Hello everyone this my first fanfic so I would really appreciate if you all would give me reviews to give me ideas to make this story better.

So anyway I do not own Lord of the Rings and I do plan to make this a Legolas/Oc story but I'm a big tomboy so it's going to be hard. So here is the first chapter of The Wolf of the Fellowship

In a big cave deep in the forest sat an old man with white hair, blue eyes that showed years of wisdom, and wrinkles on his tired old face. The cave was nothing special, it was big and the rocks were arranged as sitting stones. He was sitting on the biggest stone that looked like a throne when a falcon flew into the cave and perched right next to the man. The man turns his head to the falcon in surprise and noticed a little scroll attached to its leg. He takes the scroll from the bird and opens it then begins to read, the more he reads the paler his old tan face gets. When he is through with the letter he calls with a loud booming voice that you would not expect from an old man. "Keida"

At his voice a young woman looking to be in her early twenties with long black hair, light blue eyes, athletic body seeming nothing but muscle, and tan skin. (Think of Ziva from NCIS but with strait hair and a little younger looking) "What is it Alpha what is wrong" asked the woman now known as keida.

"Call the pack; we need to have a meeting. There is grave news."

Keida looked surprised and confused at her alpha but nodded and right before his very eyes she shifted into a giant black wolf almost as big as a horse with light blue eyes, and she ran outside a let out a mighty howl. The howl could be heard for miles and everywhere in the forest where there were giant wolves of all colors lifted their heads when they heard the howl of keida, and with that all ran for the cave.

When all the wolves got to the outside of the cave they shifted into human form and walked into the cave and sat down on some of the many chair like rocks. "They are all here alpha what is it that you summoned us for?" asked keida

"We have been summoned to a council where all of the freedom folk will be to talk of something very important."

"Wait a minute, all free folk that means men, elves, and dwarfs will all be there." Keida exclaimed with a face of outrage. Many of the other wolves shouted out their rage to the realization too.

"SILENCE!" shouted out the alpha. All of the wolves silenced and looked to the alpha when he started to speak again. "I know how you feel about this but this meeting is very important. It concerns the one ring" he said in a very grave tone. All of the wolves had the face of shock and horror and all could not speak until

"You mean that the ring of power has been found" said keida in horror.

"Yes, and by a hobbit at that, and he brought it to the city of Rivendell where the council has been called upon by Elrond." He answered.

"Shirley Lord Elrond can't expect us to go to a council filled with people who hate us and would kill us once they lay eyes on us" exclaimed a young male wolf with dark brown hair and eyes the color of amber.

"He is right, Elrond and Gandalf are the only ones that like our kind when the entire rest wish to see us slaughtered!" raged keida

"I know, but this is about the one ring and what should be done with it, and if it falls into the hands of sauron then all of middle earth shall fall" said the Alpha. "I know that this is very dangerous for the wolves that go, but it is something that needs to be done."

Keida sighed "what do you want us to do Alpha"

"Keida, I want you and your group to go and represent us at the council, and since you're the future alpha; whatever is decided to become of the ring I want you to see to it that it gets done personally, do you understand." The alpha said

"Yes alpha, when do you want us to head out" she asked

"Tonight" he said.

"Yes alpha, come on boys lets us run to the people that want to kill us." She said in a sarcastic joking way. She along with four laughing wolves walked out of the cave. There was Arthur, who had blond hair and blue eyes and was the tallest and buffest of them all, but believe it or not he was also the gentlest. Also there was Jason, he had black hair and stormy grey eyes and was just a little but shorter then Arthur and was more on the skinny side but even though he still had a good amount of muscle, and he and keida were the best fighters and the fastest, but they were also the jokers. Also there was Alexander or better known as Alex, he was the shortest, but he was also one of the best trackers, he had light brown hair and green eyes. He was also one of the jokesters, but he wasn't much one for getting into trouble. Then there was Isec, he was tall the same height as Jason but more on the buff side, he was the loud one out of the bunch. He could never seem to stop talking. He also had blond hair and blue eyes, and he was also tall and buff, but when you looked at his face you saw a innocent face that was more childlike. But get him mad and you were in for either a very violent beat down or a verbal lashing you would not soon forget.

As these five friends they turned into giant wolves (Jason is brown, Arthur is grey, Alex is red, and Isec is white) they set off for Rivendell.

Hey I know it wasn't that good but if you can give me some pointers I hope I can make it better anyway I should probably explain what keida and everyone else is. Well keida is a wolf but not the kind of wolves like in the real world she and her pack are humans that can transform into wolves or wolves that can transform into humans. Anyway man elves and dwarfs hate wolves I haven't really decided why yet if you have any ideas let me know. And when you think about the whole shifting thing and what the look like think of the wolves in twilight I know I know but that was pretty much all I liked about the books and movies sorry twilight fans. Review people I want to get better.