Katsa flung her body around, kicking and punching anything that got in her way, she flipped and dodged the attacks from the enemy. She tried not to think about whom she was killing but more of how she was going to get out of the mess she had created. She kicked a man in the chest and reached to slide his sword out as he fell to the ground. She turned and sliced a man's stomach while kicking another in the face. She was the only one fighting this army and she was beginning to get tired, Katsa continued fighting, screaming for Po in her mind.

That's when she felt it. A stabbing pain in her side, she looked down at the wound, she had a dagger notched in her side just under her rib cage, she pulled it out gasping, she stabbed the man who had got her, crying out in pain.

She fought the last few men who dared fight her, killing them all. She stood above the bodies she had killed, there was around 70-80 men laying around her, she looked down at her own clothes, covered in blood of the men and her own blood. She wasn't going to walk out of this unharmed, she had a dagger wound, cuts all over her face and arms. She began feeling weak, she looked down at the dagger wound she had gotten, and she thought a small whimper to Po before falling to the ground.

Greening/ Po

Po shot up from where he was sitting after hearing a scream in his mind from his lover. He rushed out of the room and knocked rapidly on Raffin's, who was staying there for the time being, "Raffin" he called through the door, he could feel Raffin in there.

"Yes" he said swinging the door open

"Its Katsa" Po said, he heard another scream in his head, it was a desperate sort of plea

"What's wrong with her?" Raffin asked grabbing his belt and sword and tying them to his waist

"She is faintly yet desperately calling me, she is frightened" he said looking into the distance to see if he could locate her

"She was only visiting the elderly lady in the wood" Raffin said "Surely she would've gotten there and been home by now" he said thinking

"We must go to her" Po said running to his room, grabbing his dagger and sword and meeting Raffin in the stables with the horses. Katsa had told Raffin about Po's grace, all of it, because of the amount of time he was spending at Po's Leinid castle, away from King Randa.

Raffin jumped on the back of the horse and walked with his to the front gate "We will return by nightfall" he said to the gate master

"Yes Prince Greening" the gate master said with a small bow, pulling the gate open.

Po jumped onto the back of the horse and he and Raffin sped off down the long dirt path to the Forrest. Po kept hearing Katsa's screams, and calling to him, which only made him ride the horse faster. Suddenly the callings stopped, Po's eyes widened. He looked to Raffin who was keeping up with him and had a face of worry himself.

Po tried to locate Katsa in his mind, but every time he did the signal got more and more faint, he started to panic. He knew where about she was but he didn't know if she was safe. He kept telling himself her grace was survival, she would survive.

Finally Raffin and Po reached a large field, men bloodied and dead, some still moaning and begging for help, he noticed their uniforms straight away; Western war soldiers. But what were they doing on Leinid soil? As they got closer to the middle of the massacre, they noticed more blood, before it had been on their faces now it was on their stomachs. Whoever had fought them had started using a weapon by then.

"Po!" Raffin yelled from where he was sitting, holding onto a bloodied woman's body, instantly Po knew who it was, he ran over to Katsa and checked her presence

"She's just barely alive" He said, trying not to worry Raffin, he picked her up, a light gasp of pain came from her "You're safe now Wildcat" Po said to comfort her

'They came out of nowhere. I was forced into killing' Her voice said to him in his mind

"I know my love" he said, he laid her over the saddle carefully the front of his horse so that he could hold her there, he swung onto it and looked at Raffin, who stared blankly at the men and sung himself onto the horse "How did this happen?" he asked numbly "There has to be at most 100 men here"

"I'm not sure, but I intend to find out" Po said through clenched teeth.