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Puck smiled as he watched Rachel light the seventh branch on the Menorah that was sitting on the mantel. He knew tomorrow he was going to win the award for best boyfriend ever when Rachel's present finally came but for now he was content to just focus on the way Rachel's hair shone in the candlelight. Though he couldn't help but smirk at Kurt as the boy took another five photos to commemorate his first Chanukah. Puck was pretty sure Isabelle and Kurt had already started creating a scrapbook to show everyone back in Ohio - bubble letters and all.

He couldn't help but laugh as he remembered Kurt's face when both he and Rachel shamefully admitted that the only Chanukah song they new was part of the Dreidel Song. Hummel had the nerve to look at them like they were bad Jews or something.

While Puck had adamantly defended that they were good Jews when it counted and the other times they were still two good looking Jews, who just didn't really read Hebrew or practice their faith with the exception of watching Schindler's List. Rachel had simply shrugged and explained that her fathers had let her make up her mind about religion and what she wanted to believe or not and how serious she was about that faith.

Twirling in a circle as she looked around the room, Rachel was rather impressed that they'd managed to create a balance between their Christmas and Chanukah decorations and knew they largely had Kurt to thank. Who knew her little diva cared so much about getting to finally celebrate a Jewish holiday.

He'd also made sure to insist that they all made an attempt at keeping kosher until the end of Chanukah. While Noah had proposed that they spent their eight crazy nights in, respecting their heritage by embracing their Jewish idols and Rachel was proud to admit that she didn't have anything to veto or add as it looked like her boys were growing up.

Kurt was incredibly grateful that Puck had fixed their television, since he and Rachel had spent far too long without getting their Barbra fix and not just that he'd managed to make friends with a neighbor who'd had videos of a lot of the old, original Broadway plays transferred to DVD and given them a copy.

As the opening scene of Funny Girl began to play, Rachel looked at her friends, grateful that they'd so easily transitioned into their little makeshift family. Of course, Kurt swore up and down that he'd known it was going to happen and had already kept Puck in mind when they'd purchased the loft but it still meant a lot.

It was actually rather amusing the way the two of them complemented each other. It turns out after his stint on the football team, Kurt didn't mind watching a game or two but his father and Finn hadn't wanted to force it on him so they did the complete opposite and never mentioned when the games were on. However Noah had decided that he didn't care what Kurt of herself thought, if there was a game on he was going to watch it and he didn't care if they joined him or not but Rachel knew he was always really proud when she got some of the terminology right.

In return Kurt had started laying out outfits that he deemed appropriate for Noah to wear in the studio, which had surprisingly been approved by the studio so he didn't have to deal with someone forcing him into clothes that were not his style. After all with the exception of the black bodysuit of the sabotage Finchel incident, Kurt was generally good at keeping in touch with someone's clothing preferences.

Puck smiled in amusement as he showed Rachel and Kurt the video he'd gotten of the two of them singing along, rather subduedly while their eyes were fixed on Barbra as Fanny getting lost in her story like this was the first time they'd seen it. He then decided to show Kurt the photos he'd taken so they could be added to the scrapbook, prompting the other boy to shriek at a particularly bad shot before threatening Rach and him to never speak of it again.

With that settled Puck threw Rachel over his shoulder, carrying her to their room as Kurt turned on the music again. Causing the Wicked soundtrack to flood through the loft.

Puck had fought strongly against the soundtrack making it onto the list of songs sang/created by Jewish artists that they would listen to this week until Rachel had threatened to have him closely reacquainted with his hand for the rest of the holidays. Then he knew he'd lost.

Rachel simply rested her head against Noah's back as she ran her hand along his muscles. She smiled as she remembered her victory against him but in her defence, Idina Menzel had probably come second only to Barbra in terms of her inspiration as a child. Besides Kurt had looked murderously at Noah the second the words had left his lips and her Noah was far too pretty to be murdered. Besides Kurt's complexion didn't suit prison orange.

She sighed happily as Noah, placed her gently on her bed, grateful that they'd all already been in their pajamas as she was too comfy to move now. Noah's arms wrapped around her, before flipping her on top of him and pulling the blanket over them.

That was one of the strangest things she'd learnt about him since they'd gotten together. Nowhere in the past had she picked up any indication that he was a cuddler. Yet here they were cuddling.

