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Angel reborn

Chapter 2

The past

Inside a cell sat a sleeping Hikaru and Naruto. Hikaru look like he was dreaming.


Moonlight came into the room shining onto Hikaru, opening his eyes he brushed the gunk out of his eyes and jumped out of bed. "Alright a new day and new things to do!"

"Shut up Hikaru! And go back to bed." Mario called out as he tossed something at Hikaru, making him dodge out of the way and growl in return.

"Stupid Mario." Hikaru growled out as he walked out of the room and headed towards the arena to start his daily warm-up, first he stretched for half an hour, before running for about an hour.

[An hour later]

"Ah that was a good run." Hikaru cried out as he cleaned himself up in the arena shower room.

"There now that that's done, kitchen here I come!" Racing past all the dorms Hikaru arrived at the empty kitchen. "Alright let's do this!" tying a towel around his head and putting on an apron, he began to look around the kitchen for what he needed before pulling out flour, water basically everything he needed to make some buns for breakfast for both he and Miya.

Hikaru loved Miya a lot so much so that it drove everyone around them nuts with how cute it is. As he finished making the buns he placed them into the oven to bake and sat down to read.

[Hours later]

Most of the other academy attendees had already woken up, and were now at the cafeteria having breakfast, it was here Hikaru found himself sitting next to a blue haired girl with red eyes, a teen with straight blonde hair with a single line of blue highlights and red eyes, a teen with black hair gelled back with green eyes and a girl with messy brown hair and bright blue eyes wearing a cap over her head.

"Here you go Miya! This is for you." Hikaru handed the buns that he made for her on a plate, the girl in question blushed red as she accepted the buns from Hikaru.

"Oh this is so cute! Why don't I get any?" the teen with straight blonde hair asked. "D-Don't tease me onii-chan."

"Cause I say so Kai and you won't get any either Mario."

"What! Why not!?" Mario cried out as tears fell from his green eyes.

"Cause you threw stuff at me this morning." Hikaru sneered.

"Oh come on it was 4 Am in the morning and I don't wake up until 7 am. C'mon Miya give me just one Please?" Mario fell to his knees and begged for one.

"W-well alright, I don't see anything wrong with that." Miya handed on bun to over to Mario who took it and ate it savouring every bite. "Oh wow, this is a really good bun; no wonder Miya loves them so much."

"Hey c'mon Mario, keep it down, there are other people here and just like us they want to eat breakfast as well." The girl with the cap said as she sat next to Mario.

"Alright alright geez, you guys are such prudes in the morning especially you Momo, and does it kill you to take a bath before coming here your filthy."

"Hey this isn't filth it's the clean dirt and I like it."

"Yeah just about as much as your holes." Mario remarked only to get a smack on the head from the now named Momo. "Shut it Mario or the next time you follow me to dig you're not coming back out."

Mario gulped before going back to his food and while Momo had her head turned to Kai Mario pulled his eye down and stuck his tongue out.

"Alright come on people get moving, if you ain't done in 5 minutes then all of you are going to give me laps!"

"Ye-" However Hikaru found his mouth covered by Mario. "Look Hikaru as much as I like sports you do this and I swear I will kill you and when you are reincarnated again I will kill you again."


"Good I'm glad we agree now let's get to class." Mario replied as he dragged Hikaru off to class and everyone following behind.


Everyone was seated in their seats as the teacher walked out into the open and began their daily history lesson.

"Alright class welcome to you history class. Today we shall be discussing the world around us and how it came to be. As all of you know among us live many different races, but the most common are the humans, Angels, Demons and beastmen. The angels are characterized by the two white feathered wings that grow out of their backs, demons can be categorized by their red eyes and black feathered wings and finally the beastmen can be categorized by the their animalistic features be it their tails or ears."

Mario had already fallen asleep by this point, while Momo was picking stuff out of her ears.

"Now can anyone tell me about the legend of Aquarion?"

Instantly many hands shot into the air all of the student clamouring to answer the question. "Alright let's see John why don't you answer it."

"Yes! Alright, well 36,000 years ago the Shadow Angel Apollonius betrayed his own race and fought alongside the humans for his love Celiane, in the end they won and Apollonius and Celiane made the pledge that they would meet each other 12,000 years later. And as the fates would have it they met 12,000 years later as Apollo and Silvia unfortunately the two of them were separated from each other for another 12,000 years. Another 12,000 years passed and Apollo was reincarnated as the man called Amata while Silvia was reincarnated as a girl called Mikono together they fought against the Fallen Angel Mykage, intertwined with their battle was the secret love that re-emerged from Pollon, Appolonius's pet dog and Cecilia Celiane's best friend/ Sister in arm. The love that stemmed from these two were the ones that supplied the power that the Elements needed to beat Mykage and trap him in the time stream forever staying there with no way to escape. And now here we are 12,000 years after their legends have been made."

"That was a good explanation John."

"Know it all" Mario said in his sleep meanwhile a beastmen was using her powers to make a bunny out of wool. The bunny suddenly came to life and hop in front of Hikaru who look at the wool bunny trying to keep himself calm.

"Oh no." Momo said to herself seeing what was going to happen

"Hikaru I know you were rise by wolfs but please try to stay calm for me." Miya said to him but it was too late as Hikaru jump on the desk and on all fore and ran after the bunny

"BUNNY!" Hikaru said well running after it

{End flashback}

Slowly waking up Hikaru sat up and looked around to find himself in a cell "well this sucks" he said to himself

"Good to see your awake angel boy." said Naruto sitting by the door

"Where are we fishcake?" Hikaru ask mocking Naruto name

"OK THAT IS IT AM KICKING YOUR ASS." Naruto yelled as he jump at him


"Look like they are awake." said a blonde haired noble man

"Wow the blonde one is really trying to kill that shadow angel." said a dark skinned footballer

"Grrrr let me go in there Damn it! I need to find where baron is" a red hair boy yelled well he was being hold back by a blonde hair girl with a silver on her arm when they heard someone cry out in pain they look at the cell to find the angel has bite the blonde boy arm.

"Ha-ha maybe he is your brother Apollo he acts a lot like you." said the dark skinned man

"No way in hell is he my brother do you see wing on my back?" the now name Apollo said growling at the man

"Everyone clam down it is time for us to talk to our prisoner." said a man who looked like Zen Fudo

"Yes Commander" everyone said as they walk towards the cell

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