Rode Map Of Oneself

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Rode Map Of Oneself

"I missed you brother," said the blue dragon.

While the older dragon was lost in happiness at meeting his long lost younger brother the six ponies formally fearing for their lives were now busy tasting Twilight's floor with their jaws firmly dropped, Spike was even more stunned at having a blood brother considering he never liked his own kind to much after his quest of self discovery.

"I-I-I have a brother"? Stammered the young dragon

" As much as it pain-"

"I have a brother"

"Yes you have-"

"I have a bother!"

"Yes now if you-"

"I HAVE A BROTHER!" Spike shouted of shock with a hint of joy in his voice

"Yes you have…. oh-boy," the larger dragon sighed with his palm resting on his face as his little brother was shocked finding out he has family was still able to let it 'sink in', while completely and utterly spazing out. While shooting off a torrent of questions.

"How do you know I'm your brother, how didyouchangesize" As Spike asked and asked and asked questions that have plagued the young dragon for most of life. Who was later joined by the unstable sugar fueled pony with even more questions (mostly pertaining to backed goods) and later the purple egghead pony.

10min later

After awhile Spike and Twilight dropped out after realizing they weren't able to get answers right away but Pinky continued with only her second breathe as she continued with her torrent of questions most of witch still pertained to surgery sweets, but alas all things must come to end.

The blue drake rose two of his claws to his lips and let loosed a whistle that cracked the windows and nearly busted everyone's eardrums.

As the whistle came to an end, the ponies and dragon slowly took their hoofs/claws off their ears from the sudden high pitch whistle that tore throe Pinky Pie's motor mouth faster then Rainbow Dash throe clouds.

"Ok to answer your first question little bro I know you are my brother because of your aura it is the exact same as when I saw your aura emanating from your purple and violet spotted egg. And jugging from your expression right now I just described your eggshell that you were shown after a few years from when you hatched. 2…. Ahh yes purple unicorn with her hoof raised and levitating a notebook."

"Thank you Mr.…"

"Asakura, Blaze Asakura, Ms. Sparkle"

"Hhhow did you.."

" *Tut* *tut* one question at a time now to answer your question about auras; auras are the sprit or magical essence of a living being which is unique to each and can never be completely copied or changed much like DNA. And can be seen by any halp assed student of the arcanic arts. Oh and before I forget since you are writing notes to update your knowledge unicorns and ALICRONS have not even scratched the surface of magic and contrary to what you believe in your books and what your "mentor" has taught you ponies are on the bottom of the magical scale and just so you know every thing about magic you learned from your books or your teacher is wrong unless it was written by Star Swirl the bearded who fluked out of magic 101 back home. Sooo about 95 percent is unicorns know about magic is wrong, and I now this because I have been around a long ass time".

*THUNK* the sound of Twilight's faithful notebook fell to the floor and the library only to be followed by her denial.

"B-b-but how is every thing I know a lie, it c-c-can't be true y-y-your must be lying!" Twilight stammered with utter shock and being incorrect her whole life as the dragon demonstrated much joy at the expense of the violet unicorn.

" Well why don't you ask Appeal Jack the element of honesty she can tell if any creature is lying". He said with a hint of joy from Twilight's brake down.

Sigh "Sugar cube as much as it pains me to see you like, this manure licken varmint ani't lyen every thing he said is true including Spike being related to this this…"

"Horrid beast!" cried Rarity as she cut off Apple Jack. How can my whittle Spiky whikey be related to this rude unfashionable brute!?" she yelled holding Spike in a death hug as if he was to be spirited away by his brother.

Ahem " I'm still here and my apologies if I came out a bit harsh but my kin has a bone to pick with ponies and I will try to be a bit more appropriate for Spike's sake. But since I have been reunited with my little brother could you send this letter to Celestia please bro". He said to Spike pleading slightly with eyes showing Spike a small glimpse of some sort of sadness in his brother's ice blue eyes.

"Ok but can you explain some things to me like why our race has a grudge with ponies?" And with that Spike blew upon the worn scroll as his brother blew on 8 more scrolls he withdrew from the folds his coat, and responding cryptically. "All in do time bro. All in do time".

In moments Spike belched out a letter from the princess written in a way never seen by Twilight or Spike; hastily and sloppy that read "COME IMMEDIATELY AND BRING THE BLUE DRAGON, WILL SEND ESCORT".

"Hu. Thought she would just teleport here from that" Blaze sighed. "Ah well it would be nice to see some of her sad excuse of a court".

"Bro what did you write in that letter?" asked Spike with a small form of worry flashing across his face as he fretted about what he just sent to his adoptive mother that raised him with love and a caring heart. But all Blaze respond was a mischievous smile and a wink much similar to a cretin party pony. Which did absolutely nothing to calm the small dragon but instead only increased his nervousness.

"Well as you ponies wait for the escort I need to talk to the thunder and tell them to keep moving without me k".

"Wait what's a thunder?" the ponies asked in unison which caused the dragon to spin on his heel and respond with a simple nod towards the dragons resting throe out town and continued to walk as he shouting over his shoulder "you want to meet some true dragon little bro not those weak rip-offs that get sent to Equestria".

"Ahh sure can Twilight come?" Spike asked hoping some new discoveries will cheer his best firend up from her slump from the shock of being wrong about magic for most of her life (which she never takes well no matter what it is). But all he got was a wave and "why not. they can all come if they want". But to his dismay the Twighlight didn't hear or just flat out ignore him as she continued to mope in failure with Rarity saying behind to comfort her. 'For Celestial's sake Flutters was out the door and heading to meet some of the dragons before Twilight to observe these relatively peaceful dragons up close' thought Spike.

"Twilight come on Blaze can says you can come and take notes on the dragons" Spike pleaded trying to coaxes Twilight out of her new found slump which failed thus forcing him to take drastic masseurs (AKA play the passing up of writing a report on something new passing her by). "Well Twighlight looks like Fluttershy can be the first pony to make book on 100% correct information about dragons one of the most elusive creature in Equestria!" Spike mockingly sang as he made his way to the door away from Twighlight, while giving Rarity a wink. But unfortunately Rarity didn't get time to realize Spike's plan before Twighlight shouted

"I'LL GET MY NOTE BOOKS", as Twilight ran up to get here sadel bags only to run out the door seconds later yelling at Spike to hurry up! But Spike only chuckled in response while Rarity gave him a confused look before he said, "works every time" as he followed his friends.

