Chapter 9

They left within the hour. Katsa, Jonta, Raffin, 4 beefy guards and the other Graceling. Katsa couldn't tell what his power was but she didn't want to find out. He had pitch-black hair and a long, deep scar across his face. She sighed as the horse moved sluggishly at a boring pace.

"At this rate we'll get there by the time I'm ancient!" She sighed

"Shh." The Graceling with the scar said. Keeping his eyes on the road.

"Oh, so we aren't even allowed to talk? This is going to be an exciting trip." Katsa said to the Graceling

Scarface, as Katsa started referring him as, kept staring at the road. Katsa let out a loud sigh and laid down on her horse. "If I were anywhere else I would ride so fast none of you could catch me." She whispered to the horse.

"Lady Katsa. If you do not be quiet I will have to force you to be silent."

Katsa sat up and stared at him shocked "What is your grace?"

Scarface suddenly turned and stared at her.

"Didn't you know? I am the mind controller." He thought to her.

Katsa stared at him with disbelief. She stared ahead, frightened of Scarface now. She remembered King Leck and how he would make her forget things. She remembered throwing the dagger into his mouth and through his head. Why hadn't he been there instead of Jonta?

"Be careful what you wish for. I don't just read minds. I can control you. I will get into your head and change you. Be warned."

A shiver went down Katsa's spine. Something told her this mission was not going to be easy to escape from.