HEY GUYS! Soooo I got this idea from a movie I saw yesterday, I thought it was UBER cute so I wanted to try it out on the Chalant pairing! :3 BTW I wrote this within the time span of at least 15 minutes sooo…yeah if it sucks,blame time and my inability to keep from writing down stories! XD Anyways enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice or the movie in which I got this from

They had been dating for a month now. She swore they had been almost everywhere in New York with the way he spoiled her. Every exclusive and outstanding club, restaurant, beach ,and park. It was everything he thought she would adore…and she did. She wanted to say something. To tell him that as cute as she thought he was being, she didn't think it was fair for her to be showered with love and gifts that any girl would love to receive. But even though she hated him for it,she loved him all the same,because to her, as long as they were together her candle of life was lit.

It was for this exact reason that she chose to go to work at her only job at Café Mnemonic today. It was a Saturday. It was raining. It was rush hour and everyone was coming in to get in some Before-I-Have-To-Go-Back-To-Work-And-Indure-Seven-More-Hours-Of-Work-On-My-Precious-Weekend snacks into their stomachs. And to top it all off…she was sick with a cold. It sucked.

She was cleaning off a table of its contents when she noticed there was a box on it with her name clearly written in loopy handwriting: Zatanna . Knowing full well who was probably behind this,yet curious to see what was in it, she opened the box. She was on the verge of busting out in a fit of giggles until she remembered how sore her throat was and resisted. Inside was a fully packed Sick-Kit as Dick liked to call it. It was filled with basically everything a sick person would need. It was then when she heard a loud whistle, whipped her head up, and proceeded to look out the window of the café. There he was, standing in all of his cute, hunky glory with an umbrella over his head in front of the window smiling a devilish grin at her. She was sure that his smile was a mirror of her own. He motioned his hand towards the box with an exasperated yet happy expression as if to say 'Go on,look at all the stuff I got you because I am so nice to do this on a rainy day in the middle of my 15 minute break at work'. And she did.

There was a bottle of Advil,on it was a sticky note that said;

For your head

There was a brand new unused box of Kleenex that said,with a sticky note once again:

For your nose

A bag of cough drops:

For your throat

She laughed straight out from what she picked up next, forgetting her sore throat. It was a black lacy bra with a little bow in between the breast cups:

For later ;)

This was the last item of all the contents in the box. She got all teary-eyed, and looked back out the window to see him still standing there with his gorgeous smile. It was a picture of him on the day he got his black belt in Karate, even in the picture you could tell that he was just oozing and radiating happy:

For your heart

*chews nervously on nails* Did I butcher them completely?! DX To be honest I had no idea where I was going with this,because I pretty much only had the ending planned out and my goal was just to get at least one tiny little "Aww" out of you guys. I hope this sufficed :D. Oh and the first person to tell me where I got the idea from gets to tell me what my next Chalant oneshot is going to be about ;D SO DO YOU'RE RESEARCH IF YOU DON'T KNOW! One more thing…you see that sexy little box down there with nothing written in it? Yeah that one…why don't you go write something in that sexy box,hmmm? I know you want to! DON'T DENY THE ATTRACTION!