Attention every one who reads, follows or fav me I apologize for taking so dam long to get the next ch out and I realize it will take a while because it is long as hell and will have a bunch of references to two stories in particular: Alduin Unbound by Crosis but only the parts that pertain to princess Celestia raising Spike and few spots in ch 10 and not the Skyrim gods scenes. The other is Breaking Free by Nrdygrl up to near the end of ch 24 and maybe more for the two stories. I am mostly writing this to inform you of future ch mostly ch 2 that will have a vast majority of references as I already stated but this also an apology for my lack writing to make the next ch which is still in the shop so this is a way for you guy to get familiar in the world I am making and to give you guys a good set of stories to read while I work on mine.

Thank you for your patience. Blaze

Ps also I got permission to make references to both story by the authors