As the two friends caught up with the gang they saw it didn't take long for Twilight to start bombarding Blaze with questions on the countless dragons that now surrounded them once again many not even giving the a second glance except for a few that stared hatefully at the ponies but those when went mostly unnoticed.

"So shall we get started Mr. Asakura?" the highly curious pony asked who some how stuffed note books into her sadel bags to were they seemed about ready to burst at the seems.

"In a moment Twi and please call me Blaze" and with that he lit loose a mighty whistle that got every single nonpony creature's attention and as the mighty beasts turned their heads towards Blaze, everypony couldn't help but fear for their lives under the gaze of many powerful giants. But as the ponies feared for their lives Blaze began to shout in a strange language that everypony could feel deep in their bones and know it was incredibly ancient and powerful. But in moments every single creature let louse a roar, howl or a screech of celebration it seemed before laying back down.

"What in tarnashen! did you say to them partner and what was with that strange fancy gum flapen you did there?" AJ questions with Twilight standing by with a quill and notebook on stand by, eagerly waiting for Blaze to answer.

"Well AJ that was the ancient language or true language".

"Hey! What's is so true and ancient about that language! Huh bub!" Dash questioned, with her normal cocky attitude coming back in full force.

"Well toots if you must know it is the first language ever and each word holds the true essence of each word," he stated with a tone that would make Trixy's prideful speech seem like Fluttershy's more humble one. "Before you say something you should know I'm more powerful in this form then the one you saw fly over Ponyvile. Got it toots" hey said with no hostility what so ever but his eyes spoke by themsevls of a primal and monstes force that could back up his talk in spades. Which struck a much deeper almost primal part of her brain and it shouted back with something Rainbow Dash rarely ever shows fear. As the color drained from Rainbow Dash's face two dragons, one black, one brown both were three times as wide and long as Nightmare Moon and as tall as her even thou they crawled, with eight strong legs they approached with arrow like heads they crawled up to the group and changed in to beings similar to Blaze. The black one more so as he walked on two legs but was only barely reaching 6ft but made up for his lack of vertical powers with six strong arms that were just under grossly huge for his body and looked that they could easily rip a bolder in halp just by flexing. And wore some kind of dark brown vest with a multitude of zippers that showed off his shirtless well sculpted chest and abs and desert camo pants that made his legs look like they were wrinkled pillars of sand. The other was the slightly taller but his lower halp looked some what like a dragon on all fours, but were the neck should go a torso sprouted up and formed a body similar to his companion but with four arms. While wearing crimson red armor that seems to outline his torso's muscles, it also includes shoulder plates and a bolted kilt that rapped around were he connected with his lower a halp.

" Aw Mitch and Mikey good to see you two again" Blaze responded in a semi formal style with his arms behind his back. Both dragons saluted in response to their names. "What is your report"?

"Sire we have come to let thou know that all have arrived secure. And please don't call me Mikey" the brown said with an accent similar to princess Luna's only thicker.

"Aaaaannnnnnnddddd" the other one said while nudging the other with one of his many elbows.

"And…. We have come to meet thou's younger kin blood and give him an appropriate introduction to the dragon kin unlike the rabble that infest like the lands near here like the Loco wasps that infest the mother land". Blaze sighed while Spike just looked at the brown dragon blankly only understanding loco and mother. But before he could ask some one to translate the dragon Mitch beat him to it.

"WHAT THE FUCK! Bro speak normally we're not at the ancestor dam renisones fair! I swear you sound like a dam screwball from an asylum! Just stop humiliating me bro. I mean seriously do you try to make me shameful for being related to ya." Said his brother with an accent that sounded straight from lower Manehatten. " To clarify what my twin bro here is trying say is were here to meet you short-stop and show you what true dragons are like, unlike the rejects that get sent here for their "duty" if you can call it that duty am I right Blaze!" The Black dragon said while eagerly showing his middle fist for a fist bump, which Blaze promptly returned. "Oh and my name is Mitch by the way and this is my twin bro Michelangelo or Mikey for short ya know" he said while pointing towards his armored clad brother.

"Ummm excuse me mister Mitch and Michelangelo may I ask what kind of dragons are you I've never read about dragons without wings or ones with so many appendages"? Questioned Twilight.

"We are Basilisks, dragons of the earth and stone Madam Sparkle" Michelangelo said. "We're also the strongest dragons of the 9 races of dragons" gloated Mitch while doing 3 different arm poses to show of his bravado.

"Oh ya then how come we never seen your kind then if your so strong" said Dash as she made the foolish mistake of getting in Mitch's face. But before he could lose his cool…

"Mitch! Control yourself we don't wont to make a bad impression on Spike by brutally killing one of his friends in front of him. And Dash I can answer your question beside the orders about only a select few can come into this part of the world. The Basilisk race normally lives deep below the worlds crust and are the physical strongest because of the extreme presser of their living space which allows them enormous strength witch would mean an average 3 month old a Basilisks dragons have enough strength to easily juggle your entire capital mountain and all it's towers. Now imagine what a fully-grown one, trained for combat can do and one with a short temper I might add. So I recommend backing away from Mitch and turning down your over-inflated ego before he decides to disobeys my commands not to tare you apart. Oh and don't think he cant cache you because of the extreme presser from birth below ground allows Basilisks above ground can run up to 5 times faster then the speed of sound and 7 digging near the surfaces and with lack of a ceiling they can jump up to 5 miles at Mock 4" said Blaze without the meagerness concern for Rainbow Dash's well being as he gazed out into the dissents towards Canterlot.