She smiled as he buried his nose in her hair, his hand coming to rest on her hip before he was out like a light. Chuckling under her breath, Rachel felt the serenity that she always found when she was with Noah overwhelm her and within minutes she was asleep, the sound of Idina singing and Noah's soft breathing easing her into the dream world.

- GLEE -

As the light streamed through the windows and hit his sleeping form, Puck rolled onto his side hoping to shield Rachel and keep her from waking up. After all it was Sunday and the last day of Chanukah, all of which screamed sleep in. Which is why five seconds later he was sitting up in bed, more awake than he'd ever been when he realised his little Jewish American Princess was no longer in his arms or in bed at all, in fact everywhere but where he had been sleeping was cold. When he realised the place was completely silent he absolutely freaked out, in the time he'd been living with them and even before that, he'd never known Rachel or Kurt to be quiet.

Throwing the covers off, he jumped off the bed, missing the post it note on both pillows. Running through to the main room, he missed one on the bedroom door as well. Pushing open Kurt's door, he ran into the room, looking under the bed and closet in case either of them were tied up or hiding there, once again missing three more post its.

Running a hand through his mohawk, he pulled open the front door inspecting it for signs of tampering and missing another two notes. Running back to the kitchen counter, he grabbed the phone off the cradle - another note - and unconsciously grabbed a slice of toast bringing it to his mouth as he tried to call 911 before he realised the phone was making crinkling noises.

Looking down his eyes widened at the pink star post it note covering the dial pad and addressed to him.

'Dear Noah, please calm down.'

Taking a deep breath Puck did as the note said, knowing his crazy Berry was likely to know if he didn't. Slowly but surely he felt some of the adrenaline leave his body as he remembered how to breathe.

'Good. There's no need to call the police. Now, since you've gotten this far, take a moment to look around the room. You might be able to spot the ten or so, post its you've missed so far.' Glancing around Puck scratched his head as he realised there was an amazing array of notes on nearly every stickable surface.

'Don't feel embarrassed. I think it's sweet that you care so much. Anyway, I have a few errands to run and then Kurt and Isabelle are taking me out for brunch but we'll be back by noon for lunch. I tried to wake you but you were out cold. There's toast on the counter and pancakes in the microwave. Sorry for worrying you. Love Rachel*'

Puck sighed in relief as he moved towards the microwave pulling out the music shaped pancakes. Moving them into a paper bag, Puck left them on the counter hurrying to change as he caught sight of the time.

His present for Rachel should be arriving in thirty minutes and he needed to hurry if he wanted to get it in time. Rushing out of the apartment, he scooped up his food forgetting all about the post its as he jumped down the stairs. Pulling out his phone, he sent a quick text to Rachel asking her what he needed to pick up for lunch and letting her know that he'd probably be a bit late and to text him when they got home.

- GLEE -

Rachel laughed as she looked down at her phone, she'd just gotten a text from Noah and it was already 10:30 meaning he'd probably only just woken up. She really hoped he saw the pillow post it notes but knowing him, he probably didn't stop until he was unable to call the police.

It made her heart swell that he worried for her but at the same time she couldn't help but laugh as it was a very funny mental image to imagine him running wildly around. Sending him the list of things she needed from the store, she was glad he was willing to grab them as it gave her the extra time she needed.

She could hear Isabelle and Kurt muttering beside her as they judged the outfits of the people around them and shook her head. Rachel was half convinced they were planning on launching a line that people could wear when travelling in airplanes that could be shed and added to depending on the weather conditions when you were arriving and leaving all the while looking Vogue ready.

Looking around the various gates at JFK, she checked the board one more time just to make sure she was waiting at the right baggage carousel. Seeing the flight had arrived on time, Rachel wrung her hands together gently hoping she'd made the right decision.


Feeling two small arms wrap around her waist and the joy with which her name was said, Rachel felt her worries float to the back of her mind for a while. Bending down to the girl's height, Rachel gently smoothed her wild hair down and checking her for any injuries before pulling her into a hug.

Kurt smiled down at his friend as he watched the two girls hug. He couldn't wait to see what happened when Puck got his present it was definitely something he didn't want to miss. Spotting a familiar face pulling a few bags of luggage over and looking around desperately for the girl who was now stuck to Rachel, Kurt took off to give his friend a hand.

