not only because I wasn't entirely sure just what she was talking about, but because I still couldn't put my finger on why she was still acting like this. Like she has a secret she just has to keep.

I simply nodded and whispered back. "Yeah."

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