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Philanthropist Vs Monster

I call out in the dark.
The echo answers me as I walk
towards the depth of the ark.

(Be careful)
You keep telling me
as my steps get louder in the endless corridor.
My instincts, and you, tell me something is wrong,
but I am faithful to myself. I prefer to ignore.

"You hate being contradicted,
and I am well aware of that."
(Then why won't you just leave?)
"I cannot." I say.
"I must stay until peace is achieved."

You retract to your mysterious cave
leaving me and my thoughts behind.

"It makes me very sad,
to know they have taken the wrong path…
But I must be resolute, and make up my mind.
I have an entire race to protect,
and God knows I will protect them.
Even if my life is the price."

As I enter the main room,
I see the one I was looking for.
My whole body shivers,
As his low voice pierces my ears
while he swings his hand gently
making the wind blow behind me
to close the door.

"Cain?" I carefully pronounce his name,
As my eyes scrutinize my surroundings.
I notice I am at disadvantage.
The fear that rises in me is astounding.

(Be careful)
You come back
but now it is too late
and I must finish what I have started.

As I try to reason with them,
You beg me to let you in control.
(we can save you!)
You persuasively claim.
(We can make you the queen of the world)

But I remain faithful to myself.

So I look into his crimson, monochrome eyes.
"So different from the ones I am used to see."
They are not Cain's. They are not Abel's.
They are not the deep azure that fascinates me.

"I hope you learn something from this, Abel."
I murmur as I hold my cross.
The world is not your enemy…
It never was.
The people you accuse of betraying you,
Are the people you once loved.

"So please, do not destroy it." I beg you.
Don't taint your hands with innocent blood.
The hatred you feel today, is the consequence of the past,
The reverse of love.

(You don't have to do this)
You whisper in my ears.
(There is no need to say goodbye,
Just give us your consent,
and you(we) shall never die!)

But I am faithful to myself,
And as a philanthropist
" I refuse to fight!"
I have accepted my own death,
You cannot change my mind.
He can have my head,
But he will never own my heart.


A/N: This poem is a sequel of (Dichotomy "Cain's Contradiction").

Mentioned Characters:

Lilith Sahl: Narrator
04: (Lilith's Nanomachines)
Cain Nightlord:
01: (Cain's nanomachines)
Abel Nightlord:
Seth Nightlord:

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