Watching as Kurt took one of the bags from his hand, he frantically turned to the older boy. "She was here and I turned to grab the luggage and now she's gone. Her mother's going to kill me. Absolutely murder me. I'll be no more. This is the last you'll see of Jake Puckerman." His hazel eyes continued to move around the terminal searching desperately for the little brunette trouble maker.

"Jake chill, Abby's right over there." Kurt gently patted the kid on the shoulder, pulling him over to Rachel, Abby and Isabelle. From what Rachel had told him, Jake had introduced himself to Puck's mother a few weeks ago and he'd met Abby a week after that. Apparently all three had gotten on really well and Rachel had been adamant that Mrs Puckerman had trusted Jake with Abby. Especially since he'd been around a lot to take care of the girl like Puck had as she hadn't been able to get much time off at the hospital recently.

"Abigail Puckerman! You can't do that to me. You can't just take off like that. Do you want to give me a heart attack?" Jake couldn't believe the words were flowing so easily from his mouth and he finally felt like a real big brother. Keeping his lips in a firm line, he almost broke when he saw Abby's lip tremble as she looked up at him with watery eyes.

Rachel seeing Jake's resolve weakening couldn't help but smirk at the fact that the girl now had both of her brothers wrapped around her finger. "No theatrics." She whispered to Abby, before nudging her forward.

Abby turned to her to stick her tongue out Rachel not willing to believe she'd betrayed her so easily but as she saw the genuine worry in Jake's eyes she began to feel bad. She'd had years of doing stuff like this to Noah and he still worried but at least he knew she could look after herself.

Jake didn't know her like that. Abby found that she often had to remind herself that he was just as new to their relationship as she was. Also that he was probably having a harder time adjusting given that he didn't already have a younger sister - something she'd asked him about almost straight away.

"I'm sorry Jake. It's just… it was Rachel." Abby shrugged like that was all the explanation she needed to give and as she watched Jake fight back a smile she realised that he got it.

There was something about Rachel that made her understand the Puckermans in a way no one else did and Jake was glad to see Abby trusted her so completely. From what he'd seen Abby was just as naughty as Puck and himself and she seemed to also struggle with trusting people enough to make friends. So he was glad Rachel had managed to worm her way past the youngest Puckerman's barrier as she had theirs.

He wondered if Rachel knew that Puck's mum had already started planning their wedding and that Rachel came up at least once at whenever he'd joined Abby and her mum for dinner. He figured that probably meant that Rachel was a regular topic between the two. It was probably for the best if she didn't.

Jake smiled at Rachel as he gave her a quick hug before scooping Abby into his arms and playfully holding her like a football as they moved out of the terminal. "Jake! Put me down."

Isabelle looked at the two and laughed, it had been a while since she'd had a chance to see people who were still infused with such childish mischief. She chuckled as she watched identical looks of horror cross Abby and Jake's faces as they were told they'd be eating kosher. Looks which quickly faded as they realised it was only for today and they got their bacon back tomorrow.

It was amazing the physical traits that the three Puckerman children shared, making all three incredibly good looking in their own way. Luckily Abby was still in her boys are icky phase but as soon as she realised what she had going for her, well Isabelle pitied anyone who was planning to go out with her - she'd already seen the protectiveness Jake had and she figured Puck was probably the same.

Most would have thought it strange that Isabelle was having so much fun hanging out with Kurt's little family this Sunday when she should have been working but they inspired her in a way she hadn't been inspired in a long time. So really by being around them she was being more productive than she would have been working and she was having honest fun, something she'd been without for too long.

"Help me, help me Rachel. You can't leave me with the Jake monster. You don't know what he can do…" Abby trailed off ominously - she'd learnt that word from Rachel's word of the day calendar a few weeks ago and it was currently her favourite word - as she looked up at the girl she idolized from under Jake's arm. Her lips curled into a smirk as she watched Rachel draw closer and stuck her tongue out at Jake mockingly. However that lapse of attention came back to bite her on the butt.

Rachel laughed lightly as she tickled Abby. She watched as Jake placed the bags on the floor so he could hold Abby tightly and let the tickle war continue until the girl was red in the face. Gesturing for Jake to put her down, they couldn't help but laugh as Abby ran to hide behind Kurt before swearing her revenge.