As soon as this information hit her ears she paled more then since the last time she got in a dragon's face. With a nervous chuckle Dash turned back to the Basilisk "Well Mitch no har.." "You have 10 seconds to get out of my face be fore I rip your legs off one by one before I then rip you wings off bitch" said Mitch with a growl that would make a Ursa Major dig it's own grave and jump into before burying itself. With nothing else said Dash flew almost as fast as her rainboom away from the bloodthirsty dragon and taking cover behind Rarity who tried to fight with Dash on who hid behind whom.

Spike could barely hold his fear as this dragon just threatened to kill his friend but soon he felt a tail rap around his shoulder gently pulling him away. After getting just out of earshot of his pony friends he looked up to see Blaze. His brother sat down cross-legged in attempt to close the height distance but it was vain because even hunched over the top of Spikes crown barely reached his brothers abdomen.

* Sigh * "Bro I know your scared of Mitch and probably me as well. I know he seem worse from threatening your friends but let me tell you this long ago ponies and dragons and 8 other races were allies. We gave them food shelter and helped them evolve it what they are to day because before we helped they were barely smart enough to figure out how to mate." Hearing this Spike couldn't help but blush at that last statement. "Ahg bad example since for some resone you haven't learned the eel and the rock, but that's beside the point. One day the leaders of ponies: two Alicorn and no not your adoptive mother Celestia and her sister, no this was long before they were a twinkle in their parent's eyes. Know were was I. Aww yes one day the two Alicorn stole two vary powerful artifacts and tried to exterminate us, the 8 other races our allies and enslave the Zebras, Buffalo and the Miniatures. But before we defeated the leaders in one last attempt tried to achieve their goals but instead released a terrible apocalypse that dragons and the other 8 other races continue to fight back to this day to keep the universe safe. We were able to also capture the ringleaders and banished them from the order of The Libra (Lee-bra). But the only reason we did not destroy them is because they have a part to play in this crazy story so this why they now live in such a rich land."

"But Blaze I don't understand why still dragons hate if it happened so long ago and I don't exactly get the story".

"Spike let me put it this way. Imagine if you had a home with family and you saw some one on the street while it was friezing cold and raining. And you decided to take pity on them and took them under your wing. Then one day for no good resosen tried to kill your family, you stopped him but not before he killed one of your kids and your wife. And yes even thou it happened 2500 years ago many of us dragons here participated it the fight and watched our family die and because dragons are immortal, time flows differently for us 2500 years would seem like a measly 4 hours ago to us. So hopefully you can at least under stand why we act so harsh to ponies" Blaze finished while resting one of his claws on Spike's shoulder even thou it covered most of his side the sentiment was still there.

Spike looked down at his feet just thinking of the pain many of his kind suffered but how can it be ponies the nicest creature that always treated him with such love and kindness could do something like take another's life. The very thougt of it was unthinkable even Sombra never outright killed anyone he just enslaved them. "Spike you don't haft to hate ponies, I means it would be hard for you with such good friends at your side because let me tell you this if there is one thing all dragons hold dear is the freedom to choose one's own path and thoughts and not be looked down upon because of our path so you don't haft to worry about disapproval, but ya may still get a stink eye every now and then. But at least understand why some of may act so harsh and try to be tolerant of us ok?"

"All right I guess I can tolerate it if you promise my friends will be safe" Spike asked with those big eyes of his, pleading like a lost puppy out in the rain. But his brother only sighed "I'll do my best but is they stir up enough trouble I may not be able to protect them I sorry but it's the best I can offer". Spike had no choice but to accept that considering the bad blood between the races.

But no sooner that that the brothers got back to the group a small mushroom cloud formed and a giant serpent with feathery rainbow wings and head flew over holding a pink and wight objects in its tail. As soon as it landed it a small flash enveloped and it looked mostly unchanged the only difference was it now had two tiny arms and a body similar to his brother thou no where near as well sculpted. Garbed in a black zip up hoody with a Wight under shirt, well the upper halp his lower was still serpentine covered with a toga.

"Blaze" he shouted obviously pissed

"Unhand me you brute!" "Can we go flying again it was fun" two voice said one laughing the other whining

"Shut it you whelps and wait for Blaze to decide your fate," the serpent growled to his two captives he held in his tail, momentarily showing Spike his crush and the local party pony supreme.

"What are you hollering about this time Justin someone get dirt in your feathers and before you say anything else put down those two their friends of my brother" Blaze said.

"Put them down. Put them down! These little ingrates tried to pluck my beautiful feathers like a god dam turkey for dinner!" Justin cried.

Sigh* "I know your feathers are important to but just put them down at leave it to me."

"But". "That's an order Justin"

"Fine just make sure they're dealt with sir" Justin hissed before dropping the ponies rather hard and flying off to preen his feathers again.

"Why I never, the nerve of that dragon he ruined my main" Rarity complained before using he magic to grab a brush and mirror to fix her trade mark purple curls again. But the brush was promptly grabbed by Blaze. While Rarity was about give Blaze a pieces of her mind her words stopped and tried to fight their way back down. "Why did you to try to pluck his feathers?" Blaze said with a stare that would put Fluttershy's to shame. "Well if you must know silly Billy. Rarity was complementing on the multitude of feathers beauty and how they would look great on one of Rarity's dresses and since he had so many of them I figured he wouldn't miss a few of them" Pinkie pie said with her usably bubbly attitude.

"You do realize that it would be the same as sneaking up on Rarity with seizers and just snip off a chunk of her hair while she was sleeping. But in this case it was a dragon that would have normally turned you into a bloody smoldering crater. Now before I continue with this lecture is everyone here because I will only say this once" Blaze shouted over his shoulder to Twilight. "Yes I think sooo…. Waite where's Fluttershy?"

"Umm I reckoned I heard her sayin somthen bout finden some baby dragons to play with," Appeal Jack said while drawing circles in the ground with her hoof.

"Shit. Mitch watch the ponies" Will do Sii.." "Mikey watch your brother so he doesn't kill them" said Blaze as he unfurled his wings and took flight in search of the foolish pink haired Pegasus leaving the other with some of the most polar opposite of twins.

"Sooo Michelangelo why is it bad for Fluttershy too play with some baby dragons. I mean look at Spike he was harmless as a baby" Twilight said with her notebook out.

