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Tsunayoshi Sawada's POV

"Tsunayoshi, Tsunayoshi!, TSUNA!" a voice shouted in my ear.

"Huh, what?!" I replied with surprise, looking at their direction.

"Are you alright? Youve been spacing out for some time now" Kyoko said looking worriedly at me.

"She's right, is there anything that Haru can do to help desu?" Haru suggested.

"Ah, I'm fine it's nothing just feeling a little under the weather" I said smiling at them.

Looking at me with a frown they turn their heads to each other and began continuing their idle chatter.

Later Haru, spared me a glance smiled at me and told me that the dining room was near. Nodding and asking for anything else I should know of, they shook their heads and began walking at a slow pace.

But shit was about to hit the fan, harder than a bus running over you and backing up, thrice.

'Maybe im paranoid but...'

"Fucking trash!" a familiar voice shouted at the top of his lungs, followed by glass breaking. 'Oh shit.'

"VOOOIIII WHAT THE HELL!" Squalo screamed and let out his colorful vocabulary.

"Ushishi~ Seems like the shark commander got the meat wrong" Bel's voice rang in the air laughing at his subordinate's pain.

"Fake prince it's your fault that you changed the meat product earlier" Fran deadpanned.*

Then more glass was heard breaking, knives cutting the air hitting something that sounded like styrofoam getting cut, a couple more VOII's and Xanxus' guns blasting craters at the room.

"Tsunayoshi it would be better if we would avoid this-" her words cut off, by flying oak doors that got thrown at our direction.

'Do they have a serious problem with doors?' "DUCK!" I ordered, which they immediately followed.

Takeshi was following us took his sword out and slicing them in two, without any hesitation.

"Hey Kyoko!" Takeshi said merrily, ignoring the Varia's noise inside the room and how he effortlessly cut the huge double doors.

"Takeshi!" Kyoko acknowledged brushing off the imaginary dust of her skirt.

"Hahi that was close thanks for the save desu!" Haru said clutching her chest.

"Its nothing" sighing I stood up looking the chaos inside the room. 'Poor Primo probably going to do a shit ton of paperwork later.'

"Looks like Squalo came! Maybe he can teach me new sword tricks!" he said excitedly, waving his hand at us and dashing towards the room which shouted:


"O-oi!" I called.

"Dont worry hell be fine" Primo showed up basking in all of his glory. The cloak flapping at the non-existent breeze, the way it glistened, his stoic unreadable face and that neat-looking suit.

'Im still working on that, maybe when all of this over I can ask tips.'

His guardians were doing the same. Except they didn't have a cloak and Hayato was smoking.

"Let the sword-freak do what he wants. Hopefully he'll get killed in the process." Hayato said glaring at Takeshi's direction.

Ryohei looked at me with concern and stared at the exact spots where my wounds were. I smiled and mouthed 'Dont worry.' Seeming to understand me smiled in return without forgetting to shout an 'EXTREME!.'

"What a rowdy bunch" Lampo said sighing. Looking at the Varia his tone with mild fear.

"Kufufu, well hello there Tsunayoshi" Mukuro greeted. Chrome just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Since you already have well acquainted, shall we eat then?" Giotto said walking to the dining room.

Dining Room

The hunger I had earlier was gone, the moment I started eat.

Somebody would start a conversation or two, but then would end then continue eating again. It was unnerving.

Especially the Varia who was silent, which got broken once in a while between a quarrel with two members. Though it easily dissipated, in the matter of five minutes to seven minutes.

If he was completely honest with himself, he'd rather have them destroy everything in their path or do mass genocide than this.

Squirming in my seat, I tried to ignore their heated stares (mostly the Varia except Fran since he doesn't give a shit). Which has been going on for twenty-five minutes, it was highly irritating. I tried eating slower but I still felt their gazes at me, good thing Reborn didn't come I would've broken down faster. I couldn't eat properly, heck I can't even digest down my food with choking on it with nervousness.

But hell, I can't take it anymore!

Putting down my fork and spoon,I glared as much intensity as they did, if possible even harder.

Surprised they flinched and went back to eating their respective food, Xanxus seemingly accepted the challenge. Glaring back his red eyes adding more power to it, I faltered for a moment and picking up my wits after, I narrowed my eyes and let out a dangerous aura. Tension surrounded the room, as if nobody was breathing.

Xanxus did the same, but it was no use. he used that tactic to one to many times on me already.