- GLEE -

Across the airport, Puck nervously paced the floor as he glanced at the private jet that had just landed. The time was nearing 11:30 and Rachel's present had yet to step off the jet. Luckily the airline had called saying the jet was delayed so he'd stopped and gotten the things Rachel needed earlier. Humming under his breath, his fingers tapped against his palm as he wondered if something had gone wrong.

Sitting cross legged in the middle of the waiting area, he was suddenly glad that this wasn't the commercial part of the airport because it would have been hazardous to sit with all the people and their baggage around but he was too nervous to stand.

Now whistling to himself, he couldn't help the smile that crossed his face as the tune morphed to Sweet Caroline and all his worries calmed once again as he thought of Rachel. He thought back to the ring he had hidden in his draw back home - he wasn't an idiot, Rachel would find it within seconds if he kept it here.

It wasn't that he wanted to get married or even engaged right now, it was just that on his first day in the city when he'd been walking around searching for the perfect take out, he'd found the perfect ring and with the bonus he'd gotten from the studio, he'd had enough money to pay for it.

Of course part of sending back home was that he had to tell his mother and her fathers about it. Luckily they'd agreed to keep it from Abby because that could have been costly for all involved, if they wanted her to keep it a secret.

The girl could hold secrets like Fort Knox but it always, always came at a cost. He'd lost his dessert and a good portion of his allowance for six months to keep her quiet about Beth - well until Rachel negotiated a new agreement between them that allowed Abby to reap the rewards and Puck to have Rachel by his side as he told his mother what he'd done.

The ring was as much for him as it would be one day for her. It gave him hope, hope that he hadn't screwed everything up. It reminded him - every time he thought Rachel was too good for him - that she unintentionally encouraged him be better, that she thought he was the best boyfriend she'd ever had and that at one point he'd clearly believed it to. Most importantly it told him that whether he was ready to admit it out loud or not, he could at least admit to himself - and their parents - that he imagined a future with Rachel.

The sound of someone clearing their throat dragged Puck from his thoughts and he looked up at Rachel's present with a wide smile. With that done, he took Rachel's present and headed over to the town car, grateful that the studio had been willing to let him borrow their car for the day as he wasn't sure he'd make it in time with the train.

- GLEE -

The sound of laughter greeted Puck as he walked up the stairs. Turning the handle of the door, he grew increasingly suspicious when all the laughter suddenly cut off. Hesitantly opening the door, he shuffled the grocery bags from the where they were leaning between him and the wall and into his hands. The bags unfortunately blocking his view of what was happening inside.

Jake shook his head as the door opened and revealed a bunch of brown paper grocery filled bags with his brother's body attached. Taking the bags from him, he quickly maneuvered into the kitchen wanting to watch Puck's reaction when he saw Abby.

Puck shrugged as the groceries were taken from him by someone. Stepping further inside he wrapped his arms around Rachel as she approached him, giving her a quick kiss before he was interrupted by a giggle and mocking gag. A very familiar giggle.

Gently moving Rachel out of the way his eyebrows furrowed when he didn't see anything but a small smirk crossed his face as he heard the giggle once again. Holding Rachel in place, he quickly jumped around her body, faking confusion when he heard Abby's laugh again but couldn't see. Faking left, he quickly moved right only to collide with his little sister. "Abbs!"

Laughing as she wrapped her arms around her brother's neck, Abby breathed him in. It wasn't like she missed him or anything, it was just what they did to celebrate being good Jews. When neither had moved away after a while, Abby shook her head before looking down at her brother. Her hazel eyes meeting a very similar pair. "You big sap."

Gently helping the pair off the floor, Rachel chuckled at their antics before moving them to the lounge not at all surprised when Noah still didn't let Abby go. He'd reluctantly mentioned that he missed the little demon more than he realised and Rachel had immediately thought of this plan, as such she'd worked extra hard to keep her planning look off her face knowing it would give her away and silently plotted her way to the best Chanukah present ever.

Puck's hand rested gently on Rachel's thigh as she sat on the armrest. He was certain she had something to do with this. "How did you get here? Ma would have never let you go on your own, even if it was Rach asking." Hearing an embarrassed shuffling from the kitchen, a shuffling he was becoming more familiar with, Puck turned not at all surprised to see Jake standing there.