"To put it simply since he was hatched by pony magic in a extremely mellow environment it made him much weaker because of all the peace and love in your magic and country. The average dragon hatchling has enough strength to kill a Ursa Major by accident because to them it would seem like a game" Michelangelo stated matter of facktly. "That is if you can get past their mothers" Mitch chimed in with a sadistic grin.

"Why what so bad about the mothers are do keep their kids in their mouths like alligators do" Pinkie pie responded. "Well.. Their protective and when we mean protective we mean kill any other creature that is not cleared by them as safe" Michelangelo said.

"And since she a pony shell be lucky if she turned into a blood stain on the spot cause of our races 'dislike' ponies" Mitch said with out a care in the world and a shrug of the shoulders.

"And it's a dame good idea to stay with in our line of site ay Flutters? After that whole safety lecture" Blaze said seemingly to appear out of nowhere above them with Fluttershy in the crook of his arm. "Ok we better head back to Twilights house the chariot should be there at any moment.

With their newfound knowledge about dragons they loaded up into chariot. Except for Blaze who had to fly considering his size, and along their the ponies and Spike's flight they wondered with fear in the back of their heads what is in store for them with the arrival of Spike's brother at the palace?


In moments the stone faced guards brought the ponies and dragons to Canterlot castle's landing dock, one of which couldn't stop chuckling after leaving a mile from Ponyville but any attempt to ask was only met with the response of "you'll see".

As they landed the occupants begun to disembark the doors to the palace exploded sending a flurry of sparks as they skidded across the dock knocking three unmanned chariots off the side and down below. And in the wrecked door frame stood mane and tale ablaze with smoke coming out of her ears, sending out waves of intense heat, was the snow wight princess of Equestria; Celestia. Shortly after spotting Blaze, the sun goddess let loose a powerful bolt of magic aimed at Blaze's smiling face. Who in turn just tilted his head to the right effortlessly avoiding the beam and now grinning like he had just won the lottery. Which only enraged Celestia to such an existent to where she charged at him with her horn first, trying to impale him. But he just stood their grinning like a fool at the angered royalty letting her get closer and closer. Till she was right in front of the dragon that stood 3ft taller than her simply sidestepped and tripped her in the middle of her mad dash. But before she could hit the ground Blaze wrapped her in a headlock and stuck his index claw (blade retracted) into his mouth before sticking it straight into her royal ear and twisted repeatedly.

In an instant Celesta's flaming mane and tail spurted out with her crying out loud "EWE. EWE .EWE GET IT OUT. GET IT OUT" she wined like a filly getting pranked by their elder brother as she attempted to sckwarm out of his hold on her.

While the ponies were glad by the sudden loss of unbearable heat they couldn't help but stared at their monarch practically a god getting a wet wilily from a dragon they just met.

"UNHAND OUR SISTER THY INTRUDER!" Luna yelled with the royal Canterlot voice while storming out of the aboused door frame and then fired a beam of magic aimed to blow the dragon's head off and free her beloved sister. Well that was her plan anyway but Blaze just turned his head, opened his jaw and ate the beam of magic. Causing both princesses, guards responding to the explosion and the occupants of the carriage's jaws to drop.

Which startled the navy blue Alicorn so much she cut off the beam of magic. While the ponies were trying to recover Blaze just licked his lips with his forked tong and proclaimed, "Your magic tastes like blue berries fare Luna. And even thou you didn't ask nicely I'll let your sister go… but first" he stated before reaching into one of his many pockets and pulled a thin black devise and pointed it an each princess's face and made it flash. "The boys back home are soo going to laugh their Asses off".

"Well if any body needs me I will be in the main confrens room playing cache up with my little bro till your ready to let me explain things. After you know 'put your houses together' so to speak" said Blaze plucking Spike up, carrying him like the morning news paper and casting a few hellos to Shining Armor with his wife Cadence Me Amora Cadenza, who came to their 'Aunt's' call saying it was urgent as he strode past them jaw agape from what they witnesses.

The first to come to their senses was of cours the Sun Princess who turned so fast Pinky would look like Dash's pet turtle Tank in comparison and pointed her hoof in the directshen the blue dragon went as said dragon's saliva dribbled out of her ear and cried. "Get him!"

As the rest of the ponies came to their senses they fallowed their glories leader through the now crumbling hallways, from the so-called guards attempts to stop the dragons. Many lay unconscious or in another hall through perfectly guard shaped holes. But went unnoticed as group (now including Shinning and Cades) ran past or over the guards much to their despair.

When the path of devastates hen ended in front of two large mahogany doors. Which opened inward by a mysterious force. But as the herd now joined by a fareley large squad of guards entered they were met with the…unexpected.

A large leather arm chair facing away from them at the end of a long marble meeting table, with the only light coming in from massive glass windows overlooking the garden.

As the chair turned it reveled Blaze with Spike in his lap getting his head scratched like a cat but doesn't seem to care considering he is still stunned form the all the recent excitment. "Ahhh Princess Celestia and company. I have been expecting you," said Blaze sounding like some corny criminal mastermind from a spy movie.

"Enough of this! You come into my castle, attacked my guards and wrecked the halls, insult my competence as a ruler by saying I just rut with my guards including my niece's husband, eat cake and then said that wasn't enough to insult me through a letter and you wanted to do it face to face with my student and her friends witness me in leather and beg that you rut me with all the guards. And to top it all off you STUCK a wet claw in my ear!" Celestia ranted.

"For the record your piss pore of a excuse for guards struck first and the rest of that was just to get your atteshen thou the thing about the ruler and the cake is true thou. So now that were all here we can discuss this like a bunch of adults and if you be soo kind if you would call you cabinet members we can get this political meeting under way."

"After all that horse apples, you expect me to sit down with my cabinet and talk politics as if nothing has happened" Celestia said coldly as she glared daggers at this upstart of a dragon.

"Yes with my little brother and his friends. Speaking of which come in Spike, come in, you awake there bro". Said Blaze as he knocked on his noggin effectively stirring Spike his trance caused by his brothers antics with the princesses.