He looked away in defeat and munched on his meat his eyes never leaving me. The tension on the place was gone as everyone resumed eating in silence.

"I won" I smirked, picking my fork and spoon, then it hit me. I dropped it, clutching my head another set of memories came to me. 'No not now!'

Gritting my teeth in pain, I held my head harder and shut my eyes pleading it to stop. They came to me like a flood, (read: extreme head ache and agonizing pain)confusing which was mine and his. Voices around me blurred as I fell from the chair with a dull thud, I saw figures loom over me their faces laced with concern. More memories surged my head, biting my bottom lip suppressing the urge to scream in pain, then I felt something warm trickle down on the side of my mouth.

Their faces laced with concern began to spin, faster and faster until total darkness consumed me.

I passed out. Most probably.


Everything was Dark.

Then I felt tired, and I was panting. My body felt as if it was controlled by somebody else, I looked back and saw dark silhouette's looking for something...no, someone. My hands were small so were my legs, my clothes were rags and tatters and my whole body was covered with cuts and wounds. Mustve been one of his memories when he was younger.

I- He started running, going through alley way to alley way, navigating through it with ease. Tripping a couple of times along the way though.

But due to his clumsiness, he bumped a trash can knocking it over and making a huge clattering noise. Which immediately alerted them -whoever they are- and immediately chased me- him.

His chest heaved heavily with every step he took, his legs were about gave away.

As if fate hated his entire being, his feet laced with one another and fell down face down and into the dry asphalt, earning a couple bruises in my elbow and cheeks. I felt my eyes suddenly water and my throat burn, then fat wet tears fell down my face.

"I got you now! You were such a pain in the ass to catch." a bald man with a pudgy muscular stature said in italian, grabbed my arm. "Wait till' boss gets a heard of this! Were gonna get rich!"

"L-let me go!" the other me, tugged his hand from his vice-like grip. "I want to go home!"

"You mean that small stupid orphanage? Well guess what kid, it just went up in flames." the bald man retorted maniacally laughing after.

"W-what about my friends? and Granny?!" he sniffled, blinking my tears back.

"Woops sorry, looks like they burnt down with that so-called home of yours" the man said without pity.

I felt my eye's widen as blood drained down my face.

"Now be a good little brat and come with me" he brought out a taser I opened my mouth to scream, but his huge hands covered mine, Then I felt something sharp on my side and a jolt of electricity course thriugh my whole body. I went limp and got thrown to the ground, I looked at him with pleading eyes but his twisted smile only grew wider.

Then I passed out, again.

I found myself in the same dark space with the same mysterious man from yesterday. I was a few meters from him as he sat there, as if he was waiting for me. The place felt like it emitted a strange energy that was hard to explain, the only two things I could see was me and the orange masked man who was in the spotlight.

"Ah, its nice to see you again Mr Sawada" the man in an orange mask greeted sitting in the overly stuffed chair, his hair slicked back, poking out in a few places. He wore a black suit and a black tie with a matching orange polo underneath. "Was the memory I showed you a nice one?"

"A nice one? Your home got burned to the ground! You were kidnapped! How can that be a nice memory?!" I shouted in fury, not knowing why I was angry.

"You do have a point there Mr Sawada, but try to look at it in a positive way" he said resting his head on his hands supported by the chair's arm, as he crossed his legs.

"What do you mean positive way?" I said in calmly, my anger never leaving.

"For starters, he cut down my emotional ties. Friends? Family? What a joke" he rolled his eyes under his mask.

I glared. "You sacrificed them just to become what you are now? What the hell is wrong with you! Theyre family, shouldnt you care for them!?"

He began to shake,his whole body following with it while he clutched his stomach. I took a step back fearing what would happen, staring at the insane man in front of me.

Suddenly he erupted in laughter, his voice seemingly bouncing off the walls (if that's possible) as I stood frozen in place. Somebody certainly needed to call the mental institution. His laughing fit stopped after a few minutes, but his eyes still dance in pure amusement looking at me as if he was saying that I just cracked up the world's biggest joke.

"You are a very funny man Mr Sawada, but no it wasnt just that. I would love to stay and chat but I'm afraid I have to get going, but I will see you in a couple of minutes" he said tapping his imaginary watch. "If I were you, I think it would be polite if you greet your visitors."

I wasnt the smartest man on the planet, but I understood it in a matter of seconds. I reached out to him but he already faded away. But I can still see his brown eyes still smiling wickedly.

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