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The Wolves were standing just outside of Rivendell. Keida looked at her pack mates with sorrow in her eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this Keida." asked Jason.

Keida sighed, "It's not a matter of if I want to do this, I have to. For the good of the Pack."

"We're just worried; it will just be you among them. What if they end up hurting you, or worse kill you!" Exclaimed Arthur in a worried tone.

Keida looked at her pack mated, and her closest friends. They have through everything together. They always had each other's backs; no matter if it was when they were younger getting picked on by the older cubs, or when they got older and started fighting in battles. "I'll be fine, trust me. I will be back as soon as I can, but you guys need to get going now, and tell the Alpha what's going on." Keida ordered. The other four nodded their heads, and wished their last goodbyes and their hopes for a safe journey before turning around turning into their wolf forms, and running off. When they were out of sight Keida sighed and began to speak while turning around. "You can come out now Aragorn."

Out from behind the gates Aragorn came out and started walking towards Keida. "So, they are going back to your pack?" he asked

"Yes, they will be telling the Alpha what is to done to The Ring."

There was silence for a while, until Aragorn turned to Keida, "I want to know where your allegiance lies." He commanded.

Keida turned to look at him, "What do you mean?" she asked.

Aragorn took a step towards her saying, "You know exactly what I mean. A long time ago the Wolves were a part of the Free Folk, but when the war against Sauron came you fought on his side, and when he was slain you took off. Elrond and Gandalf seem to trust you Wolves, even when history says you betrayed us. So all I want to know is why?"

Keida looked down to the ground for a while until she lifted her head to look right in Aragorn's eyes. "Let's play pretend here for a minute Aragorn, and say that you are a leader of a very strong village of fighters." While she was saying this she started to circle around Aragorn, while he watched her with a very calm face, but you could see the confusion in his eyes. "Your village is peaceful; it's beautiful, and full of prosperity." She now got a dark look on her face as she continued her speech. "Now imagine Sauron and an army of Orcs invading your village. Sauron tells you to bow down to him and let him control you and your village, and if you don't you and your village will see nothing but death and destruction. You refuse, now your village is not peaceful or beautiful any more, instead it is covered in flames, and the streets are covered in bodies of all men, women, and children. You and others are fighting them off, but you know your village can't last like this so you call for the help of the Elves and other Men, but no one comes to your aid. You realize that you are all alone. You are tired of all the death and just want it to stop before it destroys your whole village. So you go to Sauron and yield to his terms and you and your best fighters become slaves to fight in his army." By this time Keida was standing in front of Aragorn with a hard look in her eyes. "Over time, you and the others start to think that maybe it would have been best if you all died, at least that way, you would have been free. Finally war breaks between every one that is free and Sauron. You fight one his side, every minute it is killing your soul. Then Behold, Sauron was cut down, you and your people are free again, but all the other free folk hate you and your people and think you traitors. No one believes you when you say that you did it to protect your village except for two people, Lord Elrond of Rivendell and Gandalf the Grey. That is not enough however and the others start to hunt you and your people down and kill them one by one. So you lead your people across mountains far away from the Free Folk. You are all peaceful again and you promise yourself and your villagers that you will never let anything like that happen to the village again. Then we're here." Keida finished

Aragorn looked at Keida with a look of pity and said, "Is that what happened to your pack, you were forced to fight on his side?"

Keida looked down and sighed "yes" then she looked up at Aragorn and said "You must understand Aragorn; everything we did was for survival. We never wanted to join him, but we felt as if we had no choice. Our pack was dying right in front of our very eyes, and we feared for our loved ones, so we did."

Aragorn sighed, and said "I understand now."

Keida looked at him in shock. "What?"

Aragorn looked her in the eyes "I understand. Whenever I studied the history of Middle Earth and the Races, I always wondered why a Race that was fiercely loyal to their comrades and allies could just betray everyone and fight for the enemy, but now I see. You didn't do it for power or wealth. You did it to protect everything you hold dear. So in my eyes you and your pack are not traitors."

Keida was still staring at him in shock, but then she smiled softly "Thank you Aragorn."

Aragorn smiled "You might want to get everything ready we leave early tomorrow."

Keida nodded and walked off leaving Aragorn behind.

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