"Ahhh bro were are we?" the hatchling said as he looked up at his brother, then to his mother who glared at his brother, which caused Spike instinctively to cover his bottom with his tiny claws.

"Spike what did you say to this dragon?" his mother looked at him with a look of utter confusion.

"He's my brother"


"He's my brother"

"He said I am his brother Celestia and as much a you want to deny it. I am his brother and in a moment I can have your entire country turned into a crater all the way to the planets core," Blaze stated with the venom of forty manticors as he leaned over Spike into Celestia's royal face.

"And I can understand that you aren't ready for a logical discussion that has everyone of your preshis ponies lives on the line. So you have till tomorrow when the rest of the dignitaries that you know of show up and 'open your eyes' to the real world and help you out of this land of butterfly's and rainbows. Now if you don't mind I need to play ketch-up with my little brother so he can know about the true race of dragons. So I recommended you get you and your court together so you can handle real politics brought by the true leader of the dragons!" Blaze said as he stormed out towards the gardens with Spike once again in his arm like the Sunday paper.

"And before I forget Twilight come with us I need some one of your kind who is high enough in pony society to correct the history books and to remove all the lies about us in this back water xenophobic country" As he came back grabbing Twilight by the scruff of her neck and walking out with her like a bad kitty.


As Blaze entered the gardens having moved Spike on his shoulder to sit on while still carrying Twilight by her scruff, he eventually set his sights on a fairly large rock to seat himself to probably give Spike his most important lesson about himself and his kin.

As he set Twilight down moderately gently as he used his now free claw to levitate a fairly large rock near Twilight and then balled his claw to a fist making the rock become crushed turning it into a fine sand. Releasing his mysterious grip on it, making it fall in to a faire sized mound.

As Twilight watched this forgetting the sore feeling in her rear, she stared in absolute wonder as Blaze made a rock float then turned into sand without any magical presses engulfing his claw or object like when she or any other unicorn levitates a object. Peeking her curiosity even more then all the years she has studied under Celestia's curriculum for years in just a few hours.

Now with a good pile of sand the dragon exhaled a light but extremely warm breath for a few moments, before stopping and lightly tossing his younger sibling into the radiating pile of sand. 'Claming it was the best seat in the house'. Which at first glance the young hatchling thought he would get badly burned. But as he landed onto the sand he felt strangely relaxed, on top of the toasty dune. And slowly agreed with his brother this was a great seat.

"So where shall we begin with the great mysteries you have sought out for little bro?" the elder said to his brother who is slowly succumbing to sleep and relaxed into a curled up ball of scales.

" sigh. Bro wake up" said Blaze as he nudged his brother awake.

"Hu-what. Sorry Blaze kinnda dosed off there" the hatching mumbled embarrassed. "What did you ask?"

"I asked what did you what to know about dragons".

"EVERY THING!" Pinky Pie shouted starling the bajeses out of Twilight and Spike while Blaze was barley fazed even thou she was sticking out of the back of his coat collar1.

"Gotta be more specific then that" replied the unfazed dragon who watched as more of the ponies that Spike had come to call friends gathered and formed a half circle and a curious moon princess who hid in the bushes near by, poorly from the dragon, but well enough from the ponies. "So Spike what do you what to know first?" asked the elder choosing to ignore the black tiara poking out of the bush behind AJ.

"When will I get my wings!?" Spike said looking at his brother standing on his dune chair with a gleam in his eyes.

"Sorry little man but your species doesn't get wings you only have them if you're hatched with em. But before you say anything there are a lot of dragons that don't get wings. But that gives a starting point for your quest of knowledge". The elder said to his slightly dejected looking brother.

"So lets start with your spices bro. You are one of the most versatile of land dragons the Drake",

"Waite isn't that just another name for dragons?" Questioned Twilight.

"That is a common misconception, Drakes are actually a dragon class all their own. Which branches off into 5 different sub classes: first is the Wolf drake named for its wolf shaped body and habits, also known for being well balanced in power, speed and defense and always known to travel in packs. Witch is one reason why Spike is so good in social situations because Drakes are known to be the social butterflies of dragons. And as a whole Drakes pride them selves on teamwork no matter what species they are or what the others of the group are. But considering who dad was you are most likely one of the heaver class of the breeds a Gargoyle or a War drake. Gargoyles are known to be baulker and stronger then the average Drake and are known for their fierce appearing and taste for gems. While the War drake is twice the size of a Gargoyle they are known to be more 'lone wolfs', but always willing to lend a hand but are known to be a to be a silent Stan".

"Waite if I am suppose to be one of the bigger Drakes why am I so small or is this average for me Blaze" the young dragon said.

"Actually you dwarfed. Heck you're a forth of what you should be at your age" esplanade the elder dragon witch only seemed to make the hatchling more disappointed. "But that is not because of your genetics but your environment".

"His environment? How can all our nurturing to our little Spiky-Whikey be stunting his growth."? Said the seamstress pony know as Rarity.

"Thoe I haven't raised a foal my own foal. Last I checked my little sis Bloom is doin mighty good with me and Mac's lov and care". Said the Apple farmer.

"Is Spike a pony?" Blaze looking at the farmer.

"Well no but.."

"Are you a dragonologist?" now turning is attention to the seamstress


"Then both of you. Shut your pie hole".

"Despite all logic turning to love and care= good growth. That is not the case for dragons. We grow depending on our environment the more hostile and deadly it is the faster we grow to our prime to defend our selves. The more loving, caring and harmonist the place is the slower we grow. The reason for this because well do you really need to be a full grown dragon to be a Liberian?" Blaze finished sarcastically.

"No.." the younger brother replied scratching the back of his head.

"Exactly! But say you were hatched by Apple Jack the you would be about the size you were when you woke up on your 12th birthday. But with more defined muscles."

"So if Spike just worked on AJ's farm he would be bigger?" the rainbow manned Pegasus asked.

"Yes and no"

"Ohh-come on! But you just said if he worked at AJ's he would get bigger. So how can he not get bigger"?

"Just because he would start working now wouldn't undo the harmony that has seeped into his scales. Hell he practically reeks of it all most mistook him for a new-hatched"!