Jake could tell Puck was glad to see him and he immediately felt at ease. He wasn't sure how his brother would take to him interacting with his family but it seemed as if it had actually made Puck happier. Turning back to the counter, he picked up the phone remembering that he'd promised to call his mother, Puck's mother and Marley once they'd settled in at the loft and well he didn't want to keep the three of them waiting any longer than necessary. However he was once again distracted when he saw the post it note stuck on the phone.

"How close we're you to calling the police?" As Jake's question, floated over to the rest of them and they all started laughing again Puck finally realised what had them all in hysterics earlier. He supposed it probably would have been better to take the post its down but it was all going to be worth it once Rachel got her present.

"Why is there a post it note on your door saying: 'Dear Noah, please go back inside. Neither Kurt nor I have not been taken hostage by any secret ninja group that Mike may or may not be a part of. If this is the police, please disregard any calls made by Noah Puckerman regarding my disappearance he's just a sweetly concerned boyfriend. Please accept this $100 as compensation. Rachel Berry' and is it signed with a star?"

Puck looked around and smirked as he looked at the shocked faces of the rooms occupants. "The star. It's a metaphor." He shrugged simply, loving all his girlfriends quirks.

His words seemed to shake everyone from their stupor as they all looked to him in a mix of awe and confusion. He patted Rachel's knee gently as her nails dug into his shoulder in amazement.

"Oh…" Kurt couldn't believe what he was actually seeing, there was no way this was possibly real.

"My…" Jake and Abby looked at each other as the word left their lips. It was official they had the coolest, proudly Jewish brother ever.

"Barbra." The name was whispered through Rachel's lips as she paled slightly. It had to be a dream. Standing up from the couch she walked forward slightly as Kurt did the same.

Isabelle watched as they both moved in a daze to their idol. Even though she'd met Barbra before, their was still a huge level of awe that came with seeing a woman you idolized so completely in person.

"Yeah, she's working on a track with me, for my album. The studio said we could write it together so she'll be in town for a week. Happy Chanukah babe." Puck couldn't keep the laugh out of his voice at the last bit as he watched as Kurt and Rachel pinched each other. Obviously they had some unspoken agreement about what to do if a situation like this ever presented itself. He figured it said a lot about the pair that they'd considered it a very possible reality.

Though he knew it was best not to feed Puck's ego, Kurt couldn't help the words that slipped from his mouth. "First Sweet Caroline, then the Barbra-vention, now the real Barbra Streisand. You have the best boyfriend ever."

Rachel seemed to snap out of her daze as she gestured for Kurt to actually welcome Barbra while she moved back to Noah. She noticed Jake though he still held the phone had moved to one of the arm chairs and had Abby in his lap. Glancing over at Isabelle she smiled at the fact that the woman had managed to get a hold of Kurt's camera and was greedily taking photos that were just begging to be put in the scrapbook.

Finally reaching her destination, Rachel draped herself across Puck's lap peppering soft kisses over his face, before pressing her lips to his in a lingering kiss. "Best… boyfriend… ever."

As Puck looked over at his brother and sister sitting happily in his armchair, he smiled down at Rachel, knowing she knew how much that meant to him as well. "I love you."

Her smile was a rare, soft smile but still radiated that warmth and love that every Rachel Berry smile held - at least when directed at him - as she brushed a kiss to the skin just below his ear. "I love you, too."

Kurt smiled as he finished explaining the intricacies of Puckleberry to Barbra. After all, anyone who saw it had to have questions, whether they were ones biggest idol or not and Kurt was the one with the most answers.

Finally there was only one question left. "Okay so what's a 'Barbra-vention'?"

Rachel repositioned herself on Noah's lap as she looked at her idol, surprisingly at ease with have Barbra Streisand sitting in her living room and jumping at the chance to boast about her Noah and how paired together the three people she loved the most had saved her from making one of the worst decisions ever. Just because Barbra wasn't there in person, doesn't mean she wasn't there in spirit. "Well you see… you have to understand, Finn Hudson is quite possibly the worst dancer you will ever meet."

So Happy Holidays everyone. Take a moment to be grateful for the things you have, forget the things you don't and always remember to dream... who knows you might get to meet Barbra one day ~ Gabz