"So he can't get any bigger?" mumbled the shy Pegasus.

"No he will get bigger but it would take years, decades even to get it out then start growing at a glaciers pace." The Blue dragon replied slightly depressed. "But moving on now we come to the heaviest of the Drakes the Pit Drake. Known for their almost blocky shape, guillotine like jaws and shitty speed. But they make up for it by being the strongest Drakes and heaviest armored and being too willing to eat anything even by dragon standards".

"Dragons can eat anything?" was a thought that sat uncomfortably with everyone at the meeting.

"Yup gems, steel, wood, bone, meat, the elements.."

"What dragons can eat the elements!" screamed a certain purple unicorn.

"Dam striate. Well as long as it coincides with your center element".

"Wait so dragons can only eat certain one?

"Ya, like my center or first element or sole element pick your preference. Like my center is Fire so I can eat and gain energy from eating Fire".

"Awesome!" cried a Rainbow mained Pegasus

"Oh oh oh can you eat your own flames that would be sooo cool you can breath fire at your self then just eat up and then you got a full tummy. Hmmm what do flames taste like. Hay Blaze to you flames taste like blue…hay what with the face?"

"Don't ever talk about that again. Eating ones own center. You now an element that comes out our breath is like eating our own shit right?" Blaze deadpanned.

"Ahh no and could you please stop swearing I don't need Spike being corrupted" Twilight said.

"Well to bad I cuss. Ah lot. Heck I am restring my self, hell if he was raised by dad he would have learned 40 different cuss words and their meanings by time he was 6. Hell if you think I'm bad then you ponies have become more close-minded since the last time I checked your files" the dragon boasted.

"Wait you have files on?"

"Yup Sparkle-Butt. I do on every pony from their sizes to their dirtiest secretes".

"Ya right I BET yo…" the cocky Pegasus stopped short as the dragon grasped 6 vanilla folders each with a color photo of all the ponies in the adieus.

Opening the one with Dash photo on he read aloud "At age 6 your mother enrolled you in ballet classes and at 9 you competed and came in 5th at the Canterlot performing arts competition in the classical dance section". As he finished AJ was laughing at her rival's delicate side but was quickly silenced when Blaze read.

"Appealjack despite your rugged southern aperients you love to play a violin to pieces written by Hoofgang and love to ware Apple scented perfume sent from your relatives in Manehatten". After a revelation like that AJ silenced herself along with RD and Rarity, who about to respond but decided agents it when Blaze held each one of their folders open in his claws.

Twilight thought to questioned where he got his information but thought agents it considering the privet things that were reviled about her friends and what could be in her folder.

"Well shall we continue?" Blaze sarcastically said knowing the mares would do anything not to have their secretes reveled and more, as he placed the folders into his seemingly bottomless trench cote.

"YES!" the six mares practically shouted.

"Well Allll Righty Then. The next species is one you have already seen and the one our dad was. A Basilisk, now if you recall Basilisks like Mitch and Mikey had 8 limbs but that is not all ways case Basilisks have either 6 or 8. Some times they don't even have claws like me or Spike". Blaze stated while pointing to his 5-clawed feet 4 long talons in the front one back to make a strong grip when grabbing prey from the air with their bottom halves.

"So what do they have then?" Twilight asked while working on her 33rd notebook.

"Crab like claws"

"Crab claws?"


"Seriously? Crab claws." Twilight said with major dissatisfaction since she was hoping for something a little grander.

"Yup and I know what your thinking but is was an evolutionary trait they gained from living in sandy desserts, because well it is easier to move throe sand with thin limbs with shovels on the ends".

"So their not as strong as the other kind?" Twilight said seeing a connection with the thin limbs.

"Shpingo while not as strong as their relatives they make up for it with stealth and speed.. And no Pinky they don't walk sideways". Blaze finished annoyed as he pointed at the reality-bending pony

"Now that ends our lesson on the Basilisk next is another you have met the Amphithere. You know Justin the one Pinky tried to pluck".

In response to that both Rarity and Pinky stiffened at the mere mention of the superficial dragon that could have blown them into a million tiny pieces.

"Know that you all remember back what they look like they are known for their lack of limbs and two fathered wings, tail and crown some times in stead of a feathered crown they have hair like me which I got from mom" the dragon finished while pointing towards his spiked backed hair.

"Waite mom was a Amphithere?" Spike asked imaging what his mom what she would look like.

"And dad was a Basilisk. With claws!" Blaze hastily finished before anyone could laugh thinking of the rugged Blaze being raised by a crab lizard. "Now back to the Amphithere. They are known for their magical powers to make up for their lack of muscle by dragon standard and also their grace and beauty. And no they aren't all Vain as Justin." Blaze finished reading Rarity's mind.

"Waite your not all dragons are great at magic?" Twilight said.

"Pretty much but hay not all dragons are like that most rely on their body and Ki rather then manna and mind, hell I am a warrior. So magic ante my forte."

"Your Not!" Twilight shouted.

"Eenope" the dragon responded using Mac's catch phrase again.

"The size changing the thing with the stone, the Pinky thing!" Twilight rambled

"Nope" he responded while licking a big chocolate soft serve ice cream which only made Twi's eye twitch in response.

" Thing with the rock was Ki not magic. Second the size change was me going from ancestral form to my reg form."

"Now hold here you tellen me you always you normally look like 'this'" AJ finished gesturing towards Blaze with a wave of her hooves.


"Ancestral form what's that? If you don't mind me asking that is" Fluttershy mumbled but was clearly hared by Blaze with his fine tuned senses.

"Ancestral forms are what we would look like millions of generations ago when were mighty beasts with intelligents. This also allows us to draw power, strength, knowledge and memories from our family that has moved on."

"THAT IS AMAZING! Think of the possibilities if you could get power and wisdom from you parents, you grand parents maybe even past lives!" Twi rambled on.

"Well someone just hit nail on the head. Your right in every account now I bet you wondering if that from is so powerful that how come dragons that you have met before haven't well concurred the planet."

"Ahh… now that you mention it I kida wonder why not, I always assumed it was because they were all greedy, self loving, air headed jerks." The Pegasus stated earning her two pissed off looks from a dragon that is shorter then her and it's older brother who could probably tear the planet apart.

"I have you know there are two dragons here that one who is one of the deadliest warriors on the planet, mastered the art of the blade, close quarters combat, runs a Nation and both dragons here are dam good at baking". The elder stated earring looks of fear, wonder and befuddlement.

"Now hold on here" the cowmare spoke up. "Your running a country and be-en good in a tussle I can bye. But baking. Really?

"Yes? Is there a problem with that Jack?" Blaze said with a glare that could scare the Black out of Night Mare Moon.

"NO, No darling it's just unexpected with well you knowing how to bake with you running a country" the posh Wight mare said slightly sweating under Blaze's glare.

"Oh so it is also wired that I go to a spa monthly for treatment or I like to embroider clothe with fantastic designs and make recipes".

"Whoa, whoa your tellen me the leader of the dragon race goes to spa and styles clothes that is so…." Dash cut her self off as Blaze extended his claws and begun to sharpen them on a rock sending a cascade of sparks while having a face that Rarity would be seen sporting when she was trying impressing the Canterlot elite: a big smile with the eyes shut.

"Well Miss Dash what was that I didn't quite hear you?" Blaze said with his smile becoming slightly sadidick as he watched her scwarm underneath his gaze.

But Dash was at lost for words she could easily get away with some playful taunting with Spike about something like this, but with Blaze. She was a loss on something to say that would not get her blown to Tuataras and back.

" I uhh."

"She was just going to say how cultured you were. I mean really who but Spike's brother would be able to be a great warrior and still have such refined manners. Why I bet it must run in the family!" Rarity said milking it for all it was worth to make Blaze hard stare turn away from Dash before she spontaneously combusted.

"Cooking from mom and skills in combat from dad so ya it dose. Same also goes for Spike and mine's devilishly good looks." Blaze said running a claw through his hair. "But were getting off topic here so enough about me and onto the next magi dragon the Lung".

"Lung? Strange I think I heard that before some ware" Twilight said while tapping her pencil agents her chin.

"Unlikely Lungs hate it here the imbalance in the magic puts a lot of strain on them. and Twilight I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Lungs are known for their serpentine like bodies, hair and mustaches. What makes them so unique they can fly without wings by surfing on the magic in the air because of their bond with magic since they became the first dragons to use it.

"That's amazing they can fly on the magic around us and Blaze how long have they been able to do magic?" Twilight said pencil at the ready.

"If I remember correctly I say about 10,000.5 trillion years…. Ahh Twi you all right there" Blaze questioned the 'broke' unicorn.

Twilight just sat there mouth agape as she just stared blankly "Ahh Blaze I think you broke her" Spike said while gently nudging his surrogate sister only to have her fall over with a soft thud mouth agape still.

"I got this" Dash said now back to her old self. Now leaning over Twi's ear she yelled "Twi look the library is burning!" With a start almost clocking Rainbow Dash upside the head as Twilight jerked up looking for the worst possible thing.

"Good for a second their we thought we lost you" Blaze said

"Why what happened?" Twilight responded with no knowledge of what happened. "Well I was just telling you about how the Lungs have used magic roughly about 10,000.5 trillion years ago…OH COME ON!" The dragon shouted to the re-prone form of Twi-statue. "You what screw this I'm waking her up my self" the dragon said pulling out a small silver vile and uncorking it releasing one of the most foul smelling scents ever to be smelt in Equestria considering the pervious title holder was AJ's pits after apple buck season. It was soo potent it caused RD, AJ, Flutters and Rarity to collapse leaving Spike who was able to stand it barley because of his heritage, Pinky who pulled out a gasmask from her hair and Luna who was far enough away but still felt quite light headed.

"Oh Celesta! Blaze what is that?" the young dragon muttered throe his hands over his shnoz

"Smelling salts or other wise known as my high school gym socks," the elder responded plainly waving it over each and everypony's nose. Relating them gagging into consciousness. While recorking the vile the seamstress decided to voice her opinion "By Celesta's crown what was that horrid odor!" Rarity screamed.

"High school gym clothes I never got around to washing" This response to this many of the mares became very green at the relation.

"Ok now the that your back to land of the living I'm only going to say this once more so next time one of you faint I will throw you into a lake comprendia", the mares responded with hearty nods fearing that Blaze can throw them a very very long way. "All right then Lungs have used. Still awake Twi? Magic. For. 10,000.5. Trillion years." This time Twilight did not fate over this revelation. Worried about notebook number 52 getting ruined she was able to stay conscious.

"Ok moving finally" Blaze sighed. "The next spices is the Hydra"

"Hydras are dragons? Partner I fine that hard to believe with their small bra…"


"Easy Blaze she didn't now" cried Spike as he tried to block his path to a soon to be Applejack sauce.

After venting some much built up anger by turning is head towards a mountain range away from Canterlot and incinerating it with a blue beam of concentrated fire from his maw. "Fine but next time I break her legs" Blaze hissed out emphasizing legs in his speech.

With that Apple Jack decide to scooch behind Fluttershy in an attempt to keep Bucky Magilicuty and Higs Magee her cherished legs safe.

"The Hydra race is known for their many heads, which at times result it hive minds or a personality for each head. The Hydras come in Bull hydras known for their large four legged bodies similar to those that you have met but normally have four legs. They also come as an Orochi a massive eight-headed snake with eight tales known for their red eyes. Hydras also come as a Cerberus hydra known to have only three heads and drake like body. Finally is the Medusa hydra known for a large snake body with hundreds of small heads which can use a magic to paralyze enemy into a stone like state". Motored Blaze barley pausing.

"After them is the Wyvern similar to the Ancestral dragon which is me, they have two wings instead of fore arms like me for greater flying capabilities. They also have a massive stinger at the end of their tales with many smaller ones covering the poison sake at the end of the tale. Next spices is similar to the Wyvern but with a few distinct difference which are two small arms and no stinger, these dragons are called Lindworm who are also know to flock together."

"Umm why are they called something different if the difference are so few" RD said.

"It is basically the same as calling a unicorn the same as an earth pony, you know tenacities and political shit " Blaze responded dryly.

"I guess that makes sense".

"Ok next type is the smallest and have great illusion magic the Fairy dragon…." Blaze finished with a glare towards Rainbow who has finally learned the lesson you don't mess with Blaze period. "Fairy dragons are known in their ancestral form they are about the size of princess Luna and have butterfly wings and a snake like body. But because of their small size a moderate speed they have mastered the art of illusions to the extent the can hide anywhere or make a victim suffer a nightmare so terrifying they die of fright" grinning from the faces of the ponies as a butterfly dragon went from cute to deadly in moments.

"Next up to plate is the Artic wander. They have similar bodies to the Lung and Drake but only difference is a ridiculously long fur cote. Sometimes they have been mistaken for a large white buffalo. They are also known for mastery of the ice to such an extent their body abandons their fur and is replace with second skin of ice". With this the ponies and dragon stared slack jaw at the thought of a dragon being able to use ice and theoretically become one with it. "Careful their bro I know flies are good but I prefer them dipped in Nacho cheese" Blaze said while using his tale to close his brothers mouth, while leaving the others open to catch flies, much to the disrepair of Luna who got a grasshopper in the muzzle but thankfully her coughing went unnoticed by the ponies and the dragon that have piqued her wonder with his roguish attitude, knowledge of the mysterious dragons and claimed to be the true king of dragons over the mighty king Infurnace who gave land to her parents long before she and her sister was born.

"Ok you ladies can enjoy the taste of flies I'm moving onto the largest of the dragons and rulers of the seas the mighty Sea Orcs the masters of water of dragon kind. The Sea Orcs are known to be as divers as the tides. Averaging size of a blue whale, while others have four or two webbed arms or none with the hundreds of names for each specific ones most I don't know. So we'll skip that" said the dragon.

"But why not!" whinnied Twilight known for her bottomless thirst for knowledge which just got a hold of a fine wine and shall not be denied more.

"Because that is a useless as memorizing every name and the scientific name of fish or because shark is so hard to remember over the 90 or so names of all the species rather then just shark". Blaze said annoyed.

"Yaaa rrighte" Twilight said nervously as she rubbed the back of her head, as she got a dirty look from Spike who helped her memorize all the names of fish for a fishing trip last month when most weren't even native to the pony made lake. And to add insult to injury they didn't even catch anything. "Welllll shall we continue" Twilight said hoping to divert this away from her mistake of going overboard again.

"Ok but the biggest Sea Orc is called the Goliath known for their diet of Whales and Kraken". Hearing this only made the ponies swore off sea travel permanently.

"Alrighty finally we come to mine The Ancestral dragon! The rarest of all the dragons races". Blaze finished with a flourish.

"But we see your kind all the time Blazey whazMUPH!" Pinky tried to questioned only to get cut off as she tried to call Blaze; Blazey whazy his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nickname.

"If you ever call me that again I will turn you inside out, andno it's not fun or cool it is painful if you survive. And to answer your question it is to give those who do not fit in society so as not louse agents you weaklings, because we dragon have a rep to uphold and to do their job. Now I'm going to let you go and if you say something stupid aging the only way you'll be eating cakes throe a mechanical straw." Pinky responded with a rapid nod fearing for her ability to eat cakes. "Ok then". Blaze said as he took his hand of the now scared pastryliss much to Pinky dismay as she tried to pull out some comfort food from her mane only to faille continually.

"Back to me, Ancestral dragons ironically have not been around as longs as our name implies but this is a story for another time because it is now night fall and Spike needs his rest for the chaos that will come tomorrow. Well night Spike, ponies and Luna by way next time just come out right away because well… you suck at hiding so night I'm setting up my hammock". Said Blaze to the blushing Alicorn who tried to stammer out a reason why she was there and not spying on them. Till something dawned on her.

"Would thou rather sleep in the castle many rooms Sir Blaze King of the dragons."?

"A. Cut the high society crap I anent no bloody king".

"But you lead the dragons surely thou must be a king if you lead?"

"Correct I lead but kings are what your kind dose. So don't you dare lump me up with you or the rest of the stuck up ponies that dare call themselves great. That is just plain disgraceful." Said Blaze angered beyond belief that he would be put is the same class as those snobby Nobles.

"And B I wouldn't be got dead in a room made for a castle meant to lavish the owners own ego."

"How dare you this castle was made by my parents throe their magic". Luna said stomping her hoof in anger.

"Look kid I know your parents and they are nothing but thieves and backstabbers that send others to do their own dirty work. So back off before I haft to slap some sense into your pretty little face".

"You come here and insult our hospitably, my parents and their work, call me a foal and say you can harm me". Anger and pride lasing the Alicorn words as she lowered herself ready to charge at the back of the dragon. But before she could blink he was in front of her crouching down to meet her eyes and giving her a stare. To anyone else it would seem like Fluttershy's stare. But in reality it was so much more powerful looking into his gaze for what seemed like hours to Luna witnessing her own death in thousands of ways under the shear might of Blaze's power. But to Spike and his friends they just saw Luna look into his eyes and collapse into a shivering wreck. As Blaze got up and begun to leave the Alicorn and the other to their devisees. He called out over his shoulder.

"Kid I'm 2,566,647 years old you have nothing on me but I will tell you this. Things will be reveled tomorrow at the meeting and your eyes as well as your sister will be opened to the real world, instead of the fantasy were you think your nation is the strongest and you, your sister and your race are untouchable. And just how fucking wrong you are on all accounts". With that Blaze walked off into the night leaving many ponies and dragon wondering what tomorrow shall bring and what will become of Spike

"Oh and a word of advise to your sister and her fools she call a cabinet don't mess with dragons or a member of the Asakura family. Called out Blaze's voice from the trees only encouraging the ponies and the dragon to get inside the castle and hide under the bed sheets. Because the trail that they have unknowingly started on is a trail wrought with peril especially for a certain dragon.